Comprehensive catalog of MGM Home Entertainment releases

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This page is for sorting MGM Home Entertainment's worldwide releases by catalog number.

Six-digit releases 100000 to 200000[edit]

LaserDisc catalog numbers in this set can be viewed at Comprehensive catalog of MGM Home Entertainment LaserDiscs, as their catalog numbers are separate from those of VHS releases.

Six-digit releases 200000 to 300000[edit]

Catalog number Title Library
200138 The Fearless Vampire Killers MGM
200170 The Outfit MGM
200180 For Your Eyes Only United Artists
200181 The French Lieutenant's Woman MGM
200195 Catlow MGM
200223 Voices MGM
200224 The Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight MGM
200251 Annie Hall United Artists
200261 Carrie United Artists
200279 Private Parts MGM
200288 Marlowe MGM
200289 Get Carter MGM
200294 Octopussy United Artists
200306 The Boy Friend MGM
200350 Dirty Dingus Magee MGM
200378 Flareup MGM
200398 They Only Kill Their Masters MGM
200404 Pretty Maids All in a Row MGM
200423 200 Motels United Artists
200437 House of Dark Shadows MGM
200439 Tarzan and His Mate MGM
200509 Lady L MGM
200513 The Wings of Eagles MGM
200518 The Americanization of Emily MGM
200521 She MGM
200532 The Law and Jake Wade MGM
200535 Norman, Is That You? MGM
200588 The Draughtsman's Contract United Artists
200630 Captain Sindbad MGM
200634 Don't Make Waves MGM
200635 All the Brothers Were Valiant MGM
200639 The Naked Edge United Artists
200641 Scaramouche MGM
200644 Trader Horn MGM
200660 Torpedo Run MGM
200666 Jack the Giant Killer MGM
200682 The Best of Bugs Bunny & Friends MGM
200695 Daffy Duck Cartoon Festival featuring "Ain't That Ducky" MGM
200696 Bugs Bunny Cartoon Festival featuring "Hold the Lion, Please" MGM
200697 Porky Pig Cartoon Festival featuring "Nothing But the Tooth" MGM
200698 Sniffles the Mouse Cartoon Festival featuring "Sniffles Bells the Cat" MGM
200699 Little Tweety / Little Inki Cartoon Festival featuring "I Taw A Putty Tat" MGM
200700 Elmer Fudd Cartoon Festival featuring "An Itch in Time" MGM
200701 Bugs Bunny Cartoon Festival featuring "Wabbit Twouble" MGM
200702 Horton Hears A Who! MGM
200704 The Pogo Special Birthday Special MGM
200708 Porky Pig / Daffy Duck Cartoon Festival featuring "Tick Tock Tuckered" MGM
200711 Children of the Damned MGM
200736 Bullets or Ballots MGM
200751 A Journey to the Center of the Earth Independent
200752 Robinson Crusoe Independent
200755 Love Me or Leave Me MGM
200756 (Mighty Orbots) Magnetic Menace Independent
200757 (Mighty Orbots) The Wish World Independent
200759 (Mighty Orbots) The Dremloks Independent
200777 The Alphabet Murders MGM
200785 Moby Dick Independent
200797 The Courtship of Eddie's Father MGM
200800 Flipper MGM
200805 Little Women (1949) MGM
200806 Nothing but Trouble MGM
200812 (Mighty Orbots) Devil's Asteroid Independent
200813 (Mighty Orbots) Raid on the Stellar Queen Independent
200842 The Loved One MGM
200854 A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court MGM
200856 The Devil's Brother MGM
200858 Air Raid Wardens MGM
200886 Pandamonium: The Beginning MGM
200887 Gilligan's Planet featuring "Let Sleeping Minnows Lie" MGM
200890 The Clock MGM
200896 The Legend of Robin Hood Independent
200898 The Prince and the Pauper Independent
200910 Inspector Clouseau featuring "Napoleon Blown-Apart" United Artists
200911 The Ant and the Aardvark featuring "The Ant From Uncle" United Artists
200912 Tijuana Toads featuring "Go for Croak" United Artists
200920 Party Girl MGM
200930 Barney Bear featuring "The Bear That Couldn't Sleep" MGM
200931 MGM Cartoon Magic: The Great Outdoors MGM
200946 Two for the Seesaw United Artists
200947 The Children's Hour United Artists
200949 Tea and Sympathy MGM
200960 Fury MGM
200965 The Sea of Grass MGM
200989 Bugs Bunny: "Little Red Riding Rabbit" MGM
201000 3 Godfathers MGM
201002 Battleground MGM
201011 How the Grinch Stole Christmas! MGM
201069 Designing Woman MGM
201077 (The Outer Limits) Galaxy Being MGM
201090 (The Outer Limits) The Hundred Days of the Dragon MGM
201091 (The Outer Limits) The Man with the Power MGM
201122 Support Your Local Gunfighter United Artists
201126 Tortilla Flat MGM
201128 Ask Any Girl MGM
201130 Conquest MGM
201167 (The Outer Limits) The Forms of Things Unknown MGM
201168 (The Outer Limits) The Sixth Finger MGM
201169 (The Outer Limits) The Inheritors MGM
201171 MGM Cartoon Magic featuring "Alias St. Nick" MGM
201182 Above Suspicion MGM
201195 Night of Dark Shadows MGM
201245 The Dogs of War MGM
201247 A Fish Called Wanda MGM
201257 The Great Escape United Artists
201259 The Mechanic United Artists
201260 The Thomas Crown Affair United Artists
201262 (The Outer Limits) Demon with a Glass Hand MGM
201263 (The Outer Limits) The Zanti Misfits MGM
201265 In the Heat of the Night MGM
201266 West Side Story MGM
201288 Smile United Artists
201305 Thief MGM
201306 Who'll Stop the Rain United Artists
201307 The Apartment United Artists
201320 Fiddler on the Roof MGM
201322 Raging Bull MGM
201330 Hair United Artists
201365 Clarence the Cross-Eyed Lion MGM
201367 The Subject Was Roses MGM
201375 Bathing Beauty MGM
201390 Tarzan Escapes MGM
201391 The Singing Nun MGM
201392 Thunderbolt and Lightfoot United Artists
201396 (The Outer Limits) Soldier MGM
201403 Goldfinger United Artists
201404 Thunderball United Artists
201405 You Only Live Twice United Artists
201406 Diamonds Are Forever United Artists
201409 The Long Goodbye United Artists
201418 Live and Let Die United Artists
201419 The Man with the Golden Gun United Artists
201420 On Her Majesty's Secret Service United Artists
201421 The Spy Who Loved Me United Artists
201422 Moonraker United Artists
201423 (The Outer Limits) The Invisible Enemy MGM
201424 (The Outer Limits) The Man Who Was Never Born MGM
201429 (The Outer Limits) Nightmare MGM
201461 (The Outer Limits) Specimen: Unknown MGM
201462 (The Outer Limits) The Architects of Fear MGM
201470 Captain Blood United Artists
201480 (The Outer Limits) Fun and Games MGM
201481 (The Outer Limits) O.B.I.T. MGM
201514 Memories of Me MGM
201544 They Were Expendable MGM
201546 The Maltese Falcon MGM
201562 King of Hearts United Artists
201569 Arsenic and Old Lace (Colorized) MGM
201572 (The Outer Limits) A Feasibility Study MGM
201573 (The Outer Limits) Corpus Earthling MGM
201574 (The Outer Limits) Don't Open Till Doomsday MGM
201575 (The Outer Limits) The Bellero Shield MGM
201576 (The Outer Limits) Cold Hands, Warm Heart MGM
201577 For a Few Dollars More United Artists
201580 La Cage aux Folles United Artists
201581 Cold Turkey United Artists
201582 Irma La Douce United Artists
201583 Where's Poppa? United Artists
201588 Boom Town MGM
201596 (The Outer Limits) The Mutant MGM
201597 (The Outer Limits) Moonstone MGM
201598 (The Outer Limits) Behold, Eck! MGM
201604 The Black Stallion (Slipcover) United Artists
201606 It! The Terror from Beyond Space United Artists
201630 By Love Possessed United Artists
201631 The Way West United Artists
201637 Toys in the Attic United Artists
201647 Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (Slipcover) United Artists
201649 Inherit the Wind United Artists
201714 (The Outer Limits) Tourist Attraction MGM
201715 Love Finds Andy Hardy MGM
201718 Andy Hardy's Private Secretary MGM
201719 Andy Hardy Gets Spring Fever MGM
201720 Andy Hardy's Double Life MGM
201750 (The Outer Limits) It Crawled Out of the Woodwork MGM
201765 Love and Death United Artists
201771 Legend of the Lost United Artists
201772 The Horse Soldiers United Artists
201800 Dangerous United Artists
201804 The Man Who Came to Dinner United Artists
201805 The Petrified Forest United Artists
201808 (The Outer Limits) The Borderland MGM
201809 (The Outer Limits) The Human Factor MGM
201810 (The Outer Limits) The Mice MGM
201811 (The Outer Limits) Controlled Experiment MGM
201826 Born to Dance MGM
201828 Lovely to Look At MGM
201829 (The Outer Limits) Zzzzzz MGM
201830 (The Outer Limits) The Children of Spider County MGM
201831 (The Outer Limits) Second Chance MGM
201832 (The Outer Limits) The Guests MGM
201833 (The Outer Limits) The Special One MGM
201842 Murder Most Foul MGM
201843 Murder at the Gallop MGM
201844 Murder Ahoy MGM
201851 High Sierra United Artists
201854 Dark Passage United Artists
201855 The Sea Hawk United Artists
201863 Tom Sawyer United Artists
201864 The Black Stallion Returns United Artists
201866 Lassie Come Home MGM
201994 Murder, She Said MGM
202002 Ah, Wilderness! MGM
202006 Chato's Land United Artists
202007 Destination Tokyo United Artists
202012 The White Buffalo United Artists
202031 Support Your Local Sheriff United Artists
202035 (The Outer Limits) Expanding Human MGM
202038 Red Sonja MGM
202041 A View to a Kill United Artists
202045 Caveman MGM
202049 Tom & Jerry's 50th Birthday Classics II MGM
202050 Tom & Jerry's 50th Birthday Classics III MGM
202054 Madame Curie MGM
202059 Man of the West United Artists
202063 (The Outer Limits) I, Robot MGM
202066 Mata Hari MGM
202067 Susan Lenox (Her Fall and Rise) MGM
202068 The Painted Veil MGM
202079 What's New Pussycat? United Artists
202081 Humoresque United Artists
202082 Bombshell MGM
202083 The Hucksters MGM
202085 Too Hot to Handle MGM
202101 The Very Best of Tom & Jerry MGM
202112 The Long, Long Trailer MGM
202115 The Fortune Cookie United Artists
202117 (The Outer Limits) The Brain of Colonel Barham MGM
202119 It Happened in Brooklyn MGM
