Avalanche Home Entertainment

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Avalanche Home Entertainment was originally formed in 1997 as a subsidiary of American film distributor Avalanche Films, which was a division of Cinépix Film Properties, which was soon renamed to Lions Gate Films in 1998, following the acquisition of the film studio by Lions Gate Entertainment.

In its earlier years, MTI Home Video handled distribution of titles by Avalanche.

Lions Gate also owned another home video label, Sterling Home Entertainment, as well as a minority interest in Eaton Entertainment.

In 2000, the company acquired Trimark Holdings, who owns Trimark Home Video. Afterwards, the labels Trimark Home Video, Eaton Entertainment, Studio Home Entertainment and Avalanche Home Entertainment were consolidated to form the U.S. Lions Gate Home Entertainment in 2000, with Avalanche remaining as a label. The Avalanche label disappeared in 2002.