Comprehensive catalog of Vestron Video releases

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This page is for sorting Vestron Video's worldwide releases by catalog number. The asterisk indicates a number used exclusively for international releases. The double asterisk indicates a reissue on a different label or number.

International releases on Vestron featured the catalog number preceded by at least one number, which indicated the country the video was released in (including "1" for the U.K., "2" for Australia, "7" for Germany, "6" for France, "26" for Sweden, and "5" for the Netherlands, where Vestron's international division was headquartered). The "1" prefix was also used in the United States by Live Entertainment following its acquisition of Vestron.

The list also includes the libraries of Wizard Video and VidAmerica (pre-1987), which Vestron distributed on videodisc (though very few of their releases were so issued).

Catalog number Title Label Library
0007 Ms. Don Juan Wizard Scotia American
0008 Auditions Wizard Empire International
0009 My Pleasure Is My Business Wizard Brian Distributing Corporation
0010 Willie Nelson's Fourth of July Celebration Wizard Alston/Zanich International
0011 The Great McGonagall Wizard Scotia American
0012 Crystal Voyager Wizard United States Travel Service
0013 Pink Flamingos Wizard Dreamland Productions
0014 Fist of Fear, Touch of Death Wizard Aquarius Releasing
0015 Sextoons Wizard The Jerry Gross Organization
0016 I Spit on Your Grave Wizard The Jerry Gross Organization
0017 The Best of the New York Erotic Film Festival Wizard Saliva Films
0018 Penitentiary Wizard The Jerry Gross Organization
0019 Zombie Wizard The Jerry Gross Organization
0020 Emanuelle Around the World Wizard The Jerry Gross Organization
0021 The Miss Nude America Contest Wizard The Jerry Gross Organization
0022 The Boogey Man Wizard The Jerry Gross Organization
0023 My Sister, My Love Wizard The Jerry Gross Organization
0024 The Best of Sex and Violence Wizard Empire International
0025 Max Fleischer's Superman Wizard DC Comics
0026 Season of the Witch Wizard Jack H. Harris Enterprises
0027 Equinox Wizard Jack H. Harris Enterprises
0028 Schlock Wizard Jack H. Harris Enterprises
0029 The Astro Zombies Wizard Jack H. Harris Enterprises
0030 Terminal Island Wizard Dimension Pictures
0031 The Harrad Experiment Wizard Cinerama Releasing
0032 Tunnel Vision Wizard International Harmony
0033 The Flesh and Blood Show Wizard Entertainment Ventures
0034 The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Wizard New Line Cinema
0035 Slave of the Cannibal God Wizard New Line Cinema
0036 Beyond Atlantis Wizard Dimension Pictures
0037 Street Fighter's Last Revenge Wizard New Line Cinema
0038 The Devil's Wedding Night Wizard Dimension Pictures
0039 Female Trouble Wizard Dreamland Productions
0040 Monty Python Meets Beyond the Fringe Wizard New Line Cinema
0041 The Driller Killer Wizard Rochelle Films
0042 The Gladiators Wizard New Line Cinema
0043 Malatesta's Carnival of Blood Wizard International Coproductions
0044 Dr. Minx Wizard Dimension Pictures
0045 Harrad Summer Wizard Cinerama Releasing
0046 Dr. Jekyll's Dungeon of Death Wizard Rochelle Films
0047 Innocents with Dirty Hands Wizard New Line Cinema
0048 Dixie Dynamite Wizard Dimension Films
0049 Foxforce Wizard Dimension Films
0050 The Tattooed Hitman Wizard New Line Cinema
0051 Parasite Wizard Empire International
0052 Sister Street Fighter Wizard New Line Cinema
0053 Bad Georgia Road Wizard Dimension Pictures
0054 Escape from Hell Wizard Empire International
0055 Return of the Zombis Wizard Empire International
0056 Mission Phantom Wizard Empire International
0057 Mandinga Wizard Empire International
0058 SS Experiment Wizard Empire International
0059 The Battle of the Last Panzer Wizard Empire International
0060 Emanuelle Black and White Wizard Empire International
0061 Phenomenal and the Treasure of Tutankamen Wizard Empire International
0062 I Spit on Your Grave Wizard The Jerry Gross Organization
0063 The Beast Wizard Jack H. Harris Enterprises
0064 Demoniac Wizard Empire International
0065 Fear Wizard Empire International
0066 The Mafu Cage Wizard The Jerry Gross Organization
0067 Helltrain Wizard Empire International
0068 Crimson: The Color of Terror Wizard Empire International
0069 The Invisible Dead Wizard Empire International
0070 Zombie Lake Wizard Empire International
0071 Trauma Wizard Empire International
0072 Famous T&A Wizard Empire International
0073 A Virgin Among the Living Dead Wizard Empire International
0074 Fraulein Devil Wizard Empire International
0075 Tormentor Wizard Empire International
0077 Revenge in the House of Usher Wizard Empire International
0078 Oasis of the Zombies Wizard Empire International
0079 Avenger X Wizard Empire International
0080 Monster Hunter Wizard Empire International
0081 Student Union Wizard Empire International
0082 Breeders Wizard Empire International
0083 The Possessor Wizard Empire International
0084 Blood Castle Wizard Empire International
0085 The Screaming Dead Wizard Empire International
0086 Zombiethon Wizard Empire International
0087 Blood Brothers Wizard Empire International
0088 The Master Killers Wizard Golden Harvest
0089 Snake Hunter Strangler Wizard Columbia Pictures
0090 Dreamaniac Wizard Empire International
0091 The Headless Eyes Wizard Cinema Shares International Distribution
0092 Robot Holocaust Wizard Empire International
0093 Psychos in Love Wizard Empire International
0094 Mutant Hunt Wizard Empire International
0109 NOVA: Can the Elephant Be Saved? Vestron WGBH Educational Foundation
0110 NOVA: The Blimp Is Back! Vestron WGBH Educational Foundation
0112 Mistress LIVE Tribeca Productions
0203 Under Capricorn VidAmerica King World Entertainment
0218 Sinbad the Sailor VidAmerica RKO Pictures
0700 Echoes VidAmerica TBD
0701 The World's Greatest Photography Course VidAmerica Video Corporation of America
0702 The Boys of Summer VidAmerica Video Corporation of America
0703 Fort Apache VidAmerica RKO Pictures
0758 The Superstars of Women's Tennis Vestron Castle Communications
0760 Tennis' Greatest Volleys and Follies Vestron Castle Communications
0763 Smithsonian World: On the Shoulders of Giants Vestron Smithsonian Institution
0764 Smithsonian World: Designs for Living Vestron Smithsonian Institution
0765 Smithsonian World: Speaking Without Words Vestron Smithsonian Institution
0766 Smithsonian World: Crossing the Distance Vestron Smithsonian Institution
0767 Smithsonian World: A Desk in the Jungle Vestron Smithsonian Institution
0768 Smithsonian World: Heroes and the Test of Time Vestron Smithsonian Institution
0769 Smithsonian World: The Last Flower Vestron Smithsonian Institution
0770 Smithsonian World: A Usable Past Vestron Smithsonian Institution
0771 The Infinite Voyage: The Future of the Past Vestron QED Communications
0772 The Infinite Voyage: The Living Clock Vestron QED Communications
0773 The Infinite Voyage: A Taste of Health Vestron QED Communications
0774 The Infinite Voyage: Miracles by Design Vestron QED Communications
0775 Inside Sports: Beauties on the Beach Vestron A. Blake/Rhino Publications
0776 The Dog Care Video Guide Vestron TBD
0777 The Cat Care Video Guide Vestron TBD
0778 Introduction to Horseback Riding and Horse Care Vestron TBD
0783 Amityville 3-D (extended play) Vestron Orion Pictures
0784 Broadway Danny Rose (extended play) Vestron Orion Pictures
0786 The Bounty (extended play) Vestron Orion Pictures
0788 The Purple Rose of Cairo (extended play) Vestron Orion Pictures
0794 Mental Golf Vestron TBD
0859 The Unseen VidAmerica Viacom International
0860 Baseball's Hall of Fame: The Game and Its Glory VidAmerica Major League Baseball Productions
0887 Emanuelle in America VidAmerica TBD
0889 Joan of Arc VidAmerica TBD
0891 James Dean: The First American Teenager VidAmerica Lorimar-Telepictures
0894 The Wedding Party VidAmerica Ondine Productions
0903 Citizen Kane VidAmerica RKO Pictures
0905 Oh! Calcutta! VidAmerica Norman Kean Productions
0906 The Bermuda Triangle VidAmerica Viacom International
0909 The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn VidAmerica Viacom International
