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Welcome to Home Video![edit]

This wiki is dedicated to the history of home video, from the many distributors to the odds and ends. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the wonderful world of home video.



  • Thanks to the help of those of us who upload VHS openings on YouTube, 1991 is almost completely covered for Live Home Video save for a few budget-priced FHE reissues and Avid tapes the screeners both haven't covered and we haven't been able to identify. All we need now is a screener tape of a November 1991 release, and that year will be just about in the bag!
  • I've noticed people are leaving me messages on my talk page that amounts to trivial things about stuck this, facetious praise that, factual errors here and there, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. What do I look like, a Sicilian Mafia don whose daughter is about to get hitched? Enough is enough. Starting today (01/29/24), any further messages of the sort will result in a warning, and if the user persists, I will have no choice but to block them. Needless to say, all messages of such spurious quality will be deleted.
  • At a date to be announced, roles for each registered user and staff member will be announced based on their specialties. Definitions of each role is a work in progress.
  • Work is in progress for a definitive tutorial on how to upload image sources for claims regarding duplicators.