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This page is for sorting Warner Home Video's worldwide releases by catalog number.

Releases with catalog letters followed by four-digit codes can be viewed at Comprehensive catalog of Warner Home Video letter-four digit releases.

Original releases (1000 to 6999)[edit]

For the first few years of Warner Home Video's existence, the company's catalog numbers were four digits long; they would shortly adjust to five-digit releases. 1000s were set to be released by Warner Bros., 2000s were released by Orion Pictures, 3000s were CED releases (all distributed by RCA SelectaVision), 4000s were from independent companies including the newly-formed New World Pictures, and 6000s for U.S. Spanish-language releases, the latter all issued since the late '80s.

Catalog number Title Library
1001 Blazing Saddles Warner Bros.
1002 The Green Berets Warner Bros.
1003 The Bugs Bunny/Road Runner Movie (or, The Great American Chase) Warner Bros.
1004 Deliverance Warner Bros.
1005 East of Eden Warner Bros.
1006 Enter the Dragon Warner Bros.
1007 The Exorcist Warner Bros.
1008 Hooper Warner Bros.
1009 The In-Laws Warner Bros.
1010 "Oh, God!" Warner Bros.
1011 Rebel Without a Cause Warner Bros.
1012 The Searchers Warner Bros.
1013 Superman: The Movie Warner Bros.
1014 The Wild Bunch Warner Bros.
1015 Woodstock I Warner Bros.
1016 Woodstock II Warner Bros.
1017 Mister Roberts Warner Bros.
1018 All the President's Men Warner Bros.
1019 Dirty Harry Warner Bros.
1020 A Star is Born (1976) Warner Bros.
1021 The Main Event Warner Bros.
1022 The Candidate Warner Bros.
1023 Exorcist II: The Heretic Warner Bros.
1024 Dog Day Afternoon Warner Bros.
1025 Executive Action Warner Bros.
1026 Bonnie and Clyde Warner Bros.
1027 Klute Warner Bros.
1028 Every Which Way But Loose Warner Bros.
1029 Bullitt Warner Bros.
1030 Going in Style Warner Bros.
1031 A Clockwork Orange Warner Bros.
1032 Gilda Live Warner Bros.
1033 Summer of '42 Warner Bros.
1034 Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore Warner Bros.
1035 The Prisoner of Second Avenue Warner Bros.
1039 Magnum Force Warner Bros.
1040 Billy Jack Warner Bros.
1041 "What's Up, Doc?" Warner Bros.
1042 Tom Horn Warner Bros.
1043 Honeysuckle Rose Warner Bros.
1044 Oh, God! Book II Warner Bros.
1045 One-Trick Pony Warner Bros.
2001 A Little Romance Orion Pictures
2002 "10" Orion Pictures
2003 Monty Python's Life of Brian Orion Pictures
2005 Caddyshack Orion Pictures
3101 Superman: The Movie (CED) Warner Bros.
3102 "10" (CED) Orion Pictures
3103 Blazing Saddles (CED) Warner Bros.
3104 Dirty Harry (CED) Warner Bros.
3105 The Bugs Bunny/Road Runner Movie (or, The Great American Chase) (CED) Warner Bros.
3106 The Searchers (CED) Warner Bros.
3107 Every Which Way But Loose (CED) Warner Bros.
3108 The In-Laws (CED) Warner Bros.
3109 Rebel Without a Cause (CED) Warner Bros.
3110 Woodstock (CED stereo) Warner Bros.
3111 Hooper (CED) Warner Bros.
3112 What's Up, Doc? (CED) Warner Bros.
3113 Mister Roberts (CED) Warner Bros.
3114 Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore (CED) Warner Bros.
3115 All the President's Men (CED) Warner Bros.
3116 Billy Jack (CED) Warner Bros.
3117 Bonnie and Clyde (CED) Warner Bros.
3118 Bullitt (CED) Warner Bros.
3119 Caddyshack (CED) Warner Bros.
3120 The Candidate (CED) Warner Bros.
3121 A Clockwork Orange (CED) Warner Bros.
3122 Deliverance (CED) Warner Bros.
3123 Dog Day Afternoon (CED) Warner Bros.
3124 East of Eden (CED) Warner Bros.
3125 Enter the Dragon (CED) Warner Bros.
3126 The Exorcist (CED) Warner Bros.
3127 The Great Santini (CED) Orion Pictures
3128 The Green Berets (CED) Warner Bros.
3129 Klute (CED) Warner Bros.
3130 Magnum Force (CED) Warner Bros.
3131 The Main Event (CED) Warner Bros.
3132 Monty Python's Life of Brian (CED stereo) Orion Pictures
3133 Oh, God! (CED) Warner Bros.
3134 A Star Is Born (CED stereo) Warner Bros.
3135 The Wild Bunch (CED) Warner Bros.
3136 Superman II (CED stereo) Warner Bros.
3137 Chariots of Fire (CED stereo) The Ladd Company
3138 Arthur (CED) Orion Pictures
3139 Body Heat (CED) The Ladd Company
3140 Private Benjamin (CED) Warner Bros.
3141 Sharky's Machine (CED) Orion Pictures
3142 Altered States (CED stareo) Warner Bros.
3143 The Shining (CED) Warner Bros.
3144 Any Which Way You Can (CED) Warner Bros.
3145 Excalibur (CED) Warner Bros.
3146 Outland (CED stereo) The Ladd Company
3147 Bronco Billy (CED) Warner Bros.
3148 Divine Madness (CED stereo) The Ladd Company
3149 The Enforcer (CED) Warner Bros.
3150 The Gauntlet (CED) Warner Bros.
3151 Prince of the City (CED) Orion Pictures
3152 Jeremiah Johnson (CED) Warner Bros.
3153 Summer of '42 (CED) Warner Bros.
3154 The Looney Looney Looney Bugs Bunny Movie (CED) Warner Bros.
3155 Rio Bravo (CED) Warner Bros.
3156 Strangers on a Train (CED) Warner Bros.
3157 Dial M for Murder (CED) Warner Bros.
4000 The Kinks: One for the Road Arista Records
4001 Flavors of China Valley Isle Productions
4002 Humanoids from the Deep New World Pictures
4003 Blondie: Eat to the Beat Chrysalis Records
4004 Runaway Robots: Romie-0 and Julie-8 Viacom International
4005 The Devil and Daniel Mouse Viacom International
4006 Nelvanamation: Four Cosmic Fantasies in One Viacom International
4007 Rod Stewart: Live at the Los Angeles Forum Gaff Music
4012 Seven Blows of the Dragon New World Pictures
4013 Big Bad Mama New World Pictures
4014 Death Race 2000 New World Pictures
4015 Fellini's Amarcord New World Pictures
4016 Cries and Whispers New World Pictures
4017 Small Change New World Pictures
4018 The Big Bird Cage New World Pictures
4019 Too Hot to Handle New World Pictures
4020 Space Movie International Harmony
4021 Gary Numan: The Touring Principle '79 Beggars Banquet
4022 Fleetwood Mac: Documentary & Live Concert Warner Bros. Records
4023 The Romantic Englishwoman New World Pictures
6001 Bonnie y Clyde (Bonnie and Clyde) (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6002 Bullitt (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6003 Harry el Sucio (Dirty Harry) (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6004 Tarde de Perras (Dog Day Afternoon) (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6005 Cuerpos Ardientes (Body Heat) (Spanish-subtitled) The Ladd Company
6006 Bajo la Luz de la Luna (Under the Cherry Moon) (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6007 Club Paraíso (Club Paradise) (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6008 Todos los Hombres del Presidente (All the President's Men) (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6009 ¡Dios Mío! (Oh, God!) (Spanish-dubbed) Warner Bros.
6010 La Picara Recluta (Private Benjamin) (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6011 El Resplandor (The Shining) (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6012 Zelig (Spanish-dubbed) Orion Pictures
6013 Billy Jack (Spanish-dubbed) Warner Bros.
6014 El Negocio de las Armas (Deal of the Century) (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6015 Un Hombre y una Mujer (A Man and a Woman) (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6016 Un Hombre y una Mujer: 20 Años Más Tarde (A Man and a Woman: 20 Years Later) (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6017 Un Loco Verano (One Crazy Summer) (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6018 Mad Max 2, Guerrero de la Carretera (The Road Warrior) (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6019 Ojo por Ojo, Diente por Diente (Instant Justice) (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6020 Obsesión Fatal (Deadly Friend) (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6021 El Diabólico Dr. Fu Manchu (The Fiendish Plot of Dr. Fu Manchu) (Spanish-subtitled) Orion Pictures
6022 Magnum .44 (Magnum Force) (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6023 Vacaciones en Europa (European Vacation) (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6024 Nunca Digas Nunca Jamás (Never Say Never Again) (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6025 La Extorsión (The Squeeze) (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6026 Pesadilla Mortal (Sorority House Massacre) (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6027 Locademia de Policía 2: Su Primera Misión (Police Academy 2: Their First Assignment) (Spanish-subtitled) The Ladd Company
6028 El Fugitivo Josey Wales (The Outlaw Josey Wales) (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6029 Cousteau en Busca de la Atlantida (The Cousteau Odyssey: Calypso's Search for Atlantis) (Spanish-dubbed) The Cousteau Society
6030 El Guerrero Solitario (Heartbreak Ridge) (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6031 El Colór Purpura (The Color Purple) (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6032 Alrededor de Medianoche (Round Midnight) (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6033 La Tiendita del Horror (Little Shop of Horrors) (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6034 La Misión (The Mission) (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6035 The Mosquito Coast (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6037 Over the Top (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6038 Arma Mortal (Lethal Weapon) (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6039 La Ladrona (Burglar) (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6040 Locademia de Policía 4: Los Ciudadanos Se Defienden (Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol) (Spanish-subtitled) The Ladd Company
6042 La Pelea del Siglo (Any Which Way You Can) (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6043 El Don del Coraje (The Great Santini) (Spanish-subtitled) Orion Pictures
6044 Los Locos del Golf (Caddyshack) (Spanish-subtitled) Orion Pictures
6045 Pandilla Salvaje (The Wild Bunch) (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6046 Lobos Humanos (Wolfen) (Spanish-dubbed) Orion Pictures
6053 Barry Lyndon (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6065 Wisdom (Spanish-subtitled) Cannon Films
6066 The Hanoi Hilton (Spanish-subtitled) Cannon Films
6070 Las Brujas de Eastwick (The Witches of Eastwick) (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6071 Superman IV: En Busca de la Paz (Superman IV: The Quest for Peace) (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6072 Nacido Para Matar (Full Metal Jacket) (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6073 Viaje Insolito (Innerspace) (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6074 Los Muchachos Perdidos (The Lost Boys) (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6076 ¿Quién Es Esa Chica? (Who's That Girl?) (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6077 Me Quieren Volver Loca (Nuts) (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6078 El Imperio del Sol (Empire of the Sun) (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6079 Surrender (Spanish-subtitled) Cannon Films
6080 Amos del Universo (Masters of the Universe) (Spanish-subtitled) Cannon Films
6083 Penitentiary III (Spanish-subtitled) Cannon Films
6084 Bloodsport (Spanish-subtitled) Cannon Films
6088 Shy People (Spanish-subtitled) Cannon Films
6089 Barfly (Spanish-subtitled) Cannon Films
6090 Gigante (Giant) (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6091 Los Elegidos (The Right Stuff) (Spanish-subtitled) The Ladd Company
6092 La Vuelta al Mundo en Ochenta Días (Around the World in 80 Days) (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6093 Doin' Time on Planet Earth (Spanish-subtitled) Cannon Films
6094 Jesus (Spanish-dubbed) Warner Bros.
6095 Moving (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6096 Busqueda Frenética (Frantic) (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6097 Retorno al Lote de Salem (A Return to Salem's Lot) (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6101 Locademia de Policía 5: Operación Miami Beach (Police Academy 5: Operation Miami Beach) (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6105 Beetlejuice (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6106 Nico (Above the Law) (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6107 Con Ganas de Triunfar (Stand and Deliver) (Spanish-dubbed) Warner Bros.
6109 Daffy Duck's Quackbusters (Spanish-dubbed) Warner Bros.
6110 Hot to Trot (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6113 La Hacienda de la Risa (Funny Farm) (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6114 Caddyshack II (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6115 Sala de Espera al Infierno (The Dead Pool) (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6116 Arturo 2: El Millionario Arruinado (Arthur 2: On the Rocks) (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6117 Stealing Home (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6120 Bird (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6121 Traición al Amanecer (Tequila Sunrise) (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6122 Young Einstein (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6123 Clara's Heart (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6124 Clean and Sober (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6125 The Accidental Tourist (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6126 Crossing Delancey (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6127 Everybody's All-American (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6128 Feds (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6132 Miles From Home (Spanish-subtitled) Cinecom
6133 A Cry in the Dark (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6134 Woodstock (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6137 Dangerous Liaisons (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6138 Dead Calm (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6139 Locademia de Policía 6: Ciudad en Estado de Sitio (Police Academy 6: City Under Siege) (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6140 Street Justice (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6141 Lean On Me (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6142 Arma Mortal 2 (Lethal Weapon 2) (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6153 Batman (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6182 Memphis Belle (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6183 Mi Cielo Azul (My Blue Heaven) (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6184 La Historia sin Fin II (The NeverEnding Story II: The Next Chapter) (Spanish-dubbed) Warner Bros.
6189 The Rookie (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6190 The Sheltering Sky (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6192 Ciudad de la Nueva Guardia (New Jack City) (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6193 Bugs Bunny's Looney Christmas Tales (Spanish-dubbed) Warner Bros.
6195 Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6198 El Último Boy Scout (The Last Boy Scout) (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6199 Curly Sue (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6200 Riqueza Ajena (Other People's Money) (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6201 Goodfellas (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6202 Tiny Toon Adventures: Como Pasé Mis Vacaciones (Tiny Toon Adventures: How I Spent My Vacation) (Spanish-dubbed) Warner Bros.
6205 JFK (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6206 Los Reyes del Mambo (The Mambo Kings) (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6208 Diario de un Hombre Invisible (Memoirs of an Invisible Man) (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6209 Furia Salvaje (Out for Justice) (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6220 Bugs Bunny's Thanksgiving Diet (Spanish-dubbed) Warner Bros.
6221 Bugs Bunny's Howl-Oween Special (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6222 Bugs Bunny, el Genuino Heroe Americano (Bugs Bunny: All-American Hero) (Spanish-dubbed) Warner Bros.
6223 Bugs Bunny's Bustin' Out All Over (Spanish-dubbed) Warner Bros.
6224 Los Escarceos Amorosos de Bugs Bunny (Bugs Bunny's Cupid Capers) (Spanish-dubbed) Warner Bros.
6225 Las Bromas de Pascua de Bugs Bunny (Bugs Bunny's Easter Funnies) (Spanish-dubbed) Warner Bros.
6226 Bugs Bunny Especial Dia de la Madre (The Bugs Bunny Mother's Day Special) (Spanish-dubbed) Warner Bros.
6227 Bugs Bunny's El Salvaje Mundo de los Deportes (Bugs Bunny's Wild World of Sports) (Spanish-dubbed) Warner Bros.
6228 Bugs vs. Daffy: Battle of the Music Video Stars (Spanish-dubbed) Warner Bros.
6229 Los Excitantes Huevos de Pascua de Daffy Duck (Daffy Duck's Easter Egg-citement) (Spanish-dubbed) Warner Bros.
6230 Daffy Duck's Thanks-for-Giving Special (Spanish-dubbed) Warner Bros.
6231 The Flash II: Revenge of the Trickster (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6233 Arma Mortal 3 (Lethal Weapon 3) (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6238 Batman Vuelve (Batman Returns) (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6243 Vida el Solteros (Singles) (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6244 Alerta Máxima (Under Siege) (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6246 Excalibur (Spanish-subtitled) Orion Pictures
6247 The Bodyguard (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6248 Class Act (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6249 Pasajero 57 (Passenger 57) (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6250 Pure Country (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6253 Los Imperdonables (Unforgiven) (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6268 Raíces 1 (Roots 1) (Spanish-dubbed) Warner Bros.
6269 Raíces 2 (Roots 2) (Spanish-dubbed) Warner Bros.
6270 Raíces 3 (Roots 3) (Spanish-dubbed) Warner Bros.
6271 Raíces 4 (Roots 4) (Spanish-dubbed) Warner Bros.
6272 Raíces 5 (Roots 5) (Spanish-dubbed) Warner Bros.
6273 Raíces 6 (Roots 6) (Spanish-dubbed) Warner Bros.
6274 Raíces: Las Siguientes Generaciones 1 (Roots: The Next Generation 1) (Spanish-dubbed) Warner Bros.
6275 Raíces: Las Siguientes Generaciones 2 (Roots: The Next Generation 2) (Spanish-dubbed) Warner Bros.
6276 Raíces: Las Siguientes Generaciones 3 (Roots: The Next Generation 3) (Spanish-dubbed) Warner Bros.
6277 Raíces: Las Siguientes Generaciones 4 (Roots: The Next Generation 4) (Spanish-dubbed) Warner Bros.
6278 Raíces: Las Siguientes Generaciones 5 (Roots: The Next Generation 5) (Spanish-dubbed) Warner Bros.
6279 Raíces: Las Siguientes Generaciones 6 (Roots: The Next Generation 6) (Spanish-dubbed) Warner Bros.
6280 Raíces: Las Siguientes Generaciones 7 (Roots: The Next Generation 7) (Spanish-dubbed) Warner Bros.
6283 Cristobal Colón, el Descubrimiento (Christopher Columbus: The Discovery) (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6285 It (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6287 Kung Fu (Spanish-dubbed) Warner Bros.
6290 Como Bugs Bunny Conquistó el Oeste (How Bugs Bunny Won the West) (Spanish-dubbed) Warner Bros.
6293 Malcolm X (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6296 Sommersby (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6301 JFK: Director's Cut (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6310 Un Día de Furia (Falling Down) (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6312 Point of No Return (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6313 Punto de Ebullición (Boiling Point) (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6314 La Vida de Este Niño (This Boy's Life) (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6315 Airborne (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6316 Ser Humano (Being Human) (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6317 Demolition Man (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6318 Sin Miedo (Fearless) (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6319 Entre el Cielo y la Tierra (Heaven and Earth) (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6321 Hecho en America (Made in America) (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6322 Dave (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6323 Dennis the Menace (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros. Family Entertainment
6324 Free Willy (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros. Family Entertainment
6325 El Fugitivo (The Fugitive) (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6328 Un Mundo Perfecto (A Perfect World) (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6330 El Santo de Fort Washington (The Saint of Fort Washington) (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6331 El Jardín Secreto (The Secret Garden) (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros. Family Entertainment
6332 Ace Ventura, un Detective Diferente (Ace Ventura, Pet Detective) (Spanish-subtitled) Morgan Creek Entertainment
6333 Recuerdos (Wrestling Ernest Hemingway) (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6335 Batman: La Mascara del Fantasma (Batman: Mask of the Phantasm) (Spanish-dubbed) Warner Bros. Family Entertainment
6343 Norte y Sur Episodio 1 (North and South Episode 1) (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6344 Norte y Sur Episodio 2 (North and South Episode 2) (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6345 Norte y Sur Episodio 3 (North and South Episode 3) (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6346 Norte y Sur Episodio 4 (North and South Episode 4) (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6347 Norte y Sur Episodio 5 (North and South Episode 5) (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6348 Norte y Sur Episodio 6 (North and South Episode 6) (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6353 True Romance (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6358 El Fugitivo 24-unit merchandiser Warner Bros.
6359 El Fugitivo 48-unit merchandiser Warner Bros.
6365 Un Mundo Perfecto (A Perfect World) (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6366 This Boy's Life (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6372 Dos Viejos Gruñones (Grumpy Old Men) (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6374 Secuestradores de Cuerpos (Body Snatchers) (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6377 Ace Ventura, un Detective Diferente (Ace Ventura, Pet Detective) (Spanish-subtitled) Morgan Creek Entertainment
6379 Pulgarcita (Thumbelina) (Spanish-dubbed) Warner Bros. Family Entertainment
6380 Pulgarcita 12-unit merchandiser Warner Bros. Family Entertainment
6381 Pulgarcita 24-unit merchandiser Warner Bros. Family Entertainment
6382 Pulgarcita 48-unit merchandiser Warner Bros. Family Entertainment
6387 Ace Ventura, un Detective Diferente 12-unit merchandiser Morgan Creek Entertainment
6388 Ace Ventura, un Detective Diferente 24-unit merchandiser Morgan Creek Entertainment
6389 Ace Ventura, un Detective Diferente 48-unit merchandiser Morgan Creek Entertainment
6395 The Hudsucker Proxy (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6398 El Cliente (The Client) (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6399 Wyatt Earp (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6400 Black Beauty (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros. Family Entertainment
6404 Trial by Jury (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6406 Locademia de Policía: Misión a Moscu (Police Academy: Mission to Moscow) (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6409 Pequeños Gigantes (Little Giants) (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros. Family Entertainment
6416 Love Affair (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6427 Caída Silenciosa (Silent Fall) (Spanish-subtitled) Morgan Creek Entertainment
6429 Ricky Ricón (Richie Rich) (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros. Family Entertainment
6445 Entrevista con el Vampiro (Interview with the Vampire) (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6446 Cobb (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6447 Acoso Sexual (Disclosure) (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6448 Asesinato en Primer Grado (Murder in the First) (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6450 Around the World in Eighty Days (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6452 Raíces (Roots) (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6453 The Adventures of Batman and Robin: Two-Face (Spanish-dubbed) Warner Bros. Family Entertainment
6454 The Adventures of Batman and Robin: The Joker (Spanish-dubbed) Warner Bros. Family Entertainment
6458 Solo Ellas... los Muchachos a un Lado (Boys on the Side) (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6459 Causa Justa (Just Cause) (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6460 Epidemía (Outbreak) (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6462 Nacida para Ser Libre (Born to Be Wild) (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros. Family Entertainment
6466 500 Nations (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6477 Free Willy 2: The Adventure Home (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros. Family Entertainment
6480 Othello (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6483 Under Siege 2: Dark Territory (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6484 El Poder del Amor (Something to Talk About) (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6486 La Emocionante Aventura Panda (The Amazing Panda Adventure) (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros. Family Entertainment
6490 Ace Ventura, un Loco en Africa (Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls) (Spanish-subtitled) Morgan Creek Entertainment
6493 El Imitador (Copycat) (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6494 Las Estrellas Caen en Henrietta (The Stars Fell on Henrietta) (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6495 Empire Records (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6496 Fair Game (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6497 Asesinos (Assassins) (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6498 Un Par de Dos (It Takes Two) (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros. Family Entertainment
6503 Dos Viejos Más Gruñones (Grumpier Old Men) (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6508 Heat (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6509 Diabolique (Spanish-subtitled) Morgan Creek Entertainment
6510 Momento Crítico (Executive Decision) (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6513 Willy Wonka y la Fábrica de Chocolate (Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory) (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros. Family Entertainment
6514 Twister (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6521 Pasajero Inesperado (Carpool) (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6522 El Protector (Eraser) (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6523 El Apartamento de Joe (Joe's Apartment) (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6524 Tiempo de Matar (A Time to Kill) (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6525 Juegos de Pasión (Tin Cup) (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6531 Space Jam (Spanish-dubbed) Warner Bros. Family Entertainment
6532 Un Hombre Entre Sombras (The Glimmer Man) (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6533 Surviving Picasso (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6534 Los Hijos de la Calle (Sleepers) (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6535 Michael Collins: El Precio de la Libertad (Michael Collins) (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6539 ¡Marcianos al Ataque! (Mars Attacks!) (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6570 Batman and Mr. Freeze: Sub-Zero (Spanish-dubbed) Warner Bros. Family Entertainment
6614 Selena (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6638 Marvin the Martian and K-9: 50 Years on Earth (Spanish-dubbed) Warner Bros. Family Entertainment
6689 Bajo la Luz de la Luna (Under the Cherry Moon) (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros. Hits
6691 La Pelota Mágico: Las Ligas Menores (Major League: Back to the Minors) (Spanish-subtitled) Morgan Creek Entertainment
6692 El Mediador (The Negotiator) (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6693 A Perfect Murder (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6701 Arma Mortal 4 (Lethal Weapon 4) (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6710 Outbreak (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros. Hits
6733 Analyze This (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6752 Deep Blue Sea (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6784 Battlefield Earth (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6803 Miss Congeniality (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6815 The Adventures of Pluto Nash (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6816 Driven (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6825 Batman (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros. Hits
6841 Exit Wounds (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6861 Barry Lyndon (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6876 The Matrix Reloaded (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6882 Thirteen Ghosts (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6883 The Majestic (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6923 Ghost Ship (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6927 White Oleander (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6931 Two Weeks Notice (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6934 Queen of the Damned (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6939 Driving Miss Daisy (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6956 Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
6980 The In-Laws (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.

