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In 1982, Playboy made its home video beginnings when it partnered with The CBS/Fox Company to launch its Playboy home video franchise, starting with Playboy Magazine. In 1983, it expanded, when it partnered with MGM/UA Home Video to form the Playboy Cinema line, and the following year, when it teamed up with RCA/Columbia Pictures Home Video to release the jazz titles.

In 1985, Playboy quit CBS/Fox and joined Karl/Lorimar Home Video and launched the Video Centerfold and Video Playmate Calendar franchises. Three years later, Playboy shifted to HBO Video, while setting up the familiar series of Playboy videos, like Wet & Wild and Sexy Lingerie.

In 1991, Playboy quit HBO when Warner-Elektra-Atlantic Corporation learned that they will started distributing videos from arch-rival Penthouse Video. The same year, it shifted to Uni Distribution Corporation and an additional deal with Image Entertainment for videodisc distribution, and set up the Best of... videos.

In 1992, Playboy launched the Inside Out rental series, and that year, it launched a label, After Dark Video to release softcore videos not associated with the Playboy brand. In 1993, the company launched the Eden franchise, and also that year, began marketing titles from Peach Entertainment, only to cease relations with Playboy toward the end of the mid-1990s.

In 1995, Playboy partnered with Paramount Home Video to launch the Playboy Films label, only to shift to Orion Home Video in 1996. Soon after Orion was sold to MGM, Playboy shifted its film distribution to Universal Music & Video Distribution, to launch the EROS Collection series.

In 2001, Playboy's distribution deal with Universal lapsed, and shifted to Image Entertainment full-time. Playboy soon began dropping the EROS Collection name, while started marketing films from Indigo Entertainment, who produced the Playboy films. In 2003, the company changed its name to Playboy Home Entertainment.

In 2008, Playboy ceased mass market distribution of its DVDs.



Catalog number Title Country of origin Original year Length Version MPAA rating Film format Tape count Tape break placement (if applicable) Color Released Note(s)
PBF 8323 Life of a Gigolo USA 1998 91 min TBD R TBD 1 N/A Color April 20, 1999 TBD