GTK Duplicating Co.

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This company was an affiliate of GoodTimes Entertainment.

List of Customers[edit]

NOTICE: * indicates a Canadian customer.

  • Gaiam (2000-2006)
    • GoodTimes Entertainment (1986-2005)
      • Kids Klassics (1986-1996)
      • GTK, Inc. (1986-1989)
      • Unlimited Energy (1997-2002)
  • Feature Films for Families (1991-1993) (some copies of Heidi and Little House on the Prairie)
  • HGV Video Productions (1989-2000)*
    • Anchor Bay Entertainment (1995-2000)*
      • Video Treasures (1989-1998)*
        • Burbank Video (1989-1995)*
        • Strand Home Video (1992-1995)*
        • Teal Entertainment (1990s)*
        • MNTEX Entertainment (1992-1998)*
      • Starmaker Entertainment (1994-1998)*
        • R&G Video (1994-1998)*
  • Sofa Entertainment (2000-2005) (tapes distributed by GoodTimes Entertainment)
  • Avon (1985-1990) (tapes distributed by GoodTimes Entertainment)

How to Tell[edit]

  • Most tapes duplicated here were duplicated on cassettes manufactured in either Hong Kong, Korea or Taiwan, and had the audio track in linear only, although many SP-mode tapes duplicated at this arm did have a hi-fi audio track in addition to a linear track.
  • Post-1986 tapes have a black screen test pattern with the 1000 Hz tone for about 45 seconds at the end.
  • Some tapes have the recording tab intact; some tapes omit it.
  • Certain 1997-2005 tapes were duplicated on cassettes manufactured in Korea.
  • All tapes have a printing with a letter with the nominal tape length, mostly above the tab part. Examples: M-15, A-30, H-45, W-15, T-30, K-45, etc.
  • Tapes by this duplicator do not have anything in the vertical blanking interval.


  • Bayonne, New Jersey


  • Feature Films for Families referred to the company as GoodTimes Home Video Corp. on the labels of videotapes that were duplicated there.