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This page is for sorting 20th Century Home Entertainment's worldwide releases by catalog number, including their subsidiaries. Non-US releases are usually marked with (PAL) next to the title. The "-" symbol indicates the title was cancelled or otherwise unreleased. The text "(reassigned)" indicates a catalog number for one title that was reused for another.

0000 to 1000[edit]

Catalog number Title Library
0021 Crazed Manson International
0025 Bloodsuckers Titan International Productions
0044 (Fox Family Features) The Sound of Music Fox
0075 (X-Files) Herrenvolk/Home Fox
0076 (X-Files) Tunguska/Terma Fox
0081 Goodbye Charlie Fox
0095-8 (Widescreen Series) True Lies Fox
0095-9 (Widescreen Series) Speed Fox
0096-0 (Widescreen Series) The Abyss Fox
0096-1 (Widescreen Series) The Last of the Mohicans Fox
0121 (X-Files) Piper Maru/Apocrypha Fox
0122 (X-Files) Pusher/Jose Chung's from Outer Space Fox
0123 (X-Files) Wetwired/Talitha Cumi Fox
0134 Gargantua Fox
0143 Dark Side of the Moon Wildstreet Pictures
0150 Double Feature: Predator/Commando Fox
0151 Double Feature: Romancing the Stone/The Jewel of the Nile Fox
0164 Power Rangers in Space Fox
0173 The Siege Fox
0177-1 (Widescreen Series) Broken Arrow Fox
0177 Polish Wedding Fox
0178 There's Something About Mary Fox
0191-5 (Widescreen Series) Independence Day Fox
0231-8 (Widescreen Series) Strange Days Fox
0232-0 (Widescreen Series) Die Hard Fox
0292-7 Star Wars: A New Hope Special Edition (widescreen) Fox
0292-8 Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Special Edition (widescreen) Lucasfilm
0292-9 Star Wars: Return of the Jedi Special Edition (widescreen) Lucasfilm
0293-0 Star Wars Trilogy Special Edition Fox and Lucasfilm
0293-4 Star Wars Trilogy Special Edition Fox and Lucasfilm
0303 Touched by an Angel Collector's Edition: 1st and 100th Episodes CBS
0322 Hope Floats Fox
0325 Alien Resurrection Fox
0330 (The Simpsons) The Best of the Simpsons: Volume 7 Fox
0331 (The Simpsons) The Best of the Simpsons: Volume 8 Fox
0332 (The Simpsons) The Best of the Simpsons: Volume 9 Fox
0333 Small Steps, Big Strides: The Black Experience in Hollywood Fox
0334 No Way Out Fox
0338 The Mysterious Man of the Shroud CBS
0340 Another 9 1⁄2 Weeks Trimark Pictures
0346 (Lost in Space) There Were Giants in the Earth Fox
0347 (Lost in Space) Welcome Stranger Fox
0348 (Lost in Space) The Hungry Sea Fox
0349 NBA Wired for Sound NBA Entertainment
0350 NBA Hardwood Heroes NBA Entertainment
0363 The Newton Boys Fox
0365 The Impostors Fox
0369 (Widescreen Series) Aliens Fox
0389 Waking Ned Devine Fox
0392 Ever After: A Cinderella Story Fox
0393 The Object of My Affection Fox
0412 1998 Olympic Winter Games: Overall Highlights CBS Sports
0413 1998 Olympic Winter Games: Hockey CBS Sports
0414 1998 Olympic Winter Games: Figure Skating Competition CBS Sports
0416 (Keeping Up Appearances) Angel Gabriel Blue BBC
0417 (Keeping Up Appearances) My Family in Broad Daylight BBC
0418 (Yes Minister) Volume 1 BBC
0419 (Yes Minister) Volume 2 BBC
0428 ComeBack Cats: The Official 1998 NCAA Championship Video CBS Sports
0432 My Sergei CBS
0443 A Cool, Dry Place Fox
0448 The X-Files: Fight the Future Fox
0460-1 (Widescreen Series) Speed 2: Cruise Control Fox
0474 Return to Hockeytown: Detroit Red Wings' 97-98 Championship NHL
0480 Double Feature: The Poseidon Adventure/The Towering Inferno Fox
0510 20 Dates Fox
0511 Bulworth Fox
0512 Slums of Beverly Hills Fox
0534 Twentieth Century Fox: The First 50 Years Fox
0537 Diana: A Celebration BBC
0538 (Beetleborgs) Metallix: The Movie Fox Kids
0550-1 (Widescreen Series) Planet of the Apes Fox
0550-2 (Widescreen Series) Beneath the Planet of the Apes Fox
0550 (Widescreen Series) Escape from the Planet of the Apes Fox
0550-4 (Widescreen Series) Conquest of the Planet of the Apes Fox
0550-5 (Widescreen Series) Battle for the Planet of the Apes Fox
0558 Touched by an Angel: Amazing Grace CBS
0574 Rhodes: The Life and Legend of Cecil Rhodes BBC
0692 Alien Trilogy Fox
0814 Tom Hanks Double Feature: The Man with One Red Shoe/Big Fox
0901-8 (Widescreen Series) The X-Files Fox

1000 to 2000[edit]