202120 San Antonio MGM
202121 (The Outer Limits) The Probe MGM
202135 Two Weeks with Love MGM
202136 The Student Prince MGM
202139 Sadie McKee MGM
202143 Disraeli MGM
202149 Challenge to Lassie MGM
202151 Flipper's New Adventure MGM
202152 General Spanky MGM
202153 Watch on the Rhine MGM
202155 Satan Met a Lady United Artists
202156 The Bride Came C.O.D. United Artists
202158 Coquette MGM
202207 The Green Slime MGM
202233 2001: A Space Odyssey (Deluxe Letterbox) MGM
202253 Summer Holiday MGM
202254 Give a Girl a Break MGM
202255 Meet Me in Las Vegas MGM
202256 I Love Melvin MGM
202258 A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum United Artists
202271 Broadway Serenade MGM
202320 Tom & Jerry's The Night Before Christmas MGM
202322 Men of Boys Town MGM
202326 The Bride Wore Black United Artists
202328 Roma United Artists
202330 Mississippi Mermaid United Artists
202331 The Music Lovers United Artists
202332 Small Change United Artists
202333 The Story of Adele H. United Artists
202334 Veronika Voss United Artists
202345 Forbidden Planet MGM
202347 Keeper of the Flame MGM
202349 Undercurrent MGM
202350 Without Love MGM
202353 Romance MGM
202354 Inspiration MGM
202358 Forever Darling MGM
202362 Kiss Me, Stupid United Artists
202363 The Night They Raided Minsky's United Artists
202366 Across the Wide Missouri MGM
202368 Chained MGM
202369 Honkey Tonk MGM
202370 The King and Four Queens United Artists
202374 Reckless MGM
202376 Dear Mr. Gable MGM
202377 The Secret Garden MGM
202378 The Last Time I Saw Paris MGM
202391 The Man from U.N.C.L.E. Vol. 1 MGM
202392 The Man from U.N.C.L.E. Vol. 2 MGM
202393 The Man from U.N.C.L.E. Vol. 3 MGM
202394 The Man from U.N.C.L.E. Vol. 4 MGM
202395 The Man from U.N.C.L.E. Vol. 5 MGM
202396 The Man from U.N.C.L.E. Vol. 6 MGM
202397 The Man from U.N.C.L.E. Vol. 7 MGM
202398 The Man from U.N.C.L.E. Vol. 8 MGM
202402 I Dood It MGM
202405 Panama Hattie MGM
202409 Go For Broke! MGM
202411 Objective, Burma! MGM
202413 Men of the Fighting Lady MGM
202418 Laurel & Hardy's Laughing 20's MGM
202419 Irving Berlin's Easter Parade MGM
202422 Watch the Birdie MGM
202432 The Noose Hangs High MGM
202435 Hollywood Party MGM
202436 Nancy Goes to Rio MGM
202439 Four Daughters MGM
202476 The Man from U.N.C.L.E. Vol. 9 MGM
202477 The Man from U.N.C.L.E. Vol. 10 MGM
202478 The Man from U.N.C.L.E. Vol. 11 MGM
202479 The Man from U.N.C.L.E. Vol. 12 MGM
202480 The Man from U.N.C.L.E. Vol. 13 MGM
202481 The Man from U.N.C.L.E. Vol. 14 MGM
202482 The Man from U.N.C.L.E. Vol. 15 MGM
202484 "G" Men MGM
202485 City for Conquest MGM
202490 Tom & Jerry's Cartoon Cavalcade MGM
202491 Tom & Jerry's Festival of Fun MGM
202492 Tom & Jerry's Comic Capers MGM
202493 Tom & Jerry on Parade MGM
202512 Tomorrow is Forever United Artists
202516 I Am a Fugitive From a Chain Gang MGM
202522 Battle Circus MGM
202523 Chain Lightning MGM
202524 Conflict MGM
202525 The Two Mrs. Carrolls MGM
202526 Virginia City MGM
202529 The Living Daylights (007 Collection) United Artists
202531 The Bride Wore Red MGM
202533 Forsaking All Others MGM
202534 The Last of Mrs. Cheyney MGM
202535 Mannequin MGM
202536 The Shining Hour MGM
202537 Susan and God MGM
202539 Singin' in the Rain (1993 VHS) MGM
202542 Billie United Artists
202547 The Tender Trap MGM
202553 The Singing Fool MGM
202555 Mammy MGM
202557 Wonder Bar MGM
202588 The Man from U.N.C.L.E. Vol. 18 MGM
202589 The Man from U.N.C.L.E. Vol. 19 MGM
202590 The Man from U.N.C.L.E. Vol. 20 MGM
202591 The Man from U.N.C.L.E. Vol. 21 MGM
202592 The Man from U.N.C.L.E. Vol. 22 MGM
202594 It's a Dog's Life MGM
202597 Zebra in the Kitchen MGM
202610 The Beast with Five Fingers MGM
202611 Mad Love MGM
202612 The Mask of Fu Manchu MGM
202613 Bureau of Missing Persons MGM
202615 Ex-Lady MGM
202617 Kid Galahad (1937) MGM
202618 The Sisters MGM
202625 Female MGM
202626 Madam Satan MGM
202627 Our Modern Maidens MGM
202628 Skyscraper Souls MGM
202629 George Washington Slept Here MGM
202630 The Guardsman MGM
202631 Private Lives MGM
202632 Strange Interlude MGM
202633 Because You're Mine MGM
202634 The Cat and the Fiddle MGM
202635 The Firefly MGM
202636 Sweet Adeline MGM
202637 That Midnight Kiss MGM
202640 Not as a Stranger United Artists
202642 Pressure Point United Artists
202643 Rancho Deluxe United Artists
202645 The Kentuckian United Artists
202646 The Pride and the Passion United Artists
202647 Trapeze United Artists
202648 The Girl from Missouri MGM
202650 Personal Property MGM
202651 Riffraff MGM
202655 Three Men on a Horse MGM
202690 The Barretts of Wimpole Street MGM
202695 Boy, Did I Get a Wrong Number! United Artists
202710 The Badlanders MGM
202717 (James Bond Jr.) Red Star One MGM
202718 (James Bond Jr.) Goldie's Gold Scam MGM
202721 (James Bond Jr.) The Beginning MGM
202722 (James Bond Jr.) A Race Against Disaster MGM
202723 (James Bond Jr.) Dance of the Toreadors MGM
202726 Dr. No United Artists
202728 From Russia with Love United Artists
202736 Moonraker (007 Collection) United Artists
202737 For Your Eyes Only (007 Collection) United Artists
202740 On the Town MGM
202741 (James Bond Jr.) The Eiffel Missile MGM
202742 (James Bond Jr.) No Such Loch MGM
202743 (James Bond Jr.) A Chilling Affair MGM
202759 Elvis: The Lost Performances MGM
202767 Dreamchild MGM
202781 Pick a Star MGM
202782 The Yellow Cab Man MGM
202783 Speak Easily MGM
202784 Doughboys MGM
202785 MGM's The Big Parade of Comedy MGM
202786 The Passion of Anna United Artists
202789 Persona United Artists
202791 The Green Room United Artists
202814 Teachers MGM
202819 Escape Me Never MGM
202821 Silver River MGM
202823 Dive Bomber MGM
202834 The Green Pastures MGM
202839 Hallelujah! MGM
202840 The Sea Wolf MGM
202841 Three Comrades MGM
202843 Fortune and Men's Eyes MGM
202844 On Borrowed Time MGM
202854 This Could Be the Night MGM
202864 The Scarlet Clue United Artists
202865 I Love You Again MGM
202910 What's the Matter with Helen? United Artists
202913 Beauty and the Beast United Artists
202916 The Golden Age of Looney Tunes: 1930's Musicals MGM
202917 The Golden Age of Looney Tunes: Firsts MGM
202918 The Golden Age of Looney Tunes: Tex Avery MGM
202919 The Golden Age of Looney Tunes: Bob Clampett MGM
202920 The Golden Age of Looney Tunes: Chuck Jones MGM
202922 The Golden Age of Looney Tunes: Friz Freleng MGM
202923 The Golden Age of Looney Tunes: Bugs Bunny MGM
202924 The Golden Age of Looney Tunes: 1940's Zanies MGM
202925 The Golden Age of Looney Tunes: Hooray for Hollywood MGM
202926 The Golden Age of Looney Tunes: The Art of Bugs MGM
202927 The Golden Age of Looney Tunes: Volume 1 MGM
202928 The Golden Age of Looney Tunes: Volume 2 MGM
202929 The Golden Age of Looney Tunes: Volume 3 MGM
202930 The Golden Age of Looney Tunes: Volume 4 MGM
202931 The Golden Age of Looney Tunes: Volume 5 MGM
202934 Hour of the Wolf United Artists
202938 The Pink Panther's Laugh Festival United Artists
202939 The Pink Panther's Comic Capers United Artists
202940 The Pink Panther's Cartoon Cavalcade United Artists
202941 The Pink Panther on Parade United Artists
202942 The Pink Panther's Greatest Hits United Artists
202943 The Pink Panther's Zaniest Adventures United Artists
202944 Boy Meets Girl MGM
202945 Captains of the Clouds MGM
202946 Ceiling Zero MGM
202947 Devil Dogs of the Air MGM
202948 The Fighting 69th MGM
202949 Shake Hands with the Devil MGM
202950 Double Wedding MGM
202951 Santa Fe Trail MGM
202952 Flirtation Walk MGM
202953 Love on the Run MGM
202954 Mrs. Parkington MGM
202955 The Miniver Story MGM
202956 Julia Misbehaves MGM
202957 Duel at Diablo United Artists
202958 Invitation to a Gunfighter United Artists
202959 The Wheeler Dealers MGM
202960 Lawman United Artists
202961 Valdez is Coming United Artists
202962 The Man Who Loved Women United Artists
202963 Young Tom Edison MGM
202988 Johnny Eager MGM
202989 Somewhere I'll Find You MGM
202990 Week-End at the Waldorf MGM
202991 Cass Timberlane MGM
202992 Homecoming MGM
202993 Latin Lovers MGM
202994 A Life of Her Own MGM
202995 The Girl Who Had Everything MGM
202996 Conspirator MGM
202997 Love is Better Than Ever MGM
202998 The Big Hangover MGM
203008 Red Planet Mars United Artists
203009 The Monster that Challenged the World United Artists
203012 White Cargo MGM
203015 Crime of Passion United Artists
203016 The Man I Love MGM
203020 Stolen Hours United Artists
203023 The Magnificent Yankee MGM
203026 One Man's Way United Artists
203029 I'll Take Sweden United Artists
203030 Call Me Bwana United Artists
203032 The Show-Off MGM
203035 Merton of the Movies MGM
203036 Whistling in Dixie MGM
203038 Today We Live MGM
203040 Casanova Brown United Artists
203041 Task Force MGM
203043 Return to Paradise United Artists
203045 Buona Sera, Mrs. Campbell United Artists
203046 If It's Tuesday, This Must Be Belgium United Artists
203047 The Tunnel of Love MGM
203048 The Mating Game MGM
203049 It Started with a Kiss MGM
203052 Comrade X MGM
203055 Any Number Can Play MGM
203058 Paris Blues United Artists
203060 Tarzan Finds a Son MGM
203061 Tarzan's Secret Treasure MGM
203062 Tarzan's New York Adventure MGM
203070 Juggernaut United Artists
203077 Cops and Robbers United Artists
203079 Cotton Comes to Harlem United Artists
203080 National Lampoon Goes to the Movies United Artists
203081 Laughing Sinners MGM
203087 Foxes United Artists
203088 From Noon Till Three United Artists
203093 Avanti! United Artists
203099 The Charge of the Light Brigade United Artists
203100 Doc United Artists
