Hemdale Home Video

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In 1991, Hemdale launched its own home video division, Hemdale Home Video. The new video operation was an immediate success, buoyed in large part to Parkinson's launch of the division with the original Terminator feature, the same week that the James Cameron-directed sequel, Terminator 2: Judgment Day, was released to theatres. The company had secured a deal with West Coast Video Duplicating to duplicate most of the company's titles.

Hemdale Home Video quickly became the cash cow for all operations, and in April of the following year, Hemdale Video was merged with Peerless Productions to form a new entity, Hemdale Communications, Inc. In an attempt to attach revenues from the successful home video venture operated by Parkinson, former creditors of Hemdale Films alleged that some of the distribution rights licensed by Hemdale Communications, Inc. were done so at unfair market prices.

The company would later bought the rights to the library of SouthGate Entertainment, in addition to the existing NSB Film Corporation titles. Hemdale shuttered its home video business in 1995, when its parent company shuttered and its library was sold to Epic Productions.