Comprehensive catalog of HBO Home Entertainment releases

From Home Video

Pre-1991 tapes did not have a leading 9 in their catalog numbers; however, such tapes are listed with a leading 9 anyway for consistency.

Catalog number Title Library
90000 A Week with Raquel Total Video, Inc.
90001 Something Wild Orion Pictures
90002 Act of Vengeance Home Box Office
90003 Three in the Cellar Home Box Office
90007 ¡Three Amigos! Home Box Office
90014 Radio Days Orion Pictures
90029 Amazing Grace and Chuck Tri-Star Pictures
90040 Platoon Hemdale Film Corporation
90065 Playboy Video Centerfold: Kimberly Conrad Playboy
90070 Rent-A-Cop Kings Road Entertainment
90073 Roy Orbison and Friends: Black and White Night Home Box Office
90078 Playboy Video Centerfold: India Allen Playboy
90150 Playboy 1989 Video Playmate Calendar Playboy
90223 The Haunted Palace Orion Pictures
90277 Playboy: Wet & Wild Playboy
90392 Playboy Video Centerfold: Kerri Kendall Playboy
90429 Boxing's Best: Muhammad Ali (Special Gift Edition) Home Box Office
90558 Hidden Agenda Hemdale Film Corporation
90592 Playboy's Girls of Spring Break Playboy
90610 Fort Apache The Bronx Home Box Office
90611 Good Guys Wear Black Home Box Office
90699 Back to School (Special Gift Edition) Orion Pictures
90700 Code of Silence (Special Gift Edition) Orion Pictures
90701 Rock-A-Doodle The Samuel Goldwyn Company
90702 The Playboys The Samuel Goldwyn Company
90703 Off and Running Orion Pictures
90704 Missing Pieces Orion Pictures
90705 Afterburn Home Box Office
90706 Traces of Red The Samuel Goldwyn Company
90709 Kickboxer (Special Gift Edition) Kings Road Entertainment
90710 Mandela (Special Gift Edition) Home Box Office
90711 The Mean Season (Special Gift Edition) Orion Pictures
90712 My Left Foot (Special Gift Edition) Miramax Films
90713 Raw Deal (Special Gift Edition) De Laurentiis Entertainment Group
90720 Roy Orbison and Friends: Black and White Night (Special Gift Edition) Home Box Office
90733 F/X (Special Gift Edition) Orion Pictures
90734 Radio Days (Special Gift Edition) Orion Pictures
90735 Meatballs (Special Gift Edition) Home Box Office
90736 Rent-A-Cop (Special Gift Edition) Kings Road Entertainment
90741 The Cannonball Run (Special Gift Edition) Home Box Office
90743 Mom and Dad Save the World Home Box Office
90744 Exposure Miramax Films
90748 Whoopee The Samuel Goldwyn Company
90791 Amazing Grace and Chuck (Special Gift Edition) TriStar Pictures
90794 Boxing's Best: The Heavyweights: "The Big Punchers" (Special Gift Edition) Home Box Office
90797 The Big Easy (Special Gift Edition) Kings Road Entertainment
90799 No Way Out (Special Gift Edition) Orion Pictures
90801 ¡Three Amigos! (Special Gift Edition) Home Box Office
90809 HBO's Hottest Moments (Special Gift Edition) Home Box Office
90830 Running Mates Home Box Office
90857 Fort Apache The Bronx (Special Gift Edition) Home Box Office
90864 Rock-A-Doodle (Special Gift Edition) The Samuel Goldwyn Company
90903 Switch (Special Gift Edition) Home Box Office
90980 Serial Mom Savoy Pictures
91035 Death on the Nile EMI Films
91036 Can't Stop the Music EMI Films
91037 Benny Hill's Video Revue Thames Television
91038 S.O.S. Titanic EMI Films
91039 The Cruel Sea EMI Films
91040 Times Square EMI Films
91041 I Am a Dancer EMI Films
91042 The Day the Earth Caught Fire EMI Films
91043 Scars of Dracula EMI Films
91044 The Royal Wedding Thames Television
91045 The Tubes Video Picture Music International
91046 April Wine: Live in London Picture Music International
91047 Queen: Greatest Flix Picture Music International
91048 One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest Fantasy Films
91049 The Lord of the Rings Fantasy Films
91050 Rockshow Miramax Films
91054 The Mirror Crack'd from Side to Side EMI Films
91058 The Burning EMI Films
91061 A Summer in St. Tropez JVC
91063 The World at War: A New Germany Thames Television
91064 The Norman Conquests: Table Manners Thames Television
91065 The Norman Conquests: Living Together Thames Television
91066 The Norman Conquests: Round and Round the Garden Thames Television
91067 The Naked Civil Servant Thames Television
91071 Spaced Out Miramax Films
91072 The Stud Brent Walker Film Distributors
91079 The Long Good Friday HandMade Films
91080 Evil Under the Sun EMI Films
91081 Goodbye Emmanuelle Miramax Films
91082 The Kids Are Alright Brent Walker Film Distributors
91083 The Bitch Brent Walker Film Distributors
91084 Accident EMI Films
91085 Elvira Madigan Atlantic Releasing Corporation
