Video Cassette Duplicating Corp.

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List of Customers[edit]

  • Video Treasures (1985-1992)
    • Media Home Entertainment (1988-1992) (some self-distributed tapes; mostly tapes distributed by Video Treasures)
      • Hi-Tops Video (1988-1992) (some self-distributed tapes)
      • The Nostalgia Merchant (1988) (some self-distributed tapes)
  • Burbank Video (1989-1992)
    • Troy Gold (1987-1989)
  • Magnum Entertainment (1985-1989)

How to Tell[edit]

  • Some pre-1989 tapes have a record tab intact. Most tapes omit it, however.
    • Pre-1986 tapes may have a silent color bars test pattern.
    • 1986-1987 tapes may have a silent white screen test pattern.
  • Nearly all post-1988 tapes have shuffling color/black-and-white bars and sometimes color static at the beginning, middle and/or end.
    • Some post-1988 tapes have a hi-fi track, in addition to a linear one.
  • Many 1988-1990 tapes have a gray-text ink-label. Most post-1990 tapes have a white-text ink-label.
  • Most 1987-1990 tapes have a dark ink print date in an unusual format. However, pre-1987 tapes do not have a print date at all, neither do post-1990 tapes.
    • Print date example -- if the print date reads "AUG 25 89", that means the tape was printed on August 25, 1989.



  • Cincinnati, Ohio (1989-1992) (ultimately consolidated into Technicolor's Livonia operations)
  • Hackensack, New Jersey (1985-1990) (possibly consolidated into Technicolor's Livonia operations)
  • Marina Del Rey, California (1987-1992) (acquired from Hal Roach)