0911 Gunga Din VidAmerica RKO Pictures
0924 King Kong VidAmerica RKO Pictures
0925 The Lincoln Conspiracy VidAmerica Viacom International
0929 Top Hat VidAmerica RKO Pictures
0933 She Wore a Yellow Ribbon VidAmerica RKO Pictures
0934 Flying Leathernecks VidAmerica RKO Pictures
0936 Room Service VidAmerica RKO Pictures
0938 The Hunchback of Notre Dame VidAmerica RKO Pictures
0944 The Thing VidAmerica RKO Pictures
0948 Human Experiments VidAmerica Pyramid Entertainment
0952 The Two Best World Series Ever VidAmerica Major League Baseball Productions
0953 The Greatest Comeback Ever VidAmerica Major League Baseball Productions
0954 Baseball Fun and Games VidAmerica Major League Baseball Productions
0963 Football Follies and Highlights of Super Bowl V VidAmerica NFL Films
0964 Son of Football Follies and Highlights of Super Bowl XIV VidAmerica NFL Films
0970 Emanuelle in Bangkok VidAmerica TBD
0977 The NFL SymFunny and Highlights of Super Bowl III VidAmerica NFL Films
0988 The Amazing World of Psychic Phenomena VidAmerica Viacom International
0995 Do They Know it's Christmas?: The Story of the Official Band Aid Video Vestron Music Video TBD
0998 Collector's Edition Classics VidAmerica RKO Pictures
1000 Making Michael Jackson's Thriller Vestron Music Video TBD
1001 Picture Music Vestron Music Video TBD
1002 Neil Young: Rust Never Sleeps Vestron Music Video HBO
1004 The Kinks: One for the Road‎ Vestron Music Video HBO
1005 Neil Diamond: Love at the Greek Vestron Music Video TBD
1006 Earth, Wind and Fire in Concert ‎ Vestron Music Video TBD
1008 Pink Floyd: Live at Pompeii Vestron Music Video TBD
1009 Asia in Asia Vestron Music Video TBD
1011 Elton John: Night & Day -The Night Time Concert Vestron Music Video TBD
1012 Linda Ronstadt: What's New? Vestron Music Video TBD
1013 Christine McVie: The Video Album Vestron Music Video TBD
1015 Queen: We Will Rock You Vestron Music Video TBD
1016 Video Rewind: The Rolling Stones' Great Video Hits! Vestron Music Video TBD
1017 Loverboy Live Vestron Music Video TBD
1018 Cars: Live 1984-1985 Vestron Music Video TBD
1022 The Winning Edge: Private Lessons with the Pros Vestron TBD
1023 Liberace Live Vestron Music Video TBD
1024 Elton John: The Afternoon Concert Vestron Music Video TBD
1025 Pete Townshend: White City (The Music Movie) Vestron Music Video TBD
1027 Eric Clapton: Live Now ‎ Vestron Music Video TBD
1028 Dick Clark's Best of Bandstand Vestron Music Video TBD
1029 (National Geographic) The Sharks Vestron National Geographic
1030 (National Geographic) Land of the Tiger Vestron National Geographic
1031 (National Geographic) Iceland River Challenge Vestron National Geographic
1032 Greenpeace: Non Toxic Video Hits Vestron Music Video TBD
1033 :20 Workout Vestron TBD
1036 Engelbert Humperdinck in Concert Vestron Music Video TBD
1037 Lisa Sliwa's Common Sense Defense Vestron TBD
1039 (National Geographic) Gorilla Vestron National Geographic
1040 (National Geographic) The Incredible Human Machine Vestron National Geographic
1041 (National Geographic) Yukon Passage Vestron National Geographic
1042 Shock Wave Vestron Music Video TBD
1043 MTV Closet Classics Vestron Music Video TBD
1044 45/85: America and the world since World War II: vol. I 1945-1952 Vestron TBD
1045 45/85: America and the world since World War II: vol. II 1953-1960 Vestron TBD
1046 45/85: America and the world since World War II: vol. III 1961-1975 Vestron TBD
1047 45/85: America and the world since World War II: vol. IV 1976-1985 Vestron TBD
1049 The Statue of Liberty Vestron Florentine Films
1050 (National Geographic) African Wildlife Vestron National Geographic
1051 (National Geographic) Save the Panda Vestron National Geographic
1052 (National Geographic) Atocha: Quest for Treasure Vestron National Geographic
1053 Meat Loaf Live! Vestron Music Video TBD
1055 (National Geographic) The Great Whales Vestron National Geographic
1056 (National Geographic) Rain Forest Vestron National Geographic
1057 (National Geographic) Born of Fire Vestron National Geographic
1061 Tammy Wynette In Concert Vestron Music Video TBD
1062 Neil Diamond: I'm Glad You're Here With Me Tonight Vestron Music Video TBD
1063 (National Geographic) Secrets of the Titanic Vestron National Geographic
1065 Ultravox: The Collection Vestron Music Video TBD
1066 The Michael Schenker Group: Rock Will Never Die (Recorded Live at the Hammersmith Odeon) Vestron Music Video TBD
1067 Swimsuit Illustrated: On Location Vestron Sports Illustrated
1068 (National Geographic) Miniature Miracle: The Computer Chip Vestron National Geographic
1069 (National Geographic) Polar Bear Alert Vestron National Geographic
1070 (National Geographic) Creatures of Namib Desert Vestron National Geographic
1072 Spandau Ballet: Over Britain Live In London! Vestron Music Video TBD
1076 (National Geographic) Egypt: Quest for Eternity Vestron National Geographic
1077 (National Geographic) Man-Eaters of India Vestron National Geographic
1078 (National Geographic) Tropical Kingdom of Belize Vestron National Geographic
1079 The Rich And Famous 1987 World's Best Vestron TBD
1080 Birthday Boy Vestron TBD
1082 (National Geographic) Realm of the Alligator Vestron National Geographic
1083 (National Geographic) Among the Wild Chimpanzees Vestron National Geographic
1084 (National Geographic) Jerusalem: Within These Walls Vestron National Geographic
1085 Learning Football The NFL Way: Defense Vestron TBD
1087 Dinosaur! Vestron TBD
1090 (NOVA) UFO's: Are We Alone? Vestron WGBH Educational Foundation
1091 Albert Einstein Vestron WGBH Educational Foundation
1092 (NOVA) Visions of the Deep Vestron WGBH Educational Foundation
1093 (National Geographic) The Grizzlies Vestron National Geographic
1094 (National Geographic) Himalayan River Run Vestron National Geographic
1095 (National Geographic) Ballad of the Irish Horse Vestron National Geographic
1099 (National Geographic) The Secret Leopard Vestron National Geographic
1100 (National Geographic) The Invisible World Vestron National Geographic
1101 (National Geographic) Australia's Improbable Animals Vestron National Geographic
1104 (NOVA) Fat Chance In A Thin World Vestron WGBH Educational Foundation
1105 (National Geographic) Lions of the African Night Vestron National Geographic
1106 (National Geographic) Creatures of the Mangrove Vestron National Geographic
1107 (National Geographic) The Rhino War Vestron National Geographic
1108 (National Geographic) Living Treasures of Japan Vestron National Geographic
1111 (NOVA) The Bermuda Triangle Vestron WGBH Educational Foundation
1112 (NOVA) The Science of Murder Vestron WGBH Educational Foundation
1113 (NOVA) Animal Olympians Vestron WGBH Educational Foundation
1114 Great Moments In College Football Vestron TBD
1115 (National Geographic) Rocky Mountain Beaver Pond Vestron National Geographic
1119 (National Geographic) The Explorers: A Century of Discovery Vestron National Geographic
1122 (National Geographic) Baka: People of the Forest Vestron National Geographic
1126 (NOVA) Baby Talk Vestron WGBH Educational Foundation
1200 Ziggy's Gift Vestron TBD
1201 Let's Go Mets! Vestron TBD
1202 Liberty Weekend Commemorative Edition Vestron TBD
1204 Billy Idol: Vital Idol Vestron Music Video TBD
1205 Pope John Paul II Visits America 1987 Vestron TBD
1206* She-Ra, Princess of Power Vestron Filmation
1206 Casey Kasem's Rock 'N' Roll Goldmine (The Sixties) Vestron Music Video All American Television
1208 Casey Kasem's Rock 'N' Roll Goldmine (The Soul Years) Vestron Music Video All American Television
1210 Eric Clapton and Friends Vestron Music Video TBD
1213 Lou Reed: Coney Island Baby Live in Jersey Vestron Music Video TBD
1223 Challenge of the Gobots: The Invasion Vestron TBD
1400 My Little Pony Vestron TBD
1402* Muppet Babies: Raiders of the Lost Muppet Vestron Marvel Productions
1404* The Care Bears Battle the Freeze Machine Vestron LBS Communications
1405* The Care Bears in the Land Without Feelings Vestron LBS Communications
1506 The Easter Bunny Is Comin' to Town Vestron Lorimar/Telepictures
1507 Rainbow Brite: Peril in the Pits Vestron DiC
1508* The Adventures of the Little Prince Vestron TBD