91086 The Country Girl Group W Productions
91087 Caddie Atlantic Releasing Corporation
91088 Horror of Frankenstein EMI Films
91089 The Man Who Haunted Himself EMI Films
91090 I Sent a Letter to My Love Atlantic Releasing Corporation
91091 Star Bloopers Levelbrook
91092 Three Warriors Fantasy Films
91093 Payday Fantasy Films
91094 Kitty: Return to Auschwitz Yorkshire Television
91095 Fear in the Night EMI Films
91098 The Playboy of the Western World EMI Films
91099 Ashford and Simpson Picture Music International
91100 Benny Hill's One Night Video Stand Thames Television
91101 The Colditz Story EMI Films
91102 Kind Hearts and Coronets EMI Films
91103 The Man in the White Suit EMI Films
91104 The Ladykillers EMI Films
91107 The Lavender Hill Mob EMI Films
91108 The Final Programme EMI Films
91109 That'll Be the Day EMI Films
91112 Lust for a Vampire EMI Films
91113 I'm All Right, Jack EMI Films
91114 Rattle of a Simple Man EMI Films
91119 The Return J&M Entertainment
91120 The Harder They Come Island Pictures
91121 The Atomic Cafe Almi Television
91441 Wolfman EO Corporation
91488 The Jupiter Menace Celebrity Releasing
91489 Monty Python Live at the Hollywood Bowl HandMade Films
91490 Dawn of the Mummy Harmony Gold
91494 Shoot It Black! Shoot It Blue! Levitt-Pickman Film Corporation
91573 First Blood EMI Films
91584 Ator the Fighting Eagle Comworld Pictures
91585 Summer of Fear Brent Walker Film Distributors
91595 The Hitcher (letterboxed) Home Box Office
91605 The Missionary HandMade Films
91606 Fake-Out J&M Entertainment
91607 Britannia Hospital EMI Films
91608 Scrubbers HandMade Films
91613 Zoltan, Hound of Dracula EMI Films
91620 Sorceress New World Pictures
91621 Frances EMI Films
91630 Second Thoughts EMI Films
91632 Xtro New Line Cinema
91633 Bad Boys EMI Films
91634 Triumphs of a Man Called Horse III Jensen Farley Pictures
91637 The First Time New Line Cinema
91638 Roaring Fire New Line Cinema
91639 Stunts New Line Cinema
91646 Duran Duran Picture Music International
91733 Madman Jensen Farley Pictures
91734 Billy Liar EMI Films
91813 One Dark Night Comworld Pictures
91814 Night Warning Comworld Pictures
91815 The Gift (or, Bankers Also Have Souls) The Samuel Goldwyn Company
91951 Running Scared EMI Films
91966 The Dark Crystal ITC Entertainment
91974 Mahler EMI Films
91975 Crocodile Cobra Media
91976 Martin Laurel Entertainment
91977 Dawn of the Dead Laurel Entertainment
91978 The Steel-Fisted Dragon Cobra Media
91979 The Evil Dead New Line Cinema
91980 Spasms National Trust Company
91981 The Osterman Weekend J&M Entertainment
92184 Cross Creek EMI Films
92185 Amin: The Rise and Fall Almi Television
92227 The Prey New World Pictures
92304 The Exterminators of the Year 3000 New Line Cinema
92305 The Being New World Pictures
92306 Corrupt New Line Cinema
92373 Covergirl New World Pictures
92422 Deep in the Heart Thorn EMI Screen Entertainment
92423 The Last Fight Best Film and Video Corporation
92438 Watch Me When I Kill Cobra Media
92454 Phil Collins: Live at Perkins Palace Picture Music International
92455 Raid on Entebbe Edgar J. Scherick Associates
92535 The Terminator Hemdale Film Corporation
92544 A Day of Judgment EO Corporation
92545 Lady Grey EO Corporation
92546 The Last Game EO Corporation
92566 Convoy EMI Films
92581 Danger Mouse Vol. 2 Thames Television
92649 Warrior of the Lost World Visto International
92651 Raquel: Total Beauty and Fitness Total Video, Inc.
92674 Girls Nite Out Aries International Releasing Corporation
92716 The Glitter Dome Home Box Office
92717 The Far Pavilions Home Box Office
92718 Mephisto Analysis Film Releasing Corporation
92719 Slayground Thorn EMI Screen Entertainment
92721 Body Rock New World Pictures
92722 Dreamscape Zupnik-Curtis Enterprises
92730 The Initiation New World Pictures
92731 Bad Manners New World Pictures
92732 Mad Dog Morgan Cinema Shares International Distribution
92790 Aida National Video Corporation
92806 Madama Butterfly National Video Corporation
92807 Manon Lescaut National Video Corporation
92852 Duran Duran: Sing Blue Silver Picture Music International
92880 Flashpoint Home Box Office
92908 Deadly Intruder Channel One Productions
92986 Heaven Help Us Home Box Office
93000 Fear City Zupnik-Curtis Enterprises
93533 The Time Travelers Orion Pictures
93554 Black Sabbath Orion Pictures
93756 The Hitcher Home Box Office
93761 Highlander Cannon Screen Entertainment
99960 Nothing in Common Tri-Star Pictures
99982 Raw Deal De Laurentiis Entertainment Group