203104 2001: A Space Odyssey (25th Anniversary) MGM
203107 Geronimo! United Artists
203108 The Glory Guys United Artists
203112 Happy Birthday, Gemini United Artists
203117 The Hoodlum Priest United Artists
203118 Hour of the Gun United Artists
203122 The Indian Fighter United Artists
203129 A Kiss Before Dying United Artists
203130 The Knack and How to Get It United Artists
203136 The Organization United Artists
203137 The Outside Man United Artists
203139 The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes United Artists
203145 Roadie United Artists
203146 Rosebud United Artists
203153 The Satan Bug United Artists
203154 Scorpio United Artists
203163 Stay Hungry United Artists
203165 Free and Easy MGM
203166 What! No Beer? MGM
203167 Navajo Joe United Artists
203168 Ned Kelly United Artists
203170 Joe MGM
203848 Some Like it Hot United Artists
203849 The Pink Panther United Artists
203852 Tex Avery Screwball Classics MGM
203901 Charlie Chan in The Chinese Cat United Artists
203911 Gabriel Over the White House MGM
203929 Hills of Home MGM
203930 The Painted Hills MGM
203931 The Sun Comes Up MGM
203932 Luxury Liner MGM
203933 Three Daring Daughters MGM
203934 This Time for Keeps MGM
203936 The Kissing Bandit MGM
203937 Cairo MGM
203938 Two Sisters from Boston MGM
203939 Living in a Big Way MGM
203967 Diane MGM
203976 Last Tango in Paris United Artists
203984 Gypsy Colt MGM
203985 The Bushbaby MGM
203986 Maya MGM
203987 Atlantis, The Lost Continent MGM
203988 Namu, the Killer Whale United Artists
203989 Huckleberry Finn United Artists
203990 The Ultimate Oz MGM
203994 High Society MGM
203995 Good News MGM
203997 The Great Caruso MGM
203998 Kismet MGM
203999 Alex in Wonderland MGM
204401 Sidewalks of New York MGM
204409 9 1/2 Weeks (Unrated) MGM
204524 The Blood on Satan's Claw MGM
204540 Mademoiselle United Artists
204541 That Man From Rio United Artists
204542 Valentino United Artists
204543 Viva Maria United Artists
204544 Man of Iron United Artists
204545 The Affairs of Dobie Gillis MGM
204546 Boys' Night Out MGM
204549 The Horizontal Lieutenant MGM
204576 They Met in Bombay MGM
204578 Red Dawn MGM Movie Time
204609 Balalaika MGM
204611 Let Freedom Ring MGM
204612 The Jackie Robinson Story United Artists
204627 Malaya MGM
204628 The King's Thief MGM
204629 The Big House MGM
204645 Night Must Fall MGM
204650 Dream Wife MGM
204656 Valley of the Kings MGM
204662 Easy to Wed MGM
204677 Haunted Gold MGM
204678 The Man from Monterey MGM
204679 Somewhere in Sonora MGM
204680 The Telegraph Trail MGM
204681 Ride Him, Cowboy MGM
204682 The Big Stampede MGM
204683 Forbidden Planet (Deluxe Letterbox) MGM
204694 Pink Floyd the Wall (Deluxe Letterbox) MGM
204695 Swing, Swing, Swing!: Volume 1 MGM
204696 Swing, Swing, Swing!: Volume 2 MGM
204699 Our Gang Comedies: The Best of Alfalfa MGM
204700 Our Gang Comedies: The Best of Spanky MGM
204701 Our Gang Comedies: The Best of Buckwheat MGM
204710 The Quatermass Xperiment United Artists
204717 The Great Train Robbery (Deluxe Letterbox) United Artists
204754 Meet Me in St. Louis (50th Anniversary) MGM
204757 Midnight Cowboy (25th Anniversary) United Artists
204761 Ziegfeld Follies (Collector's Edition) MGM
204782 Thieves Like Us United Artists
204829 Seven Hills of Rome MGM
204836 The Visitors United Artists
204854 Alexander the Great United Artists
204874 Footsteps in the Dark United Artists
204892 Lifeforce MGM
204900 Angels in the Outfield MGM
204917 The Human Factor MGM
205156 The Pope of Greenwich Village MGM Movie Time
205193 Lord Love a Duck United Artists
205231 The Woman in the Window United Artists
205273 Singin' in the Rain MGM Musicals
205274 Meet Me in St. Louis MGM Musicals
205275 Easter Parade MGM Musicals
205276 On the Town MGM Musicals
205296 West Side Story MGM Musicals
205461 You Only Live Twice (007 Collection) United Artists
205487 The Male Animal MGM
205539 Invisible Invaders United Artists
205592 Five Miles to Midnight United Artists
205680 Brother Rat MGM
205681 Fitzwilly MGM
205683 Belle of the Yukon United Artists
205684 The Caretakers United Artists
205764 The Outrage MGM
205772 Attack United Artists
205773 Von Richthofen and Brown MGM
205774 Zebra in the Kitchen MGM/UA Family Treasures
205813 Runaway Train MGM Contemporary Classics
205814 The Taking of Pelham One-Two-Three MGM Contemporary Classics
205830 Baby Boom MGM Movie Time
205831 Clean Slate MGM Movie Time
205832 Cyborg MGM Movie Time
205833 Frankie and Johnny MGM Movie Time
205834 Crisscross MGM Movie Time
205835 WarGames MGM Movie Time
205845 Clash of the Titans MGM/UA Family Treasures
205846 The Adventures of Robin Hood MGM/UA Family Treasures
205847 Odds Against Tomorrow MGM Vintage Classics
205848 Bad Day at Black Rock MGM Vintage Classics
205849 Birdman of Alcatraz MGM Vintage Classics
205850 The Manchurian Candidate MGM Vintage Classics
205851 On the Beach MGM Vintage Classics
205852 White Heat MGM Vintage Classics
205855 Bananas MGM Contemporary Classics
205858 Sleeper MGM Contemporary Classics
205859 Courage of Lassie MGM/UA Family Treasures
205860 Flipper's New Adventure MGM/UA Family Treasures
205861 Lassie Come Home MGM/UA Family Treasures
205862 The Yearling MGM/UA Family Treasures
205877 Hallelujah, I'm a Bum! United Artists
205887 Dr. Ehrlich's Magic Bullet MGM
205889 The Mask of Dimitrios MGM
205890 The Whisperers MGM
205891 The Bachelor Party MGM
205892 A Bullet for Joey United Artists
205895 A Fish Called Wanda MGM Contemporary Classics
205899 Victor/Victoria MGM Contemporary Classics
205963 Blackboard Jungle MGM Vintage Classics
205964 Dark Passage MGM Vintage Classics
205965 The Defiant Ones MGM Vintage Classics
205966 Moby Dick MGM Vintage Classics
205967 North by Northwest MGM Vintage Classics
205968 Run Silent, Run Deep MGM Vintage Classics
206053 Pee-Wee's Playhouse: Volume 9 MGM
206054 Pee-Wee's Playhouse: Volume 10 MGM
206055 Pee-Wee's Playhouse: Volume 11 MGM
206056 Pee-Wee's Playhouse: Volume 12 MGM
206057 Pee-Wee's Playhouse: Volume 13 MGM
206058 Pee-Wee's Playhouse: Volume 14 MGM
206059 Pee-Wee's Playhouse: Volume 15 MGM
206060 Pee-Wee's Playhouse: Volume 16 MGM
206082 Speechless MGM Movie Time
206083 Stanley & Iris MGM Movie Time
206084 White Lightning MGM Movie Time
206085 Bright Lights, Big City MGM Movie Time
206086 The Aviator MGM Movie Time
206087 Betrayed MGM Movie Time
206088 Death Warrant MGM Movie Time
206089 King Solomon's Mines MGM Movie Time
206091 Overboard MGM Movie Time
206092 Rob Roy MGM Contemporary Classics
206093 The Cutting Edge MGM Contemporary Classics
206094 Moonstruck MGM Contemporary Classics
206095 Rich in Love MGM Contemporary Classics
206096 The Lover MGM Contemporary Classics
206097 The Goodbye Girl MGM Contemporary Classics
206098 Key Largo MGM Vintage Classics
206099 The Apartment MGM Vintage Classics
206100 I Want to Live! MGM Vintage Classics
206101 Separate Tables MGM Vintage Classics
206102 A Patch of Blue MGM Vintage Classics
206103 Angels with Dirty Faces MGM Vintage Classics
206104 Grand Hotel MGM Vintage Classics
206105 Dinner at Eight MGM Vintage Classics
206106 My Summer Story MGM/UA Family Treasures
206107 Little Monsters MGM/UA Family Treasures
206108 A Cry in the Wild MGM/UA Family Treasures
206116 MGM Sing-Alongs: Searching for Your Dreams MGM
206117 MGM Sing-Alongs: Friends MGM
206118 MGM Sing-Alongs: Having Fun MGM
206119 MGM Sing-Alongs: Being Happy MGM
206120 Rain Man MGM Contemporary Classics
206121 Women in Love MGM Contemporary Classics
206122 Mrs. Soffel MGM Contemporary Classics
206123 Quigley Down Under MGM Contemporary Classics
206124 The Man in the Moon MGM Contempoary Classics
206125 Untamed Heart MGM Movie Time
206126 Jinxed MGM Movie Time
206127 Benny & Joon MGM Movie Time
206128 Stay Hungry MGM Movie Time
206132 Undercover Blues MGM Movie Time
206134 Taffin MGM Movie Time
206135 Wild Bill MGM Western Legends
206136 Hang 'em High MGM Western Legends
206137 The Magnificent Seven MGM Western Legends
206138 Red River MGM Western Legends
206139 Comes a Horseman MGM Western Legends
206140 Billy Two Hats MGM Western Legends
206141 Terror in a Texas Town MGM Western Legends
206144 The Train MGM Vintage Classics
206145 They Died With Their Boots On MGM Vintage Classics
206146 In the Heat of the Night MGM Contemporary Classics
206147 Thunder Road MGM Vintage Classics
206148 Little Caesar MGM Vintage Classics
206149 The Maltese Falcon MGM Vintage Classics
206150 Paths of Glory MGM Vintage Classics
206151 The Petrified Forest MGM Vintage Classics
206153 Alias Jesse James MGM Comedy Night
206154 The Facts of Life MGM Comedy Night
206155 Eight on the Lam MGM Comedy Night
206156 Spaceballs MGM Movie Time
206157 Running Scared MGM Movie Time
206158 The Sunshine Boys MGM Contemporary Classics
206160 The Beatles: Yellow Submarine MGM
206161 Road House MGM Movie Time
206163 Sketch Artist II: Hands that See MGM Movie Time
206164 Diggstown MGM Movie Time
206165 Youngblood MGM Movie Time
206166 Delirious MGM Movie Time
206168 Desperate Hours MGM Movie Time
206171 Blown Away MGM Movie Time
206172 Westworld MGM Contemporary Classics
206173 Eye of the Needle MGM Contemporary Classics
206174 Coming Home MGM Contemporary Classics
206175 The Great Train Robbery MGM Contemporary Classics
206176 Coma MGM Contemporary Classics
206182 Lilies of the Field MGM Vintage Classics
206183 Pride and Prejudice MGM Vintage Classics
206184 Cat on a Hot Tin Roof MGM Vintage Classics
206185 Irma la Douce MGM Vintage Classics