1510 Rainbow Brite: The Mighty Monstromurk Menace Vestron DiC
1511* The World of Strawberry Shortcake Vestron LBS Communications
1513 Hugga Bunch Vestron TBD
1517* Challenge of the GoBots Vestron TBD
1519* Muppet Babies: Close Encounters of the Frog Kind/Dental Hyjinks Vestron Marvel Productions
1522* The Care Bears Video Show Vestron LBS Communications
1539* The Magic of SuperTed Vestron TBD
1542* She-Ra: The Princess of Power: Anchors Aloft Vestron Filmation
2001 How to Beat Home Video Games Vol. 1: The Best Games Vestron Vestron
2002 How to Beat Home Video Games Vol. 2: The Hot New Games Vestron Vestron
2003 How to Beat Home Video Games Vol. 3: Arcade Quality for the Home Vestron Vestron
2005 The Greatest Adventure: The Story of Man's Voyage Vestron National Aeronautics and Space Administration
2006 Earth Wind and Fire Vestron TBD
2007 The Kinks: One For the Road Vestron HBO
2008 Redd Foxx: Video in a Plain Brown Paper Vestron TBD
2009 The Flying Deuces Vestron RKO Pictures
2011 Gulliver's Travels Vestron Republic Pictures
2012 Reefer Madness Vestron New Line Cinema
2017 Carlin at Carnegie Vestron TBD
2018 Ultraflash! Vestron TBD
2021 Breaking with the Mighty Poppalots Vestron TBD
2022 Armed Forces Workout Vestron TBD
2023 Treasure: In Search of the Golden Horse Vestron TBD
2027 Dead Easy Vestron TBD
2028 Weight Watchers Guide To A Healthy Lifestyle Vestron Weight Watchers
2034* Nightmares Vol. 1: The Screaming Woman/The Playground Vestron TBD
2035* Nightmares Vol. 3 - The Town Where No One Got Off/Marionettes, In Vestron TBD
2036* Nightmares Vol. 2 - The Banshee/The Crowd Vestron TBD
2037 (Arnold Palmer) Play Great Golf: Mastering The Fundamentals Vestron TBD
2038 (Arnold Palmer) Play Great Golf: Course Strategy Vestron TBD
2040 Jimmy Connors' Tennis: Match Strategy Vestron TBD
2500 Benji's Very Own Christmas Story Vestron Mulberry Square Productions
2502 Tubby the Tuba Vestron TBD
2532 Pinocchio's Christmas Vestron Telepictures
2540 Bible Stories: Tales from the Old Testament Vestron TBD
2555* Cutting Class Vestron TBD
2618 Hider in the House Vestron TBD
2764* American Football: In the Crunch Vestron NFL Films
3000 The Lenny Bruce Performance Film Vestron HBO
3001 Rust Never Sleeps Vestron HBO
3002 And God Created Woman Vestron HBO
3003 Gladys Knight and the Pips Vestron HBO
3004 Here It Is, Burlesque Vestron HBO
3005 Till Marriage Do Us Part Vestron HBO
3006 Dick Cavett's Hocus Pocus, It's Magic Vestron HBO
3007 Video Aerobics Vestron HBO
3008 Let’s Dance With Arthur Murray Vestron HBO
3009 The New Video Aerobics Vestron HBO
3010 Godzilla, King of the Monsters! Vestron United Productions of America
3011 The Magic Pony Vestron G.G. Communications
3012 Dunderklumpen! Vestron G.G. Communications
3013 Rodan Vestron United Productions of America
3014 El Cid Vestron Samuel Bronston Productions
3015 Chatterbox Vestron Orion Pictures
3016 Born Losers Vestron Orion Pictures
3017 Don't Go in the Woods Vestron Seymour Borde and Associates
3018 Eroticise Vestron TBD
3019 Squirm Vestron Orion Pictures
3020 Candid Candid Camera Vestron TBD
3021 Roseland Vestron Cinema Shares International Distribution
3022 Foreplay Vestron Troma Entertainment
3023 Truck Stop Women Vestron Orion Pictures
3024 Tentacles Vestron Orion Pictures
3025 Venom Vestron HandMade Films
3026 Frightmare Vestron Troma Entertainment
3027 The Land that Time Forgot Vestron Orion Pictures
3028 Wacko Vestron Jensen Farley Pictures
3029 The Abominable Dr. Phibes Vestron Orion Pictures
3031 A Guide to Making Love Vestron TBD
3033 Double Exposure Vestron Crown International Pictures
3039 Forever Emmanuelle Vestron Rumson Film Distributors
3040 The Trip Vestron Orion Pictures
3041 Billy Crystal: Don’t Get Me Started Vestron TBD
3042 High Ballin' Vestron Orion Pictures
3043 The Godsend Vestron Cannon Films
3044 Up From the Depths Vestron Concorde Pictures
3046 The Evictors Vestron Orion Pictures
3048 Jack the Ripper Vestron Elite Film
3049 Bloodsucking Freaks Vestron Troma Entertainment
3050 Ladies Night Out Vestron TBD
3051 To Be or Not to Be Vestron Castle Hill Productions
3052 Chicken Ranch Vestron National Endowment for the Arts
3053 Tendres Cousines Vestron Crown International Pictures
3054 Rich Little’s Great Hollywood Trivia Game Vestron TBD
3055 Ernie Kovacs: Television's Original Genius Vestron TBD
3056 Oliver Twist Vestron TBD
3058 Frankenstein Vestron TBD
3059 The Old Curiosity Shop Vestron TBD
3060 A Christmas Carol Vestron TBD
3061 Carlin on Campus Vestron TBD
3062 The Joe Piscopo Video Vestron TBD
3063 Where the Red Fern Grows Vestron TBD
3064 Dracula Vestron TBD
3067 Dirty Dirty Jokes Vestron TBD
3068 Hester Street Vestron TBD
3073 You Can't Take it With You Vestron TBD
3074 Against a Crowded Sky Vestron TBD
3075 Richard Pryor: Live and Smokin' Vestron TBD
3076 Kids from Candid Camera Vestron TBD
3077 Truly Tasteless Jokes Vestron TBD
3079 Academy Award Winners: Animated Short Films Vestron TBD
3080 Bette Midler: Art or Bust Vestron Music Video TBD
3081 David Copperfield Vestron TBD
3086 More Candid Candid Camera Vestron TBD
3087 The Adventures of Baron Munchausen Vestron TBD
3095 Lord of the Ring: Superstars and Superbouts Vestron TBD
3100 Pickwick Papers Vestron TBD
3101 The Shmenges: The Last Polka Vestron TBD
3103 Peter and the Wolf and Other Tales Vestron TBD
3104 Being Different Vestron TBD
3106 Father Guido Sarducci Goes to College Vestron TBD
3107 The Best of Candid Camera Vestron TBD
3112 Whoopi Goldberg Live Vestron TBD
3117 Seven Alone Vestron TBD
3120 Comedy Videos Vestron TBD
3122 Women Tell The Dirtiest Jokes Vestron TBD
3126 Candid Candid Camera Vol. 3 Vestron TBD
3134 Steve Martin Live! Vestron TBD
3137 Big City Comedy Vestron TBD
3140** Billy Crystal: Don't Get Me Started! Vestron TBD
3141 (Ghost Stories) Graveyard Thriller Vestron TBD
3146 Steven Wright Live Vestron TBD
3147 Robin Williams Live Vestron TBD
3148 Erotica: Fabulous Female Fantasies Vestron TBD
3149 Hot Shots Vestron TBD
3150 Comic Cabby Vestron TBD
3151 Robert Klein: Live On Broadway Vestron TBD
3152 Joe Piscopo: New Jersey Special Vestron TBD
3153 Candid Candid Camera Vol. 5 Vestron TBD
3154 George Carlin: Playin' With Your Head Vestron TBD
3156 The Rainbow Vestron Vestron Pictures
3157 Karate Mania Vestron TBD
3159 An Evening With Bobcat Goldthwait: Share The Warmth Vestron TBD
3160 Candid Candid Camera Vol. 6 Vestron TBD
3162 Long Day's Journey into Night Vestron TBD
4000 Richard Pryor Filmed Live in Concert Vestron HBO
4001 Comedy Tonight Vestron HBO
4002 My Brilliant Career Vestron HBO
4003 Picnic at Hanging Rock Vestron Atlantic Releasing Corporation
4004 Madame Rosa Vestron Atlantic Releasing Corporation
4005 La Grande Bourgeoise Vestron Atlantic Releasing Corporation
4006 Pepper: Agent OOX Vestron HBO
4007 Slumber Party '57 Vestron HBO
4008 Stagecoach Vestron Castle Hill Productions
4009 Angel of H.E.A.T. Vestron HBO
4010 The Happy Hooker Goes to Washington Vestron Cannon Films
4011 Seniors Vestron Cinema Shares International Distribution
4014 For the Love of Benji Vestron Mulberry Square Productions
4015 The Double McGuffin Vestron Mulberry Square Productions
4016 The Incubus Vestron Film Ventures International
4017 Death Wish II Vestron Orion Pictures
4018 What's Up, Tiger Lily? Vestron Orion Pictures
4019 Sundown (1941) Vestron Castle Hill Productions
4020 Liar's Moon Vestron Crown International Pictures
4021 The Raven Vestron Orion Pictures
4024 Heartaches Vestron Motion Picture Marketing
4026 Passion of Love Vestron Putnam Square Films
4027 Nothing Personal Vestron Orion Pictures
4028 A Matter of Time Vestron Orion Pictures
4029 The Earthling Vestron Orion Pictures
4030 Mad Max Vestron Orion Pictures
4031 How to Beat the High Cost of Living Vestron Orion Pictures
4032 The Great Scout and Cathouse Thursday Vestron Orion Pictures
4033 Matilda Vestron Orion Pictures
4035 Rolling Thunder Vestron Orion Pictures
4036 The Norseman Vestron Orion Pictures
4037 Defiance Vestron Orion Pictures
4038 Boxcar Bertha Vestron Orion Pictures
4039 Return to Macon County Vestron Orion Pictures
4040 Search and Destroy
Killer Instinct (PAL)
Vestron Film Ventures International
4041 Killer Force Vestron Orion Pictures
