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In May 1995, Handleman Company combined two labels Video Treasures and Starmaker Entertainment to form an umbrella distribution company Anchor Bay Entertainment, which included affiliated budget home video and music labels, such as MNTEX Entertainment, Teal Entertainment, Burbank Video, Drive Entertainment and GTS Records. The company had kept deals with Britt Alcroft, who managed Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends, as well as its catalog of New World Video, via Starmaker, and Media Home Entertainment, via Video Treasures.

In 1998, the Video Treasures and Starmaker brands have been phased out, with releases coming under the Anchor Bay Entertainment name. The company soon expanded to DVDs. In 2000, the company expanded to the UK.

In 2003, the company was sold to IDT Entertainment. In 2004, it secured licensing deals with Stephen J. Cannell Productions and The Carsey-Werner Company, and attempted a deal with Ember Entertainment, but legal action by Warner Bros. put a stop to these unauthorized Man from U.N.C.L.E. DVDs.

In 2006, Liberty Media purchased IDT Entertainment and became Starz Media. A year later, the company became Starz Home Entertainment, who prepared to start making high-definition versions on Blu-ray. A year later, the company soon reverted back to the Anchor Bay Entertainment name.

In 2011, Starz sold 25% of Starz Media to The Weinstein Company, and as a result became the distributor of films made by TWC and Weinstein. Starz bough back the Weinstein's stake in 2015.

In 2015, Anchor Bay UK was sold by Starz to managing director Colin Lomax and it was renamed to Platform Entertainment. In 2016, Starz was merged into Lionsgate, who soon folded the company into Lionsgate Home Entertainment.

A new iteration of Anchor Bay was formed in 2024 by Thomas Zambeck and Brian Katz, who specialized in genre films, undiscovered treasures, cult classics and remastered genre releases.


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Catalog number Title Country of origin Original year Length Version MPAA rating Film format Tape count Tape break placement (if applicable) Color Released Note(s)
SV10856 The Car USA 1977 96 min TBD PG TBD 1 TBD Color July 20, 1999