206186 The Fortune Cookie MGM Vintage Classics
206188 Woman of the Year MGM Vintage Classics
206193 The Pink Panther United Artists
206194 The Pink Panther Strikes Again United Artists
206195 Revenge of the Pink Panther United Artists
206196 A Shot in the Dark United Artists
206198 Trail of the Pink Panther United Artists
206211 Audrey Rose MGM Movie Time
206212 Child's Play MGM Movie Time
206213 Leviathan MGM Movie Time
206214 Pumpkinhead MGM Movie Time
206217 Dead of Winter MGM Movie Time
206219 Lifeforce MGM Movie Time
206221 Invasion of the Body Snatchers MGM Contemporary Classics
206222 Species MGM Contemporary Classics
206223 Carrie MGM Contemporary Classics
206224 Lord of Illusions MGM Movie Time
206225 The Hunter MGM Contemporary Classics
206226 Poltergeist MGM Contemporary Classics
206228 A Fistful of Dollars MGM Western Legends
206229 The Missouri Breaks MGM Western Legends
206230 The Return of a Man Called Horse MGM Western Legends
206231 Vera Cruz MGM Western Legends
206232 Some Like it Hot MGM Vintage Classics
206233 Pocketful of Miracles MGM Vintage Classics
206234 Hallelujah, I'm a Bum! MGM Vintage Classics
206235 Now, Voyager MGM Vintage Classics
206236 Goodbye, Mr. Chips MGM Vintage Classics
206237 The Miracle Worker MGM Vintage Classics
206238 Mrs. Miniver MGM Vintage Classics
206239 To Have and Have Not MGM Vintage Classics
206249 Bio-Dome MGM Comedy Night
206258 The Lover (Unrated) MGM Contemporary Classics
206306 Leaving Las Vegas MGM Contemporary Classics
206317 The Apartment (Deluxe Letterbox) MGM Vintage Classics
206318 A Patch of Blue (Deluxe Letterbox) MGM Vintage Classics
206352 Gigi (Deluxe Letterbox) MGM Musicals
206355 Seven Brides for Seven Brothers MGM Musicals
206360 Leaving Las Vegas (Deluxe Letterbox) MGM Contemporary Classics
206361 Rain Man (Deluxe Letterbox) MGM Contemporary Classics
206362 The Man in the Moon (Deluxe Letterbox) MGM Contemporary Classics
206363 Quigley Down Under (Deluxe Letterbox) MGM Contemporary Classics
206364 Mrs. Soffel (Deluxe Letterbox) MGM Contemporary Classics
206365 Wild Bill (Deluxe Letterbox) MGM Western Legends
206366 Hang 'em High (Deluxe Letterbox) MGM Western Legends
206367 The Magnificent Seven (Deluxe Letterbox) MGM Western Legends
206368 Comes a Horseman (Deluxe Letterbox) MGM Western Legends
206369 In the Heat of the Night (Deluxe Letterbox) MGM Contemporary Classics
206374 Spaceballs (Deluxe Letterbox) MGM Comedy Night
206375 The Sunshine Boys (Deluxe Letterbox) MGM Contemporary Classics
206377 Westworld (Deluxe Letterbox) MGM Contemporary Classics
206378 Coming Home (Deluxe Letterbox) MGM Contemporary Classics
206379 Eye of the Needle (Deluxe Letterbox) MGM Contemporary Classics
206380 The Fortune Cookie (Deluxe Letterbox) MGM Vintage Classics
206381 Irma la Douce (Deluxe Letterbox) MGM Vintage Classics
206384 The Pink Panther (Deluxe Letterbox) United Artists
206385 Revenge of the Pink Panther (Deluxe Letterbox) United Artists
206386 The Pink Panther Strikes Again (Deluxe Letterbox) United Artists
206387 A Shot in the Dark (Deluxe Letterbox) United Artists
206389 Trail of the Pink Panther (Deluxe Letterbox) United Artists
206393 Elvis: The Lost Performances MGM
206394 Double Trouble MGM
206395 Elvis on Tour MGM
206396 Elvis: That's the Way It Is MGM
206397 Follow That Dream United Artists
206398 Harum Scarum MGM
206399 Jailhouse Rock MGM
206400 Kid Galahad United Artists
206401 Live a Little, Love a Little MGM
206402 Speedway MGM
206403 Spinout MGM
206404 Stay Away, Joe MGM
206405 The Trouble with Girls MGM
206406 Viva Las Vegas MGM
206407 The Missouri Breaks (Deluxe Letterbox) MGM Western Legends
206408 The Return of a Man Called Horse (Deluxe Letterbox) MGM Western Legends
206412 Poltergeist (Deluxe Letterbox) MGM Contemporary Classics
206413 Species (Deluxe Letterbox) MGM Contemporary Classics
206414 Carrie (Deluxe Letterbox) MGM Contemporary Classics
206415 The Hunger (Deluxe Letterbox) MGM Contemporary Classics
206416 Invasion of the Body Snatchers (Deluxe Letterbox) MGM Contemporary Classics
206417 Pocketful of Miracles (Deluxe Letterbox) MGM Vintage Classics
206447 Clambake United Artists
206448 Frankie and Johnny United Artists
206468 Girl Happy MGM
206469 Kissin' Cousins MGM
206471 Kingpin MGM Comedy Night
206474 Larger than Life United Artists
206478 Double Impact MGM Movie Time
206479 City Slickers MGM Movie Time
206552 Unforgettable MGM Movie Time
206553 Kiss Me Deadly MGM Vintage Classics
206554 Mr. Saturday Night MGM Movie Time
206556 Coma (Deluxe Letterbox) MGM Movie Time
206598 All Dogs Go to Heaven: The Doggone Truth MGM
206599 All Dogs Go to Heaven: Mission Im-Paws-ible MGM
206600 All Dogs Go to Heaven: Lance the Wonder Pup MGM
206601 Far from the Madding Crowd (Screen Epics) MGM
206602 Far from the Madding Crowd (Deluxe Letterbox) MGM
206603 Mutiny on the Bounty (Screen Epics) MGM
206604 Mutiny on the Bounty (Deluxe Letterbox) MGM
206647 Scanners MGM Contemporary Classics
206668 Warriors of Virtue MGM
206745 Wanda Nevada MGM Western Legends
206746 For a Few Dollars More MGM Western Legends
206747 For a Few Dollars More (Deluxe Letterbox) MGM Western Legends
206752 When Harry Met Sally... MGM Contemporary Classics
206837 An American in Paris MGM Musicals
206838 Brigadoon MGM Musicals
206839 A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum MGM Musicals
206840 High Society MGM Musicals
206841 How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying MGM Musicals
206842 Show Boat MGM Musicals
206843 Amos & Andrew MGM Movie Time
206843 Blood Red MGM Movie Time
206845 Gator MGM Movie Time
206846 Paradise MGM Movie Time
206847 Sibling Rivalry MGM Movie Time
206848 Shag MGM Movie Time
206849 Elmer Gantry MGM Vintage Classics
206850 The Killing MGM Vintage Classics
206851 Lolita MGM Vintage Classics
206852 Not as a Stranger MGM Vintage Classics
206853 Pork Chop Hill MGM Vintage Classics
206854 A Thousand Clowns MGM Vintage Classics
206856 Crooked Hearts MGM Movie Time
206857 Eve of Destruction MGM Movie Time
206858 F.I.S.T. MGM Movie Time
206859 Masquerade MGM Movie Time
206860 Mr. Majestyk MGM Movie Time
206861 Red Headed Stranger MGM Movie Time
206862 Zapped! MGM Movie Time
206863 Blue Velvet MGM Contemporary Classics
206864 The Dogs of War MGM Contemporary Classics
206866 Last Tango in Paris MGM Contemporary Classics
206867 My Favorite Year MGM Contemporary Classics
206868 Six Degrees of Separation MGM Contemporary Classics
206873 Apache MGM Western Legends
206874 The Horse Soldiers MGM Western Legends
206875 Lawman MGM Western Legends
206876 Young Billy Young MGM Western Legends
206878 Hello Kitty: Kitty and the Beast MGM Family Entertainment
206879 The Delta Force MGM Movie Time
206880 Eddie and the Cruisers MGM Movie Time
206881 Foxes MGM Movie Time
206882 Late for Dinner MGM Movie Time
206884 Mulholland Falls MGM Movie Time
206885 The Taking of Beverly Hills MGM Movie Time
206886 10 to Midnight MGM Movie Time
206893 Hoodlum United Artists
206894 The Dirty Dozen MGM Contemporary Classics
206895 It's My Party MGM Contemporary Classics
206896 Midnight Cowboy MGM Contemporary Classics
206897 True Confessions MGM Contemporary Classics
206904 Chato's Land MGM Western Legends
206905 Cimarron MGM Western Legends
206906 Man with the Gun MGM Western Legends
206907 Breeders MGM Movie Time
206908 Phantasm MGM Movie Time
206909 The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 MGM Movie Time
206928 Take This Job and Shove It MGM Contemporary Classics
206929 An Eye for an Eye MGM Movie Time
206957 Bio-Dome MGM Movie Time
206958 Tank Girl MGM Movie Time
207305 Texasville MGM Contemporary Classics
207308 Courage Mountain MGM Family Entertainment
207334 Fame MGM Contemporary Classics
207383 I'm Gonna Git You Sucka MGM Soul Cinema
207384 Cabin in the Sky MGM Musicals
207385 The Organization MGM Contemporary Classics
207386 They Call Me Mister Tibbs MGM Contemporary Classics
207387 The Courtship of Eddie's Father MGM Family Entertainment
207388 The Barkleys of Broadway MGM Musicals
207389 Take Me Out to the Ball Game MGM Musicals
207390 The Unsinkable Molly Brown MGM Musicals
207391 Yankee Doodle Dandy MGM Musicals
207416 Red Sonja MGM Movie Time
207724 Dances with Wolves MGM Contemporary Classics
207733 Fargo MGM Contemporary Classics
207746 The Silence of the Lambs MGM Contemporary Classics
207765 No Way Out MGM Movie Time
207766 Mermaids MGM Movie Time
207772 Eight Men Out MGM Contemporary Classics
207825 The Package MGM Movie Time
207826 The Favor MGM Movie Time
207827 Desperately Seeking Susan MGM Movie Time
207839 Squirm MGM Movie Time
207985 Jason's Lyric MGM Movie Time
208032 Tom Sawyer MGM Family Entertainment
208077 Breathless MGM Movie Time
208078 Honeymoon in Vegas MGM Movie Time
208079 Malice MGM Movie Time
208081 Mr. Mom MGM Movie Time
208120 Popi MGM Contemporary Classics
208143 Dr. Phibes Rises Again! Midnite Movies
208146 I Bury the Living Midnite Movies
208151 Tales of Terror Midnite Movies
208153 F/X 2: The Deadly Art of Illusion MGM Movie Time
208154 Beat Street MGM Movie Time
208158 Escape from New York MGM Movie Time
208159 The Hot Spot MGM Movie Time
208161 Love is All There Is MGM Movie Time
208267 A Bucket of Blood Midnite Movies
208454 Full Moon High MGM Movie Time
210211 The Secret of NIMH MGM/UA Family Entertainment
211604 The Black Stallion MGM/UA Family Entertainment
211647 Chitty Chitty Bang Bang MGM/UA Family Entertainment
211868 All Dogs Go to Heaven MGM/UA Family Entertainment