Standard Warner Bros. releases (11000+, 1981-2009)[edit]

This category also includes the company's cornerstone titles that were given catalog numbers normally correlating to other categories.

Catalog number Title Library
10001 Prevent Back Pain (VHS) Feeling Fine Programs
10003 Pregnancy Exercise (VHS) Feeling Fine Programs
10004 Postnatal Exercise (VHS) Feeling Fine Programs
10006 Childbirth Preparation (VHS) Feeling Fine Programs
10007 Balanced Fitness Workout (VHS) Feeling Fine Programs
10008 Bodyband Workout (VHS) Feeling Fine Programs
11001 Prevent Back Pain (BETA) Feeling Fine Programs
11003 Pregnancy Exercise (BETA) Feeling Fine Programs
11004 Postnatal Exercise (BETA) Feeling Fine Programs
11006 Childbirth Preparation (BETA) Feeling Fine Programs
11007 Balanced Fitness Workout (BETA) Feeling Fine Programs
11008 Bodyband Workout (BETA) Feeling Fine Programs
11037 Cool Hand Luke Warner Bros.
11046 Dial M for Murder Warner Bros.
11047 A Star is Born (1954) Warner Bros.
11048 The Spirit of St. Louis Warner Bros.
11050 Rio Bravo Warner Bros.
11051 What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? Warner Bros.
11052 Cheyenne Autumn Warner Bros.
11053 Madwoman of Chaillot Warner Bros.
11054 House of Wax Warner Bros.
11055 McCabe & Mrs. Miller Warner Bros.
11056 Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? Warner Bros.
11057 Reflections in a Golden Eye Warner Bros.
11059 The Damned Warner Bros.
11060 Death in Venice Warner Bros.
11061 Jeremiah Johnson Warner Bros.
11062 Strangers on a Train Warner Bros.
11063 I Confess Warner Bros.
11066 The Curse of Frankenstein Warner Bros.
11067 The Left-Handed Gun Warner Bros.
11069 Dracula Has Risen from the Grave Warner Bros.
11070 Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed Warner Bros.
11071 Which Way to the Front? Warner Bros.
11072 Taste the Blood of Dracula Warner Bros.
11073 When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth Warner Bros.
11074 Dracula A.D. 1972 Warner Bros.
11075 Private Benjamin Warner Bros.
11076 Altered States Warner Bros.
11077 Any Which Way You Can Warner Bros.
11078 First Family Warner Bros.
11079 The Shining Warner Bros.
11080 Wait Until Dark Warner Bros.
11081 Mean Streets Warner Bros.
11082 The Enforcer Warner Bros.
11083 The Gauntlet Warner Bros.
11084 Camelot Warner Bros.
11085 Blume in Love Warner Bros.
11086 Battle of the Bulge Warner Bros.
11087 Just Tell Me What You Want Warner Bros.
11088 Bloodbrothers Warner Bros.
11089 Chisum Warner Bros.
11090 4 For Texas Warner Bros.
11091 The Great Race Warner Bros.
11092 Petulia Warner Bros.
11093 The Train Robbers Warner Bros.
11094 The Swarm Warner Bros.
11095 The Frisco Kid Warner Bros.
11097 The Thief Who Came To Dinner Warner Bros.
11098 Scarecrow Warner Bros.
11100 Mame Warner Bros.
11101 Uptown Saturday Night Warner Bros.
11102 Night Moves Warner Bros.
11103 Beyond the Poseidon Adventure Warner Bros.
11104 Bronco Billy Warner Bros.
11105 Animals Are Beautiful People Warner Bros.
11110 The Devils Warner Bros.
11111 Roots: Vol. 1 Warner Bros.
11112 Roots: Vol. 2 Warner Bros.
11113 Roots: Vol. 3 Warner Bros.
11114 Roots: Vol. 4 Warner Bros.
11115 Roots: Vol. 5 Warner Bros.
11116 Roots: Vol. 6 Warner Bros.
11117 Lizstomania Warner Bros.
11120 Superman II Warner Bros.
11121 When Time Ran Out... Warner Bros.
11122 The Getaway Warner Bros.
11123 Eyes of a Stranger Warner Bros.
11124 Straight Time Warner Bros.
11125 The Outlaw Josey Wales Warner Bros.
11126 Bobby Deerfield Warner Bros.
11127 I Love You, Alice B. Toklas Warner Bros.
11129 It Lives Again Warner Bros.
11130 Girlfriends Warner Bros.
11131 Performance Warner Bros.
11132 The Ultimate Warrior Warner Bros.
11133 The Bobo Warner Bros.
11134 Day for Night Warner Bros.
11135 Badlands Warner Bros.
11136 Greased Lightning Warner Bros.
11137 Let's Do it Again Warner Bros.
11138 Super Fly Warner Bros.
11139 Jesus The Jesus Project
11140 McQ Warner Bros.
11141 One on One Warner Bros.
11142 The Looney Looney Looney Bugs Bunny Movie Warner Bros.
11143 So Fine Warner Bros.
11144 Operation Daybreak Warner Bros.
11145 The Squeeze Warner Bros.
11146 Outlaw Blues Warner Bros.
11152 Auntie Mame Warner Bros.
11153 Battle Cry Warner Bros.
11154 The Prince and the Showgirl Warner Bros.
11155 The Wrong Man Warner Bros.
11156 Dial M for Murder Warner Bros.
11157 The Young Philadelphians Warner Bros.
11158 Ocean's Eleven Warner Bros.
11159 Fanny Warner Bros.
11160 What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? (PAL) Warner Bros.
11161 Days of Wine and Roses Warner Bros.
11162 THX-1138 Warner Bros.
11163 The Late Show Warner Bros.
11164 Splendor in the Grass Warner Bros.
11165 Ode to Billy Joe Warner Bros.
11166 Portnoy's Complaint Warner Bros.
11167 Agatha Warner Bros.
11168 The Last of Sheila Warner Bros.
11170 Mad Max Warner Bros.
11171 The Nun's Story Warner Bros.
11172 Friday the 13th Warner Bros.
11173 This is Elvis Warner Bros.
11174 The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean Warner Bros.
11175 Harper Warner Bros.
11176 Inside Daisy Clover Warner Bros.
11178 Barry Lyndon Warner Bros.
11179 Young Man with a Horn Warner Bros.
11180 El Condor Warner Bros.
11181 The Road Warrior Warner Bros.
11182 Big Wednesday Warner Bros.
11183 The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone Warner Bros.
11185 The Goodbye Girl Warner Bros.
11191 Them! Warner Bros.
11192 I, the Jury Warner Bros.
11193 Rome Adventure Warner Bros.
11194 The Heart is a Lonely Hunter Warner Bros.
11195 No Time for Sergeants Warner Bros.
11196 Damn Yankees Warner Bros.
11197 Boulevard Nights Warner Bros.
11198 St. Ives Warner Bros.
11199 The Mummy Warner Bros.
11200 Phantom of the Rue Morgue Warner Bros.
11201 It's Alive Warner Bros.
11206 Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory Warner Bros.
11207 Gypsy Warner Bros.
11208 Finian's Rainbow Warner Bros.
11209 Calamity Jane Warner Bros.
11210 The Omega Man Warner Bros.
11211 The Illustrated Man Warner Bros.
11212 The Terminal Man Warner Bros.
11213 The Cowboys Warner Bros.
11214 Sunrise at Campobello Warner Bros.
11215 The Sundowners Warner Bros.
11217 Critic's Choice Warner Bros.
11219 Firefox Warner Bros.
11220 The Looney Tunes Video Show, #1 Warner Bros.
11221 The Looney Tunes Video Show, #2 Warner Bros.
11222 The Looney Tunes Video Show, #3 Warner Bros.
11223 The Looney Tunes Video Show, #4 Warner Bros.
11224 The Looney Tunes Video Show, #5 Warner Bros.
11225 The Looney Tunes Video Show, #6 Warner Bros.
11226 The Looney Tunes Video Show, #7 Warner Bros.
11227 The Looney Tunes Video Show No. 8 Warner Bros.
11228 The Looney Tunes Video Show No. 9 Warner Bros.
11229 The Looney Tunes Video Show No. 10 Warner Bros.
11230 The Looney Tunes Video Show No. 11 Warner Bros.
11231 The Looney Tunes Video Show No. 12 Warner Bros.
11232 The Looney Tunes Video Show No. 13 Warner Bros.
11233 The Looney Tunes Video Show No. 14 Warner Bros.
11234 The Looney Tunes Video Show No. 15 Warner Bros.
11235 The Looney Tunes Video Show No. 16 Warner Bros.
11236 Tall Story Warner Bros.
11237 Freebie and the Bean Warner Bros.
11242 Personal Best Warner Bros.
11245 A Change of Seasons Warner Bros.
11246 The Man Who Saw Tomorrow Warner Bros.
11247 Black Samson Warner Bros.
11249 O Lucky Man! Warner Bros.
11250 The Pack Warner Bros.
11252 PT 109 Warner Bros.
11253 The Towering Inferno Warner Bros.
11256 Deathtrap Warner Bros.
11257 Soup for One Warner Bros.
11261 The World According to Garp Warner Bros.
11265 Best Friends Warner Bros.
11266 Hey Good Lookin' Warner Bros.
11267 Jimi Hendrix Warner Bros.
11269 The Crimson Pirate Warner Bros.
11270 There Was a Crooked Man Warner Bros.
11273 The Big Brawl Warner Bros.
11274 Blackbelt Jones Warner Bros.
11275 Cleopatra Jones Warner Bros.
11277 Lepke Warner Bros.
11278 The Gumball Rally Warner Bros.
11279 Inside Out Warner Bros.
11280 The Sea Gypsies Warner Bros.
11281 Cahill: United States Marshal Warner Bros.
11282 The Deadly Trackers Warner Bros.
11283 Viva Knievel! Warner Bros.
11284 The Arrangement Warner Bros.
11285 The FBI Story Warner Bros.
11286 Hot Potato Warner Bros.
11288 The Mackintosh Man Warner Bros.
11291 Man in the Wilderness Warner Bros.
11292 Wifemistress Warner Bros.
11293 Flood! Warner Bros.
11294 I, the Jury Warner Bros.
11298 The Ballad of Cable Hogue Warner Bros.
11300 The Countdown Warner Bros.
11301 The Emigrants Warner Bros.
11303 Bugs Bunny's 3rd Movie: 1001 Rabbit Tales Warner Bros.
11305 Honkytonk Man Warner Bros.
11306 Creepshow Warner Bros.
11307 Local Hero Warner Bros.
11308 Independence Day Warner Bros.
11309 High Road to China Warner Bros.
11310 The Outsiders Warner Bros.
11311 The Satanic Rites of Dracula Warner Bros.
11312 You're a Big Boy Now Warner Bros.
11313 Up the Academy Warner Bros.
11314 Twilight Zone: The Movie Warner Bros.
11315 National Lampoon's Vacation Warner Bros.
11316 Deadly Eyes Warner Bros.
11317 Blue Skies Again Warner Bros.
11318 Cracking Up Warner Bros.
11319 The Man with Two Brains Warner Bros.
11320 Superman III Warner Bros.
11321 Around the World in 80 Days Warner Bros.
11322 Stroker Ace Warner Bros.
11323 Risky Business Warner Bros.
11324 Daffy Duck's Movie: Fantastic Island Warner Bros.
11325 Up the Sandbox Warner Bros.
11326 Ms .45 Warner Bros.
11327 The Lift Warner Bros.
11330 Class of '44 Warner Bros.
11331 Cujo Warner Bros.
11332 Pasqualino Seven Beauties Warner Bros.
11333 Rachel, Rachel Warner Bros.
11335 A Star is Born (1954 restored version) Warner Bros.
11336 Salem's Lot: The Movie Warner Bros.
11337 Never Say Never Again Warner Bros.
11339 Deal of the Century Warner Bros.
11340 Of Unknown Origin Warner Bros.
11341 Sudden Impact Warner Bros.
11342 The Bad Seed Warner Bros.
11346 Up the Down Staircase Warner Bros.
11347 The Master of Ballantrae Warner Bros.
11348 Sex and the Single Girl Warner Bros.
11350 The Looney Tunes Video Show No. 17 Warner Bros.
11351 The Looney Tunes Video Show No. 18 Warner Bros.
11352 The Looney Tunes Video Show No. 19 Warner Bros.
11356 The Ritz Warner Bros.
11357 Land of the Pharaohs Warner Bros.
11358 In Praise of Older Women Warner Bros.
11360 Fire! Warner Bros.
11362 Evilspeak Warner Bros.
11363 Sinatra: The Naked Runner Warner Bros.
11364 Captain Horatio Hornblower Warner Bros.
11366 The Rise and Fall of Legs Diamond Warner Bros.
11368 The First Deadly Sin Warner Bros.
11369 Robin and the Seven Hoods Warner Bros.
11370 Pocket Money Warner Bros.
11371 The Drowning Pool Warner Bros.
11372 Lassiter Warner Bros.
11374 Sea Chase Warner Bros.
11375 Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan, Lord of the Apes Warner Bros.
11376 Swing Shift Warner Bros.
11377 Cannonball Run II Warner Bros.
11379 Jim Thorpe: All American Warner Bros.
11380 Stage Fright Warner Bros.
11382 Winning Team Warner Bros.
11383 Kung Fu Warner Bros.
11385 The Valley of Gwangi Warner Bros.
11386 Ensign Pulver Warner Bros.
11388 Gremlins Warner Bros.
11389 The Song Remains the Same Warner Bros.
11397 The Yakuza Warner Bros.
11398 Purple Rain Warner Bros.
11399 The NeverEnding Story Warner Bros.
11400 Tightrope Warner Bros.
11405 Sparkle Warner Bros.
11406 Skin Game Warner Bros.
11414 Giant Warner Bros.
11415 Cal Warner Bros.
11416 The Little Drummer Girl Warner Bros.
11417 The Spiral Staircase Warner Bros.
11418 Oh God! You Devil Warner Bros.
11419 The Killing Fields Warner Bros.
11421 Scruples Warner Bros.
11422 Hearts and Armour Warner Bros.
11423 Black Emanuelle Warner Bros.
11425 A Piece of the Action Warner Bros.
11426 From Hell to Victory Warner Bros.
11428 Rage Warner Bros.
11429 High Crime Warner Bros.
11431 Cleopatra Jones and the Casino of Gold Warner Bros.
11432 Razorback Warner Bros.
11433 City Heat Warner Bros.
11434 Protocol Warner Bros.
11435 Android Warner Bros.
11436 Beyond the Walls (English-dubbed) Warner Bros.
11454 Army Brats Warner Bros.
11458 Kisses for My President Warner Bros.
11459 Vision Quest Warner Bros.
11460 Lost in America Warner Bros.
11462 Rafferty and the Gold Dust Twins Warner Bros.
11463 The Great Bank Hoax Warner Bros.
11464 Ladyhawke Warner Bros.
11470 Ulysses Warner Bros.
11473 The Music Man Warner Bros.
11474 The Goonies Warner Bros.
11475 Pale Rider Warner Bros.
11476 The Dean Legacy: Three Complete Films Warner Bros.
11478 The Baby Maker Warner Bros.
11479 A Warm December Warner Bros.
11489 V: The Original Miniseries Warner Bros.
11499 Horror of Dracula Warner Bros.
11500 Gay Purr-ee Warner Bros.
11501 A Salute to Mel Blanc Warner Bros.
11502 A Salute to Friz Freleng Warner Bros.
11503 A Salute to Chuck Jones Warner Bros.
11504 Bugs Bunny's Wacky Adventures Warner Bros.
11505 Daffy Duck: The Nuttiness Continues... Warner Bros.
11506 Sylvester and Tweety's Crazy Capers Warner Bros.
11507 Road Runner vs. Wile E. Coyote: The Classic Chase Warner Bros.
11508 Porky Pig's Screwball Comedies Warner Bros.
11509 Speedy Gonzales' Fast Funnies Warner Bros.
11510 Doc Savage: The Man of Bronze Warner Bros.
11511 Tea for Two Warner Bros.
11512 Permission to Kill Warner Bros.
11516 Trog Warner Bros.
11519 Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome Warner Bros.
11520 American Flyers Warner Bros.
11521 National Lampoon's European Vacation Warner Bros.
11522 Sesame Street Presents: Follow That Bird Warner Bros.
11523 Pee-wee's Big Adventure Warner Bros.
11524 Hotel Warner Bros.
11525 The Stalking Moon Warner Bros.
11528 After Hours Warner Bros.
11529 Krush Groove Warner Bros.
11530 Mishima: A Life in Four Chapters Warner Bros.
11531 Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealer Warner Bros.
11532 Revolution Warner Bros.
11533 Spies Like Us Warner Bros.
11534 The Color Purple Warner Bros.
11536 The McConnell Story Warner Bros.
11537 I Died a Thousand Times Warner Bros.
11538 The Protector Warner Bros.
11540 Miracle of Our Lady of Fatima Warner Bros.
11546 Seven Minutes in Heaven Warner Bros.
11547 Beyond the Walls (English-subtitled) Warner Bros.
11548 Triple Cross Warner Bros.
11549 Kings Row United Artists
11550 Mildred Pierce United Artists
11551 The Sea Hawk United Artists
11552 Sergeant York United Artists
11553 White Heat United Artists
11556 Crooks & Coronets Warner Bros.
11557 Helen of Troy Warner Bros.
11559 Blood Alley Warner Bros.
11560 The Silver Chalice Warner Bros.
11562 Zeppelin Warner Bros.
11569 Merrill's Marauders Warner Bros.
11571 French Lesson Warner Bros.
11576 V2 Warner Bros.
11581 Mr. Love Warner Bros.
11582 Who's That Knocking at My Door? Warner Bros.
11583 Wildcats Warner Bros.
11586 Operation Pacific Warner Bros.
11590 Black Christmas Warner Bros.
11591 The Learning Tree Warner Bros.
11592 The Prince and the Pauper United Artists
11593 A Summer Place Warner Bros.
11594 Cobra Warner Bros.
11595 From Beyond the Grave Warner Bros.
11596 Espías Como Nosotros (Spies Like Us) (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
11600 Club Paradise Warner Bros.
11601 Deadly Friend Warner Bros.
11602 One Crazy Summer Warner Bros.
11603 Round Midnight Warner Bros.
11605 Under the Cherry Moon Warner Bros.
11606 Elmer Fudd's Comedy Capers Warner Bros.
11607 Foghorn Leghorn's Fractured Funnies Warner Bros.
11608 Pepe Le Pew's Skunk Tales Warner Bros.
11611 Mad Max Mas Alla de la Cupula del Trueno (Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome) (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
11612 El Jinete Palido (Pale Rider) (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
11613 Negocios Riesgosos (Risky Business) (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
11616 Echame la Pelota, Chica (Wildcats) (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
11617 Kung Fu (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
11618 El Show de Bugs Bunny y Sus Amigos (The Bugs Bunny/Road Runner Movie; or The Great American Chase) (Spanish-dubbed) Warner Bros.
11619 Operación Dragon (Enter the Dragon) (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
11620 El Exorcista (The Exorcist) (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
11621 Gremlins (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
11622 Greystoke: La Leyenda de Tarzan, el Rey de los Simios (Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan, Lord of the Apes) (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
11624 Fiesta de Comiquitas (The Looney Tunes Video Show, #1) (Spanish-dubbed) Warner Bros.
11625 Fiesta de Comiquitas "2" (The Looney Tunes Video Show, #2) (Spanish-dubbed) Warner Bros.
11626 Fiesta de Comiquitas "3" (The Looney Tunes Video Show, #3) (Spanish-dubbed) Warner Bros.
11627 Fiesta de Comiquitas 4 (The Looney Tunes Video Show, #4) (Spanish-dubbed) Warner Bros.
11629 Rebelde sin Causa (Rebel Without a Cause) (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
11630 Cobra (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
11631 La Historia sin Fin (The NeverEnding Story) (Spanish-dubbed) Warner Bros.
11632 Willy Wonka y la Fábrica de Chocolate (Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory) (Spanish-subtitled) Warner Bros.
11633 Dress Gray Warner Bros.
11634 A Man and a Woman: 20 Years Later Warner Bros.
11635 Spencer's Mountain Warner Bros.