4042 Dillinger Vestron Orion Pictures
4043 Harper Valley PTA Vestron April Fools Productions
4044 Battle Beyond the Stars Vestron Concorde Pictures
4045 Golden Rendezvous Vestron MGM/UA Communications
4046 The Lady in Red Vestron Concorde Pictures
4047 The Final Countdown Vestron MGM/UA Communications
4048 Bloody Mama Vestron Orion Pictures
4049 Dillinger Vestron Orion Pictures
4053 Futureworld Vestron Orion Pictures
4054 The Island of Dr. Moreau Vestron Orion Pictures
4056 O'Hara's Wife Vestron Producers Sales Organization
4057 St. Helens Vestron Parnell Films
4058 The Swap Vestron Cannon Films
4059 The House on Sorority Row Vestron Film Ventures International
4060 Dead & Buried Vestron Producers Sales Organization
4061 Sweet Sixteen Vestron Century International
4062 Bobbie Jo and the Outlaw Vestron Orion Pictures
4063 Vigilante Vestron Film Ventures International
4064 The Destructors Vestron Feature Film Corporation of America
4065 High Ice Vestron E.S.J. Productions
4066 The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane Vestron Orion Pictures
4067 Saint Jack Vestron Concorde Pictures
4068 Vestron Corinth Films
4069 Shout at the Devil Vestron Orion Pictures
4070 Mother Lode Vestron Agamemnon Films
4071 Chained Heat Vestron Jensen Farley Pictures
4072 Harry Tracy, Desperado Vestron Castle Hill Productions
4073 Joysticks Vestron Jensen Farley Pictures
4074 Curtains Vestron Jensen Farley Pictures
4075 Honey Vestron TBD
4076 An American Christmas Carol Vestron TBD
4077 Aphrodite Vestron TBD
4078 Waltz Across Texas Vestron Atlantic Releasing Corporation
4080 Elvis: The Movie Vestron TBD
4081 Lianna Vestron MGM/UA Communications
4084 Smash Palace Vestron Atlantic Releasing Corporation
4085 The Bell Jar Vestron Embassy Pictures
4089 Stacy's Knights Vestron Crown International Pictures
4090 Americana Vestron Crown International Pictures
4092 The Black Room Vestron TBD
4093 Night of the Zombies Vestron Motion Picture Marketing
4094 Mortuary Vestron Film Ventures International
4095 Pieces Vestron Film Ventures International
4096 Circle of Two Vestron World Northal Corporation
4097 Steel Vestron World Northal Corporation
4098 McVicar Vestron Crown International Pictures
4099 The Disappearance Vestron World Northal Corporation
4100 The Children Vestron World Northal Corporation
4101 Norman Loves Rose Vestron Atlantic Releasing Corporation
4103 Spring Fever Vestron TBD
4104 Lady on the Bus Vestron Atlantic Releasing Corporation
4105 Suzanne Vestron TBD
4107 The Train Killer Vestron TBD
4109 Your Ticket Is No Longer Valid Vestron TBD
4111 Spaceship Vestron TBD
4112 The Kid from Left Field Vestron TBD
4115 Alley Cat Vestron TBD
4117 Boarding School Vestron Atlantic Releasing Corporation
4118 A Hard Day's Night Vestron Walter Shenson Films
4119 Watched Vestron TBD
4120 The Odd Job Vestron TBD
4121 Getting It On Vestron TBD
4122 Sandstone Vestron TBD
4123 The Odd Angry Shot Vestron TBD
4124 Blue Sunshine Vestron TBD
4125 Ransom Vestron TBD
4126 Reborn Vestron TBD
4128 The Power Vestron Film Ventures International
4130 Caged Women Vestron TBD
4133 The Big Score Vestron TBD
4134 Tales of Ordinary Madness Vestron TBD
4135 Angkor-Cambodia Express Vestron TBD
4136 House by the Cemetery Vestron Almi Pictures
4138 Trick or Treats Vestron TBD
4140 Invasion of the Flesh Hunters Vestron TBD
4141 Silver Dream Racer Vestron TBD
4142 Possession Vestron TBD
4145 The Campus Corpse Vestron TBD
4146 Big Mo Vestron TBD
4148 Sex Through a Window Vestron TBD
4149 Video Vixens Vestron TBD
4150 Final Assignment Vestron TBD
4151 Goldy: The Last of the Golden Bears Vestron TBD
4153 Street Music Vestron TBD
4158 Heidi Vestron TBD
4159 R.S.V.P. Vestron TBD
4160 The Reincarnation of Peter Proud Vestron TBD
4162 The Guardian Vestron TBD
4164 Something Short of Paradise Vestron TBD
4166 The Next One Vestron TBD
4174 Million Dollar Face Vestron TBD
4181* The Beach Boys: An American Band Vestron Music Video TBD
4189 Yor Vestron TBD
4190 Special Delivery Vestron TBD
4191 Death Cheaters Vestron TBD
4192 Hollywood High Vestron TBD
4193 Love But Deadly Vestron TBD
4194 The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe Vestron TBD
4199 Cheerleaders' Wild Weekend Vestron TBD
4200 Splatter University Vestron TBD
4201 Pray TV Vestron TBD
4202 The Last Hunter Vestron TBD
4204 Underground Aces Vestron TBD
4205 C.O.D. Vestron TBD
4206 The Food of the Gods Vestron Orion Pictures
4207 Strange Shadows in an Empty Room Vestron TBD
4208 Drying Up the Streets Vestron TBD
4209 Hollywood High Part II Vestron TBD
4210 Street People Vestron TBD
4211 California Dreaming Vestron Orion Pictures
4212 Island Claws Vestron TBD
4213 Cat on a Hot Tin Roof Vestron TBD
4217 Hunters of the Golden Cobra Vestron TBD
4218 Who Slew Auntie Roo? Vestron TBD
4221 Off The Wall Vestron TBD
4224 The Plutonium Incident Vestron TBD
4226 Invitation to the Wedding Vestron TBD
4227 Portrait of a Stripper Vestron TBD
4228 Tuck Everlasting Vestron TBD
4230 S.A.S. San Salvador Vestron TBD
4232 Starflight One Vestron TBD
4235 Delinquent School Girls Vestron TBD
4236 Holocaust 2000 Vestron TBD
4237 Scream and Scream Again! Vestron TBD
4238 House on the Edge of the Park Vestron Bedford Entertainment
4239 Eyes Of The Amaryllis Vestron TBD
4341** They All Laughed Vestron HBO
4345 The Premature Burial Vestron Orion Pictures
4346 Just Tell Me You Love Me Vestron TBD
4347 Chinese Boxes Vestron TBD
4348 Jennifer Vestron TBD
4349 Doctor Phibes Rises Again Vestron Orion Pictures
4350 Deadly Impact Vestron TBD
4351 Home Movies Vestron TBD
4354 Improper Channels Vestron Crown International Pictures
4355 Call of the Wild Vestron TBD
4356 Joe Vestron Cannon Films
4357 Interface Vestron TBD
4359 Death Weekend Vestron TBD
4360 The Incredible Melting Man Vestron TBD
4361 Agency Vestron Jensen Farley Pictures
4362 The Honeymoon Killers Vestron TBD
4363 The Escapist Vestron TBD
4364 A Matter of Love Vestron TBD
4365 The Manipulator Vestron TBD
4366 The Happy Hooker Vestron Cannon Films
4367 Hooker Vestron TBD
4368 Hometown U.S.A. Vestron TBD
4370 Man Of Flowers Vestron TBD
4371 Blastfighter Vestron TBD
4372 Don't Open 'Till Christmas Vestron TBD
4374 Scream Vestron TBD
4375 Interface Vestron TBD
4376 The Devil's Gift Vestron TBD
4377 Nutcracker Sweet Vestron TBD
4379 The Pursuit of D.B. Cooper Vestron PolyGram Pictures
4384 Between the Lines Vestron HBO
4388 Murder: No Apparent Motive Vestron TBD
4395 Losin' It: Sex and the American Teenager Vestron TBD
4396 Death Warmed Up Vestron TBD
4400 Treasure of the Amazon Vestron TBD
4401 Kill Zone Vestron TBD
4403 They Came From Within Vestron TBD
4404 Sloane Vestron TBD
4405 The Vals Vestron TBD
4406 Nomad Riders Vestron TBD
4407 Joyride Vestron TBD
4413 Steel Arena Vestron TBD
4414 Hurry Up Or I’ll Be 30 Vestron TBD
4415 The Point Vestron TBD
4417 The Projectionist Vestron TBD
4418 Animal Farm Vestron TBD
4419 Stocks and Blondes Vestron TBD
4422 Til Death Do Us Part Vestron TBD
4423 Love Stories Vestron TBD
4424 Crime & Passion Vestron TBD
4425 Queen of the Road Vestron TBD
4426 Children in the Crossfire Vestron TBD
4431 Sunset Strip Vestron TBD
4432 Merlin and the Sword Vestron TBD
4433 Street Hero Vestron TBD
4434 Challenge of the Gobots: The Gobotron Saga Vestron TBD
4437 Ocean Drive Weekend Vestron TBD
4438 The Love-Thrill Murders Vestron TBD
4440 Tennessee Stallion Vestron TBD
4442* Dolls Vestron Empire International
4443 Over The Summer Vestron TBD
4444 The Little Shop of Horrors Vestron Orion Pictures
4449 Hard Rock Zombies Vestron TBD
4451* Warriors of the Wind Vestron Manson International
4452 Lifespan Vestron TBD
4453* Vendetta Vestron TBD
4457 The Wild Pony Vestron TBD
4461 Out of Order Vestron TBD
4462 The Roomate Vestron TBD
4463 The Black Panther Vestron TBD
4466 Robotix Vestron TBD
4467 The Scarlet Pimpernel Vestron TBD
4468 H.O.T.S. Vestron TBD
4471 First and Ten Vestron TBD
4472 Livin' the Life Vestron TBD
4473 A Savage Hunger Vestron TBD
4474 Strangers in Paradise Vestron TBD
4475 The Craving Vestron TBD
4476 Fox Trap Vestron TBD
4478 Whodunit Vestron TBD
4479 Mark of Cain Vestron TBD
4480 Goldy II: The Saga of the Golden Bear Vestron TBD
4481 Violated Vestron TBD
