Barr Entertainment

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In 1984, Jim Kartes formed Kartes Video Communications, and mostly distributed public domain films under the Video Film Classics label, as well as instructional titles. After making a profit, the video firm was sold to the E.W. Scripps Company in an effort for them to expand into the home video market; however, they sold it back to the original owners in late 1987, after an unsuccessful buyout of Hanes.

Under Scripps' tenure, the company developed licensing agreements with MCA Home Video and Paramount Home Video, who licensed obscure films and released under the Video Film Classics label, as well as a line of Peanuts TV specials.

In late 1988, Jim Kartes sold the company to a group of investors, who rechristened the label as KVC Home Video, and later on, planning on to purchase Atlantic Entertainment Group, who had owned film studio Atlantic Releasing Corporation and made a decision by KVC to expand the film studio. As a compensation, in early 1989, KVC begin distributing the Atlantic's library. In 1989, the company considered buying Virgin Vision, but the deal fell through and M.C.E.G. took over the Virgin Vision company instead. Later that year, the Atlantic purchase fell through, when Island Pictures purchased the film's library.

In 1990, KVC filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Later that year, KVC was sold off to Barr Films, and it was renamed to KVC Entertainment. In 1992, Full Service Entertainment had merged with Barr Films to form Barr Media Group, and the home video company was soon renamed to Barr Entertainment. The company went defunct in 1995.