11639 The Mission Warner Bros.
11654 True Stories Warner Bros.
11655 A Man and a Woman Warner Bros.
11657 Knights & Emeralds Warner Bros.
11666 The All-American Boy Warner Bros.
11667 The Corn is Green Warner Bros.
11672 Instant Justice Warner Bros.
11675 Our Time Warner Bros.
11676 Trouble Along the Way Warner Bros.
11678 Along the Great Divide Warner Bros.
11679 Band of Angels Warner Bros.
11681 The Flame and the Arrow Warner Bros.
11682 A Lion Is in the Streets Warner Bros.
11685 Angels with Dirty Faces United Artists
11686 Anthony Adverse United Artists
11687 Arsenic and Old Lace United Artists
11688 The Dawn Patrol United Artists
11689 The Letter United Artists
11690 The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex United Artists
11691 The Roaring Twenties United Artists
11692 To Have and Have Not United Artists
11694 Once Before I Die Warner Bros.
11695 Shanghai Surprise Warner Bros.
11698 Black Eye Warner Bros.
11699 The Cat o' Nine Tails Warner Bros.
11701 Heartbreak Ridge Warner Bros.
11702 Little Shop of Horrors Warner Bros.
11703 Ratboy Warner Bros.
11705 Burglar Warner Bros.
11706 The D.I. Warner Bros.
11707 Darby's Rangers Warner Bros.
11708 The Killer Inside Me Warner Bros.
11709 Lethal Weapon Warner Bros.
11710 Life on Earth Warner Bros.
11711 The Mosquito Coast Warner Bros.
11712 None But the Brave Warner Bros.
11713 Over the Top Warner Bros.
11733 Sincerely Yours Warner Bros.
11736 Pete Kelly's Blues Warner Bros.
11738 It's Alive III: Island of the Alive Warner Bros.
11739 A Return to Salem's Lot Warner Bros.
11741 The Witches of Eastwick Warner Bros.
11745 The Color Purple (CAV LaserDisc) Warner Bros.
11748 The Lost Boys Warner Bros.
11751 The Castilian Warner Bros.
11752 Disorderlies Warner Bros.
11753 Empire of the Sun Warner Bros.
11754 Innerspace Warner Bros.
11755 The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner Warner Bros.
11756 Nuts Warner Bros.
11757 Superman IV: The Quest for Peace Warner Bros.
11758 Who's That Girl? Warner Bros.
11759 Young Einstein Warner Bros.
11760 Full Metal Jacket Warner Bros.
11762 Woodstock: The Director's Cut Warner Bros.
11773 The Grasshopper Warner Bros.
11785 Beetlejuice Warner Bros.
11786 Above the Law Warner Bros.
11787 Frantic Warner Bros.
11788 Hot to Trot Warner Bros.
11789 Moving Warner Bros.
11790 Police Academy 5: Assignment Miami Beach Warner Bros.
11791 Caddyshack II Warner Bros.
11792 Ice Palace Warner Bros.
11805 Stand and Deliver Warner Bros.
11807 Daffy Duck's Quackbusters Warner Bros.
11808 The Incredible Mr. Limpet Warner Bros.
11809 Funny Farm Warner Bros.
11810 The Dead Pool Warner Bros.
11812 Dead Ringer Warner Bros.
11816 Forever James Dean Warner Bros.
11818 Stealing Home Warner Bros.
11819 Imagine: John Lennon Warner Bros.
11820 Bird Warner Bros.
11821 Tequila Sunrise Warner Bros.
11823 Clara's Heart Warner Bros.
11824 Clean and Sober Warner Bros.
11825 The Accidental Tourist Warner Bros.
11826 Crossing Delaney Warner Bros.
11827 Everybody's All-American Warner Bros.
11828 Feds Warner Bros.
11831 Bugs Bunny's Hare-Raising Tales Warner Bros.
11832 Daffy Duck's Madcap Mania Warner Bros.
11833 Porky Pig Tales Warner Bros.
11835 Her Alibi Warner Bros.
11839 Elvis Presley: Charro! Warner Bros.
11841 How Sweet It Is! Warner Bros.
11842 Goodbye, My Lady Warner Bros.
11843 Running on Empty Warner Bros.
11844 Empire of the Sun (CAV Laserdisc) Warner Bros.
11849 Bugs and Daffy's Carnival of the Animals Warner Bros.
11850 Bugs Bunny in King Arthur's Court Warner Bros.
11854 Gorillas in the Mist Warner Bros.
11864 The Desert Song Warner Bros.
11865 April in Paris Warner Bros.
11866 Lullaby of Broadway Warner Bros.
11868 A Cry in the Dark Warner Bros.
11870 Dead Calm Warner Bros.
11871 Mancini-Camacho Warner Bros.
11872 Dangerous Liaisons Warner Bros.
11873 Police Academy 6: City Under Siege Warner Bros.
11875 Lean on Me Warner Bros.
11876 Lethal Weapon 2 Warner Bros.
11877 Pink Cadillac Warner Bros.
11886 Gremlins 2: The New Batch Warner Bros.
11887 Impulse Warner Bros.
11888 In Country Warner Bros.
11889 National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation Warner Bros.
11896 Thelonious Monk: Straight No Chaser Warner Bros.
11897 Men Don't Leave Warner Bros.
11911 Dreams Warner Bros.
11912 Joe Versus the Volcano Warner Bros.
11913 The NeverEnding Story II: The Next Chapter Warner Bros.
11914 Hard to Kill Warner Bros.
11915 Wait Until Spring, Bandini Warner Bros.
11916 White Hunter Black Heart Warner Bros.
11917 The Thornbirds: Part One Warner Bros.
11918 The Thornbirds: Part Two Warner Bros.
11919 The Thornbirds: Part Three Warner Bros.
11920 The Thornbirds: Part Four Warner Bros.
11931 Driving Miss Daisy Warner Bros.
11934 Reversal of Fortune Warner Bros.
11937 Police Academy The Series: Vol. 1 Warner Bros.
11938 Police Academy The Series: Vol. 2 Warner Bros.
11939 Police Academy The Series: Vol. 3 Warner Bros.
11940 Beetlejuice: Vol. 1 Warner Bros.
11941 Beetlejuice: Vol. 2 Warner Bros.
11942 Beetlejuice: Vol. 3 Warner Bros.
11951 Tango & Cash Warner Bros.
11969 Brothers Warner Bros.
11971 China Beach Warner Bros.
11972 Beetlejuice: Vol. 4 Warner Bros.
11973 Beetlejuice: Vol. 5 Warner Bros.
11974 Beetlejuice: Vol. 6 Warner Bros.
11975 Police Academy The Series: Vol. 4 Warner Bros.
11976 Police Academy The Series: Vol. 5 Warner Bros.
11977 Police Academy The Series: Vol. 6 Warner Bros.
11978 Roger & Me Warner Bros.
11998 Splendor Warner Bros.
11999 Fast Walking Warner Bros.
12000 Batman Warner Bros.
12003 My Blue Heaven Warner Bros.
12004 Quick Change Warner Bros.
12007 The Lost Boys (Widescreen LaserDisc) Warner Bros.
12008 Palm Springs Weekend Warner Bros.
12009 The Delinquents Warner Bros.
12030 Superman: The Movie (1990 LaserDisc) Warner Bros.
12031 Superman II (1990 LaserDisc) Warner Bros.
12032 Superman III (1990 LaserDisc) Warner Bros.
12034 Presumed Innocent Warner Bros.
12039 Goodfellas Warner Bros.
12040 Memphis Belle Warner Bros.
12042 Up Periscope Warner Bros.
12043 Frankenstein Unbound Warner Bros.
12047 Listen Up: The Lives of Quincy Jones Warner Bros.
12048 The Bonfire of the Vanities Warner Bros.
12049 Defending Your Life Warner Bros.
12050 Going Under Warner Bros.
12051 Dogfight Warner Bros.
12052 The Earth Day Special Warner Bros.
12053 Guilty by Suspicion Warner Bros.
12054 Happy Birthday Bugs: 50 Looney Years Warner Bros.
12055 Graffiti Bridge Warner Bros.
12057 Bugs Bunny's Looney Christmas Tales Warner Bros.
12059 The Nutcracker Prince Warner Bros.
12060 Born to Ride Warner Bros.
12061 The Rookie Warner Bros.
12062 The Sheltering Sky Warner Bros.
12063 Tiny Toon Adventures: The Best of Buster & Babs Warner Bros.
12064 Tiny Toon Music Television Warner Bros.
12065 Tiny Toons in Two-Tone Town Warner Bros.
12068 Nothing But Trouble Warner Bros.
12071 If Looks Could Kill Warner Bros.
12073 New Jack City Warner Bros.
12146 The Flash Warner Bros.
12155 Operation Pacific Warner Bros.
12156 Big Jim McLain Warner Bros.
12169 Gremlins (1990 LaserDisc) Warner Bros.
12198 It Warner Bros.
12200 Hamlet Warner Bros.
12202 Woodstock: The Lost Performances Warner Bros.
12215 The Outsiders (1991 LaserDisc) Warner Bros.
12217 The Last Boy Scout Warner Bros.
12218 Curly Sue Warner Bros.
12219 Out for Justice Warner Bros.
12221 Rover Dangerfield Warner Bros.
12222 Doc Hollywood Warner Bros.
12223 Other People's Money Warner Bros.
12224 Outland Warner Bros.
12233 Sudden Impact (1991 LaserDisc) Warner Bros.
12234 Mame (1991 LaserDisc) Warner Bros.
12235 The Searchers (1991 LaserDisc) Warner Bros.
12236 Finian's Rainbow (1991 LaserDisc) Warner Bros.
12237 After Hours (1991 LaserDisc) Warner Bros.
12238 Camelot (1991 LaserDisc) Warner Bros.
12239 The NeverEnding Story (1991 LaserDisc) Warner Bros.
12240 Barry Lyndon (1991 LaserDisc) Warner Bros.
12241 Mean Streets (1991 LaserDisc) Warner Bros.
12243 Final Analysis Warner Bros.
12251 A Clockwork Orange (1991 LaserDisc) Warner Bros.
12265 Lucky Me Warner Bros.
12272 Sergeant Rutledge Warner Bros.
12275 Risky Business (1991 LaserDisc) Warner Bros.
12276 The Music Man (1991 LaserDisc) Warner Bros.
12277 Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan, Lord of the Apes (1991 LaserDisc) Warner Bros.
12278 The Mission (1991 LaserDisc) Warner Bros.
12279 The Mosquito Coast (1991 LaserDisc) Warner Bros.
12280 Klute (1991 LaserDisc) Warner Bros.
12290 Tiny Toon Adventures: How I Spent My Vacation Warner Bros.
12291 The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms Warner Bros.
12303 Strictly Business Warner Bros.
12304 The Goonies (1991 LaserDisc) Warner Bros.
12305 His Majesty O'Keefe Warner Bros.
12306 JFK Warner Bros.
12308 The Mambo Kings Warner Bros.
12309 Meeting Venus Warner Bros.
12310 Memoirs of an Invisible Man Warner Bros.
12311 Showdown in Little Tokyo Warner Bros.
12312 Until the End of the World Warner Bros.
12328 Freejack Morgan Creek Entertainment
12334 Flash 2: Revenge of the Trickster Warner Bros.
12343 Double Crossed Warner Bros.
12355 The Bramble Bush Warner Bros.
12356 By the Light of the Silvery Moon Warner Bros.
12369 The Killing Fields (1992 LaserDisc) Warner Bros.
12370 Ladyhawke (1992 LaserDisc) Warner Bros.
12371 Lethal Weapon (1992 LaserDisc) Warner Bros.
12391 On Moonlight Bay Warner Bros.
12408 The Fugitive Warner Bros.
12410 Singles Warner Bros.
12411 The Power of One Warner Bros.
12412 City of Joy (international) Warner Bros.
12414 Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (1992 LaserDisc) Warner Bros.
12420 Under Siege Warner Bros.
12452 Survive the Savage Sea Warner Bros.
12466 Stop the World - I Want to Get Off Warner Bros.
12475 Lethal Weapon 3 Warner Bros.
12482 Deliverance (1992 LaserDisc) Warner Bros.
12483 Dirty Harry (1992 LaserDisc) Warner Bros.
12489 The Star Warner Bros.
12490 Starship Invasions Warner Bros.
12497 Maverick: Shady Deal at Sunny Acres Warner Bros.
12508 Frogs! Warner Bros.
12530 Class Act Warner Bros.
12531 Unforgiven Warner Bros.
12532 White Sands Morgan Creek Entertainment
12534 James Dean Warner Bros.
12539 Lethal Weapon: The Complete Action Set Warner Bros.
12543 Batman (Special Widescreen Edition) Warner Bros.
12569 Passenger 57 Warner Bros.
12570 Innocent Blood Warner Bros.
12571 Forever Young Warner Bros.
12572 That Night (LaserDisc) Warner Bros.
12579 East of Eden (1992 LaserDisc) Warner Bros.
12582 Looney Tunes: Assorted Nuts (LaserDisc) Warner Bros.
12583 Duck Victory: Daffy Duck's Screen Classics (LaserDisc) Warner Bros.
12584 Ham on Wry: The Porky Pig Laser Collection (LaserDisc) Warner Bros.
12585 Looney Tunes: After Dark (LaserDisc) Warner Bros.
12586 Looney Tunes: Curtain Calls (LaserDisc) Warner Bros.
12587 Winner By A Hare: 14 of Bugs Bunny's Best (LaserDisc) Warner Bros.
12588 The Outlaw Josey Wales (1992 LaserDisc) Warner Bros.
12589 Rebel Without a Cause (1992 LaserDisc) Warner Bros.
12591 The Bodyguard Warner Bros.
12592 Christopher Columbus: The Discovery Warner Bros.
12593 Pure Country Warner Bros.
12594 South Central Warner Bros.
12595 Stay Tuned Morgan Creek Entertainment
12596 Malcolm X Warner Bros.
12613 The Swarm Warner Bros.
12614 JFK: Director's Cut Warner Bros.
12619 The Last of the Mohicans (international) Morgan Creek Entertainment
12639 Killer Rules Warner Bros.
12644 To Grandmother's House We Go Warner Bros.
12648 Falling Down Warner Bros.
12649 Sommersby Warner Bros.
12650 This Boy's Life Warner Bros.
12652 Made in America Warner Bros.
12656 Babylon 5 (Pilot) Warner Bros.
12669 The Sands of Time Warner Bros.
12670 Here's Looking at You, Warner Bros. Warner Bros.
12678 Frank Sinatra: TV Miniseries Warner Bros.
12679 Final Pulse Warner Bros.
12682 Blade Runner: The Director's Cut Warner Bros.
12717 Salem's Lot Warner Bros.
12761 It Warner Bros.
12766 The Color Purple (Widescreen) Warner Bros.
12776 Seven Days in May Warner Bros.
12777 Kung Fu: The Movie Warner Bros.
12799 Ten Little Indians Warner Bros.
12805 The Saint of Fort Washington Warner Bros.
12809 Enter the Dragon (1993 LaserDisc) Warner Bros.
12811 Tiny Toon Adventures: Tiny Toon Island Adventures Warner Bros.
12812 Tiny Toon Adventures: Tiny Toon Big Adventures Warner Bros.
12813 Tiny Toon Adventures: Fiendishly Funny Adventures Warner Bros.
12814 Taz-Mania: Taz-Manimals Warner Bros.
12817 Taz-Mania: Taz-Maniac Warner Bros.
12818 Taz-Mania: Taz-tronaut Warner Bros.
12819 Point of No Return Warner Bros.
12836 Murder with Mirrors Warner Bros.
12838 Thirteen at Dinner Warner Bros.
12865 Private Lessons Warner Bros.
12878 Ladybugs (international) Warner Bros.
12880 The Black Scorpion Warner Bros.
12904 Eastwood Trio (LaserDisc) Warner Bros.
12920 The Bourne Identity Warner Bros.
12926 The Crush Morgan Creek Entertainment
12952 Wince Upon A Time: Foolhardy Fairy Tales & Looney Legends (LaserDisc) Warner Bros.
12953 Guffaw & Order: Looney Tunes Fight Crime (LaserDisc) Warner Bros.
12954 Hare Beyond Compare: 14 More Bugs Bunny Classics (LaserDisc) Warner Bros.
12955 Longitude & Looneytude: 14 Globetrotting Looney Tunes Favorites (LaserDisc) Warner Bros.
12956 Sylvester & Tweety: Bad Ol' Putty Tat Blues (LaserDisc) Warner Bros.
12957 Road Runner & Wile E. Coyote: If At First You Don't Succeed... (LaserDisc) Warner Bros.
12960 The Curse of the Dragon Warner Bros.
12962 Dave Warner Bros.
12976 Boiling Point Warner Bros.
12981 Airborne Warner Bros.
12982 Being Human Warner Bros.
12983 Heaven & Earth Warner Bros.
12984 M. Butterfly Warner Bros.
12985 Demolition Man Warner Bros.
12986 Fearless Warner Bros.
12987 The Man Without a Face Warner Bros.
12988 Mr. Wonderful Warner Bros.
12989 The Pelican Brief Warner Bros.
12990 A Perfect World Warner Bros.
12993 Wrestling Ernest Hemingway Warner Bros.
13000 George Balanchine's The Nutcracker Warner Bros. Family Entertainment
13003 Rapa-Nui Warner Bros.
13027 Body Snatchers Warner Bros.
13030 New Age Warner Bros.
13050 Grumpy Old Men Warner Bros.
13079 With Honors Warner Bros.
13158 True Romance Morgan Creek Entertainment
13165 That Night Warner Bros.
13166 The Hudsucker Proxy Warner Bros.
13167 Love Affair Warner Bros.
13176 Interview with the Vampire Warner Bros.
13177 Wyatt Earp Warner Bros.
13222 Clan of the Cave Bear Warner Bros.
13224 Last of the Mobile Hot-Shots Warner Bros.
13226 The New Land Warner Bros.
13227 On Deadly Ground Warner Bros.
13228 Natural Born Killers Warner Bros.
13231 Pointman Warner Bros.
13233 The Client Warner Bros.
13343 Deliverance (Widescreen) Warner Bros.
13345 Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome (1994 LaserDisc) Warner Bros.
13346 The Road Warrior (1994 LaserDisc) Warner Bros.
13356 Major League II Morgan Creek Entertainment
13357 Police Academy: Mission to Moscow Warner Bros.
13363 Chasers Morgan Creek Entertainment
13365 Cobb Warner Bros.
13374 Maverick Warner Bros.
13515 Trial by Jury Morgan Creek Entertainment
13539 Animaniacs Stew Warner Bros.
13540 Animaniacs: The Warners Escape Warner Bros.
13541 Animaniacs Sing-Along: Yakko's World Warner Bros.
13542 Animaniacs: You WILL Buy This Video! Warner Bros.
13543 Animaniacs: Helloooo, Holidays! Warner Bros.
13549 Woodstock (Uncut) Warner Bros.
13563 Animaniacs 12-unit merchandiser Warner Bros.
13564 Animaniacs 24-unit merchandiser Warner Bros.
13565 Animaniacs 48-unit merchandiser Warner Bros.
13569 Silent Fall Morgan Creek Entertainment
13570 Boys on the Side Warner Bros.
13571 Second Best Warner Bros.
13574 The Specialist Warner Bros.
13575 Disclosure Warner Bros.
13612 George Balanchine's The Nutcracker 12-unit merchandiser Warner Bros. Family Entertainment
13613 The Dirty Harry Collection (LaserDiscs) Warner Bros.
13623 Just Cause Warner Bros.
13624 George Balanchine's The Nutcracker 24-unit merchandiser Warner Bros. Family Entertainment
13632 Outbreak Warner Bros.
13634 Bogus Warner Bros.
13635 Ms .45 (Uncut) Warner Bros.
13648 George Balanchine's The Nutcracker 48-unit merchandiser Warner Bros. Family Entertainment
13658 Animaniacs, Vol. 1 Warner Bros.
13659 Animaniacs, Vol. 2 Warner Bros.
13660 Animaniacs, Vol. 3 Warner Bros.
13661 Animaniacs, Vol. 4 Warner Bros.
13662 Animaniacs, Vol. 5 Warner Bros.
13663 Animaniacs, Vol. 6 Warner Bros.
13664 The Burning Season Warner Bros.
13665 Under Siege 2: Dark Territory Warner Bros.
13729 Natural Born Killers (Uncut) Warner Bros.
13739 Imaginary Crimes Morgan Creek Entertainment
13772 The Bridges of Madison County Warner Bros.
13832 The Stars Fell on Henrietta Warner Bros.
13870 History of Rock 'n' Roll Warner Bros.
13895 Murder in the First Warner Bros.
13898 The Adventures of Batman and Robin: The Riddler Warner Bros. Family Entertainment
13899 The Adventures of Batman and Robin: Two-Face Warner Bros. Family Entertainment
13901 The Adventures of Batman and Robin: The Joker Warner Bros. Family Entertainment
13901 The Adventures of Batman and Robin: Robin Warner Bros. Family Entertainment
13921 Wyatt Earp (Uncut) Warner Bros.
13922 Firefox (1995 LaserDisc) Warner Bros.
13923 The Gauntlet (1995 LaserDisc) Warner Bros.
13924 Pale Rider (1995 LaserDisc) Warner Bros.
13987 Assassins Warner Bros.
14000 Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves Warner Bros.
14008 Attack of the 50 Ft. Woman Allied Artists