4484 Low Blow Vestron TBD
4486 The Mystery of Picasso Vestron TBD
4487 Reckless Disregard Vestron TBD
4488 The Girl in the Picture Vestron TBD
4491 Smith & Wesson Vestron TBD
4492 Dead as a Doorman Vestron TBD
4493 The Other Hell Vestron TBD
4494 Amateur Night Vestron TBD
4495 Women's Prison Massacre Vestron TBD
4496 Murder Elite Vestron TBD
4497 Computer Beach Party Vestron Southwest Motion Pictures Company
4501** The Little Shop of Horrors Vestron Orion Pictures
4502 Secret Honor Vestron TBD
4506 Party Favors Vestron TBD
4507 Left for Dead Vestron TBD
4508 Takin' it All Off Vestron TBD
4509 The Story of O Part II Vestron TBD
4510 Future Hunters Vestron TBD
4511 Caribe Vestron TBD
4537* My Little Pony: Rescue at Midnight Castle Vestron TBD
4991* Gunpowder Vestron TBD
5000 Go Tell the Spartans Vestron HBO
5001 The Private Eyes Vestron HBO
5002 Between the Lines Vestron HBO
5003 Benji Vestron Mulberry Square Productions
5004 The Last Chase Vestron Crown International Pictures
5005 They All Laughed Vestron HBO
5006 Hawmps! Vestron Mulberry Square Productions
5007 The Silent Partner Vestron HBO
5008 Agency Vestron Jensen Farley Pictures
5009 The High Country Vestron Crown International Pictures
5010 Separate Ways Vestron Crown International Pictures
5011 Improper Channels Vestron Crown International Pictures
5012 Young Doctors in Love Vestron ABC Motion Pictures
5013 Bolero Vestron Double 13
5014 If You Could See What I Hear Vestron Jensen Farley Pictures
5015 They Call Me Bruce? Vestron Film Ventures International
5016 Valley Girl Vestron Atlantic Releasing Corporation
5017 Breathless Vestron Orion Pictures
5019 Lone Wolf McQuade Vestron Orion Pictures
5021 National Lampoon's Class Reunion Vestron ABC Motion Pictures
5022 Class of 1984 Vestron Taurus Entertainment
5023 The Terry Fox Story Vestron HBO
5024 Yellowbeard Vestron Orion Pictures
5025 Mr. Mom Vestron Gladden Entertainment
5026 Class Vestron Orion Pictures
5027 The Smurfs and the Magic Flute Vestron Atlantic Releasing Corporation
5029 Easy Money Vestron Orion Pictures
5030 Strange Invaders Vestron Orion Pictures
5031 Slapstick of Another Kind Vestron International Film Marketing
5033 Under Fire Vestron Orion Pictures
5034 Amityville 3-D Vestron Orion Pictures
5035 Gorky Park Vestron Orion Pictures
5036 Scandalous Vestron Orion Pictures
5037 Harry & Son Vestron Orion Pictures
5039 The Wind in the Willows Vestron TBD
5040 Blame it on Rio Vestron Gladden Entertainment
5041 Broadway Danny Rose Vestron Orion Pictures
5042 The Hotel New Hampshire Vestron Orion Pictures
5043 Up the Creek Vestron Orion Pictures
5044 The Bounty Vestron Orion Pictures
5045 Weekend Pass Vestron TBD
5046 Killpoint Vestron TBD
5047 Beat Street Vestron TBD
5048 Deathstalker Vestron Concorde Pictures
5051 Love Letters Vestron TBD
5052 Suburbia Vestron TBD
5053 The Final Terror Vestron Comworld Pictures
5054 Hollywood Hot Tubs Vestron Manson International
5055 The Woman in Red Vestron Orion Pictures
5056 The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension! Vestron Gladden Entertainment
5057 Irreconcilable Differences Vestron Hemdale Film Corporation
5058 Savage Streets Vestron TBD
5059 Utilities Vestron TBD
5060 The Warrior and the Sorceress Vestron TBD
5061 Too Scared to Scream Vestron TBD
5062 Mutant Vestron TBD
5065 Heartbreakers Vestron TBD
5066 Impulse Vestron ABC Motion Pictures
5067 The Bostonians Vestron TBD
5068 The Purple Rose of Cairo Vestron Orion Pictures
5069 Sole Survivor Vestron TBD
5071 The Perils of Gwendoline in the Land of the Yik Yak Vestron TBD
5072 The Flamingo Kid Vestron ABC Motion Pictures
5073 The Falcon and the Snowman Vestron Orion Pictures
5074 The Rosebud Beach Hotel Vestron TBD
5076 Splatter University (Unrated) Vestron TBD
5077 Last House on the Left Vestron Orion Pictures
5079* The Company of Wolves Vestron TBD
5080 The Beach Boys: An American Band Vestron Music Video TBD
5081 Ghoulies Vestron Empire International
5082 The Care Bears Movie Vestron The Samuel Goldwyn Company
5084 After the Fall of New York Vestron TBD
5085 Ellie Vestron TBD
5086 Trancers Vestron Empire International
5087 Tomboy Vestron TBD
5088 Wheels of Fire Vestron TBD
5089 Hot Moves Vestron TBD
5090 Metropolis Vestron Producers Sales Organization
5092 The Company of Wolves Vestron TBD
5093 Pumping Iron 2: The Women Vestron TBD
5094 Terminal Choice Vestron TBD
5095 The Mutilator Vestron TBD
5097 Lifeforce Vestron TBD
5098 Barbarian Queen (R-rated version) Vestron TBD
5099 The Coca-Cola Kid Vestron TBD
5100 Final Justice Vestron TBD
5101 An American Werewolf in London Vestron PolyGram Pictures
5102 Tribute Vestron HBO
5103 The Mutilator (Unrated) Vestron TBD
5104 Endless Love Vestron PolyGram Pictures
5105 Goodbye New York Vestron TBD
5106 Prizzi's Honor Vestron ABC Motion Pictures
5108 Massive Retaliation Vestron TBD
5109 Future-Kill Vestron International Film Marketing
5110 Burial Ground Vestron TBD
5111 Flesh and Blood Vestron TBD
5114 Re-Animator Vestron Empire International
5115 Once Bitten Vestron The Samuel Goldwyn Company
5116* Conan the Destroyer Vestron De Laurentiis Entertainment Group
5117 Sudden Death Vestron TBD
5118 Streetwalkin' Vestron TBD
5119 Twice in a Lifetime Vestron TBD
5120 Desert Hearts Vestron TBD
5121 Troll Vestron Empire International
5122 City Limits Vestron TBD
5123 To Live and Die in L.A. Vestron MGM/UA Communications
5128 Fatal Attraction Vestron TBD
5130 Streetwalkin' Vestron TBD
5131 Hot Target Vestron TBD
5132 Barbarian Queen Vestron TBD
5133 Ghost Warrior Vestron TBD
5134 The Escape Artist Vestron TBD
5135 My Chauffeur Vestron TBD
5137 Dance With a Stranger Vestron TBD
5143 Smooth Talk Vestron TBD
5152 Sky Pirates Vestron TBD
5154 The Return of the Living Dead Vestron Hemdale Film Corporation
5159 Lily in Love Vestron TBD
5161 Always Vestron TBD
5162 Alien Warrior Vestron TBD
5164 Basic Training Vestron TBD
5165 Rebel Love Vestron TBD
5166 The Imagemaker Vestron TBD
5167 Salvador Vestron Hemdale Film Corporation
5168 Splitz Vestron TBD
5169 Chopping Mall Vestron TBD
5170 At Close Range Vestron Hemdale Film Corporation
5171 My Little Pony: The Movie Vestron De Laurentiis Entertainment Group
5172 Rocktober Blood Vestron TBD
5173 Turtle Diary Vestron The Samuel Goldwyn Company
5174 SpaceCamp Vestron ABC Motion Pictures
5175 Valet Girls Vestron Empire International
5176 Hail Mary Vestron TBD
5177 Last Resort Vestron TBD
5178 One Woman or Two Vestron TBD
5179 Recruits Vestron TBD
5180 Tai-Pan Vestron TBD
5181 Shanghai Surprise Vestron TBD
5182 From Beyond Vestron Empire International
5183 Malcolm Vestron Vestron Pictures
5184 Rebel Vestron TBD
5187 Vendetta Vestron TBD
5188 Getting Even Vestron TBD
5189 Sex Appeal Vestron TBD
5191 Hoosiers Vestron Hemdale Film Corporation
5192 3 Men and a Cradle (Subtitled) Vestron The Samuel Goldwyn Company
5193 The Patriot Vestron TBD
5194 Radioactive Dreams Vestron TBD
5196 3 Men and a Cradle (Dubbed) Vestron The Samuel Goldwyn Company
5198 Warrior Queen Vestron TBD
5199 Streets of Gold Vestron TBD
5200 Light of Day Vestron TBD
5201 Harem
Native Son (PAL)
Vestron TBD
5203 That's Life! Vestron TBD
5205 Eyes of Fire Vestron TBD
5208 The Gate Vestron TBD
5209 The Bedroom Window Vestron De Laurentiis Entertainment Group
5210 The Kindred Vestron TBD
5212 Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn Vestron De Laurentiis Entertainment Group
5213 Deathstalker II Vestron Concorde Pictures
5214 Slaughter High Vestron Vestron Pictures
5215 Gothic Vestron Vestron Pictures
5216 Blood Diner Vestron TBD
5217 Rawhead Rex Vestron TBD
5219 Slaughter High Vestron Vestron Pictures
5220 Eternal Evil Vestron TBD
5221 Personal Services Vestron Vestron Pictures
5222 Dolls Vestron Empire International
5223* Dirty Dancing Vestron Vestron Pictures
5224 Good Morning, Babylon Vestron TBD
5226 Paramedics Vestron Vestron Pictures
5227 Transmutations Vestron TBD
5228 Ghoulies II Vestron Empire International
5231** The Sicilian Vestron Gladden Entertainment
5232 Funland Vestron TBD
5233 You Can't Hurry Love Vestron TBD
5235 Alpine Fire Vestron TBD
5237 Survivor Vestron TBD
5238 China Girl Vestron Vestron Pictures
5239 Anna Vestron Vestron Pictures
