Laser videodisc

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Laser videodisc is the technical term for an early optical video format known colloquially as LaserDisc. Formally dubbed Laservision by its owners, the format ran from December 1978 to roughly 2000-2001 when it was fully supplanted by DVD.

Originally developed and released by MCA, Inc., and Philips under the moniker of DiscoVision, the format experienced several development troubles and was unable to compete with the burgeoning VCR market. It took the format being sold to Pioneer Corporation in 1980 for the format to gain any significant traction. While never able to supplant the VCR for home use, the format lived on in the growing cinephile market.

The format was able to experience its greatest success in Japan and the affluent regions of Southeast Asia, with a minor following in the United States during the 1990s. By contrast, the format was never able to make any inroads in Australia or Europe, where the format was plagued with marketing woes and a failed rebranding effort from Philips.