14032 The Pebble and the Penguin (international) Warner Bros. Family Entertainment
14034 The Wild Bunch (LaserDisc) Warner Bros.
14035 The Wild Bunch (CAV LaserDisc) Warner Bros.
14042 Joe's Apartment Warner Bros.
14069 Rebel Without a Cause (DVD) Warner Bros.
14072 Fair Game Warner Bros.
14111 Babylon 5 #1.5 Warner Bros.
14112 Babylon 5 #1.6 Warner Bros.
14141 Les Miserables Warner Bros.
14146 V: The Final Battle Warner Bros.
14151 Babylon 5 #1.7 Warner Bros.
14152 Babylon 5 #1.8 Warner Bros.
14158 The Old Man and the Sea Warner Bros. Classics
14159 Two if by Sea Morgan Creek Entertainment
14160 Never Say Never Again Warner Bros. Classics
14168 Copycat Warner Bros.
14169 Empire Records Warner Bros.
14191 Grumpier Old Men Warner Bros.
14192 Heat Warner Bros.
14202 Eraser Warner Bros.
14203 Carpool Warner Bros.
14204 Diabloique Warner Bros.
14205 Michael Collins Warner Bros.
14211 Executive Decision Warner Bros.
14217 Something to Talk About Warner Bros.
14297 Babylon 5 #1.2 Warner Bros.
14298 Babylon 5 #1.3 Warner Bros.
14299 Bonnie and Clyde (Widescreen LaserDisc) Warner Bros.
14300 Cool Hand Luke (Widescreen LaserDisc) Warner Bros.
14313 Babylon 5 #1.9 Warner Bros.
14315 Babylon 5 #1.12 Warner Bros.
14317 A Time to Kill Warner Bros.
14318 Tin Cup Warner Bros.
14400 Black Beauty Warner Bros. Family Entertainment
14423 Bonnie and Clyde Warner Bros. Classics
14432 The Adventures of Batman and Robin: The Penguin Warner Bros.
14474 Othello Warner Bros. Classics
14479 The Glimmer Man Warner Bros.
14480 Mars Attacks! Warner Bros.
14482 Sleepers Warner Bros.
14483 Surviving Picasso Warner Bros.
14497 Tiny Toon Adventures: Night Ghoulery Warner Bros.
14498 Treasure Island (DVD) Warner Bros.
14500 Born to be Wild Warner Bros. Family Entertainment
14502 Oliver Twist (DVD) Warner Bros.
14503 Animaniacs: Spooky Stuff Warner Bros.
14504 Animaniacs Sing-Along: Mostly in Toon Warner Bros.
14505 A Pinky and the Brain Christmas Warner Bros.
14506 Pinky & The Brain: World Domination Tour Warner Bros.
14507 Tiny Toon Adventures: It's a Wonderful Christmas Special Warner Bros.
14535 My Fellow Americans Warner Bros.
14536 Rosewood Warner Bros.
14538 Incognito Morgan Creek Entertainment
14546 Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (25th Anniversary) Warner Bros.
14577 The Candidate (DVD) Warner Bros.
14600 It Takes Two Warner Bros. Family Entertainment
14613 The Adventures of Batman and Robin: Batman Warner Bros.
14614 The Adventures of Batman and Robin: Poison Ivy Warner Bros.
14623 The Adventures of Batman and Robin: Fire & Ice Warner Bros.
14633 Giant (Special Widescreen Edition) Warner Bros.
14651 The Searchers (DVD) Warner Bros.
14652 Superman: The Last Son of Krypton Warner Bros.
14660 Grumpy Old Men/Grumpier Old Men (DVD) Warner Bros.
14775 Dangerous Beauty Warner Bros.
14776 Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil Warner Bros.
14895 Free Willy 3: The Rescue Warner Bros. Family Entertainment
14905 Without Limits Warner Bros.
14906 Vegas Vacation Warner Bros.
14907 Steel Warner Bros.
14909 Selena Warner Bros.
14910 Bad Moon Morgan Creek EntertainmentW
14913 L.A. Confidential Warner Bros.
14914 Fire Down Below Warner Bros.
14915 Murder at 1600 Warner Bros.
14979 Cobra Warner Bros. Hits
14980 Curly Sue Warner Bros. Hits
14982 Outland Warner Bros. Hits
14996 Batman & Mr. Freeze: SubZero Warner Bros. Family Entertainment
15000 Batman Returns Warner Bros.
15038 Babylon 5 #1.4 Warner Bros.
15041 Contact (Special Edition) Warner Bros.
15052 The Spirit of St. Louis Warner Bros.
15090 Devil's Advocate Warner Bros.
15091 Conspiracy Theory Warner Bros.
15092 Goodbye, Lover Warner Bros.
15100 Batman Forever Warner Bros.
15169 Home Fries Warner Bros.
15181 Cahill: United States Marshal (DVD) Warner Bros.
15182 Chisum Warner Bros. Hits
15183 The Cowboys (DVD) Warner Bros.
15184 Jeremiah Johnson Warner Bros. Hits
15193 Hard to Kill Warner Bros. Hits
15194 Arthur Warner Bros. Hits
15195 Purple Rain Warner Bros. Hits
15200 Innerspace (DVD) Warner Bros.
15210 Private Benjamin Warner Bros. Hits
15240 Mean Streets (DVD) Warner Bros.
15243 Seven Days in May (DVD) Warner Bros.
15251 Breaking Up Warner Bros.
15252 Addicted to Love Warner Bros.
15295 Queen of Outer Space Allied Artists
15324 Strangers on a Train (DVD) Warner Bros.
15326 The Glimmer Man (Corrected LaserDisc) Warner Bros.
15331 Sphere Warner Bros.
15354 Anna Karenina Warner Bros.
15375 Singles Warner Bros. Hits
15386 Father's Day Warner Bros.
15399 Performance (Restored LaserDisc) Warner Bros.
15400 Bullitt (Widescreen) Warner Bros.
15428 Batman & Robin (Widescreen) Warner Bros.
15432 187 Warner Bros.
15433 Mad City Warner Bros.
15445 Deliverance (DVD) Warner Bros.
15500 Batman: Mask of the Phantasm Warner Bros. Family Entertainment
15519 The Postman Warner Bros.
15522 The Butcher Boy Warner Bros.
15545 Pinky & The Brain: Mice of the Jungle Warner Bros.
15546 Pinky & The Brain: Cosmic Attractions Warner Bros.
15580 Wild America Morgan Creek Entertainment
15604 My Fellow Americans (Corrected LaserDisc) Warner Bros.
15625 U.S. Marshals Warner Bros.
15626 The Man Who Knew Too Little Warner Bros.
15647 Babylon 5 #1.1 Warner Bros.
15669 Out for Justice Warner Bros. Hits
15670 The Specialist Warner Bros. Hits
15672 Any Which Way You Can Warner Bros. Hits
15715 The Bugs Bunny / Road Runner Movie Warner Bros. Family Entertainment
15731 Contact Warner Bros.
15732 Blazing Saddles (1998 LaserDisc) Warner Bros.
15733 The Color Purple (1998 LaserDisc) Warner Bros.
15739 Splendor in the Grass (DVD) Warner Bros.
15840 Beetlejuice (1998 LaserDisc) Warner Bros.
15867 National Lampoon's European Vacation Warner Bros. Hits
15869 The World According to Garp Warner Bros. Hits
15873 The Avengers Warner Bros.
15879 FairyTale: A True Story (international) Warner Bros.
15920 Enter the Dragon (Special Edition) Warner Bros.
15921 Enter the Dragon (DVD) Warner Bros.
15932 Babylon 5 #5.1 Warner Bros.
15934 Major League: Back to the Minors Morgan Creek Entertainment
16047 Oh, God! (DVD) Warner Bros.
16053 Creepshow (DVD) Warner Bros.
16054 Crush (DVD) Warner Bros.
16060 Joe Versus the Volcano (DVD) Warner Bros.
16071 The Lost Boys (AC3 LaserDisc) Warner Bros.
16072 Little Shop of Horrors (AC3 LaserDisc) Warner Bros.
16075 Lethal Weapon 4 Warner Bros.
16086 Badlands (AC3 LaserDisc) Warner Bros.
16088 The Song Remains the Same (AC3 LaserDisc) Warner Bros.
16100 A Troll in Central Park Warner Bros. Family Entertainment
16102 Excalibur (AC3 LaserDisc) Warner Bros.
16104 Memphis Belle (AC3 LaserDisc) Warner Bros.
16105 Pure Country (AC3 LaserDisc) Warner Bros.
16106 Passenger 57 (AC3 LaserDisc) Warner Bros.
16129 Wrongfully Accused Morgan Creek Entertainment
16172 The Devil's Advocate (Special Edition) Warner Bros.
16176 The Exorcist (25th Anniversary) Warner Bros.
16200 Little Giants Warner Bros. Family Entertainment
16212 Little Giants 12-unit merchandiser Warner Bros. Family Entertainment
16224 Little Giants 24-unit merchandiser Warner Bros. Family Entertainment
16248 Little Giants 48-unit merchandiser Warner Bros. Family Entertainment
16289 Lethal Weapon: Director's Cut Warner Bros.
16290 Lethal Weapon 2: Director's Cut Warner Bros.
16291 Lethal Weapon 3: Director's Cut Warner Bros.
16300 The Amazing Panda Adventure Warner Bros. Family Entertainment
16320 City of Angels Warner Bros.
16322 Practical Magic Warner Bros.
16323 True Crime Warner Bros.
16334 The Searchers (Collector's Edition) Warner Bros.
16351 The Batman / Superman Movie: World's Finest Warner Bros.
16373 Freejack (DVD) Warner Bros.
16374 The Great Santini (DVD) Warner Bros.
16375 The Man With Two Brains (DVD) Warner Bros.
16376 Nothing But Trouble (DVD) Warner Bros.
16377 Stand and Deliver (DVD) Warner Bros.
16400 Space Jam Warner Bros. Family Entertainment
16500 Batman & Robin Warner Bros. Family Entertainment
16607 Quest for Camelot Warner Bros. Family Entertainment
16643 A Perfect Murder Warner Bros.
16647 Tarzan and the Lost City Warner Bros.
16668 My Fair Lady (DVD) Warner Bros.
16669 Animaniacs: Wakko's Wish Warner Bros.
16692 Mister Roberts (DVD) Warner Bros.
16693 Friendly Persuasion (DVD) Warner Bros.
16714 Just Cause Warner Bros. Hits
16746 Dirty Harry (Restored LaserDisc) Warner Bros.
16750 The Negotiator Warner Bros.
16755 Gypsy (DVD) Warner Bros.
16756 Gypsy (Restored LaserDisc) Warner Bros.
16768 The Music Man: Special Edition Warner Bros.
16772 Altered States (AC3 LaserDisc) Warner Bros.
16821 Camelot: Special Edition Warner Bros.
16843 Air Bud Keystone Releasing
16881 Hooper (DVD) Warner Bros.
16882 Major League II (DVD) Morgan Creek Entertainment
16885 Spies Like Us (DVD) Warner Bros.
16886 Stay Tuned (DVD) Warner Bros.
16916 Why Do Fools Fall in Love? Warner Bros.
16954 You've Got Mail Warner Bros.
16958 Soldier Warner Bros.
16986 Three to Tango Warner Bros.
16988 Analyze This Warner Bros.
16989 Message in a Bottle Warner Bros.
17000 Dennis the Menace Warner Bros. Family Entertainment
17027 Special Edition Gift Set (DVD) Warner Bros.
17028 Action Pack Gift Set (DVD) Warner Bros.
17029 Lethal Weapon Gift Set (DVD) Warner Bros.
17056 Fandango Warner Bros. Hits
17059 On Deadly Ground Warner Bros. Hits
17061 One Crazy Summer Warner Bros. Hits
17062 Copycat Warner Bros. Hits
17063 Outbreak Warner Bros. Hits
17064 Defending Your Life Warner Bros. Hits
17065 Big Bully (DVD) Morgan Creek Entertainment
17156 Pee-Wee's Big Adventure (DVD) Warner Bros.
17161 The Main Event (DVD) Warner Bros.
17173 National Lampoon's Vacation Warner Bros. Hits
17175 Wild Wild West Warner Bros.
17215 Caddyshack (DVD) Warner Bros.
17218 Love in the Afternoon (DVD) Warner Bros.
17227 Jack Frost Warner Bros.
17232 The Exorcist (DVD) Warner Bros.
17242 Deep Blue Sea Warner Bros.
17246 Young Guns II (DVD) Morgan Creek Entertainment
17247 Pacific Heights (DVD) Morgan Creek Entertainment
17274 Bonnie and Clyde (DVD) Warner Bros.
17343 Payback (international) Warner Bros.
17366 Barry Lyndon (DVD) Warner Bros.
17367 A Clockwork Orange (DVD) Warner Bros.
17369 The Shining (DVD) Warner Bros.
17371 Full Metal Jacket (DVD) Warner Bros.
17410 The Outlaw Josey Wales (DVD) Warner Bros.
17428 The Big Tease Warner Bros.
17468 The King and I Morgan Creek Entertainment
17488 Exorcist III (DVD) Morgan Creek Entertainment
17563 Lost and Found Warner Bros.
17568 Steven Seagal Collection (DVD) Warner Bros.
17644 The Iron Giant Warner Bros.
17655 Eyes Wide Shut Warner Bros.
17663 Where the Money Is (UK) Warner Bros.
17665 The Matrix (Special Widescreen Edition) Warner Bros.
17737 The Matrix (Collector's Edition) Warner Bros.
17804 (Friends) The Complete First Season Warner Bros.
17848 Batman Beyond Warner Bros.
17862 Three Kings Warner Bros.
17916 Firefox (DVD) Warner Bros.
17926 South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut (international) Warner Bros.
17945 Any Given Sunday Warner Bros.
18000 Free Willy Warner Bros. Family Entertainment
18018 House on Haunted Hill Warner Bros.
18019 Liberty Heights Warner Bros.
18020 Pokemon: The First Movie Toho
18046 Chill Factor Morgan Creek Entertainment
18128 Romeo Must Die Warner Bros.
18173 Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker Warner Bros.
18194 Murder at 1600 Warner Bros. Hits
18200 Free Willy 2: The Adventure Home Warner Bros. Family Entertainment
18246 Tweety's High-Flying Adventure Warner Bros. Family Entertainment
18286 My Dog Skip Warner Bros.
18313 Interview with the Vampire Warner Bros.
18317 Space Jam (Special Edition) Warner Bros.
18318 The Iron Giant (Special Edition) Warner Bros.
18319 The Color Purple (Special Edition) Warner Bros.
18321 Twister (Special Edition) Warner Bros.
18322 Any Given Sunday (Special Edition) Warner Bros.
18323 Chain of Fools Warner Bros.
18324 Gossip Warner Bros.
18325 Little Shop of Horrors (Special Edition) Warner Bros.
18378 The Scarecrow Warner Bros. Family Entertainment
18381 The Whole Nine Yards Morgan Creek Entertainment
18406 Three Kings Warner Bros.
18533 Heaven and Earth (Special Edition) Warner Bros.
18534 JFK (Special Edition) Warner Bros.
18535 Natural Born Killers (Special Edition) Warner Bros.
18537 Heaven and Earth (Special Edition) Warner Bros.
18539 The Road Warrior (Special Edition) Warner Bros.
18566 Battlefield Earth Morgan Creek Entertainment
18583 Get Carter Warner Bros.
18584 The Perfect Storm Warner Bros.
18585 The Replacements Warner Bros.
18586 Any Which Way You Can (DVD) Warner Bros.
18588 Bronco Billy (DVD) Warner Bros.
18590 The Dead Pool (DVD) Warner Bros.
18593 The Enforcer (DVD) Warner Bros.
18594 Every Which Way But Loose (DVD) Warner Bros.
18595 Firefox (DVD) Warner Bros.
18597 Heartbreak Ridge (DVD) Warner Bros.
18599 Magnum Force (DVD) Warner Bros.
18605 Sudden Impact (DVD) Warner Bros.
18620 Pokemon: The Movie 2000 Toho
18621 Ready to Rumble Warner Bros.
18629 The In-Crowd Morgan Creek Entertainment
18632 The Exorcist: The Version You've Never Seen Warner Bros.
18652 Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer Warner Bros.
18653 Fail-Safe Warner Bros.
18692 Al Pacino Collection (DVD) Warner Bros.
18693 John Wayne Collection (DVD) Warner Bros.
18694 Lethal Weapon Legacy (DVD) Warner Bros.
18695 Batman Legacy (DVD) Warner Bros.
18722 Space Cowboys Warner Bros.
18804 Bait Warner Bros.
18858 Chuck Jones: Extremes and In-Betweens Warner Bros.
18871 The Art of War Warner Bros.
18872 Into the Arms of Strangers: Stories of the Kindertransport Warner Bros.
18877 Pay it Forward Warner Bros.
18882 The Salton Sea Warner Bros.
18919 Action Pack Gift Set (DVD) Warner Bros.
18951 Best in Show Warner Bros.
18954 Red Planet Warner Bros.
18955 The Best of Friends, Vol. 1 Warner Bros.
18956 The Best of Friends, Vol. 2 Warner Bros.
18959 Blazing Saddles (DVD) Warner Bros.
18976 Miss Congeliality Warner Bros.
18981 Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (DVD) Warner Bros.
18997 Sweet November Warner Bros.
19000 The Secret Garden Warner Bros. Family Entertainment
19007 The Matrix Revisited Warner Bros.
19011 The Best of Friends: Top 10 Episodes (DVD) Warner Bros.
19031 American Outlaws Morgan Creek Entertainment
19033 Hamlet (DVD) Warner Bros.
19037 Tin Cup Warner Bros. Hits
19041 The Adventures of Pluto Nash Warner Bros.
19052 Proof of Life Warner Bros.
19053 The Pledge Morgan Creek Entertainment
19100 A Little Princess Warner Bros. Family Entertainment
19121 Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore (DVD) Warner Bros.
19122 Goodfellas (DVD) Warner Bros.
19127 Mean Streets (DVD) Warner Bros.
19128 Who's That Knocking at My Door? (DVD) Warner Bros.
19192 After Hours (DVD) Warner Bros.
20100 Twister Warner Bros.
20101 Twister (letterboxed) Warner Bros.
20102 Twister (CAV LaserDisc) Warner Bros.
20103 Twister (CLV LaserDisc) Warner Bros.
21000 The Fugitive Warner Bros.
21024 The Fugitive 24-unit merchandiser Warner Bros.
21048 The Fugitive 48-unit merchandiser Warner Bros.
21188 3000 Miles to Graceland Morgan Creek Entertainment
21253 Cats & Dogs Warner Bros. Family Entertainment
21323 Osmosis Jones Warner Bros. Family Entertainment
21324 Collateral Damage Warner Bros.
21331 Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone Warner Bros.
21962 Training Day Warner Bros.
22081 Hearts in Atlantis Warner Bros.
22142 Pokemon: Mewtwo Returns Toho
22185 Ocean's Eleven Warner Bros.
22186 Queen of the Damned Warner Bros.
22235 Justice League (Secret Origins) Warner Bros.
22440 Showtime Warner Bros.
22709 (The Nightmare Room) Camp Nowhere Warner Bros.
22827 Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood Warner Bros.
22828 Insomnia Warner Bros.
23000 Ace Ventura: Pet Detective Morgan Creek Entertainment
23012 Ace Ventura: Pet Detective 12-unit merchandiser Morgan Creek Entertainment
23024 Ace Ventura: Pet Detective 24-unit merchandiser Morgan Creek Entertainment
23048 Ace Ventura: Pet Detective 48-unit merchandiser Morgan Creek Entertainment
23123 Fear Dot Com Warner Bros.
23239 Blood Work Warner Bros.
23249 Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines Warner Bros.
23293 Ghost Ship Warner Bros.
23294 Cradle 2 the Grave Warner Bros.
23295 Welcome to Collinwood Warner Bros.
23296 Gods and Generals Warner Bros.
23297 White Oleander Warner Bros.
23299 Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever Warner Bros.
23300 Analyze That Warner Bros.
23301 Two Weeks Notice Warner Bros.
23500 Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls Morgan Creek Entertainment
23591 Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Warner Bros.
23721 Dreamcatcher Warner Bros.
24000 Thumbelina Warner Bros. Family Entertainment
24012 Thumbelina 12-unit merchandiser Warner Bros. Family Entertainment
24024 Thumbelina 24-unit merchandiser Warner Bros. Family Entertainment
24048 Thumbelina 48-unit merchandiser Warner Bros. Family Entertainment
24050 Whiteout Warner Bros.
24096 What a Girl Wants Warner Bros.
24653 I'll Be There Warner Bros.
24656 Blue Collar Comedy Tour: The Movie Warner Bros.
24745 (Batman: The Animated Series) Tales of the Dark Knight Warner Bros.
24751 (Challenge of the SuperFriends) United They Stand Warner Bros.
26372 The Dark Knight Warner Bros.
73662 300 Warner Bros.