5241 Red Heat Vestron TBD
5242 American Drive-In Vestron TBD
5245 Senior Week Vestron TBD
5247 The Majorettes Vestron TBD
5248 Terminal Exposure Vestron TBD
5249 Young Doctors in Love Vestron ABC Motion Pictures
5250 Deadly Possession Vestron TBD
5251 Dangerous Curves Vestron Vestron Pictures
5252 Into the Fire Vestron TBD
5253 Dead Aim Vestron TBD
5256 Live From Washington, It’s Dennis Miller Vestron TBD
5257 The Unholy Vestron TBD
5258 A Child's Christmas in Wales Vestron TBD
5259 Santabear's High Flying Adventure Vestron TBD
5261 Call Me Vestron Vestron Pictures
5262 Mormon Tabernacle Choir: Christmas Classics Vestron TBD
5263 (Audubon) Condor Vestron Audubon Society
5264 (Audubon) Black Footed Ferret Vestron Audubon Society
5265 (Audubon) Panthers / Cheetahs Vestron Audubon Society
5266 Dirty Dancing: Live in Concert Vestron Vestron Pictures
5267 Young Guns Vestron Vestron Pictures
5269 The Soap Star Workout Vestron TBD
5270 Shirley MacLaine's Inner Workout Vestron TBD
5271 The Secret Of The Sexes Vestron TBD
5272 (NOVA) Whale Watch Vestron WGBH Educational Foundation
5275 Gleaming the Cube Vestron Gladden Entertainment
5276 Penn & Teller Go Public Vestron Community Television of Southern California
5277 Amsterdamned Vestron Vestron Pictures
5278 Parents Vestron Vestron Pictures
5279 The Courier Vestron TBD
5281 Options Vestron TBD
5282 The Lair of the White Worm Vestron Vestron Pictures
5283 Paperhouse Vestron TBD
5284 Physical Evidence Vestron Albacore Productions
5285 C.H.U.D. II Vestron TBD
5287 The Pointsman Vestron Vestron Pictures
5290 Waxwork (Uncensored) Vestron Vestron Pictures
5291 (National Geographic) White Wolf Vestron National Geographic
5292 (National Geographic) In the Shadow of Vesuvius Vestron National Geographic
5293 (National Geographic) Search for the Great Apes Vestron National Geographic
5294 Willie Nelson: Greatest Hits Live Vestron TBD
5295 Golf's Greatest Moments: 100 Years of American Golf Vestron TBD
5297 Saving The Sistine Chapel Vestron WGBH Educational Foundation
5298 Burning Secret Vestron TBD
5300 Wonderland Vestron TBD
5302 Twister Vestron Vestron Pictures
5303 Earth Girls are Easy Vestron Vestron Pictures
5305 Big Man on Campus Vestron Vestron Pictures
5306 Dream a Little Dream Vestron Vestron Pictures
5308 Remembering Marilyn Vestron All American Television
5312 Waxwork Vestron Vestron Pictures
5316 (Audubon) Galapagos Vestron Audubon Society
5317 (Audubon) Ducks Under Siege Vestron Audubon Society
5318 (Audubon) Woodstorks Vestron Audubon Society
5319 (National Geographic) The Soviet Circus Vestron National Geographic
5320 (National Geographic) Africa's Stolen River Vestron National Geographic
5321 (National Geographic) Mysteries of Mankind Vestron National Geographic
5323 Nick Faldo’s Golf Course Vestron TBD
5333 Paint it Black Vestron Vestron Pictures
5336 The Rainbow Vestron Vestron Pictures
5337 In Search Of Historic Jesus Vestron TBD
5345 (National Geographic) Return to Everest Vestron National Geographic
5346 (National Geographic) The Wilds of Madagascar Vestron National Geographic
5347 (Audubon) Sea Turtles: Ancient Nomads Vestron Audubon Society
5348 (Audubon) Grizzly Bears: Uneasy Truce Vestron Audubon Society
5349 (Audubon) Whales Vestron Audubon Society
5350 Mesmerized Vestron Vestron Pictures
5352 Deathstalker III Vestron Concorde Pictures
5353 The Tunnel Vestron TBD
5354 Far From Home Vestron TBD
5357 (National Geographic) Sampler Vestron National Geographic
5358 Michael Jackson: The Legend Continues Vestron Music Video TBD
5361 An Evening with Sammy Davis, Jr. & Jerry Lewis Vestron TBD
5362 The Marx Bros. in a Nutshell Vestron TBD
5363 W.C. Fields: Straight Up Vestron TBD
5368 (National Geographic) Love Those Trains Vestron National Geographic
5369 (National Geographic) Australian Aborigines Vestron National Geographic
5370 (National Geographic) Cameramen Who Dared Vestron National Geographic
5386 Bail Out Vestron TBD
5387 (NOVA) Back to Chernobyl Vestron WGBH Educational Foundation
5391 Dark Before Dawn Vestron TBD
5392 Andrew Dice Clay Live: The Diceman Cometh Vestron TBD
5395 Great Moments In College Basketball Vestron TBD
5398 (Audubon) Greed & Wildlife: Poaching in America Vestron Audubon Society
5399 (Audubon) Sharks Vestron Audubon Society
5410 Welcome Home Vestron Albacore Productions
5413 The Survivalist Vestron TBD
5416 Sundown: The Vampire in Retreat Vestron Vestron Pictures
5419 (National Geographic) Search for Battleship: Bismarck Vestron National Geographic
5425 (National Geographic) Elephant Vestron National Geographic
5426 Hong Kong Family Portrait Vestron TBD
5427 (National Geographic) Reptiles and Amphibians Vestron National Geographic
5428 Cat Chaser (rated R) Vestron Vestron Pictures
5431 The Survivalist Vestron TBD
5432 Party Plane Vestron TBD
5435 Hider in the House Vestron Vestron Pictures
5436 Love Hurts Vestron Vestron Pictures
5439 (Audubon) Ancient Forests: Rage over Trees Vestron Audubon Society
5440 Cat Chaser (uncut) Vestron Vestron Pictures
5445 The Toxic Avenger Part III Vestron Troma Entertainment
5449 One Night With Dice Vestron TBD
5452 Ghoulies III Vestron Empire International
5454 Class of 1999 Vestron TBD
5467 (National Geographic) Those Wonderful Dogs Vestron National Geographic
5474 (National Geographic) Volcano! Vestron National Geographic
5475 (National Geographic) Jane Goodall: My Life With Chipanzees Vestron National Geographic
5502 Gas Pump Girls Vestron Cannon Films
5617* Salvador Vestron Hemdale Film Corporation
5851* Walking Tall: Vengeance Trail - Part 2 Vestron TBD
5882* Challenge of the Gobots: Quest for New Earth Vestron TBD
5923 (National Geographic) Search For The Great Apes Vestron National Geographic
5966** The Bounty Vestron Orion Pictures
5967** Best Seller Vestron Hemdale Film Corporation
6000 Fort Apache, the Bronx Vestron HBO
6001 The Cannonball Run Vestron HBO
6002 Good Guys Wear Black Vestron HBO
6003 Tribute Vestron HBO
6004 Loving Couples Vestron HBO
6005 Joe Vestron Cannon Films
6006 The Changeling Vestron HBO
6007 Butterfly Vestron Analysis Film Releasing Corporation
6009 Meatballs Vestron HBO
6010 Caligula Penthouse Analysis Film Releasing Corporation
6012 Platoon Vestron Hemdale Film Corporation
6013 Dirty Dancing Vestron Vestron Pictures
6014 The Monster Squad Vestron Worldvision Enterprises
6015 Hamburger Hill Vestron Vestron Pictures
6016 The Big Town Vestron Albacore Productions
6017 Steel Dawn Vestron Vestron Pictures
6018 Men on Fire Vestron Regency Enterprises
6019 The Dead Vestron Vestron Pictures
6020 Ghoulies II Vestron Empire International
6021 The Running Man Vestron Worldvision Enterprises
6022 Ironweed Vestron Worldvision Enterprises
6024 The Sicilian Vestron Gladden Entertainment
6025 Promised Land Vestron Vestron Pictures
6026 Best Seller Vestron Hemdale Film Corporation
6027 And God Created Woman (Unrated) Vestron Vestron Pictures
6028 Midnight Crossing Vestron Vestron Pictures
6029 Salome's Last Dance Vestron Vestron Pictures
6031 The Family Vestron Vestron Pictures
6032 The Beat Vestron Vestron Pictures
6127* Teen Wolf Vestron Atlantic Releasing Corporation
6187* Heart Like a Wheel Vestron 20th Century Fox
6204* The Evil Dead Vestron Films Around the World
6287* Bad Guys Vestron TBD
6296* Commando Leopard Vestron TBD
6297* No Retreat, No Surrender Vestron TBD
6606* The Berlin Affair Vestron TBD
6621* She-Ra: The Princess of Power - King Miro's Journey Vestron Filmation
6622* She-Ra: The Princess of Power - Ankers los! Vestron Filmation
6630* Echo Park Vestron TBD
6633* Slaughter High Vestron Vestron Pictures
6647* My African Adventure Vestron TBD
6693* America 3000 Vestron TBD
6718* The Hyenas Vestron TBD
6728* King of the City Vestron TBD
6730* Muppet Babies: Raiders of the Lost Muppet/From a Galaxy Far, Far Away Vestron Marvel Productions
6735* The Centurions: Skys On Fire And An Alien Affair Vestron TBD
6736* The Centurions: Battle Beneath The Sea And Found One Lost World Vestron TBD
6742* The Last Days of Frank and Jesse James Vestron TBD
6748* The Secret Diary of Sigmund Freud Vestron TBD
6749* A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square Vestron TBD