Catalog number Title Library
1001 Hello, Dolly! Fox
1002 Fantastic Voyage Fox
1003 Von Ryan's Express Fox
1004 The King and I Fox
1005 Patton Fox
1006 The Hustler Fox
1007 The Agony and the Ecstasy Fox
1008 Cleopatra Fox
1009 The French Connection Fox
1010 The Only Game in Town Fox
1011 The Day the Earth Stood Still Fox
1012 Hombre Fox
1013 Beneath the Planet of the Apes Fox
1014 The Desert Fox Fox
1015 The Boston Strangler Fox
1016 Can Can Fox
1017 Tora! Tora! Tora! Fox
1018 The Detective Fox
1019 Gentlemen Prefer Blondes Fox
1020 The Bible Fox
1021 The Longest Day Fox
1022 The Robe Fox
1023 How to Marry a Millionaire Fox
1024 The Grapes of Wrath Fox
1025 Doctor Dolittle Fox
1026 The Panic in Needle Park Fox
1027 The Marriage of a Young Stockbroker Fox
1028 Vanishing Point Fox
1029 The Sand Pebbles Fox
1030 State Fair Fox
1031 Bus Stop Fox
1032 Three Coins in the Fountain Fox
1033 Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines Fox
1034 The Song of Bernadette Fox
1035 How to Steal a Million Fox
1036 From the Terrace Fox
1037 How Green Was My Valley Fox
1038 M*A*S*H Fox
1039 Love is a Many Splendored Thing Fox
1040 Anastasia Fox
1041 Boy on a Dolphin Fox
1042 The Hot Rock Fox
1043 The Seven Year Itch Fox
1044 Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea Fox
1045 The Long Hot Summer Fox
1046 The Paper Chase Fox
1047 Valley of the Dolls Fox
1048 Carmen Jones Fox
1049 The Razor's Edge Fox
1050 A Farewell to Arms Fox
1051 The Sound of Music Fox
1052 The Making of Star Wars Fox
1053 Dirty Mary Crazy Larry Fox
1054 Planet of the Apes Fox
1055 Sky Riders Fox
1056 The Undefeated Fox
1057 The Young Lions Fox
1058 The Poseidon Adventure Fox
1059 The Duchess and the Dirtwater Fox Fox
1060 100 Rifles Fox
1061 Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid Fox
1062 The Blue Max Fox
1063 The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes' Smarter Brother Fox
1064 The Strange Case of Alice Cooper Fox
(R&H) The King and I Fox
1065 Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm Fox
1066 Heidi Fox
1067 Curly Top Fox
1068 Captain January Fox
1069 The Poor Little Rich Girl Fox
1070 Wee Willie Winkie Fox
1071 The Towering Inferno Fox
1072 Miracle on 34th Street Fox
1073 Blood and Sand Fox
1074 The Diary of Anne Frank Fox
1075 Twelve O'Clock High Fox
1076 All About Eve Fox
1077 Gentleman's Agreement Fox
1078 David Copperfield Fox
1079 The Omen Fox
1080 Silver Streak Fox
1081 Breaking Away Fox
1082 Norma Rae Fox
1084 Two for the Road Fox
1085 Sleuth Fox
1086 There's No Business Like Show Business Fox
1087 Damien: Omen II Fox
1088 An Unmarried Woman Fox
1089 The Turning Point Fox
1090 Alien Fox
1091 Julia Fox
1092 The Rose Fox
1093 A Letter to Three Wives Fox
1094 Laura Fox
1095 All That Jazz Fox
1096 Dreamer Fox
1097 The Fury Fox
1098 Brubaker Fox
1099 9 to 5 Fox
1100 At Long Last Love Fox
1101 Beyond the Valley of the Dolls Fox
1102 Myra Breckenridge Fox
1103 Young Frankenstein Fox
1104 A Change of Seasons Fox
1105 The World's Greatest Lover Fox
1106 Zorba the Greek Fox
1107 High Anxiety Fox
1108 Monsignor Fox
1109 Kagemusha: The Shadow Warrior Fox
1110 The Stunt Man Fox
1111 My Bodyguard Fox
1112 The Making of Star Wars / SPFX: The Empire Strikes Back (LaserDisc) Fox
1113 The Man With Bogart's Face Fox
1114 History of the World Part I Fox
1115 The Final Conflict Fox
1116 Eyewitness Fox
1117 Butch and Sundance: The Early Days Fox
1118 Chariots of Fire (PAL) Fox
1119 Chu Chu and the Philly Flash Fox
1120 Bedazzled Fox
1121 Alexander's Ragtime Band Fox
1123 Tattoo Fox
1124 Death Hunt Fox
1125 Zorro, the Gay Blade Fox
1127 French Connection II Fox
1128 Taps Fox
1129 Modern Problems Fox
1130 Star Wars (A New Hope) Fox
1131 Our Man Flint Fox
1132 Willie & Phil Fox
1133 The Enemy Below Fox
1134 Battle for the Planet of the Apes Fox
1135 The Other Side of Midnight Fox
1136 Fatso Fox
1137 Conquest of the Planet of the Apes Fox
1138 Avalanche Express Fox
1140 Inferno Fox
1141 Let's Make Love Fox
1142 Quartet Fox
1143 Cleopatra Fox
1145 Quintet Fox
1146 Making Love Fox
1147 The Amateur Fox
1148 Quest for Fire Fox
1149 Porky's Fox
1150 I Ought to Be in Pictures Fox
1151 The Great White Hope Fox
1152 A Guide for the Married Man Fox
1153 The St. Valentine's Day Massacre Fox
1154 Move Fox
1155 Justine Fox
1156* Cover Me Babe Fox
1157 The Magus Fox
1158 99 and 44/100% Dead! Fox
1160 Hard Contract Fox
1161 A Wedding Fox
1162 The Sicilian Clan Fox
1163 Che! Fox
1164 Oh! Heavenly Dog Fox
1166 Emperor of the North Fox
1167 Lady in Cement Fox
1168 Stormy Weather Fox
1170 The Inn of the Sixth Happiness Fox
1171 Visiting Hours Fox
1172 Love Me Tender Fox
1173 Flaming Star Fox
1174 Wild in the Country Fox
1175 Royal Flash Fox
1176 The Games Fox
1177 The Comancheros Fox
1178 Demetrius and the Gladiators Fox
1180 Star! Fox
1181 Author! Author! Fox
1182 Megaforce Fox
1183 Six Pack Fox
1184 Shock Treatment Fox
1185 The Pirate Movie Fox
1186 I, the Jury Fox
1187 Escape from the Planet of the Apes Fox
1188 The Verdict Fox
1189 The Culpepper Cattle Company Fox
1190 The Fly (1958) Fox
1191 Return of the Fly Fox
1193 The Seven-Ups Fox
1195 The Mystery of Monster Island Fox
1196 11 Harrowhouse Fox
1197 Nosferatu the Vampyre Fox
1198 Mr. Billion Fox
1199 The Salzberg Connection Fox
1200 The Mephisto Waltz Fox
1201 The Neptune Factor Fox
1202 Damnation Alley Fox
1203 Bandolero! Fox
1205 Prudence and the Pill Fox
1206 Race with the Devil Fox
1207 The Kremlin Letter Fox
1208 Zardoz Fox
1209 SPFX: The Empire Strikes Back Fox
1210 The Flim-Flam Man Fox
1211 Kid Blue Fox
1212 North to Alaska Fox
1213 The Gunfighter Fox
1214 Halls of Montezuma Fox
1215 M*A*S*H: Goodbye, Farewell and Amen Fox
1216 The Most Dangerous Man in the World Fox
1217 Kiss Me Goodbye Fox
1218 D-Day the Sixth of June Fox
1220 Casanova Fox
1221 The Flight of the Phoenix Fox
1222 Peeper Fox
1223 Pretty Poison Fox
1224 Rio Conchos Fox
1225 The Sweet Ride Fox
1226 Broken Lance Fox
1227 The Last American Hero Fox
1230 Modesty Blaise Fox
1231 Don't Bother to Knock Fox
1233 The Man from Snowy River Fox
1234 The Entity Fox
1235 Without a Trace Fox
1236 Max Dugan Returns Fox
1237 Take a Hard Ride Fox
1238 Warlock Fox
1240 An Affair to Remember Fox
1241 The Blue Bird Fox
1244 Desk Set Fox
1245 Hush... Hush, Sweet Charlotte Fox
1247 Jane Eyre Fox
1248 Journey to the Center of the Earth Fox
1249 Unfaithfully Yours Fox
1250-2 Bruce Lee: The Master Collection Golden Harvest
1251 The Story of Alexander Graham Bell Fox
1252 Belle Starr Fox
1253 Between Heaven and Hell Fox
1258 Buffalo Bill Fox
1267 The Jackpot Fox
1268 Les Miserables Fox
1283 The Tall Men Fox
1284 300 Spartans Fox
1285 What Price Glory Fox
1287 The Big Sleep Fox
1290 The Incident Fox
1291 Eating Raoul Fox
1292 Tough Enough Fox
1293 When the Legends Die Fox
1294 Porky's II: The Next Day Fox
1295 The Star Chamber Fox
1296 Betrayal Fox
1297 The Chosen Fox
1298 The Little Princess Fox
1299 All the Right Moves Fox
1300 Heart Like a Wheel Fox
1301 Five Weeks in a Balloon Fox
1302 Great Guns Fox
1303 Morituri Fox
1306 The Dolly Sisters Fox
1308 Threshold Fox
1310 Broken Arrow Fox
1311 The Bullfighters Fox
1313 The Desert Rats Fox
1314 The Keys of the Kingdom Fox
1315 Hardly Working Fox
1316 The Buddy System Fox
1317 The Hunters Fox
1318 The Innocents Fox
1321 The Man Who Never Was Fox
1323 A Night in Heaven Fox
1326 Prince Valiant Fox
1328 The Return of Frank James Fox
1329 Return to Peyton Place Fox
1331 The Secret Life of an American Wife Fox
1334 Snow White and the Three Stooges Fox
1336 To Be or Not to Be Fox
1338 Tony Rome Fox
1339 Two of a Kind Fox
1340 Unfaithfully Yours Fox
1341 What a Way to Go! Fox
1342 Wizards Fox
1344 Comeback Fox
1348 State Fair Fox
1349 Beloved Infidel Fox
1350 Bill Cosby, Himself Fox
1351 In Old Chicago Fox
1352 Viva Zapata! Fox
1355 Harry & Tonto Fox
1358 Romancing the Stone Fox
1359 Kidco Fox
1361 The Best of Everything Fox
1362 The Big Trail Fox
1368 Charlie Chan at the Opera Fox
1374 Charlie Chan's Secret Fox
1378 Daddy Long Legs Fox
1380 David and Bathsheba Fox
1381 Dear Brigitte Fox
1382 Drums Along the Mohawk Fox
1384 5 Fingers Fox
1385 The Ghost and Mrs. Muir Fox
1386 The Girl Can't Help It Fox
1390 Hello, Frisco, Hello Fox
1392 Immortal Sergeant Fox
1393 Lifeboat Fox
1394 Lloyd's of London Fox
1396 Mr. Hobbs Takes a Vacation Fox
1398 My Darling Clementine Fox
1399 Night People Fox
1401 Pickup on South Street Fox
1403 The Quiller Memorandum Fox
1411 Tales of Manhattan Fox
1413 The Three Faces of Eve Fox
1415 To the Shores of Tripoli Fox
1416 The Virgin Queen Fox
1420 Young Mr. Lincoln Fox
1422 13 Rue Madeleine Fox
1423 The Driver Fox
1424 The Rocky Horror Picture Show Fox
1425 Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back Lucasfilm
1428 Cheaper by the Dozen Fox
1434 Men at Work: Live in San Francisco Fox
1435 Reuben, Reuben Fox
1436 Careful, He Might Hear You Fox
1437 Silent Movie Fox
1438 Rhinestone Fox
1439 Revenge of the Nerds Fox
1440 Bachelor Party Fox
1441 Smorgasbord Fox
1443 The Laughing Policeman Fox
1444 Phar Lap Fox
1445 The Stone Boy Fox
1446 Antarctica Fox
1447 Moving Violation Fox
1448 Give My Regards to Broad Street Fox
1449 Rally 'Round the Flag Boys (PAL) Fox
1450 The Gods Must Be Crazy Fox
1451 The Killing Hour Fox
1452 Thunder and Lightning Fox
1454 Caravan of Courage: An Ewok Adventure Lucasfilm
1455 Stopover Tokyo Fox
1456 Johnny Dangerously Fox
1457 Paris, Texas Fox
1459 Mischief Fox
1460 Turk 182 Fox
1462 Moving Violations Fox
1463 Porky's Revenge Fox
1464 Gimme an 'F' Fox
1465 The Legend of Hell House Fox
1467 The House on Skull Mountain Fox
1469 Conrack Fox
1470 Batman: The Movie Fox
1471 Classic Creatures: Return of the Jedi Fox
1472 Almost You Fox
1473 Phantom of the Paradise Fox
1474 Ladyhawke (PAL) Fox
1476 Cocoon Fox
1477 The Man With One Red Shoe Fox
1478 Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi Lucasfilm
1479 From Star Wars to Jedi: The Making of a Saga Fox
1480 Key Exchange Fox
1481 Warning Sign Fox
1484 Commando Fox
1485 Jesse James Fox
1486 Secret Places Fox
1487 The Doctor and the Devils Fox
1488 Joshua Then and Now Fox
1489 The Boy in Blue Fox
1490 Bad Medicine Fox
1491 The Jewel of the Nile Fox
1492 Enemy Mine Fox
1493 Power (PAL) Producers Sales Organization
1494 The Bravados Fox
1495 Lucas Fox
1496 The Terrorists Fox
1499 Esther and the King Fox
1501 The Vindicator Fox
1502 Big Trouble in Little China Fox
1503 The Fly Fox
1504 Aliens Fox
1506 The Secret Diary of Sigmund Freud Fox
1508 Jumpin' Jack Flash Fox
1509 The Christmas Coal Mine Miracle Fox
1510 The Nativity Fox
1511 I Was a Male War Bride Fox
1513 People Will Talk Fox
1514 Revenge of the Nerds II: Nerds in Paradise Fox
1515 Predator Fox
1516 Gordon's War Fox
1517 A Tree Grows in Brooklyn Fox
1523 Downpayment on Murder Fox
1527 Desiree Fox
1528 Phone Call from a Stranger Fox
1529 The Pick-Up Artist Fox
1552 Condor Orion
1561 The Abyss Fox
1562 Dr. Goldfoot & The Girl Bombs (PAL) Orion
1584 Little Murders Fox
1585 Alien Nation Fox
1586 The Fly II Fox
1610 Bluegrass Fox
1617 Slaughter Orion
1624 Sugar Hill (Special Edition LaserDisc) Fox
1648 The Barbarian and the Geisha Fox
1649 Less Than Zero Fox
1652 The Ox-Bow Incident Fox
1653 Wall Street Fox
1654 Broadcast News Fox
1655 Satisfaction Fox
1656 A Guide for the Married Woman Fox
1657 Off Limits
Saigon (PAL)
1658 Big Fox
1659 Bad Dreams Fox
1662 The Rains Came Fox
1663 The Mask of Zorro Fox
1664 The Black Swan Fox
1665 Terror Train Fox
1666 Die Hard Fox
1667 License to Drive Fox
1668 The Curse of the Fly Fox
1669 Tribes Fox
1670 Tomorrow's Child Fox
1680 Star Wars Trilogy Fox and Lucasfilm
1694 A Connecticut Yankee Fox
1698 Mother, Jugs and Speed Fox
1699 Bright Eyes Fox
1700 Worth Winning Fox
1701 Say Anything... Fox
1702 Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm / The Little Colonel (LaserDisc) Fox
1703 Charlie Chan in Paris Fox
1704 Charlie Chan at the Wax Museum Fox
1705 Castle in the Desert Fox
1706 Charlie Chan in Rio Fox
1707 Murder Over New York Fox
1709 Working Girl Fox
1710 Cocoon: The Return Fox
1711 Baby, Take A Bow Fox
1712 Our Little Girl Fox
1713 Carousel Fox
1714 Charlie Chan at the Wax Museum / Charlie Chan in Rio (LaserDisc) Fox
1715 The Fly / Return of the Fly (LaserDisc) Fox
1716 La Luna Fox
1717 Heart of a Champion: The Ray Mancini Story Fox
1718 Down Argentine Way Fox
1719 Footlight Serenade Fox
1720 I Wake Up Screaming! Fox
1721 Pin Up Girl Fox
1722 Song of the Islands Fox
1723 Springtime in the Rockies Fox
1724 The Farmer Takes a Wife Fox
1725 Moon Over Miami Fox
1726 Guadalcanal Diary Fox
1727 The Beautiful Blonde from Bashful End Fox
1728 How I Got Into College Fox
1729 The Other Fox
1731 Heidi / The Poor Little Rich Girl (LaserDisc) Fox
1732 Orchestra Wives Fox
1733 Sun Valley Serenade Fox
1734 The Girl in the Red Velvet Swing Fox
1736 Middle Age Crazy Fox
1737 The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit Fox
1738 Cinderella Liberty Fox
1741 Pin Up Girl / Down Argentine Way (LaserDisc) Fox
1742 Springtime in the Rockies / Song of the Islands (LaserDisc) Fox
1743 The Dark Corner Fox
1744 The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie Fox
1746 Sodom and Gomorrah Fox
1747 The Egyptian Fox
1750 Western Union Fox
1751 Stars and Stripes Forever Fox
1758 Follow the Sun: The Ben Hogan Story Fox
1761 In Like Flint Fox
1765 A Man Called Peter Fox
1767 S*P*Y*S Fox
1770 When the Whales Came Fox
1771 Heaven Can Wait Fox
1775 The Story of Ruth Fox
1777 Capone Fox
1778 Wilson Fox
1779 The Anniversary Fox
1780 The Nanny Fox
1787 Ambassador Bill Fox
1792 Mr. Skitch Fox
1797 Doubting Thomas Fox
1800 The War of the Roses Fox
1804 Titanic Fox
1805 Anna and the King of Siam Fox
1806 Conan the Barbarian (PAL) Fox
1807 Charlie Chan at the Opera / Charlie Chan in Paris (LaserDisc) Fox
1808 The Beautiful Blonde from Bashful End / The Farmer Takes a Wife (LaserDisc) Fox
1809 Cavalcade Fox
1810 Tin Pan Alley Fox
1812 Sink the Bismarck Fox
1814 Second Fiddle Fox
1820 The Gang's All Here Fox
1826 Downtown Fox
1830 Nuns on the Run Fox
1831 Vital Signs Fox
1838 Heaven Knows, Mrs. Allison Fox
1840 The Adventures of Ford Fairlane Fox
1842 Compulsion Fox
1844 Kiss of Death Fox
1846 Night and the City Fox
1847 Panic in the Streets Fox
1848 Road House Fox
1850 Die Hard 2: Die Harder Fox
1852 Miller's Crossing Fox
1853 Predator 2 Fox
1854 Come See the Paradise Fox
1855 Peyton Place Fox
1864 Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter? Fox
1865 Marked for Death Fox
1866 Home Alone Fox
1867 Edward Scissorhands Fox
1868 The Five Heartbeats Fox
1869 Class Action Fox
1870 Point Break Largo Entertainment
1871 Sleeping with the Enemy Fox
1872 The Super Largo Entertainment
1873 Love Potion No. 9 Fox
1874 29th Street Largo Entertainment
1875 Frankenstein Unbound Fox
1876 My Cousin Vinny Fox
1877 Only the Lonely Fox
1879 The Racers Fox
1881 Caprice Fox
1883 Johnny Apollo Fox
1884 Show Them No Mercy Fox
1886 The Street with No Name Fox
1889 Working Tra$h (PAL) FNM Pictures
1890 Son of Fury Fox
1892 Pigskin Parade Fox
1894 A Yank in the R.A.F. Fox
1899 My Friend Flicka Fox
1900 Pacific Heights Morgan Creek
1901 The Exorcist III Morgan Creek
1902 Young Guns II Morgan Creek
1903 Enemies: A Love Story Morgan Creek
1904 Back in the USSR Fox
1905 Barton Fink Fox
1906 The Commitments Fox
1907 Robin Hood Fox
1910 A Wing and a Prayer Fox
1913 Killer Tomatoes Strike Back Fox
1914 Dying Young Fox
1915 The Simpsons Christmas Special Fox
1919 Omen IV: The Awakening Fox
1921 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze (PAL) Golden Harvest
1929 Dutch Fox
1930 Hot Shots! Fox
1940 The Simpsons Collection: Bart The General / There's No Disgrace Like Homer (PAL) Fox
1941 The Simpsons Collection: Call of the Simpsons / Bart the Genius (PAL) Fox
1942 The Simpsons Collection: Moaning Lisa / Homer's Odyssey (PAL) Fox
1943 The Simpsons Collection: Life in the Fast Lane / The Telltale Head (PAL) Fox
1948 Frankenstein: The College Years FNM Pictures
1949 Pink Lightning (PAL) FNM Pictures
1950 Let's Make it Legal Fox
1951 As Young as You Feel Fox
1952 Next Stop, Greenwich Village Fox
1953 This is My Life Fox
1955 Something's Got to Give Fox
1956 We're Not Married Fox
1957 Love Nest Fox
1959 White Men Can't Jump Fox
1960 Revenge of the Nerds III: The Next Generation Fox
1966 Killer Tomatoes Eat France! Fox
1971 Prelude to a Kiss Fox
1972 Buffy the Vampire Slayer Fox
1973 The Tower (PAL) FNM Pictures
1974 The Rocky Horror Picture Show Fox
1976 Man Trouble Fox
1977 Unlawful Entry Largo Entertainment
1978 Rapid Fire Fox
1981 Jumpin' at the Boneyard Fox
1982 The Snake Pit Fox
1986 The Last of the Mohicans Fox
1987 Night and the City (1992) Fox
1988 The Abyss: Director's Cut Fox
1989 Home Alone 2: Lost in New York Fox
1991 Hoffa Fox
1992 Toys Fox
1993 Used People Fox
1994 Frozen Assets Fox
1995 One Million Years B.C. Fox
1996 The Lost World Fox
1997 The Vanishing Fox
1998 Hear No Evil Fox
1999 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III Golden Harvest

2000 to 3000[edit]

Released by Viacom International and other companies. Remaining titles released by Fox / others later.