Three-digit system (inherited from Lorimar Home Video)[edit]

Catalog number Title Library
020 The Video First Aid Kit Karl Video Corporation
030 John Lemmon: Interview with a Legend NBC Enterprises
032 Self Defense Karl Video Corporation
035 Marilyn Monroe Karl Video Corporation
042 Jane Fonda's Workout; or Workout: Starring Jane Fonda Jane Fonda
081 Exercise Shorts: Cycling Warm-Up Rewind Productions
082 Exercise Shorts: Skiing Warm-Up Rewind Productions
083 Exercise Shorts: Swimming Warm-Up Rewind Productions
084 Exercise Shorts: Jogging Warm-Up Rewind Productions
086 Exercise Shorts: Tennis Warm-Up Rewind Productions
190 Pole Position: Road Fever LBS Communications
192 Inspector Gadget: The Daffy Detective LBS Communications
209 Gymboree United Media
301 The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh Lorimar
305 A Decade of the Waltons Lorimar
320 The Fourth Protocol Lorimar
337 Cowboys of the Saturday Matinee Overland Films
341 The Death of Adolf Hitler ITV
370 Sunday in the Park with George Lorimar
395 Maximum Overdrive De Laurentiis Entertainment Group
401 Power Lorimar
411 Manhunter De Laurentiis Entertainment Group
418 Nobody's Fool Lorimar
419 The Morning After Lorimar
420 King Kong Lives De Laurentiis Entertainment Group
421 Crimes of the Heart De Laurentiis Entertainment Group
422 Hard Ticket to Hawaii Lorimar
436 Ramona: The Great Hair Argument Lorimar
437 Ramona: New Pajamas Lorimar
441 Ramona: Siblingitis Lorimar
442 Ramona: The Patient Lorimar
446 Hearts of Fire Lorimar
449 Street Justice Warner Bros.
500 Playboy Video Maganize Volume 8 Playboy
504 Playboy Video Maganize Volume 9 Playboy
505 Playboy Video Maganize Volume 10 Playboy
506 Playboy Video Maganize Volume 11 Playboy
542 Playboy Video Maganize Volume 12 Playboy
568 The Return of the King Telepictures
616 Richard Simmons: Sweatin' To The Oldies Deal-A-Meal
650 Jane Fonda's Complete Workout Jane Fonda
652 Jane Fonda's Light Aerobics and Stress Reduction Program Jane Fonda
656 Bert Rigby, You're a Fool Lorimar
657 See You in the Morning Lorimar
658 Dead Bang Lorimar
659 Second Sight Lorimar
660 Cookie Lorimar
669 Rented Lips The Vista Organization
670 Next of Kin Lorimar
671 The Witches Lorimar
672 Penn & Teller Get Killed Lorimar
673 The Postman Always Rings Twice Lorimar
674 Ramona: Ramona's Bad Day Lorimar
675 Ramona: Goodbye, Hello Lorimar
676 Ramona: Rainy Sunday Lorimar
677 Ramona: Squeakerfoot Lorimar
678 Ramona: Mystery Meal Lorimar
683 Act of Vengeance Lorimar
692 Blue Velvet Lorimar
699 S.O.B. Lorimar
708 Victory Lorimar
710 The First Christmas Telepictures
711 The Life & Adventures of Santa Claus Telepictures
712 The Little Drummer Boy Book II Telepictures
713 Nestor the Long-Eared Christmas Donkey Telepictures
714 The Stingiest Man in Town Telepictures
715 'Twas the Night Before Christmas Telepictures
716 The Hobbit Telepictures
721 Love & Money Lorimar
724 Fun House Fitness: The Fun House Funk Jane Fonda
733 The Hideaways Westfall Productions
739 Rudolph's Shiny New Year Rankin-Bass
762 The Lighthorsemen Cinecom
764 Split Decisions The Vista Organization
766 Miles From Home Cinecom
767 The Deceivers Cinecom
774 Who Is Killing the Great Chefs of Europe? Lorimar
779 Warren Miller's White Winter Heat Lorimar
785 Cabaret Lorimar
812 Tokyo Pop Lorimar
816 Action Jackson Lorimar
823 Into the Homeland HBO Pictures
826 Glitz Lorimar
827 Baja Oklahoma HBO Pictures
829 Midnight Cabaret Lorimar
832 Papillon Lorimar
837 Avalanche Express Lorimar
841 Night School Fiducial Resource International
847 Dream Demon National Film Trustee Company
860 The Toxic Avenger Part II Lorimar
861 The Boy Who Could Fly Lorimar
864 The Betsy Lorimar
873 Primal Rage Elpico S.A.
900 The Flight of Dragons (Classic Tales) Telepictures
901 The Hobbit (Classic Tales) Telepictures
902 The Return of the King (Classic Tales) Telepictures
903 The Wind in the Willows Telepictures
911 The Man Who Would Be King Lorimar
912 The Man Who Would Be King (widescreen) Lorimar
913 House on Haunted Hill Lorimar
914 Cabaret (25th Anniversary LaserDisc) Lorimar
929 The Big Red One Warner Bros. Hits
938 Being There Lorimar
939 The Big Red One Lorimar
940 Carny Lorimar
941 Cruising Lorimar
969 Fedora Lorimar
983 Rudolph and Frosty's Christmas in July Telepictures

United Artists releases (19200 to 20000)[edit]