6757* She-Ra, Princess of Power: De Ontvoering van Swift Wind Vestron Filmation
6758* My American Cousin Vestron TBD
6761* Biggles Vestron TBD
6764* Cocaine Paradise Vestron TBD
6771* Static Vestron TBD
6778* Honeymoon Vestron TBD
6782* Hard Bodies 2 Vestron TBD
6798* Rock Around The Dock Vestron Granada
6800* Wimps Vestron TBD
6806* Death of a Soldier Vestron TBD
6807* Windrider Vestron TBD
6808* No Dead Heroes Vestron TBD
6809* Star Knight Vestron TBD
6817* Jewel in the Crown, Vol. 2 Vestron Granada
6818* Jewel in the Crown, Vol. 3 Vestron Granada
6843* Rainbow Brite: The Mighty Monstromurk Menace & Peril in the Pits Vestron DiC
6846* Sweet Revenge Vestron TBD
6847* Hamburger Hill Vestron Vestron Pictures
6857* Shark's Paradise Vestron TBD
6872* Johnny Cash in San Quentin Vestron TBD
6890* American Football: Crunchtime - Pro Football's Hardest Hitters Vestron NFL Films
6897* She-Ra: The Princess of Power: Loss for Words/My Friend, My Enemy Vestron Filmation
6898* Challenge of the Go-Bots: Auto Magic Vestron Hanna-Barbera Productions and Tonka Corporation
6901* Ordinary Heroes Vestron TBD
6905* Underworld Vestron TBD
6915* Watch the Shadows Dance Vestron TBD
6916* Skate Gang Vestron TBD
6921* Touch and Go Vestron Kings Road Entertainment
6931* The Life and Loves of Elsie Tanner Vestron Granada
6942* Crime Story Vestron TBD
6946* Rent a Cop Vestron TBD
6948* Firewalker Vestron TBD
6949* The Princess Bride Vestron Vestron Pictures
6950* Hot Pursuit Vestron TBD
6954* Beyond Therapy Vestron TBD
6957* Crystalstone Vestron TBD
6961* Hollywood Cop Vestron TBD
6966* Homefront Vestron TBD
6982* Deadly Illusion Vestron TBD
7000 The Killing of President Kennedy VidAmerica TBD
7000 (re-assigned) Wilbur and Orville: The First to Fly VidAmerica TBD
7004 The Con Artists VidAmerica TBD
7005 A Lady Takes a Chance VidAmerica RKO Pictures
7005* Kangaroo Vestron TBD
7008 Street Law VidAmerica TBD
7008* Man on Fire Vestron Regency Enterprises
7009 Beyond Reasonable Doubt VidAmerica Satori
7010 Run, Angel, Run! VidAmerica TBD
7011 Sleeping Dogs VidAmerica Satori
7013 Don's Party VidAmerica Satori
7014 Alison's Birthday VidAmerica Satori
7015 Stage Fright VidAmerica Satori
7015* Phantom Empire Vestron TBD
7016 Death Games VidAmerica Satori
7017 The Boys of Summer VidAmerica Video Corporation of America
7018 The Riddle of the Sands VidAmerica The Rank Organisation
7019 Wild Horses VidAmerica Satori
7020 The Great Gundown VidAmerica Satori
7021 Brady's Escape VidAmerica Satori
7022 49th Parallel VidAmerica The Rank Organisation
7024 The Corpse Vanishes VidAmerica Prime TV Films
7025 Seance on a Wet Afternoon VidAmerica The Rank Organisation
7026 Black Narcissus VidAmerica The Rank Organisation
7027 The Man in Grey VidAmerica The Rank Organisation
7028 Caesar and Cleopatra VidAmerica The Rank Organisation
7029 Squizzy Taylor VidAmerica Satori
7030 The Leather Boys VidAmerica TBD
7032 Make Mine Mink VidAmerica The Rank Organisation
7032* Buster Vestron TBD
7034 Waltz of the Toreadors VidAmerica The Rank Organisation
7035 Dawn! VidAmerica Satori
7036 Summer of Secrets VidAmerica TBD
7036* Emmanuelle 5 Vestron TBD
7040 Freedom VidAmerica Satori
7042* The Legend of Wolf Lodge Vestron TBD
7043 The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp VidAmerica The Rank Organisation
7045 Doctor at Large VidAmerica The Rank Organisation
7046 The Loners VidAmerica Maple Leaf Productions
7048 The Catamount Killing VidAmerica TBD
7051 A Slightly Pregnant Man VidAmerica TBD
7052 The Kidnap Syndicate VidAmerica Gold Key Entertainment
7053 Eagles Attack at Dawn VidAmerica Cannon Films
7055 The Perfect Crime VidAmerica CIAT
7056 The Clinic VidAmerica Satori
7058* Queen City Rocker Vestron TBD
7059 Hands of the Ripper VidAmerica The Rank Organisation
7060 Battle Hell VidAmerica Everest Pictures
7062 Smuggler's Cove VidAmerica Satori
7063 Fatty Finn VidAmerica Satori
7065 Twins of Evil VidAmerica The Rank Organisation
7066 Guinness Book of World Records VidAmerica The Big Fights, Inc.
7066* Warm Nights on a Slow Moving Train Vestron TBD
7067 Between Wars VidAmerica Satori
7076 Death Riders VidAmerica Hallmark Productions
7077 Neil Young in Berlin VidAmerica Broadway Video
7077* The Beat Vestron Vestron Pictures
7078 The Legendary Champions VidAmerica The Big Fights, Inc.
7080 Joey VidAmerica Satori
7081 Suspicion VidAmerica RKO Pictures
7083 The Demon VidAmerica Gold Key Entertainment
7084 Heartbreak Motel VidAmerica TBD
7085 The Seventh Veil VidAmerica The Rank Organisation
7097 Brothers Grimm Vol. 1 VidAmerica Forever Fairytales
7098 Charles Perrault Vol. 4 VidAmerica Forever Fairytales
7100* A Prayer for the Dying Vestron TBD
7101 Death Rage VidAmerica Gold Key Entertainment
7106 Doctors and Nurses VidAmerica Satori
7108 The Mayfair Bank Caper VidAmerica TBD
7109 Policewomen VidAmerica Gold Key Entertainment
7111 Shoot the Sun Down VidAmerica David Leeds Productions
7114 Barracuda VidAmerica TBD
7118 The Informer VidAmerica RKO Pictures
7119 Mighty Joe Young VidAmerica RKO Pictures
7123 In Search of Noah's Ark VidAmerica Viacom International
7123* Forever Lulu Vestron TBD
7124 When Comedy Was King VidAmerica TBD
7129* C.H.U.D. II Vestron TBD
7132* Future Hunters Vestron TBD
7135* Campus Man Vestron TBD
7138* Anna Vestron Vestron Pictures
7139* The Under-Achievers Vestron TBD
7142* Amsterdamned Vestron Vestron Pictures
7145* Ground Zero Vestron TBD
7149* Shock Treatment Vestron TBD
7154* Taffin Vestron TBD
7155* Operation: Take No Prisoners Vestron TBD
7157* Seize the Day Vestron TBD
7168* Burning Secrets Vestron TBD
7169* Farewell to the King Vestron TBD
7170* Midnight Crossing Vestron Vestron Pictures
7171* The Unholy Vestron Vestron Pictures
7172* Parents Vestron Vestron Pictures
7174* Promised Land Vestron Vestron Pictures
7175* Waxwork Vestron Vestron Pictures
7177* You Can't Hurry Love Vestron TBD
7178* Paperhouse Vestron Vestron Pictures
7189* Call Me Vestron Vestron Pictures
7195* Salome's Last Dance Vestron Vestron Pictures
7198* Young Guns Vestron Vestron Pictures
7199* The Lair of the White Worm Vestron Vestron Pictures
7202* Dream a Little Dream Vestron Vestron Pictures
7203* Jacknife Vestron TBD
7204* Paint It Black Vestron Vestron Pictures
7208* Renegade Vestron TBD
7214* Barfly Vestron Cannon Films
7216* The Opponent Vestron TBD
7225* Dangerous Curves Vestron Vestron Pictures
7229* Murder One Vestron TBD
7230* Class of 1999 Vestron TBD
7232* The Deceivers Vestron TBD
7245* The Marx Bros. in a Nutshell Vestron TBD
7251* Consuming Passions Vestron TBD
7272* Florida Straits Vestron TBD
7273* Magic Sticks Vestron TBD
7284* Something About Love Vestron TBD
7285* Vampire In Venice Vestron TBD
7302* Machine Men: Battle of the Rock Lords Vestron TBD
7304* Twister Vestron Vestron Pictures
7310* Rita, Sue and Bob Too! Vestron TBD
7324* Red Scorpion Vestron TBD
7326* Heart of Midnight Vestron TBD
7327* Options Vestron TBD
7342* The Fruit Machine Vestron TBD
7374* The Moderns Vestron Nelson Entertainment
7348* Deathstalker III - The Warriors From Hell Vestron Concorde Pictures
7401* The Trouble With Spies Vestron HBO
7404* The Whales of August Vestron Hemdale Film Corporation
7408* Bagdad Cafe Vestron petemete Film GmbH
7419* Dirty Dancing TV - Volume 1 Vestron Vestron Pictures
7420* Dirty Dancing TV - Volume 2 Vestron Vestron Pictures
7421* Dirty Dancing TV - Volume 3 Vestron Vestron Pictures
7422* Dirty Dancing TV - Volume 4 Vestron Vestron Pictures
7423* Dirty Dancing TV - Volume 5 Vestron Vestron Pictures
7500 Pirates of the Seven Seas Force Empire International
7501 Duel of Champions Force Empire International
7502 Heroes in Hell Force Empire International
7503 Jungle Master Force Empire International
7504 The Executioner of Venice Force Empire International
7505 Battle of the Valiant Force Empire International
7506 Savage Island Force Empire International
7507 Playing the Field Force Empire International
7508 Nefertiti, Queen of the Nile Force Empire International
7509 Erotic Kill Force Empire International
7510 Tiger of the Seven Seas Force Empire International
7511 Ms. Stiletto Force Empire International
7512 White Slave Force Empire International
7513 Banana Monster Force Jack H. Harris Enterprises