Catalog number Title Library
2001 Blue Hawaii Viacom International
2002 Fun in Acapulco Viacom International
2003 G.I. Blues Viacom International
2004 Girls! Girls! Girls! Viacom International
2005 King Creole Viacom International
2006 Paradise, Hawaiian Style Viacom International
2007 Roustabout Viacom International
2008 5 Terrytoons Cartoons featuring Adventures of Mighty Mouse Viacom International
2009 5 Terrytoons Cartoons featuring Heckle & Jeckle Viacom International
2010 5 Terrytoons Cartoons featuring Deputy Dawg Viacom International
2011 Great Legends of Baseball Viacom International
2012 Great Legends of Basketball Viacom International
2013 Great Legends of Football Viacom International
2014 Greatest Sports Legends, Vol. 1 Viacom International
2015 Greatest Sports Legends, Vol. 2 Viacom International
2016 Greatest Sports Legends, Vol. 3 Viacom International
2017 All in a Night's Work Viacom International
2018 Last Train from Gun Hill Viacom International
2019 The Sad Sack Viacom International
2020 Visit to a Small Planet Viacom International
2021 Don't Give Up the Ship Viacom International
2022 Blood of the Vampire Viacom International
2023 Hells Angels on Wheels Viacom International
2024 The Days of Thrills and Laughter Viacom International
2025 The African Queen Viacom International
2026 Buck Rogers Conquers the Universe Viacom International
2027 5 Terrytoon Cartoons featuring Adventures of Mighty Mouse I Viacom International
2028 5 Terrytoon Cartoons featuring Adventures of Mighty Mouse II Viacom International
2029 5 Terrytoon Cartoons featuring Adventures of Mighty Mouse III Viacom International
2030 5 Terrytoon Cartoons featuring The Best of Heckle & Jeckle I Viacom International
2031 5 Terrytoon Cartoons featuring The Best of Heckle & Jeckle II Viacom International
2032 5 Terrytoon Cartoons featuring The Best of Heckle & Jeckle III Viacom International
2033 5 Terrytoon Cartoons featuring Little Roquefort Viacom International
2034 5 Terrytoon Cartoons featuring More Little Roquefort Viacom International
2035 5 Terrytoon Cartoons featuring Tales of Deputy Dawg I Viacom International
2036 5 Terrytoon Cartoons featuring Dinky Duck I Viacom International
2037 5 Terrytoon Cartoons featuring Gandy Goose Viacom International
2038 5 Terrytoon Cartoons featuring Sad Cat Viacom International
2039 5 Terrytoon Cartoons featuring Astronut Viacom International
2040 5 Terrytoon Cartoons featuring Sidney the Elephant I Viacom International
2041 5 Terrytoon Cartoons featuring Terry Bears I Viacom International
2042 5 Terrytoon Cartoons featuring Possible Possum Viacom International
2043 5 Terrytoon Cartoons featuring Hector Heathcote Viacom International
2044 Watch Your Step: Program I Viacom International
2045 Watch Your Step: Program II Viacom International
2046 Watch Your Step: Program III Viacom International
2047 Sympathy for the Devil Viacom International
2048 Conversation Piece Viacom International
2049 The Seduction of Mimi Viacom International
2050 Leonor Viacom International
2051 Scruggs: A Festival of Music Viacom International
2052 Money Madness Viacom International
2053 All Screwed Up Viacom International
2054 Room at the Top Viacom International
2055 The Incredible Magic of Magic: Volume 1 Viacom International
2056 The Incredible Magic of Magic: Volume 2 Viacom International
2057 Unicorn Tales I Viacom International
2068 5 Terrytoon Cartoons Featuring Tales of Deputy Dawg II Viacom International
2071 5 Terrytoon Cartoons Featuring Dinky Duck II Viacom International
2079 Pelé: The Master and His Method Viacom International
2100 Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers Trancas International
2101 Life of Brian (PAL) HandMade Films
2102 Time Bandits (PAL) HandMade Films
2103 The Long Good Friday (PAL) HandMade Films
2105 The Red Spider (PAL) CBS
2106 Blindside (PAL) Simcom International
2107 Jack's Back (PAL) Simcom International
2123 Made in USA (PAL) Hemdale
2125 Leviathan (PAL) MGM/UA
2146 Monty Python and the Holy Grail (PAL) Python Pictures
2147 Shakedown (PAL) Shapiro-Glickenhaus Entertainment
2156 The 13th Floor (PAL) Medusa
2173 Michael Jordan: Come Fly With Me NBA Entertainment
2174 Magic Johnson: "Put Magic in Your Game" NBA Entertainment
2175 Kareem: Reflections from Inside NBA Entertainment
2176 Movietone Memories (PAL) Film World
2178 The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes / Sherlock Holmes and the Voice of Terror (LaserDisc) Lorimar-Telepictures
2179 House on Haunted Hill / Attack of the 50 Foot Woman (LaserDisc) Lorimar-Telepictures
2201 Erik the Viking (PAL) Prominent Features
2202 Video Storybreak: How to Eat Fried Worms CBS
2204 Video Storybreak: Chocolate Fever CBS
2205 Video Storybreak: Arnold of the Ducks CBS
2206 Skin Deep (PAL) Morgan Creek
2211 Contagion (PAL) Premiere Film Marketing Limited
2216 The Unnamable (PAL) K.P. Productions
2221 Glitch! (PAL) Omega Entertainment
2226 Two Moon Junction (PAL) Samuel Goldwyn
2229 Dazzling Dunks and Basketball Bloopers NBA Entertainment
2240 The Toxic Avenger Part II (PAL) Troma
2261 Dream Breakers (PAL) CBS
2266 Skin Deep (PAL) Morgan Creek
2267 Nightbreed (PAL) Morgan Creek
2268 Major League (PAL) Morgan Creek
2269 Dark Angel (PAL) Vision
2288 Awesome Endings NBA Entertainment
2298 The Big Blue Gaumont
2300 CBS News: Man on the Moon CBS
2301 I Love Lucy Vol. 1 CBS
2302 I Love Lucy Vol. 2 CBS
2303 I Love Lucy Vol. 3 CBS
2304 I Love Lucy Vol. 4 CBS
2310 Buster (PAL) The Movie Group
2324 I Love Lucy Vol. 1 (LaserDisc) CBS
2325 I Love Lucy Vol. 2 (LaserDisc) CBS
2379 Monday Night Madness: The Very Best of Monday Night Football ABC Sports
2380 Nightbreaker (PAL) Symphony Pictures
2381 Crocodile Dundee II (PAL) Fox
2382 NBA Showmen: The Spectacular Guards NBA Entertainment
2386 Best of the Best (PAL) The Movie Group
2387 Thunderground: Busted Up 2 (PAL) Shapiro-Glickenhaus Entertainment
2388 Fair Game (PAL) Overseas Filmgroup
2389 Moon 44 (PAL) Overseas Filmgroup
2400 A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child Heron Communications
2410 Black Adder III: Part 1 BBC
2419 The Sheltering Sky (PAL) Palace Pictures
2420 The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and Her Lover (PAL) Palace Pictures
2422 NBA Superstars 1990 NBA Entertainment
2423 All-New Dazzling Dunks and Basketball Bloopers NBA Entertainment
2425 Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers Trancas International
2427 Legend of the White Horse CBS
2429 I Love Lucy Vol. 3 (LaserDisc) CBS
2430 I Love Lucy Vol. 4 (LaserDisc) CBS
2435 I Love Lucy Vol. 5 CBS
2436 I Love Lucy Vol. 6 CBS
2437 I Love Lucy Vol. 7 CBS
2438 I Love Lucy Vol. 8 CBS
2451 The Twilight Zone Vol. 1 CBS
2452 The Twilight Zone Vol. 2 CBS
2453 The Twilight Zone Vol. 3 CBS
2454 The Twilight Zone Vol. 4 CBS
2455 The Twilight Zone Vol. 1 (LaserDisc) CBS
2456 The Twilight Zone Vol. 2 (LaserDisc) CBS
2459 Michael Jordan: Come Fly With Me 1990 / 1991 NBA Entertainment
2460 Renegades (PAL) Morgan Creek
2461 Coupe de Ville (PAL) Morgan Creek
2462 Indio (PAL) Filmauro
2481 Checking Out (PAL) HandMade Films
2497 The House of Fear / The Woman in Green (LaserDisc) Lorimar-Telepictures
2536 The Golf Classic CBS
2537 The Fishing Trip CBS
2542 Prom Night III: The Last Kiss (PAL) Norstar Entertainment
2544 Classic Confrontations NBA Entertainment
2548 The Ultimate Defenders of Sport NBA Entertainment
2565 Arsenal 1989/90 Chrysalis Television
2575 Henry V Samuel Goldwyn
2576 CherFitness: A New Attitude Independent
2577 CherFitness: Body Confidence Independent
2581 Desperate Hours De Laurentiis Entertainment Group
2585 The Twilight Zone Vol. 5 CBS
2586 The Twilight Zone Vol. 6 CBS
2587 The Twilight Zone Vol. 7 CBS
2588 The Twilight Zone Vol. 8 CBS
2589 The Twilight Zone Vol. 9 CBS
2590 The Twilight Zone Vol. 10 CBS
2591 The Twilight Zone Vol. 11 CBS
2592 The Twilight Zone Vol. 12 CBS
2593 Treasures of the Twilight Zone CBS
2595 Black Adder III Part 2 BBC
2660 Here Comes Garfield United Features Syndicate
2750 The Edge Fox
2751 The Ice Storm Fox
2758 Gretzky: The Great One and the Next Ones NHL
2759 NBA 2000: Stars for the New Millenium NBA Entertainment
2760 Shaq 'Round the World NBA Entertainment
2762 Dr. Dolittle Fox
2763 Home Alone 3 Fox
2764 Anastasia (1997) Fox
2766 Oscar and Lucinda Fox
2767 How Stella Got Her Groove Back Fox
2768 Give Me Five! NBA Entertainment
2770 Monty Roberts: A Real Horse Whisperer BBC
2771 Island in the Sun Fox
2772 A Life Less Ordinary Fox
2773 Firestorm Fox
2774 The Celts: Rich Traditions and Ancient Myths BBC
2800 Life Stinks (PAL) MGM/UA
2808 The Twilight Zone Vol. 8 (PAL) CBS
2825 Hardware (PAL) New Vision Films
2850 I Love Lucy / The Honeymooners: TV Christmas Present (LaserDisc) CBS
2857 History of the NBA NBA Entertainment
2858 Michael Jordan's Playground NBA Entertainment
2861 Garfield on the Town United Feature Syndicate
2866 Garfield Goes Hollywood United Feature Syndicate
2877 Re-Animator 2 (PAL) Wild Street Pictures
2878 Basket Case 2 (PAL) Medusa
2879 Frankenhooker (PAL) Medusa
2901 The Adventurers Viacom International
2902 Beat the Devil Viacom International
2903 Carrington VC Viacom International
2904 The Good Die Young Viacom International
2905 I Am a Camera Viacom International
2906 I'll Get You for This Viacom International
2907 Let's Get Married Viacom International
2908 Moulin Rouge Viacom International
2909 Storm Over the Nile Viacom International
2910 15 Famous Cartoons from Terrytoons' Viacom International
2911 Cartoon Show (PAL LaserDisc) Viacom International
2912 The Devil's Men Viacom International
2913 Under Milk Wood Viacom International
2914 Long Weekend Viacom International
2931 The Best of US Open Tennis: 1980 - 1990 CBS
2941 A Rage in Harlem (PAL) Miramax
2973 Black Rainbow (PAL) Miramax
2990 Blood River CBS
2999 The Best of America's Funniest Home Videos ABC

3000 to 4000[edit]

Relegated to independent companies only. Remaining titles released by Fox / others later.

Catalog number Title Library
3001 The Chaplin Revue RBC Films
3002 The Kid / The Idle Class RBC Films
3003 A Woman of Paris / Sunnyside RBC Films
3004 The Gold Rush / Pay Day RBC Films
3005 The Circus / A Day's Pleasure RBC Films
3006 City Lights RBC Films
3007 Modern Times RBC Films
3008 The Great Dictator RBC Films
3009 Monsieur Verdoux RBC Films
3010 Limelight RBC Films
3011 A King in New York RBC Films
3034 Bedroom Eyes Film Gallery
3039 The Supergrass (PAL) Recorded Releasing
3042 The Quiet Earth Skouras Pictures
3043 No Retreat, No Surrender 3: Blood Brothers (PAL) Seasonal Films
3048 Wham! The Video CBS
3053 Seduced (PAL) Comworld
3064 Dr. Seuss: The Cat in the Hat/On the Loose/The Lorax (PAL) CBS
3076 Terminal Choice (PAL) Magder Productions
3082 Night Patrol (PAL) New World Pictures
3083 Bad Manners (PAL) New World Pictures
3084 Fleshburn (PAL) Crown International Pictures
3086 Def-Con 4 (PAL) Recorded Releasing
3087 The Stuff (PAL) Recorded Releasing
3088 The Boys Next Door (PAL) New World Pictures
3089 Dance With A Stranger (PAL) Goldcrest Films
3119 Desert Triumph: The Complete Story of the Persian Gulf War CBS News
3167 One Terrific Guy (PAL) CBS
3189 Magic Johnson: Always Showtime NBA Entertainment
3191 Larry Bird: A Basketball Legend NBA Entertainment
3196 (Red Dwarf VI) Gunmen of the Apocalypse BBC
3232 Daughters of Darkness (PAL) Gemini Pictures International
3234 Meat Loaf: Hits out of Hell (PAL) CBS
3238 Snap! (PAL) CBS
3248 Dream Machine (PAL) International Creative Exchange
3250 George of the Jungle: The World According to George Jay Ward
3251 George of the Jungle: Jungle Mutants Jay Ward
3253 George of the Jungle: Gullible Travels Jay Ward
3274 Kill Me Again (PAL) ITC
3294 Rainbow Drive (PAL) ITC
3316 The Black-Adder I Part 1 BBC
3317 The Black-Adder I Part 2 BBC
3375 I Love Lucy's Greatest Hits: Babalu Music CBS
3376 (Red Dwarf VI) Polymorph II - Emohawk BBC
3380 Best of the Best 2 The Movie Group
3395 In Bed with Madonna De Laurentiis Entertainment Group
3400 (Doctor Who) The War Games BBC
3401 (Doctor Who) An Unearthly Child BBC
3402 (Doctor Who) The Troughton Years BBC
3403 (Doctor Who) The Hartnell Years BBC
3404 (Doctor Who) The Curse of Fenric BBC
3405 (Doctor Who) The Three Doctors BBC
3410 Remember Pearl Harbor CBS News
3411 Zapped Again! (PAL) ITC
3413 Abraxas: Guardian of the Universe (PAL) Rose & Ruby Productions
3427 Modern Times (LaserDisc) RBC Films
3428 The Great Dictator (LaserDisc) RBC Films
3429 City Lights (LaserDisc) RBC Films
3430 The Kid / A Dog's Life (LaserDisc) RBC Films
3431 Monsieur Verdoux (LaserDisc) RBC Films
3432 The Circus (LaserDisc) RBC Films
3433 First National Collection (LaserDisc) RBC Films
3434 Limelight (LaserDisc) RBC Films
3435 A King in New York / A Woman of Paris (LaserDisc) RBC Films
3436 The Gold Rush (LaserDisc) RBC Films
3437 Michael Jordan's Playground NBA Entertainment
3440 Into The Sun (PAL) Trimark
3491 (Doctor Who) The Twin Dilemma BBC
3492 (Doctor Who) Earthshock BBC
3493 (Doctor Who) The Tom Baker Years BBC
3494 (Doctor Who) Cybermen: The Early Years BBC
3500 A Streetcar Named Desire CBS
3502 Hard to Handle: Bob Dylan with Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers CBS
3503 Mick Jagger: Running Out of Luck CBS
3504 Latino Lucasfilm
3518 Color Me Barbra Barwood Films
3519 My Name is Barbra Barwood Films
3520 Barbra Streisand: A Happening in Central Park Barwood Films
3523 Busted Up Medusa
3527 Three of a Kind BBC
3539 Death of a Soldier Scotti Brothers Pictures
3541 Quiet Riot: Bang Thy Head CBS
3544 Waiting for the Moon Skouras Pictures
3551 Trouble in Mind Recorded Releasing
3556 Hollywood Air Force (PAL) Manson International
3559 Unmasking the Idol (PAL) Polo Players
3566 On the Line Medusa
3569 Billy Joel: The Video Album Volume 2 William Joel
3570 Cyndi Lauper in Paris CBS
3575 Streetwise (PAL) Fries Entertainment
3585 Copacabana: The Movie CBS
3588 The Good Father Skouras Pictures
3592 Sakura Killers Overseas Filmgroup
3593 The Last Days of Patton CBS
3600 The CBS/Fox Guide to Home Videography CBS/Fox
3601 The CBS/Fox Guide to Complete Dog Care CBS/Fox
3648 Killing Machine (PAL) A-Pix Entertainment
3701 A Golden Decade of College Football Magnetic Video Sports
3702 Willie Mosconi's World of Pocket Billiards Magnetic Video Sports
3703 In Search of Skiing Magnetic Video Sports
3704 College Football's Wildest Season Magnetic Video Sports
3708 The Best of the Two Ronnies BBC
3709 By the Sea (unconfirmed) BBC
3710 Open All Hours BBC
3711 Silas Marner BBC
3712 Blake's 7: The Beginning (unconfirmed) BBC
3713 (Doctor Who) Pyramids of Mars BBC
3714 (Doctor Who) Revenge of the Cybermen BBC
3715 (Doctor Who) The Brain of Morbius BBC
3716 (Doctor Who) The Seeds of Death BBC
3717 (Doctor Who) The Five Doctors BBC
3718 All Creatures Great and Small BBC
3719 Fawlty Towers Vol. 1 BBC
3720 Fawlty Towers Vol. 2 BBC
3721 Fawlty Towers Vol. 3 BBC
3722 Fawlty Towers Vol. 4 BBC
3723 Edge of Darkness BBC
3724 Short Circuit Producers Sales Organization
3725 Flight of the Navigator (PAL) Producers Sales Organization
3726 (Doctor Who) The Robots of Death BBC
3727 The Boy Who Could Fly (PAL) Producers Sales Organization
3728 The Body in the Library BBC
3729 A Murder is Announced BBC
3730 A Pocketful of Rye BBC
3731 Gardens of Stone TriStar
3732 Ran Nippon Herald Films
3740 Belizaire the Cajun Skouras Pictures
3741 Shadey Skouras Pictures
3754 Ripping Yarns BBC
3755 More Ripping Yarns BBC
3756 Even More Ripping Yarns BBC
3757 Target: Shipment (unconfirmed) BBC
3758 Shoestring (unconfirmed) BBC
3759 The Assassination Run BBC
3760 Jane Eyre BBC
3761 Pride and Prejudice BBC
3766 (Jackanory) The Secret Garden BBC
3770 (Jackanory) Winnie-the-Pooh BBC
3788 The Twilight Zone I (PAL) CBS
3789 Biggles (PAL) United International Pictures
3799 The Paperboy (PAL) Image
3800 Peggy Sue Got Married TriStar
3801 Jack Nicklaus: Sports Clinic Sports Concepts, Inc.
3836 Enemy Territory Empire Pictures
3841 Nadine TriStar
3842 Lies Film Gallery
3843 Melody in Love Juno Film Production
3846 Wham! The Final CBS
3854 In Search of a Golden Sky Comworld Pictures
3855 A Night in the Life of Jimmy Reardon Island Pictures
3856 Slam Dance Island Pictures
3857 Sweet Lies Island Pictures
3859 Straight to Hell Island Pictures
3860 She's Gotta Have It Island Pictures
3861 Down by Law Island Pictures
3901 Muhammad Ali vs. Leon Spinks: World Heavyweight Title Fight Las Vegas — February 15, 1978 RCA SelectaVision
3902 Leon Spinks vs. Muhammad Ali: WBA Heavyweight Title Fight New Orleans — September 15, 1978 RCA SelectaVision
3907 Betty Blue Cargo Films
3911 Separate Vacations (PAL) RSL Entertainment
3923 La fine è nota (The End is Known) (PAL) Artisti Associati
3944 Night of the Creeps TriStar
3945 No Mercy TriStar
3946 The Squeeze (PAL) TriStar
3947 Eat the Peach Skouras Pictures
3954 Brotherly Love CBS
3957 First Affair CBS
3969 Quarterback Princess CBS
3971 Stark CBS
3975 Two Kinds of Love CBS
3979 Monty Python's Flying Circus, No. 1 Python Pictures
3980 Monty Python's Flying Circus, No. 2 Python Pictures
3981 Monty Python's Flying Circus, No. 3 Python Pictures
3982 Monty Python's Flying Circus, No. 4 Python Pictures
3983 Monty Python's Flying Circus, No. 5 Python Pictures
3984 Monty Python's Flying Circus, No. 6 Python Pictures
3985 Monty Python's Flying Circus, No. 7 Python Pictures
3986 Monty Python's Flying Circus, No. 8 Python Pictures
3988 Dennis the Menace Movie Exclusives: Memory Mayhem DiC
3989 Dennis the Menace Movie Exclusives: The Mitchells' Move DiC
3991 Don Johnson: Heartbeat CBS
3992 Banzai Runner Medusa
3993 Master Blaster First American Entertainment
3995 Amazons Medusa

4000 to 5000[edit]

Released by AVCO Embassy, then MGM / United Artists. Remaining titles released by Fox / others later.

