Interglobal Home Video (Duplicator)

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Former Names[edit]

  • Interglobal Video (1984-1985)

List of Customers[edit]

  • Interglobal Home Video (1984-19??)
    • Kid Flicks (1987-1988)
    • Alliance Studios, Inc. (19??-19??)
    • Auburn Productions
  • Worldvision Home Video Inc. (1984-1986) (tapes distributed by Interglobal Video)

How to Tell[edit]

  • Most tapes from this duplicator had the nominal tape length stamped in white ink on the bottom of the cassette (e.g. 15).
  • However, there were a few tapes from this duplicator that did not have any form of printing on the cassette at all.
  • Numerous tapes from this duplicator have the record tab intact.
  • Certain tapes were duplicated in LP mode, while some rare ones were duplicated in SP mode.
  • Tapes by this duplicator rarely ever have static at the end. Usually, there is a black screen all the way up until the tape rewinds. This is the case even if there is over 10, 20 or more minutes of leftover film at the end.


  • Toronto, Ontario