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Full Moon Features was started in 1988 by Charles Band right after the collapse of Empire International and its subsidiary Wizard Video. Besides creating Puppet Master, Full Moon had launched a sub-label, Phantom Productions, specializing in the acquisition of properties for home video. For the first of many years, the company had distribution agreements with Paramount Home Video and Pioneer LDCA to release titles on home video.

In 1993, Full Moon launched two more labels, Moonbeam Entertainment for family films, and Torchlight Entertainment for its adult titles. Two years later, Full Moon split itself from Paramount, although Moonbeam continued to distribute its titles through Paramount for two more years, and Band formed Amazing Fantasy Entertainment to take over distribution.

In 1996, Band added three labels, Monster Island Entertainment, to release monster movies, Pulp Fantasy Productions, for new films that don't fit the Full Moon name, and Cult Video, reusing the old label, for old Charles Band films, and also the Surrender Cinema name was used for adult films, replacing the Torchlight name. In 1997, Band finally got the chance to end their Moonbeam line at Paramount and set up Pulsepounders, a new family label.

In 1998, Band launched a second label for monster films, Filmonsters, the second such label and sister to Monster Island. Also, the company launched an urban horror label, Alchemy Entertainment, later to be renamed Big City Pictures, and another label Edge Entertainment for acquisitions.

In 2002, the DTV market declined, and the company was renamed to Shadow Entertainment. Two years later, the company brought back the Full Moon brand, and also brought back the Wizard Video brand, which was renamed to Wizard Entertainment. In 2012, the Moonbeam name was revived as Moonbeam Films, for family films. The company later revived the Surrender Cinema name.

In 2020, the company launched the Delirium Films brand, and four years later, launched the Pulp Noir brand.

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Catalog number Title Country of origin Original year Length Version MPAA rating Film format Tape count Tape break placement (if applicable) Color Released Note(s)
7002 The Shrunken City
From The Kushner-Locke Company
USA 1998 90 min Standard version PG Academy 1 N/A Color June 16, 1998 TBD

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