Catalog number Title Library
4001 Bittersweet Love AVCO Embassy
4002 C.C. and Company AVCO Embassy
4003 Carnal Knowledge AVCO Embassy
4004 The Day of the Dolphin AVCO Embassy
4005 Deadly Hero AVCO Embassy
4006 The Graduate AVCO Embassy
4007 The Lion in Winter AVCO Embassy
4008 The Loves and Times of Scaramouche AVCO Embassy
4009 Lucky Luciano AVCO Embassy
4010 Permission to Kill AVCO Embassy
4011 Rider on the Rain AVCO Embassy
4012 The Sailor Who Fell from Grace with the Sea AVCO Embassy
4013 Shoot AVCO Embassy
4014 Soldier Blue AVCO Embassy
4015 Summertime Killer AVCO Embassy
4016 Rabbit Test AVCO Embassy
4017 The Old Curiosity Shop AVCO Embassy
4018 The Chicken Chronicles AVCO Embassy
4019 Diamonds AVCO Embassy
4020 Hercules AVCO Embassy
4021 Hercules Unchained AVCO Embassy
4022 A Quiet Place to Kill AVCO Embassy
4023 Ten Little Indians AVCO Embassy
4024 Interval AVCO Embassy
4025 Stiletto AVCO Embassy
4026 They Call Me Trinity AVCO Embassy
4027 Trinity is STILL My Name AVCO Embassy
4028 Promise at Dawn AVCO Embassy
4029 A Nice Girl Like Me AVCO Embassy
4030 The Manitou AVCO Embassy
4031 Boccaccio 70 AVCO Embassy
4032 Darling AVCO Embassy
4033 Road to Salina AVCO Embassy
4034 Macho Callahan AVCO Embassy
4035 The Wacky World of Mother Goose AVCO Embassy
4036 Casanova 70 AVCO Embassy
4037 Wedding in White AVCO Embassy
4038 Stingray AVCO Embassy
4039 Night Flight from Moscow AVCO Embassy
4040 A Man Called Adam AVCO Embassy
4041 Sunflower AVCO Embassy
4042 Generation AVCO Embassy
4043 Dingaka AVCO Embassy
4044 Robbery AVCO Embassy
4045 Where the Bullets Fly AVCO Embassy
4046 Mad Monster Party AVCO Embassy
4047 Woman Times Seven AVCO Embassy
4048 Don't Drink the Water AVCO Embassy
4049 Pipe Dreams AVCO Embassy
4050 ...All the Way, Boys AVCO Embassy
4051 A Different Story AVCO Embassy
4052 Sidewinder 1 AVCO Embassy
4053 The Man Who Had Power Over Women AVCO Embassy
4054 Morgan the Pirate AVCO Embassy
4055 A Dream of Passion AVCO Embassy
4056 Scalpel AVCO Embassy
4057 In Praise of Older Women AVCO Embassy
4058 The Producers AVCO Embassy
4059 Murder by Decree AVCO Embassy
4060 The People Next Door AVCO Embassy
4061 Winter Kills AVCO Embassy
4062 Circle of Iron AVCO Embassy
4063 Old Boyfriends AVCO Embassy
4064 The Onion Field AVCO Embassy
4065 A Man, a Woman, and a Bank AVCO Embassy
4066 Phantasm AVCO Embassy
4067 The Fog AVCO Embassy
4068 The Black Marble AVCO Embassy
4069 Night Games AVCO Embassy
4070 The Baltimore Bullet AVCO Embassy
4071 Goldengirl AVCO Embassy
4072 Hopscotch AVCO Embassy
4073 Scanners AVCO Embassy
4074- Escape from New York (scrapped) AVCO Embassy
4075 The Howling AVCO Embassy
4076 Take This Job and Shove It AVCO Embassy
4077 The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia AVCO Embassy
4088 Hear My Song (PAL) Miramax
4098 Tiger Woods: Son, Hero & Champion CBS
4100 (X-Files) Blessing Way / Paper Clip Fox
4104 (X-Files) Nisei / 731 Fox
4106 (X-Files) File 7: 82517 (PAL) Fox
4108 The Tomorrow Man (PAL) Fox
4111 The Legend of Hell House (Remastered LaserDisc) Fox
4114 Stealing Beauty Fox
4118 Independence Day Fox
4119 She's the One Fox
4129 Rough Magic (PAL) Fox
4130 Chain Reaction Fox
4131 (X-Files) File 5: Master Plan (PAL) Fox
4132 Courage Under Fire Fox
4137 (X-Files) Little Green Men / The Host Fox
4138 (X-Files) Sleepless / Duane Barry Fox
4139 (X-Files) Ascension / One Breath Fox
4141 That Thing You Do! Fox
4142 Looking for Richard Fox
4143 Romeo + Juliet Fox
4144 The Crucible Fox
4145 One Fine Day Fox
4146 The Secret Agent Fox
4148 Patton (Special Edition LaserDisc) Fox
4152 Jingle All the Way Fox
4153 (X-Files) Piper Maru (Special Edition) (PAL) Fox
4154 (X-Files) File 6: Tunguska (PAL) Fox
4156 Pretty Poison (PAL) Fox
4157 Alien Nation: The Enemy Within (PAL) Fox
4160 The Poseidon Adventure (Remastered LaserDisc) Fox
4162 (X-Files) Irresistible / Die Hand die Verletzt Fox
4163 (X-Files) Colony / End Game Fox
4164 (X-Files) Humbug / Anasazi Fox
4169 (X-Files) Season 2 Limited Edition VHS Box Set (PAL) Fox
4171 Blood & Wine Fox
4172 Casper: A Spirited Beginning Fox
4175 Bobby's World: Me and Roger Fox Kids
4176 Spider-Man: The Hobgoblin Fox Kids
4180 Smilla's Sense of Snow Fox Searchlight Pictures
4181 Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie Fox Kids
4182 The Simpsons: The Dark Secrets of the Simpsons (PAL) Fox
4183 The Tick vs. Arthur? Fox Kids
4184 Cinderella Saban
4185 Snow White Saban
4186 The Little Mermaid Saban
4187 Life with Louie: The Masked Chess Boy Fox Kids
4188 Life with Louie: For Pete's Sake Fox Kids
4189 (X-Files) File 6: Tempus Fugit (PAL) Fox
4190 The Incredible Hulk: Return of the Beast Fox Kids
4191 Beetleborgs: The Vampire Files Saban
4192 Iron Man: The Origin of Iron Man Fox Kids
4193 Fantastic Four: The Origin of the Fantastic Four Fox Kids
4195 The Star Maker (PAL) Cecchi Gori
4196 Carousel (Remastered LaserDisc) Fox
4203 Timebomb (PAL) Dino De Laurentiis Communications
4205 Sometimes They Come Back (PAL) Dino De Laurentiis Communications
4254 Voyage ITC
4266 The Albert Achievement Awards NBC Sports
4267 The Sound of Music (30th Anniversary LaserDisc) Fox
4268 South Pacific (Widescreen LaserDisc) Fox
4269 Oklahoma! (Widescreen LaserDisc) Fox
4276 My Neighbor Totoro Troma
4278 Skin Art ITC
4282 Treacherous ITC
4292 Unveiled ITC
4293 The Secret Rapture ITC
4298 Royce ITC
4301 NBA Jam: The Music Videos NBA Entertainment
4303 Top Cats! The University of Kentucky Wildcats in the NCAA Basketball Championships CBS Sports
4317 The Last Winter National Film Board of Canada
4320 A Christmas Carol Entertainment Partners
4378 Gulliver's Travels Hallmark Entertainment
4389 Secrets and Lies October Films
4394 Goosebumps: The Werewolf of Fever Swamp Scholastic
4398 Goosebumps: The Haunted Mask II Scholastic
4461 Goosebumps: The Haunted Mask Scholastic
4463 Goosebumps: A Night in Terror Tower Scholastic
4464 Goosebumps: Stay Out of the Basement Scholastic
4465 The Sunshine Boys RHI Entertainment
4474 Where's Waldo?: Around the World in a Daze Fox Kids
4475 Where's Waldo?: The Birthday Blow-Out Fox Kids
4492 Great Expectations Fox
4493 Soul Food Fox
4501 The Jazz Singer MGM/UA
4502 42nd Street MGM/UA
4503 The Black Stallion MGM/UA
4504 Apache MGM/UA
4505 The Barefoot Contessa MGM/UA
4506 La Cage aux Folles MGM/UA
4507 Last Tango in Paris MGM/UA
4508 Let it Be MGM/UA
4509 The Pink Panther MGM/UA
4510 The Thomas Crown Affair MGM/UA
4511 Tom Jones MGM/UA
4512 Carrie MGM/UA
Killer Party MGM/UA
4513 Yankee Doodle Dandy MGM/UA
4514 Casablanca MGM/UA
4515 Carrie MGM/UA
4516 Coming Home MGM/UA
4517 Semi-Tough MGM/UA
4518 Annie Hall MGM/UA
4519 West Side Story MGM/UA
4520 F.I.S.T. MGM/UA
4521 On the Beach MGM/UA
4522 Sleeper MGM/UA
4523 Raging Bull MGM/UA
4524 Fiddler on the Roof MGM/UA
4525 Dr. No MGM/UA
4526 You Only Live Twice MGM/UA
4527 Gentleman Jim MGM/UA
4528 A Shot in the Dark MGM/UA
4529 King of Hearts MGM/UA
4530 The Maltese Falcon MGM/UA
4531 The Great Train Robbery MGM/UA
4532 The Big Sleep MGM/UA
4533 A Bridge Too Far MGM/UA
4534 It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World MGM/UA
4535 The Hound of the Baskervilles MGM/UA
4536 Breakheart Pass MGM/UA
4539 The Dogs of War MGM/UA
4540 The Adventures of Robin Hood MGM/UA
4541 The Apartment MGM/UA
4542 Bird Man of Alcatraz MGM/UA
4543 Caveman MGM/UA
4544 Exodus MGM/UA
4545 The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly MGM/UA
4546 Rocky MGM/UA
4547 Thunderbolt and Lightfoot MGM/UA
4548 Irma La Douce MGM/UA
4549 Hawaii MGM/UA
4550 Thief MGM/UA
4551 La Cage aux Folles II MGM/UA
4552 Comes a Horseman MGM/UA
4553 The Magnificent Seven MGM/UA
4554 Stardust Memories MGM/UA
4555 Bananas MGM/UA
4556 Fistful of Dollars MGM/UA
4557 Chitty Chitty Bang Bang MGM/UA
4558 The Great Escape MGM/UA
4559 Rollerball MGM/UA
4560 White Lightning MGM/UA
4561 The Alamo MGM/UA
4562 Brannigan MGM/UA
4563 Lenny MGM/UA
4564 The Pink Panther Strikes Again MGM/UA
4565 Rocky II MGM/UA
4566 From Russia with Love MGM/UA
4567 The Last Waltz MGM/UA
4568 For Your Eyes Only MGM/UA
4570 Fuzz MGM/UA
4571 A Streetcar Named Desire MGM/UA
4572 Now, Voyager MGM/UA
4573 The Russians Are Coming, The Russians Are Coming MGM/UA
4574 A Thousand Clowns MGM/UA
4575 Man of La Mancha MGM/UA
4576 Women in Love MGM/UA
4577 Some Like it Hot MGM/UA
4578 The Missouri Breaks MGM/UA
4579 Mildred Pierce MGM/UA
4580 Sergeant York MGM/UA
4581 Eye of the Needle MGM/UA
4582 Elmer Gentry MGM/UA
4583 What's New Pussycat? MGM/UA
4584 The Misfits MGM/UA
4585 Love and Death MGM/UA
4586 The French Lieutenant's Woman MGM/UA
4588 Angels with Dirty Faces MGM/UA
4589 The Public Enemy MGM/UA
4590 Juggernaut MGM/UA
4591 The Return of a Man Called Horse MGM/UA
4592 Footlight Parade MGM/UA
4593 Hair MGM/UA
4594 Key Largo MGM/UA
4595 Goldfinger MGM/UA
4596 New York, New York MGM/UA
4597 Battle of Britain MGM/UA
4598 Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Sex (But Were Afraid To Ask) MGM/UA
4599 Where the River Runs Black MGM/UA
4601 Alice's Restaurant MGM/UA
4602 The Charge of the Light Brigade MGM/UA
4603 Arsenic and Old Lace MGM/UA
4604 On Her Majesty's Secret Service MGM/UA
4605 Diamonds Are Forever MGM/UA
4606 The Man with the Golden Gun MGM/UA
4607 The End MGM/UA
4608 The Defiant Ones MGM/UA
4609 Foxes MGM/UA
4610 Revenge of the Pink Panther MGM/UA
4611 Thunderball MGM/UA
4612 In the Heat of the Night MGM/UA
4614 The Hospital MGM/UA
4615 Cuba MGM/UA
4617 Gator MGM/UA
4618 A Funny Thing Happened on My Way to the Forum MGM/UA
4620 The Horse Soldiers MGM/UA
4621 Cast a Giant Shadow MGM/UA
4624 Captain Blood MGM/UA
4625 Dodge City MGM/UA
4626 Jezebel MGM/UA
4627 The Dawn Patrol MGM/UA
4628 Hang 'Em High MGM/UA
4629 High Sierra MGM/UA
4630 I Am a Fugitive From a Chain Gang MGM/UA
4632 Little Caesar MGM/UA
4633 Live and Let Die MGM/UA
4634 Marty MGM/UA
4635 Moby Dick MGM/UA
4636 Moonraker MGM/UA
4637 The Prince and the Pauper MGM/UA
4638 The Spy Who Loved Me MGM/UA
4639 Treasure of Sierra Madre MGM/UA
4640 They Drive by Night MGM/UA
4641 Dark Victory MGM/UA
4642 White Heat MGM/UA
4643 Dark Passage MGM/UA
4644 The Petrified Forest MGM/UA
4647 The Taking of Pelham One Two Three MGM/UA
4648 Buffalo Bill and the Indians or Sitting Bull's History Lesson MGM/UA
4649 The Kentuckian MGM/UA
4651 Inherit the Wind MGM/UA
4652 After the Fox MGM/UA
4655 Burn! MGM/UA
4656 Red River MGM/UA
4657 Run Silent, Run Deep MGM/UA
4658 Separate Tables MGM/UA
4659 Stay Hungry MGM/UA
4661 They Call Me Mister Tibbs! MGM/UA
4662 Tom Sawyer MGM/UA
4663 Topkapi MGM/UA
4664 Vera Cruz MGM/UA
4665 Witness for the Prosecution MGM/UA
4666 The World of Henry Orient MGM/UA
4668 Huckleberry Finn MGM/UA
4669 Across 110th Street MGM/UA
4672 Black Fury MGM/UA
4675 For a Few Dollars More MGM/UA
4677 The Fugitive Kind MGM/UA
4679 Inserts MGM/UA
4680 Invitation to a Gunfighter MGM/UA
4681 Juarez MGM/UA
4682 Judgement at Nuremberg MGM/UA
4683 The Killer Elite MGM/UA
4684 The Letter MGM/UA
4685 The Mechanic MGM/UA
4689 Northern Pursuit MGM/UA
4692 Paths of Glory MGM/UA
4693 The Pride and the Passion MGM/UA
4694 The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes MGM/UA
4696 The Sea Hawk MGM/UA
4697 A Small Circle of Friends MGM/UA
4702 Trapeze MGM/UA
4704 Welcome to L.A. MGM/UA
4706 Where's Poppa? MGM/UA
4707 Who'll Stop the Rain MGM/UA
4708 Rocky III MGM/UA
4709 The Rocky Saga MGM/UA
4710 Trail of the Pink Panther MGM/UA
4711 Still of the Night MGM/UA
4712 The Black Stallion Returns MGM/UA
4713 Passage to Marseille MGM/UA
4714 WarGames MGM/UA
4715 Octopussy MGM/UA
4716 Support Your Local Sheriff MGM/UA
4718 Sunday Bloody Sunday MGM/UA
4719 What Do You Say to a Naked Lady? MGM/UA
4720 Pocketful of Miracles MGM/UA
4722 Romantic Comedy MGM/UA
4723 Hot Dog... The Movie! MGM/UA
4724 Yentl MGM/UA
4725 Oxford Blues MGM/UA
4727 Garbo Talks MGM/UA
4728 Teachers MGM/UA
4730 A View to a Kill MGM/UA
4731 Cat's Eye MGM/UA
4732 Martin's Day MGM/UA
4733 Red Sonja MGM/UA
4734 Code Name: Emerald MGM/UA
4735 Rocky IV MGM/UA
4736 Last Embrace MGM/UA
4737 Fever Pitch MGM/UA
4738 Sylvia MGM/UA
4739 Wise Guys MGM/UA
4741 Captive Hearts MGM/UA
4742 P.I. Private Investigations MGM/UA
4743 Real Men MGM/UA
4744 Baby Boom MGM/UA
4746 Overboard MGM/UA
4747 Real Men MGM/UA
4748 Born to Race MGM/UA
4749 Masquerade MGM/UA
4750 Rikky and Pete MGM/UA
4751 It Takes Two MGM/UA
4752 A Fish Called Wanda MGM/UA
4753 Spellbinder MGM/UA
4754 Memories of Me MGM/UA
4755 Licence to Kill MGM/UA
4756 Blueberry Hill MGM/UA
4758 Last Rites MGM/UA
4759 The January Man MGM/UA
4760 Mindgames MGM/UA
4761 The Mighty Quinn MGM/UA
4763 Buying Time MGM/UA
4764 The Rachel Papers MGM/UA
4765 Season of Fear MGM/UA
4767 Damned River MGM/UA
4768 A Dry White Season MGM/UA
4769 Survival Quest MGM/UA
4770 Mortal Passions MGM/UA
4771 After Midnight MGM/UA
4772 Lisa MGM/UA
4775 Undefeatable ITC
4784 For Love and Glory CBS
4787 Little Women BBC
4790 (Doctor Who) The Trial of a Time Lord BBC
4791 (Doctor Who) The Daemons BBC
4792 (Doctor Who) Logopolis BBC
4793 (Doctor Who) Daleks: The Early Years BBC
4794 (Doctor Who) Castrovalva BBC
4795 (Doctor Who) The Daleks - Limited Edition Box Set BBC
4804 Anastasia: Sing Along Fox
4805 Picture Perfect Fox
4806 The Full Monty Fox
4808 Quicksilver Highway Fox