Catalog number Title Library
19200 Moonraker United Artists
19201 The Spy Who Loved Me United Artists
19202 42nd Street United Artists
19203 Live and Let Die United Artists
19204 The Man with the Golden Gun United Artists
19205 Goldfinger United Artists
19206 Diamonds Are Forever United Artists
19207 You Only Live Twice United Artists
19208 Thunderball United Artists
19209 From Russia with Love United Artists
19210 Dr. No United Artists
19211 On Her Majesty's Secret Service United Artists
19212 Octopussy United Artists
19213 A View to a Kill United Artists
19214 Hang 'Em High United Artists
19215 Bananas United Artists
19216 Rocky United Artists
19217 Casablanca United Artists
19218 The Treasure of the Sierra Madre United Artists
19220 The Maltese Falcon United Artists
19221 Key Largo United Artists
19222 Last Tango in Paris
The Treasure of the Sierra Madre (Canada)
United Artists
19223 Carrie
The Public Enemy (Canada)
United Artists
19224 The Alamo
Captain Blood (Canada)
United Artists
19225 The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Yankee Doodle Dandy (Canada)
United Artists
19226 The Great Train Robbery
The Adventures of Robin Hood (Canada)
United Artists
19227 Now, Voyager United Artists
19228 The Petrified Forest United Artists
19229 Rocky II
42nd Street (Canada)
United Artists
19230 Hair
Little Caesar (Canada)
United Artists
19231 It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World
High Sierra (Canada)
United Artists
19232 The Great Escape
Jezebel (Canada)
United Artists
19233 The Big Sleep United Artists
19234 The Adventures of Robin Hood
Dark Victory (Canada)
United Artists
19235 La Cage Aux Folles United Artists
19236 Captain Blood United Artists
19237 Comes a Horseman United Artists
19238 Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex* United Artists
19239 In the Heat of the Night United Artists
19240 The Magnificent Seven United Artists
19241 The Thomas Crown Affair United Artists
19242 The Pink Panther United Artists
19243 The Taking of Pelham One Two Three United Artists
19244 West Side Story United Artists
19245 White Heat United Artists
19246 The French Lieutenant's Woman United Artists
19247 For Your Eyes Only United Artists
19248 A Bridge Too Far United Artists
19250 Lenny United Artists
19251 Revenge of the Pink Panther United Artists
19252 Annie Hall United Artists
19253 Chitty Chitty Bang Bang United Artists
19254 Fiddler on the Roof United Artists
19255 The Pink Panther Strikes Again United Artists
19256 Yanks United Artists
19259 Scorpio United Artists
19260 The Hound of the Baskervilles United Artists
19263 Gator United Artists
19264 Fistful of Dynamite United Artists
19265 The Graduate United Artists
19267 The Black Stallion United Artists
19268 The Long Riders United Artists
19269 The Dogs of War United Artists
19275 Eye of the Needle United Artists
19276 For a Few Dollars More United Artists
19277 Fistful of Dollars United Artists
19279 Thunderbolt and Lightfoot United Artists
19281 Pirahna United Artists
19282 Who'll Stop the Rain? United Artists
19283 The Missouri Breaks United Artists
19284 Heaven's Gate United Artists
19285 Fellini Satyricon United Artists
19286 Breakheart Pass United Artists
19287 The Killer Elite United Artists
19288 True Confessions United Artists
19289 Inserts United Artists
19290 Caveman United Artists
19291 F.I.S.T. United Artists
19292 Battle of Britain United Artists
19293 Interiors United Artists
19294 Violent Streets United Artists
19295 Motel Hell United Artists
19296 The Music Lovers United Artists
19297 Misfits United Artists
19298 Fuzz United Artists
19299 Love and Death United Artists
19300 The Return of a Man Called Horse United Artists
19301 Rocky III United Artists
19302 Coming Home United Artists
19303 Women in Love United Artists
19304 The Mechanic United Artists
19305 New York, New York United Artists
19306 The Betsy United Artists
19308 Invasion of the Body Snatchers United Artists
19309 The Secret of N.I.M.H. United Artists
19311 The Public Enemy United Artists
19312 Yankee Doodle Dandy United Artists
19313 Still of the Night United Artists
19314 Semi-Tough United Artists
19315 Angels with Dirty Faces United Artists
19316 Arsenic and Old Lace United Artists
19317 The Big Sleep United Artists
19319 Dark Victory United Artists
19320 Little Caesar United Artists
19325 The Charge of the Light Brigade United Artists
19332 High Sierra United Artists
19335 Kid Galahad United Artists
19347 Now, Voyager United Artists
19351 Air Force United Artists
19352 Cutter's Way United Artists
19354 The Last Waltz United Artists
19356 Last Embrace United Artists
19357 Stay Hungry United Artists
19358 Elmer Gantry United Artists
19359 1900 Part 1 United Artists
19360 1900 Part 2 United Artists
19361 The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes United Artists
19362 Audrey Rose United Artists
19363 Stardust Memories United Artists
19365 Busting United Artists
19366 The Decameron United Artists
19367 Man of the East United Artists
19368 The End United Artists
19369 Avanti United Artists
19370 The Final Countdown United Artists
19371 The Idolmaker United Artists
19372 Midnight Cowboy United Artists
19374 What Do You Say to a Naked Lady? United Artists
19375 The Wilby Conspiracy United Artists
19376 Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia United Artists
19377 Foxes United Artists
19378 The Long Goodbye United Artists
19379 Mr. Majestyk United Artists
19380 Electra Glide in Blue United Artists
19383 Charlie Chan and the Curse of the Dragon Queen United Artists
19384 Chato's Land United Artists
19385 Bank Shot United Artists
19387 The Fortune Cookie United Artists
19388 Khartoum United Artists
19389 The Offence United Artists
19391 The Black Stallion Returns United Artists
19399 From Noon Till Three United Artists
19403 Sharks' Treasure United Artists
19404 Topkapi United Artists
19405 WarGames United Artists
19408 12 Angry Men United Artists
19411 Manhattan United Artists
19413 The Hospital United Artists
19415 Ned Kelly United Artists
19416 Trail of the Pink Panther United Artists
19417 Support Your Local Sheriff United Artists
19418 After the Fox United Artists
19419 Jinxed! United Artists
19421 A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum United Artists
19423 Alice's Restaurant United Artists
19424 Eureka United Artists
19425 Vigilante Force United Artists
19426 Equus United Artists
19427 Brannigan United Artists
19429 Curse of the Pink Panther United Artists
19431 Romantic Comedy United Artists
19434 Bound for Glory United Artists
19436 Across 110th Street United Artists
19437 Doc United Artists
19438 How to Murder Your Wife United Artists
19440 The Devil's Brigade United Artists
19443 Gentleman Jim United Artists
19444 Watch on the Rhine United Artists
Jezebel United Artists
19445 Gabriela United Artists
19446 Galaxy of Terror United Artists
19451 Exposed United Artists
19453 Yentl United Artists
19454 Juggernaut United Artists
19456 Man of La Mancha United Artists
19460 Follow That Dream United Artists
19461 The Pope of Greenwich Village United Artists
19464 The Beast with Five Fingers United Artists
19467 Support Your Local Gunfighter United Artists
19468 How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying United Artists
19469 Exodus United Artists
19472 Go Tell the Spartans United Artists
19479 Kes United Artists
19481 The Big Country United Artists
19483 The Apartment United Artists
19484 The Beast Within United Artists
19485 The House Where Evil Dwells United Artists
19486 The Hunting Party United Artists
19487 Report to the Commissioner United Artists
19491 Pandemonium United Artists
19498 200 Motels United Artists
19499 Hickey and Boggs United Artists
19501 The Billion Dollar Brain United Artists
19504 Red Dawn United Artists
19507 National Lampoon's Movie Madness United Artists
19511 Humanoids from the Deep United Artists
19512 Teachers United Artists
19513 Raging Bull United Artists
19516 Yours, Mine and Ours United Artists
19521 The Group United Artists
19526 Until September United Artists
19527 Cuba United Artists
19528 Garbo Talks United Artists
19530 A Shot in the Dark United Artists
19534 Juarez United Artists
19536 Inspector Clouseau United Artists
19540 The Organization United Artists
19545 The Bridge at Remagen United Artists
19547 Duel at Diablo United Artists
19549 Attack on the Iron Coast United Artists
19551 The Aviator United Artists
19555 Rocky IV United Artists
19556 The Horse Soldiers United Artists
19557 Born to Win United Artists
19559 Beach Red United Artists
19562 I Escaped from Devil's Island United Artists
19597 Youngblood United Artists
19610 Knightriders United Artists
19626 633 Squadron United Artists
19634 Cry Wolf United Artists
19636 Each Dawn I Die United Artists
19637 Footlight Parade United Artists
19641 Inherit the Wind United Artists
19659 Baby Boom United Artists
19662 Real Men United Artists
19666 Frankie and Johnny United Artists
19673 The Hallelujah Trail United Artists
19676 Bright Lights, Big City United Artists
19678 Betrayed United Artists
19679 It Takes Two United Artists
19686 Geronimo United Artists
19694 Rain Man United Artists
19695 Jeremy United Artists
19696 Child's Play United Artists
19699 I'm Gonna Git You Sucka United Artists
19702 Desperate Journey United Artists
19704 Road House United Artists

The Ladd Company releases (20000 to 20028)[edit]

Catalog number Title Library
20001 Divine Madness The Ladd Company
20002 Outland The Ladd Company
20003 Looker The Ladd Company
20004 Chariots of Fire The Ladd Company
20005 Body Heat The Ladd Company
20006 Night Shift The Ladd Company
20007 Love Child The Ladd Company
20008 Blade Runner The Ladd Company
20009 Tragedy of a Ridiculous Man The Ladd Company
20010 Five Days One Summer The Ladd Company
20011 Lovesick The Ladd Company
20012 Twice Upon a Time The Ladd Company
20013 Star 80 The Ladd Company
20014 The Right Stuff The Ladd Company
20015 Mike's Murder The Ladd Company
20016 Police Academy The Ladd Company
20017 Once Upon a Time in America (US theatrical) The Ladd Company
20018 Purple Hearts The Ladd Company
20019 Once Upon a Time in America (international) The Ladd Company
20020 Police Academy 2: Their First Assignment The Ladd Company
20021 Doin' Time The Ladd Company
20022 Police Academy 3: Back in Training The Ladd Company
20023 Locademia de Policía (Police Academy) (Spanish-subtitled) The Ladd Company
20024 Locademia de Policía 3: De Vuelta a la Escuela (Police Academy 3: Back in Training) (Spanish-subtitled) The Ladd Company
20025 Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol The Ladd Company
20026 Once Upon a Time in America (1994 LaserDisc) The Ladd Company
20027 The Right Stuff (1993 LaserDisc) The Ladd Company
20028 Body Heat (1993 LaserDisc) The Ladd Company

Orion Pictures releases (22000 to 22027)[edit]

Catalog number Title Library
22004 Under the Rainbow Orion Pictures
22006 The Awakening Orion Pictures
22007 Simon Orion Pictures
22008 Over the Edge Orion Pictures
22009 The Wanderers Orion Pictures
22010 The Great Santini Orion Pictures
22011 Promises in the Dark Orion Pictures
22012 Heart Beat Orion Pictures
22013 Die Laughing Orion Pictures
22014 The Fiendish Plot of Dr. Fu Manchu Orion Pictures
22015 Sphinx Orion Pictures
22016 The Hand Orion Pictures
22017 Time After Time Orion Pictures
22018 Excalibur Orion Pictures
22019 Wolfen Orion Pictures
22020 Arthur Orion Pictures
22021 Prince of the City Orion Pictures
22022 Rollover Orion Pictures
22023 Battle Beyond the Stars Orion Pictures
22024 Sharky's Machine Orion Pictures
22025 A Midsummer Night's Sex Comedy Orion Pictures
22026 Hammett Orion Pictures
22027 Zelig Orion Pictures
22028 "10" (Spanish-subtitled) Orion Pictures
22029 Arturo (Arthur) (Spanish-subtitled) Orion Pictures

New World, Filmways & others (24001 to 32002)[edit]

Catalog number Title Library
24001 Jackson County Jail New World Pictures
24003 Fitzcarraldo New World Pictures
24004 Quartet New World Pictures
24005 Murder by Phone New World Pictures
24027 Deathsport New World Pictures
24028 The Great Texas Dynamite Chase New World Pictures
24029 DEVO: The Men Who Make the Music Time-Life Video
24030 Dire Straits: Making Movies Warner Bros. Records
24031 Rabid New World Pictures
24032 The Bees New World Pictures
24033 I Never Promised You a Rose Garden New World Pictures
24035 Love on the Run New World Pictures
24036 The Green Room New World Pictures
24037 Cannonball New World Pictures
24038 Grand Theft Auto New World Pictures
24039 Moonshine County Express New World Pictures
24053 The Tin Drum New World Pictures
24054 Rock 'n' Roll High School New World Pictures
24055 Hollywood Boulevard New World Pictures
24056 Piranha New World Pictures
24057 Sorority House Massacre New World Pictures
25001 El Diablo HBO Pictures
25004 The Image HBO Pictures
25010 Framed HBO Pictures
25015 Criminal Justice HBO Pictures
25016 Descending Angel HBO Pictures
26001 The Pit and the Pendulum Filmways Pictures
26002 Sisters Filmways Pictures
26003 Tales of Terror Filmways Pictures
26004 The Fall of the House of Usher Filmways Pictures
26005 Futureworld Filmways Pictures
26006 The Island of Dr. Moreau Filmways Pictures
26007 Meteor Filmways Pictures
26008 Dressed to Kill Filmways Pictures
26009 Love at First Bite Filmways Pictures
26010 The Amityville Horror Filmways Pictures
26011 Blow Out Filmways Pictures
26012 King Lear Filmways Pictures
26013 A Midsummer Night's Dream Filmways Pictures
26014 Beach Party Filmways Pictures
26015 How to Stuff a Wild Bikini Filmways Pictures
26016 Heavy Traffic Filmways Pictures
26017 Fritz the Cat Filmways Pictures
26018 Force 10 from Navarone Filmways Pictures
26019 Frogs Filmways Pictures
26021 C.H.O.M.P.S. Filmways Pictures
26022 The Nine Lives of Fritz the Cat Filmways Pictures
26023 The Raven Filmways Pictures
26024 Master of the World Filmways Pictures
26025 "X": The Man with the X-Ray Eyes Filmways Pictures
26026 At the Earth's Core Filmways Pictures
26028 The Brain That Wouldn't Die Filmways Pictures
26029 Grayeagle Filmways Pictures
26030 Murph the Surf Filmways Pictures
26031 The Town that Dreaded Sundown Filmways Pictures
26032 Death Wish II Filmways Pictures
26033 Four Friends Filmways Pictures
28001 Get Out Your Handkerchiefs New Line Cinema
28002 Gizmo! New Line Cinema
28003 Stay As You Are New Line Cinema
28004 Hooray for Betty Boop New Line Cinema
28005 Bronson Lee, Champion New Line Cinema
28006 Fighting Black Kings New Line Cinema
28007 Despair New Line Cinema
29001 Loving You NBC Home Video
29002 Saturday Night Live: Steve Martin - Volume 1 NBC Home Video
29003 Saturday Night Live: Richard Pryor NBC Home Video
29005 Tut: The Boy King NBC Home Video
29006 Little House on the Prairie: Volume I - "Premiere Episode" NBC Home Video
29007 Saturday Night Live: Rodney Dangerfield NBC Home Video
29008 Saturday Night Live: Richard Benjamin NBC Home Video
29009 Little House on the Prairie: Volume III - "Remember Me" NBC Home Video
29010 Saturday Night Live: Peter Cook & Dudley Moore NBC Home Video
29011 Saturday Night Live: Madeline Kahn NBC Home Video
29012 The Louvre NBC Home Video
29013 Shakespeare: Soul of an Age NBC Home Video
29014 The Loneliest Runner NBC Home Video
29015 The Twisted Cross NBC Home Video
29016 Mrs. R's Daughter NBC Home Video
29018 The Last Ride of the Dalton Gang NBC Home Video
29020 Little House on the Prairie: Volume II - "Double Episode" NBC Home Video
29021 Saturday Night Live: Ray Charles NBC Home Video
29022 Saturday Night Live: Lily Tomlin NBC Home Video
29024 Hans Brinker NBC Home Video
29025 Victory at Sea NBC Home Video
29026 Saturday Night Live: Elliott Gould NBC Home Video
29027 Saturday Night Live: George Carlin NBC Home Video
29028 Saturday Night Live: Steve Martin - Volume 2 NBC Home Video
29029 Saturday Night Live: Carrie Fisher NBC Home Video
29030 Saturday Night Live: Eric Idle - Volume 1 NBC Home Video
29031 Saturday Night Live: Sissy Spacek NBC Home Video
29032 Saturday Night Live: Charles Grodin NBC Home Video
29033 Saturday Night Live: Michael Palin NBC Home Video
29034 Saturday Night Live: Gary Busey NBC Home Video
29035 Saturday Night Live: Buck Henry NBC Home Video
29036 Saturday Night Live: Eric Idle - Volume 2 NBC Home Video
29037 Saturday Night Live: Robert Klein NBC Home Video
30002 Liberace in Las Vegas Viacom International
30003 John Curry's Ice Dancing Viacom International
30007 Chino Viacom International
30008 The Call of the Wild Viacom International
30009 Nelvanamation II Viacom International
32001 Tip Top! With Suzy Prudden (Ages 3-6) Warner-Amex
32002 Tip Top! With Suzy Prudden (Ages 7+) Warner-Amex

Cannon Video releases (31000 to 34000)[edit]

Catalog number Title Library
31001 Salsa Cannon Video
31002 How to Salsa Cannon Video
31003 Salsa (Spanish-dubbed) Cannon Video
31005 The Lonely Passion of Judith Hearne Cannon Video
31006 Beauty and the Beast Cannon Video
31007 Puss in Boots Cannon Video
31008 The Frog Prince Cannon Video
31009 Hansel and Gretel Cannon Video
31010 Five Corners Cannon Video
31011 Gotham Cannon Video
31012 Young Dragons: The Kung-Fu Kids Cannon Video
31013 Bellman & True Cannon Video
31014 How to Salsa (DEMO) Cannon Video
31015 Schizold Cannon Video
31016 New Year's Evil Cannon Video
31017 Joe Cannon Video
31018 The Happy Hooker Cannon Video
31019 The Happy Hooker Goes to Washington Cannon Video
31020 The Happy Hooker Goes Hollywood Cannon Video
31021 The Magician of Lublin Cannon Video
31022 The Holcroft Covenant Cannon Video
31023 Dreamchild Cannon Video
31024 Morons from Outer Space Cannon Video
31025 Wild Geese II Cannon Video
31030 Cyborg Cannon Video
31031 Track 29 Cannon Video
31032 Snow White Cannon Video
31033 The Emperor's New Clothes Cannon Video
31034 Red Riding Hood Cannon Video
31035 Sleeping Beauty Cannon Video
31036 Kinjite: Forbidden Subjects Cannon Video
31037 The Swap Cannon Video
31038 Slumber Party '57 Cannon Video
31039 The Raggedy Rawney Cannon Video
31040 The Passover Plot Cannon Video
31041 Bridge to Hell Cannon Video
31042 The Bronx Executioner Cannon Video
31052 Hell Riders Cannon Video
31053 Hot Blood Cannon Video
31054 Best of Sid & Marty Kroft's D.C. Follies Cannon Video
31055 Best of Sid & Marty Kroft's D.C. Follies Two Cannon Video
31056 Best of Sid & Marty Kroft's D.C. Follies Three Cannon Video
31062 Young Dragons: The Kung-Fu Kids II Cannon Video
31063 The Yum Yum Girls Cannon Video
31064 Incoming Freshmen Cannon Video
31066 Cherry Hill High Cannon Video
31067 Hot T-Shirts Cannon Video
31068 Powwow Highway Cannon Video
31074 Urban Warriors Cannon Video
31076 Cross Mission Cannon Video
31079 Kid Vengeance Cannon Video
31080 God's Gun Cannon Video
31084 Crucible of Horror Cannon Video
31085 The Beast in the Cellar Cannon Video
31086 The Blood on Satan's Claw Cannon Video
31094 Tai-Pan Cannon Video
31104 Miami Cops Cannon Video
31105 Dracula's Last Rites Cannon Video
31108 American Ninja 3: Blood Hunt Cannon Video
31110 Carmilla Cannon Video
31121 American Ninja 3: Blood Hunt (Spanish-subtitled) Cannon Video
31122 Kinjite: Actos Prohibidos (Kinjite: Forbidden Subjects) (Spanish-subtitled) Cannon Video
31123 "I'm Almost Not Crazy..." John Cassavetes: The Man and His Work Cannon Video
31128 River of Death Cannon Video
31129 Journey to the Center of the Earth Cannon Video
31130 Sinbad of the Seven Seas Cannon Video
31133 Cyborg (Spanish-subtitled) Cannon Video
31135 Crack House Cannon Video
31136 The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Cannon Video
31137 The Eyes of the Panther Cannon Video
31139 A Man Called Sarge Cannon Video
31142 The Rose Garden Cannon Video
31146 Rockula Cannon Video
31151 Keaton's Cop Cannon Video
32003 Delta Force 3 Cannon Video
32009 American Samurai Cannon Video
32020 American Kickboxer 1 Cannon Video
32022 American Ninja 4: The Annihilation Cannon Video
32025 The Borrower Cannon Video
32031 The Human Shield Cannon Video
32034 American Samurai Cannon Video
32035 No Place to Hide Cannon Video
32037 Rescue Me Cannon Video
32045 The Hitman Cannon Video
32048 Oddball Hall Cannon Video
32049 Terminal Bliss Cannon Video
32096 To the Death Cannon Video
32102 Roots of Evil Cannon Video
32117 Street Knight Cannon Video
32120 American Cyborg: Steel Warrior Cannon Video
32121 The Mummy Lives Cannon Video
32130 Chain of Desire Cannon Video
32138 Fifty/Fifty Cannon Video
32155 One Riot, One Ranger Cannon Video
32159 Chain of Command Cannon Video
32181 Rescue Me Cannon Video
32197 Hellbound Cannon Video
33043 Five Corners Cannon Video

Music and independent releases (34000-34500)[edit]

