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Goldstar Entertainment, Inc. (originally known as Goldstar Video Corporation or simply Goldstar Video) and not to be confused with Korean-based manufacturer and distributor Lucky-Goldstar (currently known as LG Corporation), was an American video distributor located in the East Coast. The company was formed sometime in 1991 and had deals with a few home video labels/distributors, most notably Random House Home Video, and duplication contracts with a few companies, but sometimes self-duplicated as to earlier releases. Sometime in 1992, Goldstar formed a children's sub-label called The Little Red Schoolhouse Learning Center. Sometime in 1993, the company formed a division; Camelot Entertainment, Inc., unrelated to Camelot Entertainment Sales, the ad sales division of King World Entertainment. After forming Camelot Entertainment, the company's headquarters moved to Tinton Falls, New Jersey. That same year, when the company's headquarters were still in Freehold, New Jersey, they formed another division for releasing public domain cartoons; Goldrix Entertainment, a joint venture with duplicator Matrix Video Duplication Corporation. The name of the joint venture is a portmanteau of the two companies' names (Goldstar and Matrix).

The company's video releases were always duplicated in EP/SLP mode, sometimes with only a linear audio track, although some releases may be in SP mode, or in some rare cases, LP mode. On releases sub-licensed by Random House Home Video, the sub-licensor's ISBN and/or UPC codes are replaced with Goldstar’s own ISBN and/or UPC codes, beginning with the prefix "054342," and the sub-licensor's stock number is usually left intact. Releases sub-licensed by Turner Home Entertainment, on the other hand, reuse the original packaging. The face labels of certain releases from this company often said "ADJUST TRACKING IF NECESSARY", while the face labels of releases sub-licensed by Random House Home Video said "ADJUST TRACKING FOR CLEARER PICTURE".

At some point in the mid-to-late 1990s, Goldstar Entertainment, Inc. ceased operations, though it is currently not confirmed why.

In either 1992 or 1993, the company also taught lessons for children, like how to clean your bedroom, how to get through in the dark at night, how to say no to strangers, and how to get along with your new friend.

Former names[edit]

  • Goldstar Video Corporation (1991-1993)
    • Goldstar Video (shorthand form)

Known duplicators[edit]

List of Divisions[edit]

  • Camelot Entertainment, Inc. (unrelated to the above mentioned ad sales division of King World Entertainment)
  • Goldrix Entertainment, Inc. (Public Domain Cartoon tapes; a joint venture with Matrix Video Duplication Corporation)

List of Sub-Labels[edit]

  • The Little Red Schoolhouse Learning Center (The Mother Goose Treasury videos)

List of Sub-Licensors[edit]

  • Random House Home Video (1991-1993) (The Berenstain Bears, Dr. Seuss Beginner Book Video and Sesame Street Start-to-Read videos)
  • Turner Home Entertainment (1991-1993) (Hanna-Barbera Presents The Greatest Adventure Stories From The Bible videos)


  • Brentwood, New York (1991)
  • Freehold, New Jersey (1991-1993)
  • Hauppauge, New York (1991)
  • Tinton Falls, New Jersey (1993-1994)