5000 to 6000[edit]

Released by independent companies and Lorimar-Telepictures. Remaining titles released by Fox / others later.

Catalog number Title Library
5000 The Mighty Thor Saban
5001 A Touch of Class Brut Productions
5002 Fingers Brut Productions
5003 Nasty Habits Brut Productions
5004 Whiffs Brut Productions
5005 Night Watch Brut Productions
5006 Book of Numbers Brut Productions
5007 Hugo the Hippo Brut Productions
5008 Welcome to Arrow Beach Brut Productions
5009 Sweet Hostage Brut Productions
5010 Miracles Still Happen Brut Productions
5011 I Will, I Will, For Now Brut Productions
5012 Hedda Brut Productions
5013 Cry for Me Billy Brut Productions
5014 The Class of Miss MacMichael Brut Productions
5018 Sub-Mariner Saban
5026 Hotel Du Lac BBC
5029 How Many Miles to Babylon? BBC
5031 Play Ball! with Mickey Mantle Mickey Mantle Sports Productions
5032 Dr. J's Basketball Stuff NBA Entertainment
5033 Black Widow Fox
5034 Julia and Julia RAI
5040 The Malibu Bikini Shop The Samuel Goldwyn Company
5043 Booby Trap Manson International
5046 Raw Deal (PAL) De Laurentiis Entertainment Group
5047 Maximum Overdrive (PAL) De Laurentiis Entertainment Group
5048 Manhunter (PAL) De Laurentiis Entertainment Group
5049 King Kong Lives (PAL) De Laurentiis Entertainment Group
5050 Blue Velvet (PAL) De Laurentiis Entertainment Group
5051 The Bedroom Window (PAL) De Laurentiis Entertainment Group
5052 Crimes of the Heart (PAL) De Laurentiis Entertainment Group
5060 The Mosquito Coast (PAL) Fantasy Films
5069 Brothers of the Wilderness (PAL) Cori Films International
5072 Creepshow 2 (PAL) New World Pictures
5087 Gulliver in Lilliput BBC
5092 (Doctor Who) The Day of the Daleks BBC
5093 (Doctor Who) Death to the Daleks BBC
5094 (Doctor Who) The Talons of Weng-Chiang BBC
5105 Crocodile Dundee (PAL) Fox
5106 March of Dimes Presents Take Control of Your Pregnancy March of Dimes
5107 Sky Pirates Roadshow Entertainment
5114 Equalizer 2000 Concorde Pictures
5115 The American Way J&M Entertainment
5117 Dudes The Vista Organization
5118 Leader of the Band The Vista Organization
5120 Night Flyers The Vista Organization
5123 Three for the Road The Vista Organization
5134 Priest... Live! CBS
5138 Niagara Fox
5139 River of No Return Fox
5140 Monkey Business Fox
5143 Dogs in Space Skouras Pictures
5145 Anguish Luna Films
5146 The Wolf at the Door International Film Marketing
5147 Dead of Winter MGM/UA
5148 Howling III: The Marsupials (PAL) Bancannia Entertainment
5149 SpaceCamp (PAL) ABC Motion Pictures
5150 Barbra Streisand: One Voice Barwood Pictures
5154 A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master Heron Communications
5156 When the Wind Blows Recorded Releasing
5161 Collision Course (PAL) De Laurentiis Entertainment Group
5162 Dead Ringers (PAL) Morgan Creek
5163 Pumpkinhead (PAL) De Laurentiis Entertainment Group
5164 Hiding Out (PAL) De Laurentiis Entertainment Group
5165 Illegally Yours (Scrapped LaserDisc) MGM/UA
5166 Date With an Angel (PAL) De Laurentiis Entertainment Group
5167 Money Mania (PAL) De Laurentiis Entertainment Group
5168 The Sicilian (PAL) Gladden Entertainment
5169 Rampage (PAL) De Laurentiis Entertainment Group
5170 From the Hip (PAL) De Laurentiis Entertainment Group
5175 Timestalkers (PAL) Fries Entertainment
5191 Raising Arizona Fox
5192 Project X Fox
5193 The Big Trail Fox
5194 Calé Carlos Serrano Producciones Cinematográficas S.A.
5196 Silver Beet Face In-Cine Compañía Industrial Cinematográfica
5205 NBA Superstars NBA Entertainment
5227 The Blue Iguana (PAL) PolyGram Filmed Entertainment
5229 Aerosmith Video Scrapbook CBS
5234 Fright Night Part II (PAL) President
5235 The Gods Must Be Crazy Part II (PAL) Fox
5240 The Hidden (PAL) Heron Communications
5242 Dimples Fox
5243 Just Around the Corner Fox
5244 Little Miss Broadway Fox
5245 The Little Colonel Fox
5246 The Littlest Rebel Fox
5247 Stand Up and Cheer Fox
5248 The Stowaway Fox
5249 Susannah of the Mounties Fox
5252 Counterforce Overseas Filmgroup
5263 Bizarre Faso Films
5265 Hollywood Dreaming American Twist/Boulevard
5272 Vampire at Midnight Skouras Pictures
5275 Happy Anniversary 007 MGM/UA
5276 O.C. & Stiggs MGM/UA
5277 The Living Daylights MGM/UA
5279 Trick or Treat (PAL) De Laurentiis Entertainment Group
5280 Evil Dead 2 (PAL) De Laurentiis Entertainment Group
5332 (Star Wars: Droids) Mon Julpa (PAL) Lucasfilm
5335 (Star Wars: Ewoks) Morag's Revenge (PAL) Lucasfilm
5337 (Star Wars: Ewoks) 3 (PAL) Lucasfilm
5345 Right to Kill (PAL) Lorimar-Telepictures
5354 Necromancer (PAL) Bonaire Films
5377 Spaceballs (PAL) MGM/UA
5380 Survivor (PAL) Medusa
5386 Romper Room: Outta Space Claster Television
5387 Romper Room: Ask Miss Molly Claster Television
5390 Howling 4 (PAL) Allied Vision
5393 Tucker: The Man and His Dream (PAL) Lucasfilm
5395 Hands of Steel (PAL) Medusa
5399 The Unbearable Lightness of Being (PAL) Fantasy Films
5401 Hi De Hi! BBC
5402 The Young Ones BBC
5406 Bleak House BBC
5411 Great Expectations BBC
5412 Oliver Twist BBC
5419 (Doctor Who) The Deadly Assassin BBC
5420 (Doctor Who) The Ark in Space BBC
5422 (Doctor Who) Terror of the Zygons BBC
5423 (Doctor Who) The Time Warrior BBC
5436 Shakedown on Sunset Strip CBS
5450 Eat the Rich Recorded Releasing
5459 The Lion of Africa (PAL) Lorimar-Telepictures
5469 Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Universe Vol. 3 Landmark Entertainment Group
5470 Dark Eyes Island Pictures
5479 Jack Nicklaus: The Greatest 18 Holes in Golf ABC Sports
5480 The Best of ABC's Wide World of Sports: The 60's ABC Sports
5483 Magic Memories on Ice ABC Sports
5486 Live and Drive the Indy 500 ABC Sports
5487 Jewels of the Triple Crown ABC Sports
5488 Body of Evidence CBS
5490 Hostage CBS
5491 Anguish SpectraFilm
5492 Hangmen (PAL) Medusa
5495 Nightmare at Noon (PAL) Omega Entertainment
5497 Act of Piracy (PAL) The Movie Group
5498 Party Line (PAL) Westwind
5499 The Big Blue (PAL) Gaumont
5501 The Man in the Glass Booth American Film Theatre
5503 Rhinoceros American Film Theatre
5504 A Delicate Balance American Film Theatre
5505 Luther American Film Theatre
5509 The Maids American Film Theatre
5513 Philadelphia, Here I Come American Film Theatre
5514 Jacques Brel is Alive and Well and Living in Paris American Film Theatre
5515 All the Kind Strangers Lorimar-Telepictures
5518 A Christmas Without Snow Lorimar-Telepictures
5519 Coming Out of the Ice Lorimar-Telepictures
5520 Dark Night of the Scarecrow Lorimar-Telepictures
5525 The Great American Traffic Jam Lorimar-Telepictures
5526 The Last Song Lorimar-Telepictures
5535 The Sins of Dorian Gray Lorimar-Telepictures
5538 The Dollmaker Lorimar-Telepictures
5539 A Whale for the Killing Lorimar-Telepictures
5542 World War III NBC
5544 Chiller (PAL) CBS
5547 Do You Remember Love (PAL) CBS
5563 Blackadder Goes Forth Part I BBC
5564 Blackadder Goes Forth Part II BBC
5565 Black Adder II Parte the Firste BBC
5566 Black Adder II Parte the Seconde BBC
5567 Are You Being Served? Vol. 1 BBC
5568 Are You Being Served? Vol. 2 BBC
5571 Doing Time on Maple Drive FNM Pictures
5583 The Deadliest Art Golden Harvest
5589 City Slickers (PAL) New Line Cinema
5593 Alien 3 Fox
5594 FernGully: The Last Rainforest Fox
5595 For the Boys Fox
5596 Grand Canyon Fox
5597 Jack the Bear Fox
5601 The Last Warrior (PAL) ITC
5614 Naked Lunch Fox
5630 Rawhide: Incident of The Tumbleweed Wagon CBS
5631 Wild Wild West: The Night of the Inferno CBS
5648 My Own Private Idaho (PAL) New Line Cinema
5650 Bonnie & Clyde: The True Story (PAL) FNM Films
5651 Star Wars (A New Hope) (Remastered LaserDisc) Fox
5652 Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back (Remastered LaserDisc) Lucasfilm
5661 Shining Through Fox
5667 Fox's Peter Pan and the Pirates: Ghost Ship Fox
5674 Fox's Peter Pan and the Pirates: Hook's Deadly Game Part 1 Fox
5675 Fox's Peter Pan and the Pirates: Hook's Deadly Game Part 2 Fox
5689 All-American Murder (PAL) Enchantment Pictures
5690 Blonde Fist (PAL) Film Four International
5691 Eye of the Storm (PAL) New Line Cinema
5693 Distant Cousins (PAL) Image Organization
5694 Scanner Cop (PAL) Image Organization
5695 The Dark Angel BBC
5701 The Sensuous Nurse National Center for Cinema Arts
5706 Twilight Zone Christmas CBS
5714 Fawlty Towers: The Complete Set BBC
5715 Stone Cold Vision Pictures
5730 (Doctor Who) Shada BBC
5731 (Doctor Who) The Tomb of the Cybermen BBC
5732 (Doctor Who) The Pertwee Years BBC
5733 (Doctor Who) The Caves of Androzani BBC
5741 Folks! Fox
5754 The Eternal Tramp Xanadu Productions
5755 Intruders CBS
5768 NBA Superstars 2 NBA Entertainment
5770 Michael Jordan: Air Time NBA Entertainment
5789 The Secret NBA NBA Entertainment
5799 The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy BBC
5801 The Twilight Zone Vol. 14 CBS
5815 Double Jeopardy Showtime
5831 Prisoners of Honour (PAL) HBO
5832 Juice (PAL) Fox
5839 The Sand Fairy BBC
5840 Merlin of the Crystal Cave BBC
5841 The President's Daughter CBS
5850 Dennis the Menace: Boys Will Be Boys DiC
5852 Doppelganger ITC
5853 Fear of a Black Hat ITC
5854 Ed and His Dead Mother ITC
5855 Trouble Bound ITC
5856 Mortal Sins ITC
5860 The Lost Language of Cranes BBC
5874 (Red Dwarf IV) Camille BBC
5875 (Red Dwarf IV) Dimension Jump BBC
5876 (Red Dwarf III) Backwards BBC
5878 A Bit of Fry and Laurie BBC
5879 The Dangerous Brothers Present: World of Danger BBC
5882 Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman CBS
5884 On the Road with Charles Kuralt: The American Heritage CBS News
5901 The African Queen (Limited Edition LaserDisc) Viacom International
5902 With Hostile Intent CBS
5905 Real Fitness: The Professional Fitness System CBS
5907 Army of Darkness: Evil Dead III (PAL) Dino De Laurentiis Communications
5915 Much Ado About Nothing (PAL) BBC
5916 The Program (PAL) Samuel Goldwyn
5926 World War I: The Complete Story CBS
5932 Vietnam CBS
5934 Willie Nelson: The Big Six-O CBS
5935 The Beverly Hillbillies (TV Series) CBS
5936 The Twilight Zone Vol. 1 (LaserDisc) CBS
5943 Peter's Friends (PAL) BBC
5944 (Doctor Who) The Keeper of Traken BBC
5946 (Doctor Who) The Sontaran Experiment / The Genesis of the Daleks BBC
5947 (Doctor Who) The Dalek Invasion of Earth BBC
5948 (Doctor Who) The Masque of Mandragora BBC
5949 (Doctor Who) Mawdryn Undead BBC
5953 Bob Roberts (PAL) NewVision Films
5954 Mississippi Masala (PAL) Samuel Goldwyn
5955 The Waterdance (PAL) Samuel Goldwyn
5958 (The Adventures of Raggedy Ann & Andy) The Perriwonk Adventure CBS
5959 (The Adventures of Raggedy Ann & Andy) The Pirate Adventure CBS
5960 (The Adventures of Raggedy Ann & Andy) The Mabbit Adventure CBS
5961 (The Adventures of Raggedy Ann & Andy) The Sunny Bunny Adventure CBS
5967 (Red Dwarf I) The End BBC
5968 (Red Dwarf I) Confidence and Paranoia BBC
5969 (Red Dwarf II) Kryten BBC
5970 (Red Dwarf II) Stasis Leak BBC
5988 The Return of the Sand Fairy BBC
5989 Rawhide: The Pitchwagon CBS
5992 Sir Charles NBA Entertainment
5993 Visions of Light: The Art of Cinematography American Film Institute

6000 to 7000[edit]

Released by independent companies. Remaining titles released by Fox / others later.