Catalog number Title Library
34001 Bye Bye Brazil Carnaval Unifilm
34002 Dona Flor and Her Two Husbands Carnaval Unifilm
34003 Watership Down Watership Enterprises
34004 Queen: Greatest Flix (scrapped) Elektra Records
34005 Paul Simon in Concert Warner Bros. Records
34006 Animalympics Lisberger Studios
34008 The Kid from Not So Big Booming Ltd.
34009 The Last Wave World-Northal Corporation
34011 Cosmos: The Championship Years 1977-1980 Cosmos Soccer Club Inc.
34012 The Miracle Worker Half-Pint Productions
34014 The Pinwheel Songbook Warner-Amex
34015 Wild Rides Warner-Amex
34016 Screwballs Concorde Pictures
34017 Space Raiders Concorde Pictures
34018 Le Bal Almi Classics
34019 A Streetcar Named Desire Lorimar-Telepictures
34023 Let's Break: A Visual Guide to Breakdancing IMA, Inc.
34024 The Cars: Heartbeat City Elektra Records
34025 Craig Claiborne's New York Times Video Cookbook The New York Times Company
34041 Hardware Wars and Other Film Farces Pyramid Films
34042 The Cousteau Odyssey: The Nile The Couseau Society
34043 Gino Vannelli Independent
34044 The Doors: A Tribute to Jim Morrison Elektra Records
34045 The Cousteau Odyssey: Diving for Roman Plunder The Cousteau Society
34046 Halloween Manson International
34047 Grover Washington, Jr. In Concert Elektra Records
34048 The Cousteau Odyssey: Calypso's Search for Atlantis The Cousteau Society
34049 The Grateful Dead: Dead Ahead Grateful Dead Productions
34050 Eubie! Group W Cable Productions
34051 Little Johnny Jones Viacom International
34052 Spyro Gyra Hawk Productions/Crosseyed Bear Productions
34053 Look Back in Anger Viacom International
34055 The Cousteau Odyssey: Time Bomb at 50 Fathoms The Cousteau Society
34056 Alice Cooper: The Nightmare Alive Enterprises
34057 Joni Mitchell: Shadows and Light Independent
34065 The Music of Melissa Manchester Independent
34066 The Cousteau Odyssey: Clipperton: The Island Time Forgot The Cousteau Society
34067 The Cousteau Odyssey: Calypso's Search for the Britannic The Cousteau Society
34068 The Cousteau Odyssey: Mediterranean: Cradle or Coffin? The Cousteau Society
34070 Howard Jones: Like to Get to Know You Well Warner Bros. Records
34071 Your Favorite Laughs from "An Evening at the Improv" New From Television Ltd.
34072 Joe Panther Artists Creation and Associates
34073 AC/DC: Let There Be Rock Atlantic Records
34074 Baby Doll Warner Bros.
34075 A Face in the Crowd Warner Bros.
34076 Mikey and Nicky Castle Hill Productions
34077 Joan Rivers & Friends Salute Heidi Abromowitz Independent
34078 Saturday Night Live: The Best of John Belushi Broadway Video
34079 Superman: 7 Exciting Episodes! DC Comics
34080 Batman: 5 Sensational Stories! DC Comics
34081 Aquaman: 8 Aquatic Adventures! DC Comics
34082 Superboy DC Comics
34083 Superman: The Serial Volume 1: Chapters 1-7 DC Comics
34084 Atom Man vs. Superman Volume 1: Chapters 1-7 DC Comics
34085 The Nesting William Mishkin Motion Pictures
34086 Swan Lake United Productions of America
34087 Hollywood Wives Aaron Spelling Productions
34090 Huey Lewis and the News: The Heart of Rock 'n' Roll Viacom International
34091 Shaolin Challenges Ninja World-Northal Corporation
34092 The Gang of the Yellow Dragon World-Northal Corporation
34093 Five Superfighters World-Northal Corporation
34094 Chinatown Kid World-Northal Corporation
34095 Return to the 36th Chamber World-Northal Corporation
34096 King Boxer World-Northal Corporation
34097 Little Miss and Friends Price Stern Sloan
34098 Little Miss Trouble and Friends Price Stern Sloan
34099 Alice in Wonderland Part 1 Columbia Pictures Television
34101 Superman: The Serial: The Complete 15-Chapter Adventure! DC Comics
34102 Atom Man vs. Superman: The Complete 15-Chapter Adventure! DC Comics

Buena Vista DVD releases (34500-35000, 1998-2000; Europe, Middle East, Africa and former Soviet Union only)[edit]

Buena Vista Home Entertainment (now Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment) was one of the earliest studios to release DVDs, and, on July 6, 1998, arranged to have Warner Home Video distribute its DVD releases in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the fifteen former Soviet republics during the period where the format was in its infancy. The agreement covered titles from Walt Disney Pictures, Touchstone Pictures, Hollywood Pictures and, in some markets, Miramax Films. In the later months of 2000, Buena Vista ended its European, Middle Eastern, African and post-Soviet state distribution deal with Warner Home Video and began releasing DVDs either on its own or through locally-centric companies in these parts of the world.

Catalog number Title Library
34501 Metro Touchstone
34502 Crimson Tide Hollywood
34503 Ransom Touchstone
34504 101 Dalmatians Disney
34505 Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey Disney
34506 Nothing to Lose Touchstone
34507 Phenomenon Touchstone
34508 While You Were Sleeping Hollywood
34509 Con Air Touchstone
34510 The Rock Hollywood
34511 George of the Jungle Disney
34512 Father of the Bride Touchstone
34513 Good Morning, Vietnam Touchstone
34515 Face/Off Touchstone
34516 Homeward Bound II: Lost in San Francisco Disney
34517 Father of the Bride Part II Touchstone
34518 Dead Poets Society Touchstone
34520 Terminal Velocity Hollywood
34521 Flubber Disney
34522 The Santa Clause Disney
34523 Jack Hollywood
34524 The Nightmare Before Christmas Touchstone
34525 Grosse Pointe Blank Hollywood
34526 Mr. Magoo Disney
34527 Spy Hard Hollywood
34528 Pretty Woman Touchstone
34529 Cool Runnings Disney
34530 Alice in Wonderland Disney
34533 Six Days, Seven Nights Touchstone
34534 Romy and Michele's High School Reunion Touchstone
34535 Jungle 2 Jungle Disney
34536 Splash Touchstone
34537 Dick Tracy Touchstone
34538 The Three Musketeers Disney
34539 Dumbo Disney
34542 Armageddon Touchstone
34544 The Horse Whisperer Touchstone
34545 Air Force One Touchstone
34546 Deceived Touchstone
34547 Quiz Show Hollywood
34548 The Hand That Rocks the Cradle Hollywood
34549 The Lion King II: Simba's Pride Disney
34550 Mary Poppins Disney
34553 Mafia! Touchstone
34554 Starship Troopers Touchstone
34556 Guilty as Sin Hollywood
34561 The Parent Trap Disney
34562 Dead Presidents Hollywood
34563 Rocketeer Touchstone
34564 White Fang Disney
34565 Pocahontas II: Journey to a New World Disney
34566 Aladdin and the King of Thieves Disney
34569 Snake Eyes Touchstone
34570 The Waterboy Touchstone
34571 Hocus Pocus Disney
34573 Operation Dumbo Drop Disney
34574 Pooh's Grand Adventure: The Search for Christopher Robin Disney
34575 The Sword in the Stone Disney
34577 Enemy of the State Touchstone
34578 What’s Love Got to Do It Touchstone
34579 Turner & Hooch Touchstone
34581 The Adventures of Huck Finn Disney
34583 Holy Man Touchstone
34585 Dangerous Minds Hollywood
34586 The Color of Money Touchstone
34587 Blank Check Disney
34592 Arachnophobia Hollywood
34593 Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit Touchstone
34594 The Preacher's Wife Touchstone
34595 Encino Man Hollywood
34596 Swiss Family Robinson Disney
34598 A Goofy Movie Disney
34600 Mighty Joe Young Disney
34601 Three Men and a Little Lady Touchstone
34602 When a Man Loves a Woman Touchstone
34604 That Darn Cat Disney
34605 Beauty and the Beast Disney
34631 A Bug's Life Disney
34634 My Favorite Martian Disney
34640 The Other Sister Touchstone
34641 Instinct Touchstone
34642 The Mighty Ducks Disney
34643 The 13th Warrior Touchstone
34644 Inspector Gadget Disney
34645 Bringing Out the Dead Touchstone
34646 The Sixth Sense Touchstone
34650 Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves Disney
34672 10 Things I Hate About You Touchstone
34677 End of Days Touchstone
34679 The Talented Mr. Ripley Miramax
34682 The Insider Touchstone
34686 Mulan Disney
34687 Hercules Disney
34688 Lady and the Tramp Disney
34689 The Jungle Book Disney
34690 The Little Mermaid Disney
34691 101 Dalmatians Disney
34692 Pinocchio Disney
34746 The Hurricane Touchstone

Independent releases (35000+)[edit]

Catalog number Title Library
35001 Alice in Wonderland Part 2 Columbia Pictures Television
35002 Flight to Fury Feature Film Corporation of America
35004 The Passenger Proteus Films
35005 The Cousteau Odyssey: Blind Prophets of Easter Island The Cousteau Society
35006 The Cousteau Odyssey: Lost Relics of the Sea The Cousteau Society
35007 The Cousteau Odyssey: The Warm-Blooded Sea: Mammals of the Deep The Cousteau Society
35008 Hollywood Ghost Stories Castle Hill Productions
35009 Moonlighting ABC Video Enterprises
35012 Saturday Night Live: The Best of Dan Aykroyd Broadway Video
35015 A Nightmare on Elm Street Part 2: Freddy's Revenge Heron Communications
35016 Alice in Wonderland Columbia Pictures Television
35017 Death of a Salesman Worldvision Enterprises
35018 Between Two Women ABC Video Enterprises
35025 Casanova Part 1 The Konigsberg/Sanitsky Company
35026 Casanova Part 2 The Konigsberg/Sanitsky Company
35028 Crossings Aaron Spelling Productions
35030 The Invincible Pole Fighters World-Northal Corporation
35031 Legendary Weapons of Kung Fu World-Northal Corporation
35032 Executioners from Shaolin World-Northal Corporation
35033 Men from the Monastery World-Northal Corporation
35034 Heroes Two World-Northal Corporation
35037 Superman and the Mole Men DC Comics
35038 Superman: The Serial Volume 2: Chapters 8-15 DC Comics
35040 Terminal Entry Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
35041 Happy Anniversary 007 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
35042 Atom Man vs. Superman Volume 2: Chapters 8-15 DC Comics
35043 TV's Best Adventures of Superman Volume 1 DC Comics
35044 TV's Best Adventures of Superman Volume 2 DC Comics
35045 TV's Best Adventures of Superman Volume 3 DC Comics
35046 TV's Best Adventures of Superman Volume 4 DC Comics
35048 Spago: Cooking with Wolfgang Puck Wolfgang Puck Inc.
35049 Demon of Paradise Concorde Pictures
35061 A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors Heron Communications
35062 The Living Daylights Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
35065 Warlords from Hell Concorde Pictures
35066 I Wanna Hold Your Hand Universal Pictures
35074 The Best of Abbott and Costello Live Abbott and Costello Productions
35075 To Be or Not to Be Castle Hill Productions
35076 The Long Voyage Home Castle Hill Productions
35077 History Is Made at Night Castle Hill Productions
35078 Stagecoach Castle Hill Productions
35079 I Married a Witch Castle Hill Productions
35080 Foreign Correspondent Castle Hill Productions
35085 The Pajama Game Warner Bros.
35086 Blood Screams Concorde Pictures
35100 Miami Supercops Elpico S.A.
35109 Damn Yankees Warner Bros.
35113 Switching Channels The Rank Organisation
35114 Hawks The Rank Organisation
35121 Bat*21 Epic Productions
35124 Hurricane Smith Village Roadshow Pictures
35136 Tripwire CineTel Films
35137 Licence to Kill Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
35145 Snake Eater Image Organization
35148 Saturday Night Live: The Best of Gilda Radner Broadway Video
35153 Idi Amin Dada: A Self Portrait Les Films du Losange
35154 Koko: A Talking Gorilla Les Films du Losange
35155 Maîtresse Les Films du Losange
35156 More Les Films du Losange
35157 Tricheurs Les Films du Losange
35202 Hyper Sapien: People from Another Star TaliaFilm II Productions
35203 Lionheart TaliaFilm II Productions
35294 Crossing the Line Miramax Films
35332 All Dogs Go to Heaven Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
35390 Dragonfight Dragonfight Productions
35393 The Big Steal Overseas Filmgroup
35467 Saturday Night Everynight Broadway Video
35472 The Complete Dirty Harry Warner Bros.
35489 Dead On CineTel Films
35508 Far Out Man CineTel Films
35514 For Those About to Rock Warner Bros. Records
35515 Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory/The Witches Warner Bros./Lorimar-Telepictures
35516 Cyborg/Bloodsport Cannon Films
35527 Hurricane Smith Village Roadshow Pictures
35532 The Pink Panther/A Shot in the Dark Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
35537 His Majesty O'Keefe Warner Bros.
35546 Double Edge Castle Hill Productions
35551 Elvis: The Lost Performances Turner Entertainment
35563 Beyond "JFK": The Question of Conspiracy Regency Enterprises
35570 Army of Darkness Araba Films
35577 The Tommyknockers ABC Video Enterprises
35579 Carry On Columbus Island World
35580 Citizen Cohn HBO Pictures
35581 Running Mates HBO Pictures
35582 Power Play: The Jackie Resser Story HBO Pictures
35583 Stalin HBO Pictures
35609 The Tommyknockers (LaserDisc) ABC Video Enterprises
35629 The Trouble with Girls/Jailhouse Rock Turner Entertainment
35635 The King of Comedy Regency Enterprises
35636 Brazil Regency Enterprises
35637 Legend Regency Enterprises
35638 Alice Through the Looking Glass Columbia Pictures Television
35639 The Stand Laurel Entertainment
35648 Barbarians at the Gate HBO Pictures
35691 Advise & Consent Carlyle Productions
35692 The Cardinal Carlyle Productions
35693 The Man with the Golden Arm Carlyle Productions
35694 The Moon is Blue Carlyle Productions
35695 Saint Joan Carlyle Productions
35696 Anatomy of a Filmmaker: Otto Preminger Carlyle Productions
35771 A Streetcar Named Desire: Director's Cut Lorimar-Telepictures
35773 Clint Eastwood: The Man from Malpaso Wombat
35780 Fatherland HBO Pictures
35794 America America Castle Hill Productions
35804 Ghoulies IV CineTel Films
35839 Manpower Australia: Outback Australia Manpower Australia
35899 Blown Away Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
35911 Gettysburg Part 1 Turner Entertainment
35912 Gettysburg Part 2 Turner Entertainment
35913 Babies at Play: Under a Blue, Blue Sky At Play Productions
35914 Babies at Play: On a Fun, Rainy Day At Play Productions
35915 Babies at Play: In Their Favorite Places At Play Productions
35926 Power Yoga: Energize MC Squared
35927 Power Yoga: Tone MC Squared
35928 Power Yoga: Sweat MC Squared
35963 The Big Stampede/The Telegraph Trail Turner Entertainment
35968 Babies at Play 12-unit merchandiser At Play Productions
35969 Babies at Play 24-unit merchandiser At Play Productions
36000 Easter Parade/Meet Me in St. Louis Turner Entertainment
36136 Brazil (letterboxed) Regency Enterprises
36161 The Mummy (letterboxed) Hammer Film Productions
36162 Horror of Dracula Hammer Film Productions
36163 The Curse of Frankenstein Hammer Film Productions
36210 The Dawn Patrol/Desperate Journey Turner Entertainment
36218 Amadeus The Saul Zaentz Company
36220 The Lord of the Rings The Saul Zaentz Company
36221 The Mosquito Coast The Saul Zaentz Company
36222 One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest The Saul Zaentz Company
36320 The King of Comedy (letterboxed) Regency Enterprises
36379 Amadeus (letterboxed) The Saul Zaentz Company
36403 One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (letterboxed) The Saul Zaentz Company
36404 The Mosquito Coast (letterboxed) The Saul Zaentz Company
36405 The Unbearable Lightness of Being (letterboxed) The Saul Zaentz Company
36544 Chitty Chitty Bang Bang/The Wizard of Oz Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and Turner Entertainment
37308 MVP: Most Valuable Primate Keystone Releasing
37409 El Señor de los Anillos (The Lord of the Rings) (Spanish-dubbed) The Saul Zaentz Company
37424 MVP 2: Most Vertical Primate Keystone Releasing
51866 Real Wheels: Mega Truck Adventures WarnerVision Entertainment

Cannon Films releases (37000 to 38000)[edit]

Catalog number Title Library
37000 52 Pick-Up Cannon Films
37003 Amadeus Cannon Films
37007 Avenging Force Cannon Films
37009 Murphy's Law Cannon Films
37016 Cross Creek Cannon Films
37025 Final Mission Cannon Films
37026 Firewalker Cannon Films
37029 Head Office Cannon Films
37032 Link Cannon Films
37044 A Passage to India Cannon Films
37046 Ransom Cannon Films
37058 Volunteers Cannon Films
37062 Bloodsport Cannon Films
37063 Business as Usual Cannon Films
37064 Castaway Cannon Films
37065 Doin' Time on Planet Earth Cannon Films
37066 Dancers Cannon Films
37067 Gor Cannon Films
37068 The Hanoi Hilton Cannon Films
37069 The Kitchen Toto Cannon Films
37070 Little Dorrit: Film One: Nobody's Fault Cannon Films
37071 Little Dorrit: Film Two: Little Dorrit's Story Cannon Films
37072 Mascara Cannon Films
37073 Masters of the Universe Cannon Films
37074 Outlaw of Gor Cannon Films
37075 Penitentiary III Cannon Films
37076 Shy People Cannon Films
37077 Surrender Cannon Films
37079 Three Kinds of Heat Cannon Films
37080 Under Cover Cannon Films
37081 Wisdom Cannon Films
37082 Young Love: Lemon Popsicle 7 Cannon Films
37088 The Arrogant Cannon Films
37092 The Barbarians Cannon Films
37094 Beauty and the Beast Cannon Films
37099 Bloodsport Cannon Films
37100 Braddock: Missing in Action 3 Cannon Films
37101 Business as Usual Cannon Films
37104 Castaway Cannon Films
37111 Doin' Time on Planet Earth Cannon Films
37112 Down Twisted Cannon Films
37119 Firewalker Cannon Films
37121 The Freedom Fighters Cannon Films
37122 The Frog Prince Cannon Films
37125 Dancers Cannon Films
37127 Gor Cannon Films
37130 The Hanoi Hilton Cannon Films
37131 Hansel and Gretel Cannon Films
37133 Heat Cannon Films
37156 Mannequin Cannon Films
37158 Mascara Cannon Films
37159 Masters of the Universe Cannon Films
37165 Outlaw of Gor Cannon Films
37170 Pirates Cannon Films
37176 Raiders in Action Cannon Films
37193 Superman IV: The Quest for Peace Cannon Films
37196 Tai-Pan Cannon Films
37209 Wisdom Cannon Films
37211 Appointment with Death Cannon Films
37212 Barfly Cannon Films
37213 Dragonard Cannon Films
37214 Storm Cannon Films
37226 Dangerously Close Cannon Films

Weintraub releases (38000 to 40000)[edit]