Six-digit releases 300000 to 400000[edit]

Catalog number Title Library
300230 MGM Cartoon Magic Vol. 1 MGM
300258 The Days of Wine and Roses MGM
300269 Requiem for a Heavyweight MGM
300302 Motown 25: Yesterday, Today, Forever Independent
300307 Kiss Me Kate MGM
300308 Les Girls MGM
300309 Anchors Aweigh MGM
300337 F.I.S.T. MGM
300371 Naughty Marietta MGM
300374 Rose Marie MGM
300375 The Brothers Karamazov MGM
300399 Knights of the Round Table MGM
300408 The Red Badge of Courage MGM
300472 Camille MGM
300474 San Francisco MGM
300480 National Velvet MGM
300478 Tom & Jerry Cartoon Festival featuring "Johann Mouse" MGM
300481 Pink Panther Cartoon Festival featuring "Pink-A-Boo" United Artists
300489 Pink Panther Cartoon Festival featuring "Pink at First Sight" United Artists
300494 Waterloo Bridge MGM
300500 The Yearling MGM
300503 Take Me Out to the Ball Game MGM
300505 Anna Karenina MGM
300511 Never So Few MGM
300531 Queen Christina MGM
300541 Pink Panther Cartoon Festival featuring "A Fly in the Pink" United Artists
300542 Pink Panther Cartoon Festival featuring "Tickled Pink" United Artists
300558 Cabin in the Sky MGM
300559 Smilin' Through MGM
300560 Red Dust MGM
300561 China Seas MGM
300567 Girl Crazy MGM
300568 Rosalie MGM
300586 The Adventures of Droopy featuring "Wags to Riches" MGM
300606 Min and Bill MGM
300607 Possessed MGM
300608 The Thin Man MGM
300609 Maytime MGM
300610 Idiot's Delight MGM
300626 Deep in My Heart MGM
300632 Lassie's Great Adventure MGM
300633 The Adventures of the Lone Ranger: "Justice of the West" MGM
300639 Bad Day at Black Rock MGM
300643 (Shari Lewis) Kooky Classics Independent
300649 David Copperfield MGM
300650 The 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse MGM
300651 Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde MGM
300652 The Three Musketeers MGM
300653 Dragon Seed MGM
300687 Goodbye, Mr. Chips MGM
300688 The Hollywood Clowns MGM
300689 A Christmas Carol MGM
300691 (Shari Lewis) Have I Got A Story for You Independent
300692 (Shari Lewis) You Can Do It Independent
300710 Holiday Sing Along with Mitch Independent
300729 The Magic of Lassie Independent
300734 Odds Are Independent
300743 Anthony Adverse United Artists
300744 Studs Lonigan Independent
300745 Of Human Bondage MGM
300746 The Human Comedy MGM
300750 Dr. Berger's "Immune Power Diet" Independent
300753 The Original Our Gang Comedies featuring "Don't Lie" MGM
300778 The Story of ABBA Independent
300779 The Story of the Bee Gees Independent
300780 The Story of Mersey Beat Independent
300782 The Story of the Kinks Independent
300784 The Adventures of Sinbad MGM
300796 Jumbo MGM
300802 Home From the Hill MGM
300820 After the Thin Man MGM
300840 Something of Value MGM
300857 Bonnie Scotland MGM
300859 Bobby Short and Friends (Live At The Carlyle) Independent
300860 In the Good Old Summertime MGM
300861 Words and Music MGM
300863 Dangerous When Wet MGM
300877 Good News MGM
300880 James Cagney: That Yankee Doodle Dandy Independent
300891 Roberta MGM
300892 Libeled Lady MGM
300929 The Adventures of the Lone Ranger: "Count the Clues" MGM
300964 Some Came Running MGM
300976 Best Foot Forward MGM
300980 Kim MGM
300983 Du Barry Was a Lady MGM
300984 Thousands Cheer MGM
301042 Living INXS Independent
301048 Broadway Melody of 1938 MGM
301052 Thank Your Lucky Stars MGM
301089 The Prince's Trust All Star Rock Concert Independent
301093 Lassie in the Miracle Independent
301106 Lonelyhearts MGM
301107 The Night of the Hunter MGM
301164 The Shop Around the Corner MGM
301189 Three Little Words MGM
301294 The Wilby Conspiracy MGM
301303 Eye of the Needle United Artists
301308 The Corn is Green United Artists
301309 Marked Woman MGM
301310 Mr. Skeffington MGM
301356 The Big Parade MGM
301357 The Crowd MGM
301381 New Moon MGM
301385 Fellini Satyricon United Artists
301411 Still of the Night MGM
301431 White Lightning United Artists
301434 Sweet Smell of Success MGM
301465 The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly United Artists
301474 Ben-Hur (1925) MGM
301522 Battle of Britain United Artists
301525 Ben-Hur (Deluxe Letterbox) MGM Screen Epics
301536 Judgment at Nuremberg United Artists
301589 Strange Cargo MGM
301623 Gator MGM
301665 The Champ MGM
301761 Story of Louis Pasteur United Artists
301775 The Best Man United Artists
301791 Last Tango in Paris United Artists
301822 Two-Faced Woman MGM
301868 All Dogs Go to Heaven United Artists
302069 Night Nurse MGM
302072 Three on a Match United Artists
302073 Blonde Crazy MGM
302074 Red Headed Woman MGM
302075 Dance, Fools, Dance MGM
302076 Heroes for Sale MGM
302137 The Divorcee MGM
302141 The Sin of Madelon Claudet MGM
302142 A Free Soul MGM
302159 The Cameraman MGM
302160 The Student Prince in Old Heidelberg MGM
302161 A Woman of Affairs MGM
302162 Don Juan MGM
302259 Kiss MGM
302270 Night and Day United Artists
302299 The Mysterious Lady MGM
302300 Spite Marriage MGM
302308 It's a Date MGM
302609 Casablanca MGM
303854 Four Days in November MGM
304669 Illicit MGM
304670 Big Business Girl MGM
304671 They Call it Sin MGM
304672 The Purchase Price MGM
304673 The Strange Love of Molly Louvain MGM
304674 Scarlet Dawn MGM
304856 The Big Country MGM Screen Epics
305295 West Side Story (Deluxe Letterbox) MGM Musicals
305405 The Pebble and the Penguin (Slipcover) MGM/UA Family Entertainment
305479 The Great Escape MGM Screen Epics
305480 The Great Escape (Deluxe Letterbox) MGM Screen Epics
305482 A Bridge Too Far MGM Screen Epics
305483 A Bridge Too Far (Deluxe Letterbox) MGM Screen Epics
305491 All Dogs Go to Heaven 2 (Slipcover) MGM/UA Family Entertainment
305688 Ben-Hur MGM Screen Epics
305810 Hawaii MGM Screen Epics
305811 Heaven's Gate MGM Screen Epics
305841 Fiddler on the Roof MGM Screen Epics
306111 The Shoes of the Fisherman MGM Screen Epics
306113 Ryan's Daughter MGM Screen Epics
306114 Raintree Country MGM Screen Epics
306115 Grand Prix MGM Screen Epics
306199 The Hallelujah Trail MGM Screen Epics
306200 The Good, the Bad and the Ugly MGM Screen Epics
306334 Grand Prix (Deluxe Letterbox) MGM Screen Epics
306335 New York, New York (Deluxe Letterbox) MGM Screen Epics
306336 Raintree Country (Deluxe Letterbox) MGM Screen Epics
306337 Ryan's Daughter (Deluxe Letterbox) MGM Screen Epics
306390 The Big Country (Deluxe Letterbox) MGM Screen Epics
306391 The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (Deluxe Letterbox) MGM Screen Epics
306392 The Hallelujah Trail (Deluxe Letterbox) MGM Screen Epics