Catalog number Title Library
6001 The Great American Wilderness Bill Burrud Productions
6002 The Secret World of Reptiles Bill Burrud Productions
6003 Creatures of the Amazon Bill Burrud Productions
6004 Predators of the Sea Bill Burrud Productions
6005 Vanishing Africa Bill Burrud Productions
6006 The Amazing Apes Bill Burrud Productions
6011 All Creatures Great and Small, Vol. 5 BBC
6012 All Creatures Great and Small, Vol. 6 BBC
6013 I Love Lucy: The Classics, Volume 1 CBS
6014 I Love Lucy: The Classics, Volume 2 CBS
6015 I Love Lucy: The Classics, Volume 3 CBS
6016 I Love Lucy: The Classics, Volume 4 CBS
6017 I Love Lucy: The Classics, Volume 5 CBS
6018 I Love Lucy: The Classics, Volume 6 CBS
6019 The Simpsons: Springfield Murder Mysteries (PAL) Fox
6020 A Christmas Carol DiC
6035 Chef! BBC
6036 Chef! A Second Helping BBC
6037 French & Saunders: Gentlemen Prefer French & Saunders BBC
6038 The Natural TriStar
6039 Volcano Fox
6040 Goosebumps: Welcome to Dead House Scholastic
6041 Paradise Road Fox
6042 Sister Wendy's Story of Painting, Vol. 2 BBC
6043 Sister Wendy's Story of Painting, Vol. 4 BBC
6044 Sister Wendy's Story of Painting, Vol. 5 BBC
6045 Sister Wendy's Story of Painting, Vol. 1 BBC
6046 Sister Wendy's Story of Painting, Vol. 3 BBC
6047 Star Wars: The Original Trilogy (Special Edition) Box Set Fox and Lucasfilm
6048 (Millennium) Pilot / Gehenna Fox
6059 Cold Around the Heart Fox
6081 Inventing the Abbotts Fox
6082 Love and Other Catastrophes Fox
6087 White Man's Burden (PAL) Fox
6091 (X-Files) Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose / War of the Coprophages Fox
6093 The Best of the Simpsons: Vol. 2 Fox
6094 The Best of the Simpsons: Vol. 3 Fox
6095 The Best of the Simpsons: Vol. 1 Fox
6097 Star Wars: A New Hope Special Edition Fox
6098 Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Special Edition Lucasfilm
6099 Star Wars: Return of the Jedi Special Edition Lucasfilm
6100 Speed 2: Cruise Control Fox
6101 The Man with the Golden Arm Carlyle Productions
6102 The Moon is Blue Carlyle Productions
6104 Star Maps Fox
6105 Out to Sea Fox
6107 FernGully 2: The Magical Rescue Fox
6109 The Adventures of Snowden Dayton Hudson
6110 Odyssey Ron Hays Music Image
6111 Rodgers & Hammerstein's Cinderella Samuel Goldwyn
6112 Dot and the Kangaroo Satori Films
6113 The World Is Full of Married Men New Line Cinema
6114 The Amazing Spider-Man Charles Fries Productions
6115 The Deadly Dust Charles Fries Productions
6116 The Chinese Web Charles Fries Productions
6117 Chase CBS
6118 8 Million Ways to Die Producers Sales Organization
6119 Utu Glitteron Films
6120 Bruce Lee Golden Harvest
6121 The Chinese Connection Golden Harvest
6122 Fists of Fury Golden Harvest
6123 Return of the Dragon Golden Harvest
6124 Game of Death Golden Harvest
6125 Black Emanuelle Sterling Gold
6126 Lunatics and Lovers Atlas
6127 Evilspeak Leisure Investment Company
6128 An Evening with Liza Minnelli Artel Home Video, Inc.
6130 Peter Allen and the Rockettes Rockhill Development
6131 Kenny Loggins Alive Kenny Loggins Productions
6138 Dark Places Films International
6139 Eliza Fraser Hexagon Productions Pty, Ltd.
6140 The Ragman's Daughter Harpoon Films
6141 Part-Time Wife General Film Corporation
6143 Mystery Magician Lord, Rice & Associates
6145 The Glass House Tomorrow Entertainment
6148 Shaolin Death Squad International Film Consultants
6149 Master of Kung Fu International Film Consultants
6153 The Assassin International Film Consultants
6159 The Lightship CBS
6160 Iron Eagle TriStar
6161 My Man Adam TriStar
6162 9 1/2 Weeks (PAL) Producers Sales Organization
6163 Blind Justice CBS
6164 The Boss' Wife TriStar
6168 Turtle Diary CBS
6198 Billy Joel: The Video Album Vol. 1 William Joel
6199 Ozzy Osbourne: The Ultimate Ozzy CBS
6200 X: The Unheard Music CBS
6201 Playboy Video Magazine 1 Playboy
6202 Playboy Video Magazine 2 Playboy
6203 Playboy Video Magazine 3 Playboy
6204 Playboy Video Magazine 4 Playboy
6205 Playboy Video Magazine 5 Playboy
6206 Playboy Video Magazine 6 Playboy
6208 The Cannonball Run (PAL) Golden Harvest
6209 Danny Jones Cinerama Releasing Corporation
6210 Bongo Man Arsenal Films
6211 Santee Crown International Pictures
6212 Las Vegas Lady Crown International Pictures
6215 Plague Group 1 International Distribution
6216 Clonus Group 1 International Distribution
6219 Becket E&M Enterprising
6220 Liar's Moon Crown International Pictures
6221 Magee Australian Broadcasting Commission
6222 The Turn of the Screw Dan Curtis Productions
6223 The Runner Stumbles Melvin Simon Productions
6224 Scavenger Hunt Melvin Simon Productions
6225 Freedom Road (PAL) Worldvision Enterprises
6226 The Ordeal of Patty Hearst (PAL) Worldvision Enterprises
6227 Two Girls and a Guy Fox
6228 A Town Called Bastard (PAL) Scotia International
6229 The Invasion of Carol Enders Dan Curtis Productions
6230 Finders Killers Minerva Film
6231 Better Late Than Never Golden Harvest
6232 Under Milk Wood Rank Film Distributors
6234 The Who Rocks America: 1982 American Tour Profile Publishing
6237 Big Time Motown Productions
6238 Unhinged (PAL) Megastar Films
Banjo the Woodpile Cat (PAL) Don Bluth Productions
6239 Eva Alba Cinematografica
6240- The Violators Unknown
6241 Screw Balls New World Pictures
6243 The Witching Bert I. Gordon
6245 The Green Horizon Sanrio
6246 The Deadliest Season Titus Entertainment
The Wiggles Movie Fox
6247 Thursday's Game ABC Circle Films
6250 I Heard the Owl Call My Name Tomorrow Entertainment
6251 Children of Rage (PAL) Stirling Gold
6252 Born Innocent Tomorrow Entertainment
6253 The Fugitive Quinn Martin Productions
6254 Young Joe, the Forgotten Kennedy ABC Circle Films
6255 Playboy Playmate Review Playboy
6256 Street War 21st Century Entertainment
6257 Getting Wasted (PAL) Mogul
6258 The Van (1977) Crown International Pictures
The Van (1997) Fox
6259 Jennifer (PAL) Orion
6260 The Man from Atlantis (PAL) Taft H-B International
6262 Glen and Randa (PAL) Universal Marion Corporation
6263 Bad Man's River (PAL) International Apollo Films
6287 Superdome ABC Circle Films
6293 A Rare Breed New World Pictures
6295 Dot and Santa Claus Satori
6296 Dot and the Bunny Satori
6297 Billy Joel Live from Long Island William Joel
6299 Breakdown (PAL) Fox
6306 Terror of the Living Dead Produzione Atlas Consorziate
6307 The Daredevil Trans-International Films
6317 Intimate Relations Fox
6322 The Black Panther (PAL) Alpha Films
6340 Jerry Lee Lewis: Live (PAL) On the Road Again Productions
6345 Windwalker Pacific International
6346 Cold River Pacific International
6347 Sacred Ground Pacific International
6363 Strike It Rich CBS
6364 Shirley Temple: Sing & Dance Along Fox
6365 Drying Up the Streets CBS
6366 Avalanche Concorde-New Horizons
6368 (Faerie Tale Theatre) Goldilocks and the Three Bears Platypus Productions
6369 (Faerie Tale Theatre) Jack and the Beanstalk Platypus Productions
6370 (Faerie Tale Theatre) Rapunzel Platypus Productions
6371 (Faerie Tale Theatre) Sleeping Beauty Platypus Productions
6372 (Faerie Tale Theatre) The Tale of the Frog Prince Platypus Productions
6373 Playboy Playmate Workout Playboy
6374 Not Necessarily the News HBO
6378 Black Angels Lawrence Merrick International Productions
6381 Return of the Man from U.N.C.L.E. Viacom International
6382 The Conspiracy (PAL) Entertainment in Prime Time
6383 The Executioner: Part II 21st Century Film Corporation
6386 Sudden Fury Ambassador Film Distributors
6387 I Married Wyatt Earp Osmond Productions
6388 Catholics Hemisphere Productions
6389 (Faerie Tale Theatre) Little Red Riding Hood Platypus Productions
6390 (Faerie Tale Theatre) Pinocchio Platypus Productions
6391 (Faerie Tale Theatre) Rumpelstiltskin Platypus Productions
6392 (Faerie Tale Theatre) The Nightingale Platypus Productions
6393 (Faerie Tale Theatre) Boy Who Left Home to Find Out About the Shivers Platypus Productions
6394 (Faerie Tale Theatre) Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Platypus Productions
6395 (Faerie Tale Theatre) Beauty and the Beast Platypus Productions
6396 (Faerie Tale Theatre) Thumbelina Platypus Productions
6397 (Faerie Tale Theatre) The Princess and the Pea Platypus Productions
6408 Adventures of a Taxi Driver Salon Productions
6409 (Faerie Tale Theatre) Hansel & Gretel Platypus Productions
6410 Fairplay Clyce Properties
6412 Ultraman II: The Further Adventures of Ultraman Tsuburaya Productions
6413 Emiliano Zapata Producciones Águila
6414 Hustler Squad Crown International Pictures
6422 Camp 708 Israfilm
6423 Giselle 21st Century Film Corporation
6424 The Red Baron Rankin/Bass Productions
6425 Mad Mad Mad Monsters Rankin/Bass Productions
6426 Eat My Dust New World Pictures
6427 Oliver Twist CBS
6428 Broken Promise EMI Television
6430 One from the Heart Zoetrope Studios
6431 The Chant of Jimmie Blacksmith Hoyts Distribution
6432 Escape from Women's Prison 21st Century Film Corporation
6433 Bumper Christmas Annual Kidivid
6445 Jackson County Jail New World Pictures
6446 Huckleberry Finn Minstrel Entertainments
6447 Christmas Tales Minstrel Entertainments
6448 Work Out for Men Minstrel Entertainments
6449 The Twelve Chairs (PAL) Universal Marion Corporation
6450 Fantasies Klempner-Arnow Productions
6452 Red Dwarf Series VII: Byte One BBC
6453 Red Dwarf Series VII: Byte Two BBC
6454 Red Dwarf Series VII: Byte Three BBC
6455 Pope John Paul II Taft Entertainment Television
6456 Paul Young: The Video Singles CBS
Shooting Fish Fox
6457 Torment José Frade Producciones Cinematográficas S.A.
6458- Nights of Terror Shriek Show
6461 The Intruder CBS
6464 The Young Bruce Lee Spectacular Trading Company
6465 Blood Sabbath Barbet Film Productions
6466 Lovely But Deadly Elmtree Productions
6476 Acapulco Gold Mar Vista Productions
6482 The Mack Cinerama Releasing Corporation
6484 The Creeping Flesh World Film Services
6488 Vampira World Film Services
6491 Elton John: Yellow Brick Road CBS
6492 The Wild Pony Sullivan Entertainment
6494 Captive Gold Key Entertainment
6496 Sleepaway Camp United Film Distribution Company
6498 Shakin' Stevens Videoshow CBS
6499 Adam Ant: Hits CBS
6500 Satan's Blade M.C. Productions
6501 Story of Linda Avatar Communications
6506 Some Call It Loving Cineglobe
6507 Brain Games Cineglobe
6508 Tall Tales & Legends: The Legend of Sleepy Hollow Platypus Productions
6510 Nightmare in Wax Crown International Pictures
6511 The Waking Hour New World Pictures
6512 Skullduggery Universal Pictures
6514 The Children Albright Films
6517 The Lost Tribe Film Investment Corporation of New Zealand
6519 Judas Priest Live CBS
6520 Wild Horses Endeavour Productions
6522 Getting It On Seventh Avenue Films
6523 Tales That Witness Madness World Film Services
6524 The Take World Film Services
6529 Black Gunn World Film Services
6531 Blood Bride Snow Bound Productions
6533 Dr. Black, Mr. Hyde Dimension Pictures
6534 Sweet Kill New World Pictures
6535 Stony Island World Northal
6536 Beyond the Door Produzioni Atlas Consorziate
6538 Unhinged Megastar Films
6540 Spring Fever Amulet Pictures
6541 Adam Alan Landsburg Productions
6542 Bill on His Own Alan Landsburg Productions
6546 Alexandra, Queen of Sex Card Productions
6547 Scared to Death Lone Star Pictures
6549 Dr. Minx Dimension Pictures
6550 Vengeance Cannon
6557 Got it Made Target
6559 The House on Sorority Row Artists Releasing Corporation
6560 Malibu High Crown International Pictures
6561 Wacko Jensen Farley Pictures
The Simpsons: Heaven and Hell (PAL) Fox
6562 Concrete Cowboys CBS
6563 By Design Astral Films
6564 Cool It, Carol! Miracle Films
6565 Last Plane Out Jack Cox Productions
6569 Moonshine Country Express (PAL) Universal Majestic
6592 Losin' It Embassy
6593 Under the Volcano (PAL) Fox
6597 Dawn of the Dead Laurel Group
6598 Gone with the West Laurel Group
6599 The Delta Factor Spillane-Fellows Productions Inc.
6601 Codename Cobra International Apollo Films
6603 Patrick Filmways Australasian Distributors
6603 Prisoner Unknown
6607 Breaker! Breaker! Paragon Films
6608 Mission Hill Shapiro Entertainment
6609 Wild Style! Submarine Entertainment
6610 Together? Compagnia Europea Cinematografica
6612 Pieces Spectacular Trading Company
6616 Starhops (PAL) First American Films
6617 Santana and Taj Mahal Live VCL
6618 Over the Edge (PAL) Orion
6619 Herbie Hancock and the Rockit Band CBS
6620 The Split (PAL) Entertainment in Prime Time
6622 Joysticks (PAL) Jensen Farley Pictures
6623 Willie Nelson and Family in Concert CBS
6625 Turbo Time (PAL) Cinemedia
6626 Joy (PAL) Avatar Communications
6628 High Noon (PAL) Republic Pictures
6635 Invasion of the Body Snatchers Lorimar-Telepictures
6639 Young at Heart (PAL) Republic Pictures
6652 Sands of Iwo Jima (PAL) Republic Pictures
6653 Savannah Smiles (PAL) Avatar Communications
6659 Culture Club: A Kiss Across the Ocean CBS
6661 Luggage of the Gods! (PAL) General Films
6662 Conquest (PAL) Miracle Films
6664 Barry McKenzie Holds His Own (PAL) Reg Grundy Productions
6665 The Other Woman (PAL) Queensland Film Corporation
Touched by an Angel: A Christmas Miracle CBS
6666 Rip-Off (PAL) Shapiro Entertainment
6667 (Lost in Space) The Reluctant Stowaway Fox
6669 Eliminators Altar Productions
6670 Strangers in Love Platinum Pictures
6672 The Lost Empire JGM Enterprises
6673 Valley Girl Atlantic Releasing Corporation
(Lost in Space) The Derelict Fox
6674 She Trans World Entertainment
(Lost in Space) Island in the Sky Fox
6675 Silent Madness Almi Pictures
6676 Deadly Games Cobra Media
6677 Longshot Greentree
6678 Honey Vogue Film
6679 Jules and Jim Janus Films
6680 The 400 Blows Janus Films
6681 The Last Metro Les Films du Carrosse
6682 Confidentially Yours Les Films du Carrosse
6683 Two English Girls Les Films du Carrosse
6684 The Soft Skin Les Films du Carrosse
6685 The Woman Next Door Les Films du Carrosse
6687 Getting Out Alive Mid-America Promotions
6688 American Heartbeat CBS
6689 Motel Wescom Productions
Captain America Saban
6690 We of the Never Never Hoyts Distribution
The Incredible Hulk Saban
6691 The Invincible Iron Man Saban
6692 Out of the Blue Les Productions Karim
The Amazing Spider-Man Saban
6695 The Trespasser British Independent Productions
6696 Invitation to the Wedding Chancery Lane
6697 The Day the Earth Stood Still (Remastered LaserDisc) Fox
6698 Preppies Chuck Vincent Productions
6701 Bury Me an Angel New World Pictures
Rusty: The Great Rescue Saban
6702 La Balance Les Films Ariane-Films A2
6703 Where the Boys Are '84 TriStar
6706 The Vatican Conspiracy Film International Company
6707 Lucky 13 (PAL) High Roads Productions
6726 Blame It on the Night (PAL) TriStar
6731 The Muppets Take Manhattan TriStar
6732 The Natural TriStar
6735 Katy Moro Creativos Asociados
6736 Mondo Cane 2 Cineriz
6737 Mongrel Paragon Video Productions
6739 R.S.V.P. Chuck Vincent Productions
6740 Playboy Playmate Review 2 Playboy
6741 Alphabet City Atlantic Releasing Corporation
6742 Roadhouse 66 Atlantic Releasing Corporation
6743 Night of the Comet Atlantic Releasing Corporation
6747 Portrait of a Hitman American National Enterprises
6749 Stripper Regency Enterprises
6752 Numbers, Letters, and Words Romper Room
6753 Go to the Zoo Romper Room
6754 Playful Projects Romper Room
6755 Movements and Rhythm Romper Room
6756 Sizes and Shapes Romper Room
6757 Songbook Romper Room
6758 Explore Nature Romper Room
6760 The Muppet Revue Muppet Video
6761 The Kermit and Piggy Story Muppet Video
6762 Children's Songs and Stories Muppet Video
6764 Muppet Treasures Muppet Video
6771 The Final Combat Triumph Films
6779 Carmen (PAL) Curzon Film Distributors
6780 Thrillkill Brightstar Films
6781 Smash Palace Aardvark Films
6784 Hot Times William Mishkin Motion Pictures
6786 The Vault of Horror Amicus
6787 Tales from the Crypt Amicus
6788 Trial By Terror CBS
6791 Faerie Tale Theatre: Cinderella Platypus Productions
6794 Faerie Tale Theatre: The Three Little Pigs Platypus Productions
6795 The Clan of the Cave Bear Producers Sales Organization
6799 The House Where Death Lives International Picture Show Company
6803 A Nightmare on Elm Street Heron Communications
6804 Stingray AVCO Embassy
6805 Going Once, Going Twice Australian Film Development Corporation
6806 Oddballs Almi Pictures
6807 Playboy: Girls of Rock & Roll Playboy
6809 Playboy Playmate Review 3 Playboy
6810 Voltron, Defender of the Universe: Voltron vs. the Empire of Drule World Events Productions
6813 Walking the Edge Empire Pictures
6821 One Night Only RSL Entertainment
6822 Voltron, Defender of the Universe: Voltron in the Castle of Lions World Events Productions
The Grinch Grinches the Cat in the Hat / Pontoffel Pock, Where Are You? CBS
6823 Voltron, Defender of the Universe: Invasion of the Robeasts World Events Productions
6824 Voltron, Defender of the Universe: Battle of the Planet Arus World Events Productions
6826 The Grinch Grinches the Cat in the Hat CBS
6827 The First Howie Mandel Special Velvet Film Productions
6831 The Brother from Another Planet Cinecom International
6832 Torchlight Avatar Communications
6836 Places in the Heart TriStar
6839 The Baron and the Kid Telecom Entertainment
6840 The Cat in the Hat / Dr. Seuss on the Loose CBS
6841 The Lorax / The Hoober-Bloob Highway CBS
6842 The Lorax CBS
6843 The Hoober-Bloob Highway CBS
6844 Heavenly Bodies Producers Sales Organization
6846 The Toughest Man in the World The Guber-Peters Company
6847 Faerie Tale Theatre: The Princess Who Had Never Laughed Platypus Productions
6848 Faerie Tale Theatre: Aladdin and his Wonderful Lamp Platypus Productions
6849 Talk to Me Atlantic Releasing Corporation
6850 The Country Girls London Films
6852 Faerie Tale Theatre: Rip Van Winkle Platypus Productions
6854 Blastfighter (PAL) Medusa
6861 Love Lines TriStar
6872 Bruce Lee: The Legend Golden Harvest
6876 1918 Cinecom International
6880 City Girl Moon Pictures
6881 Draw and Color Your Very Own Cartoonys Right Along with Uncle Fred Fred Lasswell
6882 Draw and Color Far-Out Pets With Uncle Fred Fred Lasswell
6883 Mr. Wizard's World: Puzzles, Problems & Impossibilities MTV Networks
6889 The Burning Bed Tisch / Avnet Financial
6890 Calendar Girl Murders Tisch / Avnet Financial
6891 Sins of the Father Fries Distribution Company
6893 Hadley's Rebellion Fries Distribution Company
6894 Starcrossed Fries Distribution Company
6896 Stranger Than Paradise Samuel Goldwyn
6898 Screw Balls II: Loose Screws Concorde Pictures
6899 The Destroyers Rodeo Productions
6903 Heart of the Stag Southern Light Pictures
6915 A Room with a View Cinecom International
6924 The Last Dragon TriStar
6925 The Legend of Billie Jean TriStar
6926 The Park is Mine (PAL) Astral Film Enterprises
6927 C.H.U.D. (PAL) Shapiro-Glickenhaus Entertainment
6929 Robin Hood and the Sorcerer Goldcrest
6930 The Swords of Wayland Goldcrest
6932 The Time of the Wolf Goldcrest
6934 Pontoffel Pock, Where Are You? CBS
6936 The Cat in the Hat CBS
6937 Dr. Seuss on the Loose CBS
6940 Cave Girl (PAL) Crown International Pictures
6941 Huey Lewis and the News: Video Hits Chrysalis
6947 Doubles (PAL) Doppelganger
6948 Force of Darkness (PAL) Shapiro Entertainment
6953 Tall Tales & Legends: Johnny Appleseed Platypus Productions
6957 Cut and Run (PAL) Racing Pictures
6963 Mickey Mantle's Baseball Tips For Kids of All Ages Mickey Mantle Sports
6964 Paradise Motel Shapiro-Glickenhaus Entertainment
6969 Subway Island Pictures
6970 Lightblast (PAL) Overseas Filmgroup
6971 Say Goodbye to the President BBC
6975 Draw and Color a Cartoony Party with Uncle Fred Fred Lasswell
6979 War Bus (PAL) Regal Film
6995 Cease Fire (PAL) E.L.F. Productions
6997 Kid Colter Wind River
6998 Cannibal Holocaust Fox
6999 Americana Crown International Pictures
Came a Hot Friday (PAL) Mirage Films