7514 The Psychopath Force Empire International
7515 Primal Impulse Force Empire International
7516 The Thirteen Chairs Force Empire International
7517 The Invisible Gladiator Force Empire International
7518 Hell Commandos Force Empire International
7519 Cold Steel of Tortuga Force Empire International
7901 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Lightning TBD
8000** The Year Without a Santa Claus Vestron Telepictures
8001 Jack Frost Lightning Telepictures
8003 Rudolph's Shiny New Year Lightning Telepictures
8249 Love Letters Vestron Video Español TBD
9000 Bruce Lee: The Man, the Myth Lightning TBD
9002 Ripped Off Lightning TBD
9003 Creature from Black Lake Lightning TBD
9004 I Married a Witch Lightning Castle Hill Productions
9006 Elmer Lightning TBD
9008 Foreign Correspondent Lightning Castle Hill Productions
9010 The Police Tapes Lightning TBD
9012 The Great Wallendas Lightning TBD
9016 Operation Julie Lightning TBD
9017 Klondike Fever Lightning TBD
9020 Journey into Fear Lightning TBD
9024* Amazing Masters of the Martial Arts Vestron TBD
9025 The Best Legs in the 8th Grade Lightning TBD
9029 When the Screaming Stops Lightning TBD
9030 Deadly Sunday Lightning TBD
9032 See How She Runs Lightning TBD
9035 Circus World Lightning Samuel Bronston
9036 Shadows Run Black Lightning TBD
9037 The Adventures of Sinbad the Sailor Lightning TBD
9038 Tell Me That You Love Me Lightning TBD
9039 55 Days at Peking Lightning Samuel Bronston
9040 Salty Lightning TBD
9041 The Streets of L.A. Lightning TBD
9042 The Wild Beasts Lightning TBD
9044 The Masque of the Red Death Lightning Orion Pictures
9045 Acts of Violence Lightning TBD
9046 Charlie and the Great Balloon Chase Lightning TBD
9048 The Fall of the Roman Empire Lightning Samuel Bronston
9050 Murder by Natural Causes Lightning TBD
9052 Murders in the Rue Morgue Lightning Orion Pictures
9053 (Audubon) If Dolphins Could Talk Vestron Audubon Society
9054 Summerdog Lightning TBD
9056 (Audubon) Wildfire Vestron Audubon Society
9057 (Audubon) Wolves Vestron Audubon Society
9067 The Legend of Boggy Creek Lightning TBD
9071 Comedy Jam Lightning TBD
9074 Bad Girls in the Movies Lightning TBD
9077 Perils of Problemina Vestron TBD
9095 The Infinite Voyage: Life in the Balance Vestron QED Communications
9150* Running Cool Vestron TBD
9343* Crawlspace Vestron Empire International
9500 Walking Tall Lightning TBD
9501 Savages Lightning TBD
9502 Revenge of the Dead Lightning TBD
9503 Short Eyes Lightning TBD
9504 What Waits Below Lightning TBD
9505 Devil Dog: The Hound of Hell Lightning TBD
9506 El Cid Lightning TBD
9507 Diary of a Teenage Hitchhiker Lightning TBD
9508 Mean Dog Blues Lightning TBD
9510 10-Speed Lightning TBD
9511 Return Engagement Lightning TBD
9513 Walking Tall Part 2 Lightning TBD
9515 Welcome to Blood City Lightning TBD
9516 Terror in the Wax Museum Lightning TBD
9517 W Lightning TBD
9518 Arnold Lightning TBD
9520 The Lost Empire Lightning TBD
9522 Father Figure Lightning TBD
9523 Evils of the Night Lightning TBD
9524 The Sea Serpent Lightning TBD
9525 Frankenstein Lightning TBD
9526 Wildrose Lightning TBD
9527 Crossover Lightning TBD
9530 Murrow Lightning TBD
9531 A Christmas to Remember Lightning TBD
9532 Hardhat & Legs Lightning TBD
9533 Pulsebeat Lightning TBD
9535 A Woman of Substance Episode II: Fighting for the Dream Lightning TBD
9536 A Woman of Substance Episode III: The Secret is Revealed Lightning TBD
9537 Gassss Lightning TBD
9538 Good-Bye Cruel World Lightning TBD
9539 The Clones Lightning TBD
9541 Tornado Lightning TBD
9542 The Grass is Always Greener Over the Septic Tank Lightning TBD
9543 Manhattan Baby Lightning 21st Century Film Corporation
9544 The Psychic Lightning Group 1
9546 Screamtime Lightning TBD
9547 Rats Lightning TBD
9549 A Blade in the Dark Lightning TBD
9551 Sno-Line Lightning TBD
9554 The Last 4 Days Lightning Group 1
9555 Tiger Joe Lightning TBD
9558 The Clonus Horror Lightning Group 1
9559 Frozen Terror Lightning TBD
9560 Igor and the Lunatics Lightning Troma
9563* Fists of Steel Vestron TBD
9564 Deadly Mission Lightning TBD
9565 Title Shot Lightning TBD
9566 Prince Jack Lightning TBD
9569 The House of Yellow Carpet Lightning TBD
9570 The President's Mistress Lightning TBD
9575 Cinderella Lightning TBD
9575* The Fourth Wise Man Vestron TBD
9576 It's Called Murder, Baby Lightning TBD
9578 Marbella Lightning TBD
9579 Revenge of the Cheerleaders Lightning TBD
9580 Girls School Screamers Lightning TBD
9583 Scream and Die Lightning TBD
9585 Formula for a Murder Lightning TBD
9588 Mark of the Devil Lightning TBD
9590 Slammer Girls Lightning TBD
9592 Enforcer from Death Row Lightning TBD
9597 Massacre in Dinosaur Valley Lightning TBD
9600 Angel's Brigade Lightning TBD
9604 Scenes of a Murder Lightning TBD
9605 Scorchy Lightning TBD
9610 Red Empire Vestron TBD
9615 101 Great Putts Vestron TBD
9616 The Arnold Palmer Story Vestron TBD
9859 Hooray For Howie Would Vestron TBD
9862 Smithsonian World: Where None Has Gone Before Vestron Smithsonian Insititution
9864 Mistress LIVE Tribeca Productions
9881 Naked Obsession Vestron TBD
9885 Paul McCartney's Get Back Vestron Carolco Pictures
9891 The Terror Within 2 Vestron TBD
9892 Sherlock Holmes and the Leading Lady Vestron Harmony Gold
9897 976-EVIL 2: The Astral Factor Vestron TBD
9898 Over Her Dead Body Vestron TBD
9901 Blind Date Lightning TBD
9903 Dog Day Lightning TBD
9904 The Party Animal Lightning TBD
9906 Yellow Fever and the Fortress of Gold Lightning TBD
9907 The Dungeonmaster Lightning TBD
9908 Superstition Lightning TBD
9909 Prime Risk Lightning TBD
9910 Part 2: Walking Tall Lightning TBD
9911 Final Chapter: Walking Tall Lightning TBD
9912 Walking the Edge Lightning TBD
9914 Sky High Lightning TBD
9915* Model Behavior Vestron TBD
9916 The Tender Age Lightning TBD
9917* Deadly Passion Vestron TBD
9918 The Serpent's Egg Lightning TBD
9920 The Alchemist Lightning Empire International
9921* Valet Girls Vestron TBD
9922 Panther Squad Lightning TBD
9924 Alligator Lightning Group 1
9925 She Lightning TBD
9926 Young Lady Chatterley II Lightning TBD
9927 Zone Troopers Lightning Empire International
9928 Space Rage Lightning TBD
9929 Land of Doom Lightning TBD
9931 Naked Vengeance Lightning TBD
9932 Secrets of a Married Man Lightning TBD
9933 Dark of the Night Lightning TBD
9934 TerrorVision Lightning Empire International
9935 Loose Screws Lightning TBD
9938 American Commandos Lightning TBD
9939 Billy Galvin Lightning TBD
9940 Spring Symphony Lightning TBD
9941 Oddballs Lightning Maurice Smith Productions/Rodeo Productions
9942 Witchfire Lightning TBD
9943 Crawlspace Lightning Empire International
9945* On the Edge Vestron TBD
9946 The Toxic Avenger (Unrated) Lightning Troma
9947 Separate Vacations Lightning TBD
9949 Warriors of the Apocalypse Lightning TBD
9950 The Zero Boys Lightning Vestron Pictures
9951 Mister Johnson Vestron TBD
9952 Backtrack Vestron Vestron Pictures
9953 The Toxic Avenger Lightning Troma
9955 Nightmare Weekend Lightning TBD
9956 American Justice Lightning TBD
9957 Chopping Mall Lightning TBD
9958 Weekend Warriors Lightning TBD
9959 Wired to Kill Lightning TBD
9960 Nightforce Lightning TBD
9961 Every Time We Say Goodbye Lightning TBD
9963 Native Son Lightning TBD
9964 The Wind Lightning TBD
9965 I Was A Teenage TV Terrorist Lightning TBD
9967 Pyrates Vestron TBD
9969 Neon Maniacs Lightning TBD
9970 Necropolis: City of the Dead Lightning TBD
9971 The Wraith Lightning TBD
9973 Party Camp Lightning TBD
9974 The Princess Academy Lightning TBD
9975 Wimps Lightning TBD
9976 Dice Rules Vestron Carolco Pictures
9976* Slammer Girls Vestron TBD
9977 Age Isn't Everything Vestron TBD
9979 The Women's Club Lightning TBD
9980 Superstar: The Life and Times of Andy Warhol Vestron TBD
9981 Street Trash Lightning TBD
9982 The Night Stalker Lightning TBD
9984 The Under Achievers Lightning TBD
9985 Eternal Evil Lightning TBD
9987 NOVA: The Case Of The Flying Dinosaur Vestron WGBH Educational Foundation
9990 Smithsonian World: Filling In The Blanks Vestron Smithsonian Institution
9993* Little Monsters Vestron Vestron Pictures
9999 The JFK Assassination: The Jim Garrison Tapes Vestron TBD