Technicolor DTMF sequences

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Many videotapes duplicated at Technicolor Video Services in Livonia using either industrial duplicators or Otari TMD systems, beginning in 1989 and ending in 2006, included a sequence of DTMF tones at the start and/or end of the tape. It is not yet known exactly what each tone in the sequence indicates, except there's usually a pause between the first and second tones, the second tone is always 1, the third tone is always #, and the fourth tone is always D. This sequence was used to encode audio and video on the master tape by providing information on settings such as format, running time, audio level balance, volume control, etc. to the duplication machines, allowing better replication. On most tapes, the tones are audible on the left channel of the hi-fi audio track. However, on some tapes, the tones are audible either on the right channel of the hi-fi track or exclusively on the linear audio track. Disney videotapes are the most notable tapes to use these sequences.

For a list of tapes using variations of these sequences, see Technicolor test patterns.

Video examples[edit]

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