7000 to 8000[edit]

Released by independent companies. Remaining titles released by CBS / others later.

Catalog number Title Library
7001 Milestones of the Century 1 Pathe News
7002 Milestones of the Century 2 Pathe News
7003 Men of Destiny 1 Pathe News
7004 Men of Destiny 2 Pathe News
7005 Career Girls October Films
7006 Kicked in the Head October Films
7007 (Doctor Who) Full Circle BBC
7008 (Doctor Who) State of Decay BBC
7009 (Doctor Who) Warriors' Gate BBC
7010 Are You Being Served? Special Holiday Collection BBC
7011 The Singing Detective BBC
7012 Creature Comforts BBC
7013 Tap Dogs Back Row Productions
7016 Rio Lobo CBS
7017 The Boys in the Band CBS
7018 The Street Fighter Viacom International
7019 A Man Called Horse CBS
7020 Oklahoma! CBS
7021 Electric Light Orchestra: Out of the Blue Live at Wembley CBS
7022 Rude Boy CBS
7023 James Taylor in Concert Viacom International
7024 The Nutcracker Lothar Bock Associates
7025 Giselle Lothar Bock Associates
7026 Being There Lorimar-Telepictures
7028 Carny Lorimar-Telepictures
7029 Cruising Lorimar-Telepictures
7030 John F. Kennedy: The Commemorative Video Album CBS
7032 The Year of the Generals CBS
7033 The Hostages: From Capture to Freedom CBS
7035 Cabaret Lorimar-Telepictures
7036 Benji Viacom International
7038 My Fair Lady CBS
7039 Guys and Dolls Samuel Goldwyn
7042 Cousin Cousine Al Schwartz Productions
7043 Table for Five CBS
7044 One Night Stand CBS
7045 South Pacific CBS
7046 Sherlock Holmes Double Feature Lorimar-Telepictures
7047 For the Love of Benji Viacom International
7048 The Getting of Wisdom Atlantic Releasing Corporation
7049 Vietnam: Chronicle of a War CBS
7050 The Best of 60 Minutes CBS
7051 More Wild, Wild West CBS
7052 The Big Red One Lorimar-Telepictures
7054 Black Orpheus Janus Films
7056 The American Dance Machine Viacom International
7061 REO Speedwagon: Live Infidelity CBS
7062 Boston Bounces Back NBA Entertainment
7065 The Muse Concert: No Nukes CBS
7066 Romeo and Juliet Lothar Bock Associates
7068 Wild, Wild West Revisited CBS
7071 Back Roads CBS
7072 The Sea Wolves Lorimar-Telepictures
7076 Wifemistress Quartet/Films Incorporated
7077 The Postman Always Rings Twice Lorimar-Telepictures
7078 Pink Floyd's David Gilmour CBS
7079 Finders Keepers CBS
7080 Windy City CBS
7081 Grandview, U.S.A. CBS
7083 Better Off Dead CBS
7084 "Weird Al" Yankovic: The Compleat Al CBS
7085 Hooters: Nervous Night CBS
7086 Helter Skelter Lorimar-Telepictures
Ricky Skaggs: Live in London CBS
7087 Purlie CBS
7088 CBS News: Man on the Moon CBS
7089 Raggedy Ann & Andy: A Musical Adventure MacMillan, Inc.
7090 Papillon Lorimar-Telepictures
7091 Sade: Diamond Life Video CBS
7092 The Best of Elvis Costello and the Attractions Riviera Global
7094 Paul Young: The Video Singles CBS
7095 The Billion Dollar Hobo Samuel Goldwyn
7096 Harry Chapin: The Final Concert CBS
7097 Target CBS
7098 This is Video Clash CBS
7099 Return of the Street Fighter Viacom International
7100 Piaf CBS
7101 Barbra Streisand: "Putting It Together" Barwood Films
7103 Bonnie Tyler: The Video CBS
7104 Judas Priest: Fuel for Life CBS
7105 The Charlie Daniels Band: The Saratoga Concert CBS
7106 Major Barbara Janus Films
7108 Escape to Victory Lorimar-Telepictures
7109 Shakin' Stevens: Greatest Flicks CBS
7110 S.O.B. Lorimar-Telepictures
7111 Prime Cuts CBS
7112 Prime Cuts: Heavy Metal CBS
7114 Prime Cuts: Jazz & Beyond CBS
7119 Sidney Sheldon's If Tomorrow Comes CBS
7121 A Boy Named Charlie Brown CBS
7122 Sybil Lorimar-Telepictures
7123 Picasso: A Painter's Diary CBS
7124 Miss Peach of the Kelly School CBS
7125 Snoopy, Come Home CBS
7126 Scrooge CBS
7128 The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby CBS
The Little Ark CBS
7129 The April Fools CBS
7130 Little Big Man CBS
7132 Early Days CBS
7133 Simon & Garfunkel: The Concert in Central Park Broadway Video
7134 The Homecoming CBS
7135 Teddy Pendergrass Live in London CBS
7136 Stevie Nicks in Concert CBS
7137 The Challenge CBS
7139 Knife in the Water (or, The Young Lover) Janus Films
7140 Grand Illusion Janus Films
7141 Wild Strawberries Janus Films
7142 Wham! in China CBS
7144 Adam and the Ants: Prince Charming Revue CBS
7145 The Pride of the Yankees Samuel Goldwyn
7146 Sayonara Samuel Goldwyn
7147 Return to Boggy Creek Samuel Goldwyn
7148 A Man Called Horse CBS
7149 Big Jake CBS
7150 Prime Cut CBS
7152 With Six You Get Eggroll CBS
7153 The Reivers CBS
7154 Killing at Hell's Gate CBS
7155 Figures in a Landscape CBS
7156 Le Mans CBS
7160 Rascals & Robbers CBS
7161 Who is Harry Kellerman CBS
7166 Adam at 6 A.M. CBS
7170 Hail, Hero! CBS
7172 Monte Walsh CBS
7174 Something for Everyone CBS
7175 The War Between Men and Women CBS
7178 The Babe Ruth Story Lorimar-Telepictures
7190 The Betsy Lorimar-Telepictures
7264 Daughter of Dr. Jekyll Lorimar-Telepictures
7267 Nightbreed Morgan Creek
7278 Dillinger Lorimar-Telepictures
7290 End of the Road Lorimar-Telepictures
7318 Friendly Persuasion Lorimar-Telepictures
7351 Hell to Eternity Lorimar-Telepictures
7352 Heroes Die Young Lorimar-Telepictures
7356 Hitler Lorimar-Telepictures
7363 House on Haunted Hill Lorimar-Telepictures
7376 The Internecine Project Lorimar-Telepictures
7396 King of the Roaring 20s: The Story of Arnold Rothstein Lorimar-Telepictures
7428 Love in the Afternoon Lorimar-Telepictures
7435 The Man Who Would Be King Lorimar-Telepictures
7456 The Attic Atlantic Releasing Corporation
7470 The Oklahoman Lorimar-Telepictures
7472 Operation C.I.A. Lorimar-Telepictures
7567 Touched by an Angel: The Spirit of Liberty Moon CBS
7606 The Strangler Lorimar-Telepictures
7633 This Man Must Die Lorimar-Telepictures
7637 Tickle Me Lorimar-Telepictures
7653 Twilight's Last Gleaming Lorimar-Telepictures
7658 The Underworld Story Filmcraft Trading Corporation
7691 The Wild Geese Lorimar-Telepictures
7713 Helter Skelter Lorimar-Telepictures
7714 The Choirboys (PAL) Lorimar-Telepictures
7716 Lookin' to Get Out Lorimar-Telepictures
7717 Fast-Walking Lorimar-Telepictures
7720 Urgh! A Music War Lorimar-Telepictures
7723 Loose Shoes Atlantic Releasing Corporation
7732 Night School Lorimar-Telepictures
7733 How Funny Can Sex Be? In-Frame Films
7737 Soldier in the Rain Lorimar-Telepictures
7750 Al Capone Lorimar-Telepictures
7754 An Annapolis Story Lorimar-Telepictures
7760 Armored Command Lorimar-Telepictures
7778 The Hound of the Baskervilles Lorimar-Telepictures
7779 The House of Fear Lorimar-Telepictures
7780 The Pearl of Death Lorimar-Telepictures
7785 Sherlock Holmes in Washington Lorimar-Telepictures
7786 The Spider Woman Lorimar-Telepictures
7788 Sherlock Holmes and the Voice of Terror Lorimar-Telepictures
7797 The Simpsons: Crime and Punishment (PAL) Fox
7883 Guyver: Dark Hero (PAL) Showcase
7987 Murder in the First (PAL) Studio Canal

8000 to 9000[edit]

Released by ABC. Remaining titles released by Fox / others later.

