WRS Motion Picture & Video Laboratory

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List of Customers[edit]

  • ADV Films
  • Amazing Fantasy Entertainment (1996)
  • Cabin Fever Entertainment
  • Capitol Home Video (1999)
  • Cartoon Network (some copies of the promotional "Rainy Day Survival Kit" tape)
  • Clyde Records, Inc.
  • Cycle Vision Tours
  • Discovery Communications (1993)
  • Dorset Video
  • First Look Pictures (2000-2001)
  • Full Moon Entertainment
  • General Motors
  • Glenbower Productions, Inc.
  • Hallmark (some copies of Zoobilee Zoo: Zoobles Campout Tonight)
  • Jesus Video Project
  • KVC Entertainment (1991-1992)
  • Madacy Music Group
  • MGM/UA Home Video (screener copies of Blue Steel)
  • Parade Video (1998)
  • Plaza Entertainment
  • PolyGram Video (some copies of The Busy World of Richard Scarry: Mr. Frumble's New Cars)
  • Questar Home Video (????-2001)
  • Reel Productions (1998)
  • RMC Research Corporation (1989) (one known copy of Drug Avengers)
  • Scholastic (1998)
  • Small Fry Productions (1996)
  • Strand Home Video
    • Strand VCI Entertainment
  • The Baby Einstein Company (1998)
  • Voyager Entertainment, Inc.
  • Word Entertainment (1988-1989)
  • Xenon Video

How to Tell[edit]

  • Tapes duplicated by this company had blue printings which varied by tape. Here are a few examples:

Example 1:

1X65630S105511 RAINY DAY 44155LR T46

Example 2:

21415435 VHSHH/001D H/4222GEO 51

Example 3:

56399/104709/PATSY CLINE/74026/T-55

Example 4:

4113221B 2313 COUNTRY BLOOP 467352TM63

Example 5:

K15472/112010 JIG DON'T JOG 84168LR T55

Example 6:

1X30350/107929 EARTH DAZE 14027LR T:47

  • Early tapes, such as Teacher TV: Technology in the Classroom or Mike Warnke: Do You Hear Me?!, had a sticker with information and a print date on it, with only the tape length printed in blue on the right or, in the case of the latter, nothing at all. The information and print date on the sticker were arranged like the following examples:

Example 1:

026959 107929


2 12/01/93

Example 2:

036043/001 135011

8015030692 DO YOU HEAR ME?/M

6769 89/89

  • Some tapes from this company had a black screen test pattern with a 400hz tone at the end, while some others had the static roll of death. Some had nothing.
  • Some tapes simply had the blue printings arranged in the following manner. Such tapes did not have anything at the end.


  • Tapes from this duplicator do not have anything in the vertical blanking interval.


  • Altamonte Springs, Florida
  • Atlanta, Georgia
  • Germantown, Maryland
  • Houston, Texas
  • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • Riva, Maryland