Comprehensive catalog of Lions Gate Home Entertainment releases

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Pre-2004 catalog numbers[edit]

Catalog number Title Label Library
VM 2602 Feel the Motion Vidmark Constantin Film
VM 5352 Harley Vidmark Kuntz Bros.
VM 5569 Separate Lives Vidmark Trimark Pictures
VM 5915 Return of the Living Dead 3 Vidmark Trimark Pictures
VM 6623 Bombshell Trimark Trimark Pictures
VM 6705 Phoenix Trimark Trimark Pictures
VM 6774 MisBegotten Trimark American World Pictures
VM 7653 South Of Heaven, West Of Hell Lionsgate Trimark Pictures
VM 7690 The Wash Lionsgate Lionsgate
VM 7812 "O" Lionsgate Lionsgate
VM 7899 Mr. Bill Goes Hollywood Lionsgate Dreamsite Productions
VM 8011 Rose Red Lionsgate Buena Vista Television
VM 8095 The Cat's Meow Lionsgate Lionsgate
VM 8213 Subterano Lionsgate Becker Entertainment
VM 8427 House of 1000 Corpses Lionsgate Lionsgate
AV 1598 Styx Avalanche Promark Entertainment Group
ST 7872 Ricochet River Lionsgate Porchlight Entertainment
ST 7877 Route 666 Lionsgate Lionsgate
ST 7927 Dead in the Water Lionsgate Nuts & Lloyd
ST 8295 Sabretooth Lionsgate International Film Group
LG 1003 The Diary of Ellen Rimbauer Lionsgate Buena Vista Television
LG 1106 Cabin Fever Lionsgate Lionsgate

Post-2004 catalog numbers[edit]

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Avalanche catalog numbers[edit]


Sterling/Studio catalog numbers[edit]