Six-digit releases 400000 to 500000[edit]

Catalog number Title Library
400019 Tom & Jerry Cartoon Festival featuring "The Cat Concerto" MGM
400115 Ninotchka MGM
400146 Tom & Jerry Cartoon Festival featuring "Hic-Cup Pup" MGM
400179 The Prince's Trust Rock Gala Independent
400187 (Who's Afraid of Opera?) Vol. 1 - Faust / Rigoletto Independent
400205 The Kids from Fame: Live at the Royal Albert Hall MGM
400212 (Who's Afraid of Opera?) Vol. 2 - La Traviata / Daughter of the Regiment Independent
400213 (Who's Afraid of Opera?) Vol. 3 - Barber of Seville / Lucia di Lammermoor Independent
400259 Marty / A Wind from the South MGM
400268 Pink Floyd - The Wall MGM
400270 No Time for Sergeants / Patterns MGM
400298 Tom & Jerry Cartoon Festival featuring "The Million Dollar Cat" MGM
400299 A Doll's House MGM
400327 The Comedian MGM
400376 The Soldier's Tale MGM
400430 Tom Thumb MGM
400450 Mutiny on the Bounty (1935) MGM
400460 Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Computers But Were Afraid to Ask Independent
400473 Gaslight MGM
400495 Wild Orchids MGM
400498 Anna Christie MGM
400506 The Women MGM
400533 Dinner at Eight MGM
400555 Knute Rockne - All American United Artists
400564 Grand Hotel MGM
400565 Strike Up the Band MGM
400566 The Picture of Dorian Gray MGM
400584 The Lone Ranger MGM
400585 Babes in Arms MGM
400648 Frank Sinatra: Portrait of an Album Independent
401115 Starrcade '86: The Sky-Walkers Independent
404667 Ben-Hur (35th Anniversary) MGM
404752 Ben-Hur (Deluxe Letterbox) MGM
405136 Doctor Zhivago (Screen Epics) MGM
405137 Doctor Zhivago (Deluxe Letterbox) MGM
440328 Berlin Alexanderplatz (Limited Edition 8 Tape Set) Independent

Six-digit releases 500000 to 600000[edit]

Catalog number Title Library
500009 A Night at the Opera MGM
500010 Adam's Rib MGM
500011 Jailhouse Rock MGM
500016 Rio Lobo CBS
500018 The Street Fighter Viacom International
500032 Treasure Island MGM
500043 Tarzan, the Ape Man MGM
500053 The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn MGM
500058 Captains Courageous MGM
500059 The Philadelphia Story MGM
500064 A Day at the Races MGM
500079 Bud Abbott & Lou Costello in Hollywood MGM
500085 Go West MGM
500103 The Clown MGM
500114 Pride and Prejudice MGM
500121 The Marx Brothers at the Circus MGM
500155 The Adventures of Milo in The Phantom Tollbooth MGM
500158 The Great Space Coaster Supershow MGM
500176 Dr. Seuss Video Festival MGM
500177 The Nutcracker WQED
500178 The Sacred Music of Duke Ellington Independent
500218 The Weavers: Wasn't That a Time! Independent
500222 Marie Osmond: Exercises for Mothers-to-Be Independent
500231 Thunderbirds Are Go United Artists
500267 Thunderbirds 6 United Artists
500332 The Joy of Stocks: The Forbes Guide to the Stock Market Independent
503949 Broken Angel MGM
503950 The Tenth Man MGM
504597 Hornet's Nest United Artists
504753 National Velvet MGM/UA Family Entertainment
505204 The Wizard of Oz MGM/UA Family Entertainment
505247 The Pebble and the Penguin MGM/UA Family Entertainment
505302 Getting Even with Dad MGM/UA Family Entertainment
505342 Little Women MGM/UA Family Entertainment
505427 A Christmas Story MGM/UA Family Entertainment
505492 Larger Than Life MGM/UA Family Treasures
505541 All Dogs Go to Heaven 2 MGM/UA Family Entertainment
505589 Todos los Perros Van al Cielo 2 (All Dogs Go to Heaven 2) (Spanish-dubbed) MGM/UA Family Entertainment
505757 Babes in Toyland MGM/UA Family Entertainment
505843 Fluke MGM/UA Family Entertainment
506177 Lassie Come Home MGM/UA Family Treasures
506178 Challenge to Lassie MGM/UA Family Treasures
506179 Courage of Lassie MGM/UA Family Treasures
506180 Hills of Home MGM/UA Family Treasures
506284 Warriors of Virtue MGM/UA Family Treasures
506457 My Summer Story MGM/UA Family Treasures
506458 Tom Sawyer MGM/UA Family Treasures
506542 Yours, Mine and Ours MGM Family Entertainment
506543 Please Don't Eat the Daisies MGM/UA Family Treasures
506544 Flipper MGM/UA Family Treasures
506545 The Black Stallion Returns MGM Family Entertainment
506546 The Yearling MGM/UA Family Treasures
506547 Clash of the Titans MGM/UA Family Treasures
506548 A Cry in the Wild MGM/UA Family Treasures
506549 Little Monsters MGM/UA Family Treasures
506550 The Adventures of Robin Hood MGM/UA Family Treasures
506640 The Pink Panther Cartoon Collection: Jet Pink United Artists
506641 The Pink Panther Cartoon Collection: Pink-a-Rella United Artists
506642 The Pink Panther Cartoon Collection: Pink Bananas United Artists
506643 The Pink Panther Cartoon Collection: Pink Elephant United Artists
506644 The Pink Panther Cartoon Collection: Prehistoric Pink United Artists
506665 Prancer MGM/UA Family Treasures
506713 Zebra in the Kitchen MGM/UA Family Treasures
506739 Tom Thumb MGM/UA Family Treasures
506855 The Princess Bride MGM Family Entertainment
506877 Joey MGM Family Entertainment
506910 An All Dogs Christmas Carol MGM Family Entertainment
506923 The Secret of NIMH 2: Timmy to the Rescue MGM Family Entertainment
506965 Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (Commemorative 30th Anniversary Edition) MGM Family Entertainment
United Artists

Six-digit releases 600000 to 700000[edit]