Catalog number Title Library
38000 All of Me Weintraub Entertainment Group
38001 The Awakening Weintraub Entertainment Group
38002 The Beastmaster Weintraub Entertainment Group
38003 Clockwise Weintraub Entertainment Group
38004 Comfort and Joy Weintraub Entertainment Group
38005 Cross of Iron Weintraub Entertainment Group
38006 The Deer Hunter Weintraub Entertainment Group
38007 Dreamscape Weintraub Entertainment Group
38008 Dune Weintraub Entertainment Group
38009 The Elephant Man Weintraub Entertainment Group
38010 Fire and Ice Weintraub Entertainment Group
38011 Frances Weintraub Entertainment Group
38012 Halloween III: Season of the Witch Weintraub Entertainment Group
38013 Head Office Weintraub Entertainment Group
38014 The Hills Have Eyes Part 2 Weintraub Entertainment Group
38015 Honky Tonk Freeway Weintraub Entertainment Group
38016 The Killing Fields Weintraub Entertainment Group
38017 The Land That Time Forgot Weintraub Entertainment Group
38018 A Private Function Weintraub Entertainment Group
38019 Privates on Parade Weintraub Entertainment Group
38020 Razorback Weintraub Entertainment Group
38021 Warlords of Atlantis Weintraub Entertainment Group
38022 Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars Weintraub Entertainment Group
38023 Restless Natives Weintraub Entertainment Group
38024 Doctor Who and the Daleks Weintraub Entertainment Group
38025 Daleks Invasion Earth 2150 A.D. Weintraub Entertainment Group
38026 Tales of Beatrix Potter Weintraub Entertainment Group
38027 Bad Boys Weintraub Entertainment Group
38028 Black Moon Rising Weintraub Entertainment Group
38029 Brazil Weintraub Entertainment Group
38030 Britannia Hospital Weintraub Entertainment Group
38031 Carry On Cabby Weintraub Entertainment Group
38032 Carry On Cleo Weintraub Entertainment Group
38033 Carry On Constable Weintraub Entertainment Group
38034 Carry On Cowboy Weintraub Entertainment Group
38035 Carry On Cruising Weintraub Entertainment Group
38036 Carry On Jack Weintraub Entertainment Group
38037 Carry On Nurse Weintraub Entertainment Group
38038 Carry On Regardless Weintraub Entertainment Group
38039 Carry On Screaming Weintraub Entertainment Group
38040 Carry On Sergeant Weintraub Entertainment Group
38041 Carry On Spying Weintraub Entertainment Group
38042 Carry On Teacher Weintraub Entertainment Group
38044 Conan the Barbarian Weintraub Entertainment Group
38047 Flashpoint Weintraub Entertainment Group
38048 Genesis: Three Sides Live Weintraub Entertainment Group
38049 Ghost Ship Weintraub Entertainment Group
38050 Highlander Weintraub Entertainment Group
38051 The Hitcher Weintraub Entertainment Group
38052 The Hotel New Hampshire Weintraub Entertainment Group
38053 The Jazz Singer Weintraub Entertainment Group
38054 Legend Weintraub Entertainment Group
38055 Let's Spend the Night Together Weintraub Entertainment Group
38056 Link Weintraub Entertainment Group
38057 Local Hero Weintraub Entertainment Group
38058 Mona Lisa Weintraub Entertainment Group
38059 The Osterman Weekend Weintraub Entertainment Group
38060 The Plague Dogs Weintraub Entertainment Group
38061 Plenty Weintraub Entertainment Group
38063 Santa Claus: The Movie Weintraub Entertainment Group
38064 The Shooting Party Weintraub Entertainment Group
38065 Slayground Weintraub Entertainment Group
38066 Southern Comfort Weintraub Entertainment Group
38069 Superman III Weintraub Entertainment Group
38070 That'll Be the Day Weintraub Entertainment Group
38071 Times Square Weintraub Entertainment Group
38072 Water Weintraub Entertainment Group
38074 Take Me High Weintraub Entertainment Group
38075 The Young Ones Weintraub Entertainment Group
38076 Wonderful Life Weintraub Entertainment Group
38077 The Belles of St. Trinian's Weintraub Entertainment Group
38078 Blue Murder at St. Trinian's Weintraub Entertainment Group
38079 The Great St. Trinian's Train Robbery Weintraub Entertainment Group
38080 The Pure Hell of St. Trinian's Weintraub Entertainment Group
38081 Children of the Corn Weintraub Entertainment Group
38083 The Colditz Story Weintraub Entertainment Group
38084 The Concert for Bangladesh Weintraub Entertainment Group
38085 The Cruel Sea Weintraub Entertainment Group
38086 The Dam Busters Weintraub Entertainment Group
38087 Don't Look Now Weintraub Entertainment Group
38089 Endless Night Weintraub Entertainment Group
38090 Entertaining Mr. Sloane Weintraub Entertainment Group
38091 The Far Pavilions Weintraub Entertainment Group
38092 Firestarter Weintraub Entertainment Group
38093 Fright Weintraub Entertainment Group
38094 Ice Cold in Alex Weintraub Entertainment Group
38096 A Kind of Loving Weintraub Entertainment Group
38097 Love Thy Neighbour Weintraub Entertainment Group
38099 Murder on the Orient Express Weintraub Entertainment Group
38100 The Nanny Weintraub Entertainment Group
38101 One Million Years B.C. Weintraub Entertainment Group
38102 Ooh...You Are Awful Weintraub Entertainment Group
38105 Stardust Weintraub Entertainment Group
38106 Supergirl Weintraub Entertainment Group
38107 Up Pompeii Weintraub Entertainment Group
38108 The Wooden Horse Weintraub Entertainment Group
38109 Tommy Weintraub Entertainment Group
38111 Death on the Nile Weintraub Entertainment Group
38113 The Mirror Crack'd Weintraub Entertainment Group
38114 Blame It on Rio Weintraub Entertainment Group
38115 Raquel: Total Beauty and Fitness Weintraub Entertainment Group
38117 The Conquest of Everest Weintraub Entertainment Group
38118 School for Scoundrels Weintraub Entertainment Group
38119 Private's Progress Weintraub Entertainment Group
38120 Only Two Can Play Weintraub Entertainment Group
38121 The Rebel Weintraub Entertainment Group
38122 Loot Weintraub Entertainment Group
38123 Passport to Pimlico Weintraub Entertainment Group
38124 The Lavender Hill Mob Weintraub Entertainment Group
38125 The Man in the White Suit Weintraub Entertainment Group
38127 Kind Hearts and Coronets Weintraub Entertainment Group
38128 The Ladykillers Weintraub Entertainment Group
38129 Whisky Galore Weintraub Entertainment Group
38131 The Raging Moon Weintraub Entertainment Group
38132 Anna Karenina Weintraub Entertainment Group
38133 The Glitter Dome Weintraub Entertainment Group
38134 Darling Weintraub Entertainment Group
38137 Amityville II: The Possession Weintraub Entertainment Group
38138 The Plague of the Zombies Weintraub Entertainment Group
38139 Fear City Weintraub Entertainment Group
38140 The Man Who Fell to Earth Weintraub Entertainment Group
38141 Billy Liar Weintraub Entertainment Group
38142 The L-Shaped Room Weintraub Entertainment Group
38143 The Family Way Weintraub Entertainment Group
38145 Once Upon a Time in America Weintraub Entertainment Group
38146 Villain Weintraub Entertainment Group
38147 The Masque of the Red Death Weintraub Entertainment Group
38148 Are You Being Served? Weintraub Entertainment Group
38150 On the Buses Weintraub Entertainment Group
38151 Up the Front Weintraub Entertainment Group
38152 I Was Monty's Double Weintraub Entertainment Group
38153 Ransom Weintraub Entertainment Group
38154 The Third Man Weintraub Entertainment Group
38156 The Lady with a Lamp Weintraub Entertainment Group
38157 The Sound Barrier Weintraub Entertainment Group
38160 Scars of Dracula Weintraub Entertainment Group
38161 The Chinese Boxer Weintraub Entertainment Group
38162 At the Earth's Core Weintraub Entertainment Group
38163 The Railway Children Weintraub Entertainment Group
38164 Hobson's Choice Weintraub Entertainment Group
38167 Scott of the Antarctic Weintraub Entertainment Group
38168 The Jigsaw Man Weintraub Entertainment Group
38169 Eyewitness Weintraub Entertainment Group
38170 The Manhattan Project Weintraub Entertainment Group
38171 The Philadelphia Experiment (unconfirmed) Weintraub Entertainment Group
38172 Two Way Stretch Weintraub Entertainment Group
38173 The Green Man Weintraub Entertainment Group
38174 Heavens Above! Weintraub Entertainment Group
38175 To the Devil a Daughter Weintraub Entertainment Group
38176 Tender Mercies Weintraub Entertainment Group
38177 The Go-Between Weintraub Entertainment Group
38181 Up the Chastity Belt Weintraub Entertainment Group
38182 The Likely Lads Weintraub Entertainment Group
38183 Blackmail Weintraub Entertainment Group
38184 Till Death Us Do Part Weintraub Entertainment Group
38185 Holiday on the Buses Weintraub Entertainment Group
38186 Shalako Weintraub Entertainment Group
38188 Twisted Nerve Weintraub Entertainment Group
38189 Silver Bears Weintraub Entertainment Group
38190 Volunteers Weintraub Entertainment Group
38191 The Driver Weintraub Entertainment Group
38192 Convoy Weintraub Entertainment Group
38193 The Best of Times Weintraub Entertainment Group
38195 Nicholas Nickleby Weintraub Entertainment Group
38200 Go to Blazes Weintraub Entertainment Group
38201 Catch Us If You Can Weintraub Entertainment Group
38203 Gonks Go Beat Weintraub Entertainment Group
38204 City Under the Sea Weintraub Entertainment Group
38205 Arabian Adventure Weintraub Entertainment Group
38206 Swallows and Amazons Weintraub Entertainment Group
38207 The Big Job Weintraub Entertainment Group
38211 Percy Weintraub Entertainment Group
38212 Every Home Should Have One Weintraub Entertainment Group
38213 The Captain's Paradise Weintraub Entertainment Group
38216 Konga Weintraub Entertainment Group
38218 Can't Stop the Music Weintraub Entertainment Group
38221 Confession Weintraub Entertainment Group
38222 Hell Is a City Weintraub Entertainment Group
38223 Cold Sweat Weintraub Entertainment Group
38224 The Frightened City Weintraub Entertainment Group
38225 Circus of Horrors Weintraub Entertainment Group
38226 No Trees in the Streets Weintraub Entertainment Group
38229 The 36th Chamber of Shaolin Weintraub Entertainment Group
38231 S.O.S. Titanic Weintraub Entertainment Group
38245 Zoltan, Hound of Dracula Weintraub Entertainment Group
38246 Dr. Jekyll and Sister Hyde Weintraub Entertainment Group
38247 Lust for a Vampire Weintraub Entertainment Group
38251 It's All Happening! Weintraub Entertainment Group
38254 Accident Weintraub Entertainment Group
38256 Lady Caroline Lamb Weintraub Entertainment Group
38258 Rattle of a Simple Man Weintraub Entertainment Group
38269 The Amazing Howard Hughes Weintraub Entertainment Group
38270 Cross Creek Weintraub Entertainment Group
38275 I Am a Dancer Weintraub Entertainment Group
38278 The Tales of Hoffmann Weintraub Entertainment Group
38281 The Wicker Man Weintraub Entertainment Group
38282 Cat and Mouse Weintraub Entertainment Group
38288 Henry VIII and His Six Wives Weintraub Entertainment Group
38298 Aces High Weintraub Entertainment Group
38305 Conduct Unbecoming Weintraub Entertainment Group
38322 Carry On Cabby/Carry On Nurse Weintraub Entertainment Group
38323 Carry On Jack/Carry On Constable Weintraub Entertainment Group
38324 Carry On Spying/Carry On Cruising Weintraub Entertainment Group
38325 Carry On Regardless/Carry On Cowboy Weintraub Entertainment Group
38326 Carry On Screaming/Carry On Teacher Weintraub Entertainment Group
38328 Doctor Who and the Daleks/Daleks Invasion 2150 A.D. Weintraub Entertainment Group
38349 The Big Blockade Weintraub Entertainment Group
38352 Highlander (letterboxed) Weintraub Entertainment Group
38357 The Elephant Man (letterboxed) Weintraub Entertainment Group
38358 The Curse of the Werewolf Weintraub Entertainment Group
38370 The Deer Hunter (letterboxed) Weintraub Entertainment Group
38379 Cross of Iron (letterboxed) Weintraub Entertainment Group
38380 The 36th Chamber of Shaolin Weintraub Entertainment Group
38381 Alphaville Weintraub Entertainment Group
38391 The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie Weintraub Entertainment Group
38403 Ran Weintraub Entertainment Group
38413 Carry On Regardless Weintraub Entertainment Group
38463 The Railway Children/Swallows and Amazons Weintraub Entertainment Group
38520 Conan the Destroyer Weintraub Entertainment Group
38524 Ghost Ship Weintraub Entertainment Group
38548 Amadeus Weintraub Entertainment Group
38566 Handgun Weintraub Entertainment Group
38653 Cadichon Weintraub Entertainment Group
38655 Inspector Gadget Vol. 1 Weintraub Entertainment Group
38665 Ransom Weintraub Entertainment Group
38666 The Third Man Weintraub Entertainment Group
38690 Inspector Gadget Vol. 2 Weintraub Entertainment Group
38691 Inspector Gadget Vol. 3 Weintraub Entertainment Group
38694 The Return of the Living Dead Weintraub Entertainment Group
39005 Against the Wind Weintraub Entertainment Group
39010 And Then There Were None Weintraub Entertainment Group
39011 Angels One-Five Weintraub Entertainment Group
39020 The Beast Must Die Weintraub Entertainment Group
39029 Blood from the Mummy's Tomb Weintraub Entertainment Group
39030 The Blood of Fu Manchu Weintraub Entertainment Group
39036 The Brides of Fu Manchu Weintraub Entertainment Group
39038 Brighton Rock Weintraub Entertainment Group
39041 The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension Weintraub Entertainment Group
39046 The Castle of Fu Manchu Weintraub Entertainment Group
39057 The Comedy Man Weintraub Entertainment Group
39071 Dead of Night Weintraub Entertainment Group
39075 The Devil Rides Out Weintraub Entertainment Group
39081 Dracula, Prince of Darkness Weintraub Entertainment Group
39098 Far from the Madding Crowd Weintraub Entertainment Group
39130 A Hill in Korea Weintraub Entertainment Group
39132 Hoffman Weintraub Entertainment Group
39135 The Horror of Frankenstein Weintraub Entertainment Group
39138 Hugh and Cry Weintraub Entertainment Group
39145 The Intruder Weintraub Entertainment Group
39146 Invasion Weintraub Entertainment Group
39155 Rocket to the Moon Weintraub Entertainment Group
39232 Puberty Blues Weintraub Entertainment Group
39233 Quatermass and the Pit Weintraub Entertainment Group
39260 6-5 Special Weintraub Entertainment Group
39306 Frankenstein Created Woman Weintraub Entertainment Group
39308 Rasputin, the Mad Monk Weintraub Entertainment Group

Turner Entertainment releases (65000 to 70000)[edit]

All these releases were previously held by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer before Turner acquired its pre-1986 library in a failed attempt to purchase the company itself. Warner assumed full control of these titles in 1999 as part of a deal to terminate its home video distribution contract with MGM/UA Home Video early.

Catalog number Title Library
65000 2001: A Space Odyssey Turner Entertainment
65001 42nd Street Associated Artists Productions
65002 2001: A Space Odyssey (letterboxed) Turner Entertainment
65003 2001: A Space Odyssey (box set) Turner Entertainment
65004 Lolita Turner Entertainment
65005 Angels with Dirty Faces Associated Artists Productions
65006 Lolita (box set) Turner Entertainment
65007 Boys Town Turner Entertainment
65008 Casablanca Associated Artists Productions
65009 Gone with the Wind Turner Entertainment
65010 Key Largo Associated Artists Productions
65012 The Maltese Falcon Associated Artists Productions
65013 Mildred Pierce Associated Artists Productions
65014 A Night at the Opera Turner Entertainment
65015 Ninotchka Turner Entertainment
65016 North by Northwest Turner Entertainment
65017 The Philadelphia Story Turner Entertainment
65019 The Shop Around the Corner Turner Entertainment
65020 Singin' in the Rain Turner Entertainment
65021 To Have and Have Not Associated Artists Productions
65022 The Treasure of the Sierra Madre Associated Artists Productions
65023 White Heat Associated Artists Productions
65025 Arsenic and Old Lace Associated Artists Productions
65026 The Big Sleep Associated Artists Productions
65027 A Christmas Carol Turner Entertainment
65028 Christmas in Connecticut Turner Entertainment
65029 Dark Victory Associated Artists Productions
65030 Jezebel Associated Artists Productions
65031 Now, Voyager Associated Artists Productions
65032 Public Enemy Associated Artists Productions
65033 The Roaring Twenties Associated Artists Productions
65077 Diner Turner Entertainment
65115 The Oklahoma Kid Turner Entertainment
65158 Lassie Come Home Turner Entertainment
65400 Get Carter Turner Entertainment
65601 2001: Una odisea del espacio (2001: A Space Odyssey) (Spanish-subtitled) Turner Entertainment
65607 A Midsummer Night's Dream Associated Artists Productions

Independent & international releases (90000 to 100000)[edit]

Catalog number Title Library
90022 Au revoir les enfants MK2 Diffusion
90024 The Rogues Warner Bros.
90064 Giselle National Video Corporation
90070 Physical Evidence The Rank Organisation
90071 Welcome Home The Rank Organization
90072 Mannequin Two: On the Move The Rank Organisation
90074 The Bulldog Breed The Rank Organisation
90148 Millennium The Rank Organisation
90150 Blithe Spirit The Rank Organisation
90202 20th Anniversary Reunion of TV's The Comedians Rich and Famous Television Productions
90237 Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare New Line Cinema
90295 The Fourth Protocol The Rank Organisation
90599 Light Sleeper Carolco Pictures
90790 Heart of Darkness Turner Entertainment
91785 A House in the Hills Carolco Pictures
91793 American Heart Island World Communications
91948 I'll Take Her Like a Father Clesi Cinematografica
91979 Cronos October Films
92192 Dragon Lord Golden Harvest
92194 Winners and Sinners Golden Harvest
92195 The Armor of God Golden Harvest
92196 The Young Master Golden Harvest
92197 My Lucky Stars Golden Harvest
92212 Project A Golden Harvest
92919 The Million Dollar Hotel Icon Home Entertainment
93196 Duets Icon Home Entertainment
93205 Le Crime de Monsieur Lange StudioCanal
93423 The Dancer Upstairs Lolafilms
95002 The Franz Beckenbauer Story Robert Schwan and Company
95037 Edge of Darkness Part 1 BBC Enterprises
95054 Akira Connexion Film
95072 Moon 44 Spectrum Entertainment Group
95079 The Hot Spot Orion Pictures
95099 Out of the Rain Epic Productions
95104 The Lover Warner Bros.
95108 The Magic Voyage Atlas Film
95123 Bad Lieutenant Odyssey Distribution
95152 Enchanted April BBC Enterprises
95312 Basic Icon Home Entertainment
95704 Cypher Icon Home Entertainment

The Nostalgia Merchant (97000 to 97999)[edit]

Catalog number Title Library
97022 Citizen Kane RKO Pictures
97028 Night of the Living Dead Continental Distributing
97029 The Body Snatcher RKO Pictures
97049 The Three Stooges Comedy Capers Vol. 1 Columbia Pictures

Six-digit system (100000+)[edit]

Catalog number Title Library
110426 The Blind Side Warner Bros.
234884 The Dark Knight Rises Warner Bros.
488173 Mad Max: Fury Road Warner Bros.
769911 Bill & Ted Face the Music Orion Pictures