Catalog number Title Library
600001 The Wizard of Oz MGM
600005 Meet Me in St. Louis MGM
600006 An American in Paris MGM
600007 That's Entertainment! MGM
600012 Network MGM
600013 Coma MGM
600014 The Sunshine Boys MGM
600015 Blow-Up MGM
600027 Corvette Summer MGM
600034 The Champ MGM
600037 The Formula MGM
600041 Forbidden Planet MGM
600047 Hide in Plain Sight MGM
600055 Mogambo MGM
600060 Cat on a Hot Tin Roof MGM
600067 The Great Caruso MGM
600068 Lolita MGM
600070 Soylent Green MGM
600078 A Tale of Two Cities MGM
600080 The Night of the Iguana MGM
600082 Logan's Run MGM
600083 Royal Wedding MGM
600084 Little Women MGM
600092 Ivanhoe MGM
600093 Woman of the Year MGM
600097 Westworld MGM
600102 Madame Bovary MGM
600104 North by Northwest MGM
600116 Viva Las Vegas MGM
600120 The Good Earth MGM
600129 Demon Seed MGM
600131 The Prisoner of Zenda MGM
600135 The Cincinnati Kid MGM
600148 The First Barry Manilow Special Arista Records
600152 The Time Machine MGM
600153 Elvis on Tour MGM
600156 A Very Private Affair MGM
600159 Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid MGM
600160 Ice Station Zebra MGM
600167 Show Boat MGM
600173 Ziegfeld Follies MGM
600174 Village of the Damned MGM
600185 Singin' in the Rain MGM
600194 Girl Groups: The Story of a Sound Independent
600196 Zabriskie Point MGM
600199 Brass Target MGM
600204 Emily Atlantic Releasing Corporation
600207 Corvette Summer United Artists
600209 I Love You Independent
600210 The Secret of Yolanda Cannon Films
600219 Carole King: One to One Arista Records
600220 He Knows You're Alone MGM
600227 Brimstone & Treacle United Artists
600228 Private Popsicle Cannon Films
600229 Body and Soul MGM
600232 Start to Finish Independent
600244 Treasure of the Four Crowns Cannon Films
600245 Hospital Massacre Cannon Films
600246 Kipperbang United Artists
600256 Easter Parade MGM
600257 The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich MGM
600260 Wayne Newton Live at the London Palladium Independent
600263 The Man Who Loved Cat Dancing MGM
600290 Skyjacked MGM
600292 High Society MGM
600296 International Velvet MGM
600297 Invasion of the Body Snatchers United Artists
600300 Kamikaze '89 Independent
600303 Operation Thunderbolt Cannon Films
600305 Wild Rovers MGM
600310 Lili MGM
600311 Separate Tables MGM
600316 Hero at Large MGM
600317 Cool Cats: 25 Years of Rock 'n' Roll Style Independent
600330 Comeback MGM
600331 The Everly Brothers Reunion Concert Independent
600351 The Other Side of Nashville Independent
600366 The Everly Brothers' Rock 'n' Roll Odyssey Independent
600367 The Unapproachable TeleCulture Films
600370 The Idolmaker United Artists
600371 Naughty Marietta MGM
600372 The Four Seasons Curiator Spiritus Company Ltd.
600388 Hearts of the West MGM
600405 Sharks' Treasure United Artists
600418 Audrey Rose United Artists
600419 Where the Boys Are MGM
600422 Death of a Centerfold MGM
600424 Battle Beneath the Earth MGM
600425 Experience Preferred... But Not Essential MGM
600428 Blind Rage Cannon Films
600429 Mrs. Brown, You've Got a Lovely Daughter MGM
600449 Burnt Offerings United Artists
600452 Hysteria United Artists
600453 Mr. Majestyk United Artists
600454 The Long Riders United Artists
600455 How I Won the War United Artists
600456 Young Warriors Cannon Films
600467 Around the World Under the Sea MGM
600468 Safari 3000 United Artists
600475 It Happened at the World's Fair MGM
600476 Speedway MGM
600485 Double Trouble MGM
600486 Harum Scarum MGM
600491 The Great Skycopter Rescue Cannon Films
600534 The Treasure Seekers Cannon Films
600569 Never on Sunday MGM
600576 Alexander the Great United Artists
600577 Those Lips, Those Eyes United Artists
600578 The Unsinkable Molly Brown MGM
600581 The House Where Evil Dwells Independent
600590 The Miracle Worker United Artists
600598 The Devil's Triangle Cannon Films
600603 Baby Love Cannon Films
600620 Hell Squad Cannon Films
600654 Soldier of the Night Cannon Films
600655 The City's Edge Cannon Films
600657 The Final Executioner Cannon Films
600659 Never on Sunday MGM
600662 The Wind and the Lion MGM
600667 7 Faces of Dr. Lao MGM
600674 Love Scenes Independent
600678 Northeast to Seoul Cannon Films
600679 Private Maneuvers Independent
600680 The Throne of Fire Independent
600684 The Violent Breed Cannon Films
600685 Seven Magnificent Gladiators Cannon Films
600686 Boy Takes Girl Cannon Films
600721 Sharma and Beyond Independent
600722 Arthur's Hallowed Ground Independent
600724 Those Glory, Glory Days Independent
600725 Secrets Independent
600726 Chilly Scenes of Winter United Artists
600727 Green Dolphin Street MGM
600733 Lupo Cannon Films
600739 Rich Kids United Artists
600742 South of Hell Mountain Cannon Films
600747 To Have and Have Not United Artists
600748 Adventures of Don Juan MGM
600749 All This and Heaven Too MGM
600760 I Want to Live! United Artists
600761 Johnny Belinda United Artists
600839 Winter Flight Independent
600848 Freaks MGM
600850 Ride the High Country MGM
600878 Bound For Glory United Artists
600881 The Strawberry Blonde United Artists
600882 One, Two, Three United Artists
600883 The Oklahoma Kid United Artists
600884 Woody Guthrie: Hard Travelin' Independent
600901 Motel Hell United Artists
600902 Theater of Blood United Artists
600903 The Haunting MGM
600904 The Devil Doll MGM
600905 Mark of the Vampire MGM
600927 Bataan MGM
600928 Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo MGM
601121 Guns of the Magnificent Seven MGM
601123 The Unforgiven MGM
601146 Follow That Dream Independent
601159 Doctor X United Artists
601160 The Mystery of the Wax Museum United Artists
601161 Twice Told Tales Independent
601162 Donovan's Brain United Artists

Six-digit releases 700000 to 800000[edit]

Catalog number Title Library
700002 2001: A Space Odyssey MGM
700008 The Dirty Dozen MGM
700027 Fame MGM
700040 Brigadoon MGM
700050 Gigi MGM
700051 Silk Stockings MGM
700063 Bells Are Ringing MGM
700069 The Goodbye Girl MGM
700074 Clash of the Titans MGM
700075 That's Entertainment, Part 2 MGM
700091 Seven Brides for Seven Brothers MGM
700094 Till the Clouds Roll By MGM
700101 The Pirate MGM
700113 The Band Wagon MGM
700127 Telefon MGM
700130 Kismet MGM
700137 Where Eagles Dare MGM
700154 Cutter's Way United Artists
700163 Ryan's Daughter MGM
700166 The Compleat Beatles MGM
700168 Kelly's Heroes MGM
700172 The Beast Within MGM
700186 Enter the Ninja Cannon Films
700191 Shaft MGM
700193 Midnight Cowboy MGM
700217 Endangered Species MGM
700277 The Sandpiper MGM
700295 Heaven's Gate United Artists
700325 House of the Long Shadows Cannon Films
700326 King of Kings MGM
700373 Elvis: "That's the Way it Is" MGM
700397 The Shoes of the Fisherman MGM
700414 The Strawberry Statement MGM
700457 City Lovers, Country Lovers Independent
700466 Brewster McCloud MGM
700483 The Asphalt Jungle MGM
700488 Penitentiary II United Artists
700579 The Vikings MGM
700592 Fast Lane Fever Cannon Films
700593 Sword of the Valiant Cannon Films
700675 Equus United Artists
701054 Clambake United Artists
701055 Kid Galahad United Artists

Six-digit releases 800000 to 900000[edit]

Catalog number Title Library
800109 Tarzan, the Ape Man MGM
800111 Rich and Famous MGM
800112 ...All the Marbles MGM
800140 Whose Life Is It, Anyway? MGM
800141 Shoot the Moon MGM
800142 Buddy Buddy MGM
800143 Cannery Row MGM
800144 A Stranger is Watching MGM
800145 True Confessions United Artists
800147 Pennies from Heaven MGM
800150 Ticket to Heaven United Artists
800151 Victor/Victoria MGM
800164 Diner MGM
800165 Poltergeist MGM
800175 The Secret Policeman's Other Ball MGM
800183 Diva MGM
800184 Lady Chatterley's Lover Cannon Films
800188 My Favorite Year MGM
800189 Forced Vengeance MGM
800190 The Last American Virgin Cannon Films
800208 Yes, Giorgio MGM
800211 The Secret of NIMH (Slipcover) United Artists
800216 Jinxed United Artists
800221 That Championship Season Cannon Films
800226 The Beastmaster MGM
800243 The Year of Living Dangerously MGM
800278 Point Blank MGM
800280 The White Rose United Artists
800281 The Hunger MGM
800282 10 to Midnight Cannon Films
800283 Nana United Artists
800301 Exposed MGM
800312 Turandot Independent
800314 Brainstorm MGM
800318 The Wicked Lady Cannon Films
800319 Hercules Cannon Films
800322 Strange Brew MGM
800329 Revenge of the Ninja Cannon Films
800364 The Final Option MGM
800365 Fanny Hill Independent
800368 The Night of the Shining Stars MGM
800369 Interiors United Artists
800420 Curse of the Pink Panther United Artists
800421 Reckless MGM
800427 The Ice Pirates MGM
800431 The Revolt of Job Independent
800446 A Christmas Story MGM
800447 Breakin' Cannon Films
800448 Making the Grade Cannon Films
800451 Misunderstood MGM
800469 Manhattan United Artists
800470 Over the Brooklyn Bridge Cannon Films
800477 Grand Prix MGM
800487 Electric Dreams MGM
800490 The Pope of Greenwich Village United Artists
800492 Entre Nous (Between Us) United Artists
800499 Red Dawn MGM
800516 Exterminator 2 Cannon Films
800517 Until September United Artists
800540 Gabriela United Artists
800546 Ninja III: The Domination Cannon Films
800557 Missing in Action Cannon Films
800570 Just the Way You Are MGM
800580 Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo Cannon Films
800583 Mata Hari Cannon Films
800589 The Sicilian Connection Cannon Films
800591 2010: The Year We Make Contact MGM
800596 The Naked Face Cannon Films
800599 Maria's Lovers Cannon Films
800600 Mrs. Soffel MGM
800601 Grace Quigley Cannon Films
800602 Emmanuelle IV Cannon Films
800613 That's Dancing! MGM
800618 Ordeal by Innocence Cannon Films
800625 The Dirty Dozen: Next Mission MGM
800642 The Aviator United Artists
800645 Hot Resort Cannon Films
800647 Deja Vu Cannon Films
800658 Missing in Action 2: The Beginning Cannon Films
800676 Gymkata MGM
800677 The Assisi Underground Cannon Films
800681 The Adventures of Hercules Cannon Films
800683 Eureka MGM
800690 Rappin' Cannon Films
800691 Jungle Raiders Cannon Films
800705 American Ninja Cannon Films
800713 Year of the Dragon MGM
800728 Rock & Rule United Artists
800730 Love Streams Cannon Films
800740 Thunder Alley Cannon Films
800741 Hot Chili Cannon Films
800754 Pandemonium United Artists
800763 War and Love Cannon Films
800764 Invasion U.S.A. Cannon Films
800765 The Ambassador Cannon Films
800788 No. 1 of the Secret Service Cannon Films
800789 Hanging on a Star Cannon Films
800819 Dream Lover MGM
800821 Death Wish 3 Cannon Films
800867 Runaway Train Cannon Films
800874 Wetherby MGM
800876 King Solomon's Mines Cannon Films
800889 America 3000 Cannon Films
800894 Fool for Love Cannon Films
800926 Marie MGM
800940 Poltergeist II: The Other Side MGM
800966 Youngblood United Artists
800973 9½ Weeks MGM
800986 Movers & Shakers MGM
800988 The Devastator Concorde
801008 Running Scared MGM
801010 The Assault Cannon Films
801027 Solarbabies MGM
801063 Up Your Anchor Cannon Films
801064 Detective School Dropouts Cannon Films
801065 Ginger & Fred Independent
801067 A Sunday in the Country Independent
801088 Field of Honor Cannon Films
801092 Salome Cannon Films
801113 Amazons Concorde
801116 Stripped to Kill Concorde
801117 Duet for One Cannon Films
801157 Number One with a Bullet Cannon Films
801283 Eye of the Eagle Concorde
801326 Nightfall Concorde
801327 Big Bad Mama II Concorde
801369 The Manchurian Candidate United Artists
801407 Busting United Artists
801425 Ewoks: The Battle for Endor Lucasfilm
801426 The Lawless Land Concorde
801433 Naked Warriors Concorde
801452 You Talking' to Me? United Artists
801477 Whoops Apocalypse MGM
801499 The Nest Concorde
801517 Crime Zone Concorde
801535 Saturday the 14th Strikes Back Concorde
801540 Eye of the Eagle 2: Inside the Enemy Concorde
801638 The Terror Within Concorde
801639 Stripped to Kill II: Live Girls Concorde
801669 Nowhere to Run Concorde
801706 Time Trackers Concorde
801752 Heroes Stand Alone Concorde
801753 Back to Back Concorde
801756 Night Visitor United Artists
801777 Masque of the Red Death Concorde
801799 Transylvania Twist Concorde
801841 Brain Dead Concorde
801872 Primary Target Concorde
801899 Hollywood Blvd. II Concorde
802039 Overexposed Concorde
802053 The Ewok Adventure Lucasfilm
802096 Full Fathom Five Concorde
802107 A Cry in the Wild Concorde
802168 Corporate Affairs Concorde
802317 The Offence United Artists

Six-digit releases 900000 to 999999[edit]

Catalog number Title Library
900003 Doctor Zhivago MGM
900004 Ben-Hur MGM
900031 Mutiny on the Bounty (1962) MGM
900276 Quo Vadis MGM
900284 Gone with the Wind MGM
900356 How the West Was Won MGM
900401 Raintree County MGM
900917 The Big Country United Artists
901134 Fatal Beauty MGM
901135 Moonstruck MGM
901179 Spaceballs: The Video MGM
901250 Poltergeist III MGM
901436 Bright Lights, Big City United Artists
901438 Taffin MGM
901553 Betrayed United Artists
901593 Child's Play United Artists
901605 Pumpkinhead United Artists
901621 The Mighty Quinn MGM
901624 Leviathan MGM
901641 I'm Gonna Git You Sucka United Artists
901648 Rain Man United Artists
901668 House III: The Horror Show United Artists
901671 Bloodfist Concorde
901694 Stanley & Iris MGM
901703 Road House MGM
901763 True Love United Artists
901792 Little Monsters United Artists
901835 Kill Me Again MGM
901871 Streets Concorde
901775 Blue Steel MGM
901997 Circle of Fear Concorde
902013 Silk 2 Concorde
902089 Daddy's Dyin'... Who's Got the Will? MGM
902170 Death Warrant MGM
902218 Rocky V United Artists
902243 Delirious MGM
902257 Not Without My Daughter MGM
902295 Crooked Hearts MGM
902301 The Russia House MGM
902314 Life Stinks MGM
902315 The Cutting Edge MGM
902355 Thelma & Louise MGM
902356 Company Business MGM
902357 Shattered MGM
902410 Thelma & Louise MGM
902417 Fires Within MGM
902496 Crisscross MGM
902500 The Man in the Moon MGM
902518 The Indian Runner MGM
902527 Rush MGM
902600 Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man MGM
902607 Once Upon a Crime MGM
902680 Timebomb MGM
902691 Rich in Love MGM
902693 Of Mice and Men MGM
902694 Liebestraum MGM
902813 Untamed Heart MGM
902933 The Vagrant MGM
902987 Body of Evidence MGM
903007 Benny & Joon MGM
903022 The Meteor Man MGM
903044 Son of the Pink Panther United Artists
903182 Diggstown MGM
903183 The Lover MGM
903843 Not of This Earth Concorde
903905 Stalin MGM
903944 Fatal Instinct MGM
904402 Undercover Blues (Spanish-subtitled) MGM
904588 Clean Slate MGM
904675 Flight of the Innocent MGM
904728 Getting Even with Dad (Slipcover) MGM
904729 Mano a Mano con Papa (Getting Even with Dad) (Spanish-subtitled) MGM
904745 Six Degrees of Separation MGM
904807 Blown Away MGM
904825 Dangerous Game MGM
904832 Radio Inside MGM
904970 My Summer Story MGM
905102 Speechless MGM
905103 Wild Bill United Artists
905118 Tank Girl MGM
905159 Sleep with Me United Artists
905208 Species MGM
905228 Rob Roy United Artists
905298 Lord of Illusions United Artists
905307 Radio Inside MGM
905339 Sketch Artist II: Hands that See MGM
905383 La Piedra y el Pinguino (The Pebble and the Penguin) (Spanish-dubbed) MGM/UA Family Entertainment
905425 Convict Cowboy MGM
905426 The Set Up MGM
905493 Get Shorty MGM
905495 GoldenEye United Artists
905523 (The Outer Limits) Sandkings MGM
905524 Leaving Las Vegas United Artists
905525 Showgirls United Artists
905527 It's My Party United Artists
905528 Richard III United Artists
905529 Moll Flanders MGM
905530 Unforgettable MGM
905532 The Limbic Region MGM
905533 Bio-Dome MGM
905534 Mulholland Falls MGM
905535 A Family Thing United Artists
905536 The Birdcage United Artists
905544 GoldenEye (Deluxe Letterbox) United Artists
905615 Silver Strand MGM
905671 Marshall Law MGM
905763 Fled MGM
905769 Kingpin MGM
906008 Escape Clause MGM
906033 The Birdcage (DVD) United Artists
906034 Species (DVD) MGM
906035 GoldenEye (DVD) United Artists
906036 Get Shorty (DVD) MGM
906038 Midnight Cowboy (DVD) United Artists
906039 Poltergeist (DVD) MGM
906040 Raging Bull (DVD) United Artists
906041 Rain Man (DVD) United Artists
906042 Red River (DVD) United Artists
906043 Rocky (DVD) United Artists
906044 The Wizard of Oz (DVD) United Artists
906259 Blown Away (DVD) MGM
906260 Rob Roy (DVD) MGM
906261 Casablanca (DVD) MGM
906262 Singin' in the Rain (DVD) MGM
906264 The Magnificent Seven (DVD) United Artists
906265 Moonstruck (DVD) MGM
906266 A Fish Called Wanda (DVD) MGM
906269 The Black Stallion (DVD) United Artists
906271 For a Few Dollars More (DVD) United Artists
906273 An American in Paris (DVD) MGM
906274 Invasion of the Body Snatchers (DVD) United Artists
906275 Kingpin (DVD) MGM
906278 Fled (DVD) MGM
906281 Trigger Happy MGM
906282 Hoodlum United Artists
906283 Touch United Artists
906292 How the West Was Won (DVD) MGM
906293 The Man in the Iron Mask (DVD) United Artists
906294 Lord of Illusions (DVD) United Artists
906309 2001: A Space Odyssey (DVD) MGM
906310 Doctor Zhivago (DVD) MGM
906310 Gone with the Wind (DVD) MGM
906442 GoldenEye (Special Edition) United Artists
906443 Poltergeist: The Legacy MGM
906536 Tocame (Touch) (Spanish-subtitled) United Artists
906558 A Christmas Story (DVD) MGM
906559 Annie Hall (DVD) United Artists
906560 Brigadoon (DVD) MGM
906561 Cyborg (DVD) MGM
906563 The Dirty Dozen (DVD) MGM
906565 Forbidden Planet (DVD) MGM
906566 Overboard (DVD) MGM
906567 Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (DVD) MGM
906570 Last Tango in Paris (DVD) United Artists
906597 The End of Violence MGM
906610 Adam's Rib (DVD) MGM
906611 Jailhouse Rock (DVD) MGM
906612 Elvis: That's the Way It is (DVD) MGM
906613 The Philadelphia Story (DVD) MGM
906614 Show Boat (DVD) MGM
906615 Viva Las Vegas (DVD) MGM
906617 Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (DVD) MGM
906618 National Velvet (DVD) MGM
906638 The Year of Living Dangerously (DVD) MGM
906646 Woman of the Year (DVD) MGM
906677 Jezebel (DVD) MGM
906680 The Great Escape (DVD) United Artists
906685 Dark Victory (DVD) MGM
906722 Network (DVD) MGM
906723 How the Grinch Stole Christmas (DVD) MGM
906724 Dr. No (DVD) United Artists
906725 From Russia with Love (DVD) United Artists
906726 Goldfinger (DVD) United Artists
906727 Thelma & Louise (DVD) MGM
906728 Fiddler on the Roof (DVD) United Artists
906729 The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (DVD) United Artists
906730 Hang 'em High (DVD) United Artists
906731 Rocky II (DVD) United Artists
906732 Rocky IV (DVD) United Artists
906733 West Side Story (DVD) United Artists
906832 Red Corner MGM
906833 Deceiver MGM
906834 Tomorrow Never Dies United Artists
906835 The Mod Squad MGM
906836 Species II MGM
907032 Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (DVD) United Artists
907037 The Secret of NIMH (DVD) United Artists
907047 The Man in the Iron Mask United Artists
907048 Dirty Work MGM
907181 At First Sight MGM
907182 Disturbing Behavior MGM
907183 Molly MGM
907184 Ronin United Artists
907268 The Rage: Carrie 2 United Artists
907269 Stigmata MGM
907272 The Thomas Crown Affair MGM
907279 Flawless MGM
907302 Just the Ticket United Artists
907916 Inherit the Wind MGM
907917 Tea with Mussolini MGM

Seven-digit releases 1000000 to 1999999[edit]

Catalog number Title Library
1001071 Return to Me MGM
1002624 Legally Blonde MGM
1004023 Windtalkers MGM