Catalog number Title Library
8003 The Miracle of Lake Placid ABC
8004 They Shoot Horses, Don't They? ABC
8005 Straw Dogs ABC
8006 The Killing of Sister George ABC
8007 Take the Money and Run ABC
8008 Kotch ABC
8009 Lovers and Other Strangers ABC
8010 Song of Norway ABC
8011 Notorious ABC
8012 Rebecca ABC
8014 The Adventures of Tom Sawyer ABC
8015 Huckleberry Finn ABC
8016 Jenny ABC
8017 The Night Stalker ABC
8018- Candy (scrapped) ABC
8019 Junior Bonner ABC
8020 Charly ABC
8021 The Touch ABC
8022 Ring of Bright Water ABC
8023 Zachariah ABC
8024 Suppose They Gave a War and Nobody Came? ABC
8025 The Last Valley ABC
8026 For Love of Ivy ABC
8027 Whatever Happened to Aunt Alice? ABC
8028 Hell in the Pacific ABC
8029 The Garden of Allah ABC
8030 The Spiral Staircase ABC
8031 Griffin and Phoenix ABC
8032 Duel in the Sun ABC
8033 The Grissom Gang ABC
8034 Too Late the Hero ABC
8035 Spellbound ABC
8036 Intermezzo ABC
8037 Portrait of Jennie ABC
8038 Love Among the Ruins ABC
8039 Topaze ABC
8041 The Farmer's Daughter ABC
8043 Shalako! ABC
8052 The Bounty Man ABC
8066 Little Lord Fauntleroy ABC
8071 A Minute to Pray, A Second to Die! ABC
8076 The Paradine Case ABC
8082 Since You Went Away ABC
8092 Wild Women ABC
8093 Yuma ABC
8094 The Day After ABC
8095 Here Come the Littles ABC
8097 America's Funniest Pets ABC
8101 (Doctor Who) Terminus BBC
8102 (Doctor Who) City of Death BBC
8103 (Doctor Who) Robot BBC
8104 (Doctor Who) Resurrection of the Daleks BBC
8105 (Doctor Who) Planet of the Spiders BBC
8106 A Foreign Field BBC
8107 Gunsmoke, Vol. 1: The Killer/Kitty's Outlaw CBS
8121 The Twilight Zone Vol. 20 CBS
8127 The Honeymooners Vol. 1 CBS
8128 The Honeymooners Vol. 2 CBS
8129 The African Queen (Remastered LaserDisc) Viacom International
8130 Gunsmoke / Rawhide: First Draw (LaserDisc) CBS
8131 The Black-Adder (LaserDisc) BBC
8135 The Man from Snowy River (Family Feature) Fox
8136 Dr. Dolittle (Family Feature) Fox
8139 The Carol Burnett Show: A Reunion CBS
8141 (Doctor Who) The Dominators BBC
8142 (Doctor Who) The Web Planet BBC
8143 (Doctor Who) The Krotons BBC
8144 (Doctor Who) The Colin Baker Years BBC
8146 (Doctor Who) Silver Nemesis BBC
8150 (The Adventures of Raggedy Ann & Andy) The Christmas Adventure CBS
8157 Are You Being Served? (LaserDisc) BBC
8158 NBA Rewind: The Funniest & Finest Plays NBA Entertainment
8159 The Cat in the Hat CBS
8160 Green Eggs and Ham and Other Stories CBS
8163 Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Remembered CBS
8167 My Fair Lady (30th Anniversary LaserDisc) CBS
8169 Poldark 2 BBC
8170 The Wedding Banquet Samuel Goldwyn
8179 Shaquille O'Neal: Larger Than Life NBA Entertainment
8187 The Twilight Zone Vol. 2 (LaserDisc) CBS
8204 Anne Rice: Birth of the Vampire BBC
8219 Shawn Kemp: The Reignman NBA Entertainment
8220 Hakeem the Dream NBA Entertainment
8240 Claudia Schiffer: Perfectly Fit Abs CBS
8241 Claudia Schiffer: Perfectly Fit Legs CBS
8242 Claudia Schiffer: Perfectly Fit Buns CBS
8243 Claudia Schiffer: Perfectly Fit Arms CBS
8244 The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour, Vol. 1 CBS
8245 The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour, Vol. 2 CBS
8246 The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour, Vol. 3 CBS
8248- I, Claudius (Scrapped LaserDisc) BBC
8250 Wallace & Gromit: The Wrong Trousers BBC
8251 (Doctor Who) The Invasion BBC
8253 (Doctor Who) The Daleks: The Dead Planet and The Expedition BBC
8254 (Doctor Who) Terror of the Autons BBC
8255 (Doctor Who) The Two Doctors BBC
8256 (Doctor Who) Doctor Who and the Silurians BBC
8257 Elizabeth R BBC
8258 Absolutely Fabulous Series 1 Part One BBC
8259 Absolutely Fabulous Series 1 Part Two BBC
8260 Absolutely Fabulous Series 2 Part One BBC
8261 Absolutely Fabulous Series 2 Part Two BBC
8262 (Red Dwarf V) Back to Reality BBC
8263 (Red Dwarf V) Quarantine BBC
8264 Lifesense: Our Lives Through Animal Eyes BBC
8268 To Play the King BBC
8269 Nutcracker on Ice NBC Sports
8270 Artistry on Ice CBS
8275 The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour, Vol. 4 CBS
8276 The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour, Vol. 5 CBS
8277 The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour, Vol. 6 CBS
8278 The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour, Vol. 7 CBS
8279 The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour, Vol. 8 CBS
8280 The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour, Vol. 9 CBS
8281 The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour, Vol. 10 CBS
8282 The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour, Vol. 11 CBS
8283 The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour, Vol. 12 CBS
8285 The Twilight Zone Vol. 3 (LaserDisc) CBS
8287 Wallace & Gromit: A Grand Day Out BBC
8289 Absolutely Fabulous Season 1 & 2 (LaserDisc) BBC
8290 (Doctor Who) Arc of Infinity BBC
8292 (Doctor Who) Inferno BBC
8293 (Doctor Who) More than 30 Years in the TARDIS BBC
8294 (Doctor Who) The Seeds of Doom BBC
8295 (Doctor Who) Time and the Rani BBC
8296 (The Adventures of Raggedy Ann & Andy) The Fixling Adventure CBS
8297 (The Adventures of Raggedy Ann & Andy) The Sacred Cat Adventure CBS
8298 (The Adventures of Raggedy Ann & Andy) The Little Chicken Adventure CBS
8299 (The Adventures of Raggedy Ann & Andy) The Magic Wings Adventure CBS
8303 The Buccaneers BBC
8304 Wallace & Gromit: A Grand Day Out / The Wrong Trousers (LaserDisc) BBC
8310 Deadly Takeover Nu Image
8328 NBA Legacy: Living Legends to Rising Stars NBA Entertainment
8331 Absolutely Fabulous Series 3 Part One BBC
8332 Absolutely Fabulous Series 3 Part Two BBC
8334 (Doctor Who) The Android Invasion BBC
8335 (Doctor Who) The Androids of Tara BBC
8336 (Doctor Who) Carnival of Monsters BBC
8337 (Doctor Who) Frontier in Space BBC
8338 (Doctor Who) The Rescue / The Romans BBC
8339 (Doctor Who) The Stones of Blood BBC
8340 Claudia Schiffer: Abs & Arms: Perfectly Fit Independent
8341 Claudia Schiffer: Buns & Legs: Perfectly Fit Independent
8356 They Shoot Horses, Don't They? (Autographed LaserDisc) ABC
8364 Pontoffel Pock and His Magic Piano CBS
8366 A Dark Adapted Eye BBC
8369 (Doctor Who) Ghost Light BBC
8370 (Doctor Who) Planet of Evil BBC
8371 (Doctor Who) Kinda BBC
8372 (Doctor Who) Image of the Fendahl BBC
8373 (Doctor Who) The Visitation / Black Orchid BBC
8374 (Doctor Who) The Claws of Axos BBC
8375 Red Dwarf: Smeg Ups BBC
8379 Sgt. Bilko, Vol. 1 CBS
8380 Sgt. Bilko, Vol. 2 CBS
8389 Keeping Up Appearances: How to Enhance Your Husband’s Retirement BBC
8390 Keeping Up Appearances: Rural Retreat BBC
8419 Have Gun-Will Travel, Vol. 1 CBS
8420 Have Gun-Will Travel, Vol. 2 CBS
8422 Hogan's Heroes, Vol. 1 CBS
8423 Hogan's Heroes, Vol. 2 CBS
8429 The Twelve Chairs UMC Pictures
8433 How to Be Absolutely Fabulous BBC
8434 (Doctor Who) Survival BBC
8435 (Doctor Who) The Ribos Operation BBC
8436 (Doctor Who) The Power of Kroll BBC
8437 (Doctor Who) The Pirate Planet BBC
8439 (Doctor Who) The Armageddon Factor BBC
8450 NBA at 50 NBA Entertainment
8451 NBA: Courtside Comedy NBA Entertainment
8454 A Royal Scandal BBC
8455 (Doctor Who) The Five Doctors / The King's Demons BBC
8456 (Doctor Who) The Brain of Morbius BBC
8457 (Doctor Who) The Green Death BBC
8458 (Doctor Who) The Mark of the Rani BBC
8460 (Doctor Who) Dragonfire BBC
8461 (Are You Being Served?) Volume 3 BBC
8462 (Are You Being Served?) Volume 4 BBC
8463 (Are You Being Served?) Volume 5 BBC
8466 Ewoks: The Haunted Village Lucasfilm
8467 Droids: The Pirates and the Prince Lucasfilm
8471 All Creatures Great and Small, Vol. 1 BBC
8472 All Creatures Great and Small, Vol. 2 BBC
8473 All Creatures Great and Small, Vol. 3 BBC
8474 All Creatures Great and Small, Vol. 4 BBC
8475 Red Dwarf: Smeg Outs BBC
8489 Journey Home: The Animals of Farthing Wood BBC
8490 Keeping Up Appearances: The Memoirs of Hyacinth Bucket BBC
8491 Keeping Up Appearances: Sea Fever BBC
8492 Keeping Up Appearances: I'm Often Mistaken for Aristocracy BBC
8493 (Doctor Who) Destiny of the Daleks BBC
8494 (Doctor Who) The Monster of Peladon BBC
8495 (Doctor Who) The Sea Devils BBC
8496 (Doctor Who) Paradise Towers BBC
8497 (Doctor Who) Warriors of the Deep BBC
8498 Good Neighbors BBC
8499 The Buddha of Suburbia BBC
8500 The Sandlot Fox
8501 Once Upon a Forest Fox
8505 Miracle on 34th Street (1947) (Colorized) Fox
8507 Hot Shots! Part Deux Fox
8508 The French Connection / The French Connection II (Laserdisc) Fox
8509 The Simpsons Collection: Two Cars in Every Garage (PAL) Fox
8510 The Simpsons Collection: War of the Simpsons (PAL) Fox
8513 Born to Run Fox West Pictures
8514 Alien Trilogy (PAL) Fox
8520 Rising Sun Fox
8521 Rookie of the Year Fox
8522 Robin Hood: Men in Tights Fox
8539 The Three Musketeers Fox
8540 Forever Amber Fox
8541 Crash Dive Fox
8543 It Happens Every Spring Fox
8544 Pinky Fox
8545 Everything Happens at Night Fox
8546 Happy Landing Fox
8547 One in a Million Fox
8548 My Lucky Star Fox
8551 Only The Strong Fox
8553 The Good Son Fox
8554 Call Northside 777 Fox
8555 Iceland Fox
8556 Wintertime Fox
8557 Thin Ice Fox
8558 The Simpsons Collection: 3 Men and a Comic Book (PAL) Fox
8559 The Simpsons Collection: Dancin' Homer (PAL) Fox
8560 Freaked Fox
8561 The Beverly Hillbillies Fox
8563 Come to the Stable Fox
8564 The Mommy Market (PAL) Trimark Pictures
8565 Irresistible Force CBS
8566 Baby Take a Bow (Colorized) Fox
8567 Bright Eyes (Colorized) Fox
8568 Captain January (Colorized) Fox
8569 Curly Top (Colorized) Fox
8570 Dimples (Colorized) Fox
8571 Heidi (Colorized) Fox
8572 Just Around the Corner (Colorized) Fox
8573 Little Miss Broadway (Colorized) Fox
8574 The Little Colonel (Colorized) Fox
8575 The Littlest Rebel (Colorized) Fox
8576 Our Little Girl (Colorized) Fox
8577 The Poor Little Rich Girl (Colorized) Fox
8578 Rebecca Of Sunnybrook Farm (Colorized) Fox
8580 Stowaway (Colorized) Fox
8581 Susannah of the Mounties (Colorized) Fox
8582 Wee Willie Winkie (Colorized) Fox
8584 Bobby's World Vol. 1 Fox Kids
8585 Bobby's World Vol. 2 Fox Kids
8586 Bobby's World Vol. 3 Fox Kids
8588 Mrs. Doubtfire Fox
8589 Ghost in the Machine Fox
8590 The Longest Day Fox
8591 I'd Climb the Highest Mountain Fox
8592 Rose of Washington Square Fox
8593 Week-End in Havana Fox
8595 Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid: 25th Anniversary (Laserdisc) Fox
8600 Bad Girls Fox
8601 P.C.U. Fox
8602 Airheads Fox
8603 The Chase Fox
8604 Knights Moonstone Entertainment
8605 Brigham Young Fox
8607 Mrs. Doubtfire: Collector's Edition (Laserdisc) Fox
8608 The Counterfeit Contessa Fox West Pictures
8609 Revenge of the Nerds IV: Nerds In Love Fox
8622 No Highway in the Sky Fox
8623 Leave Her to Heaven Fox
8627 Bad Girls Fox
8638 Speed Fox
8639 Baby's Day Out Fox
8640 True Lies Fox
8641 The Pagemaster Fox
8642 The Saint of Fort Washington (PAL) Fox
8647 Rhinestone Fox
8661 The Getaway Fox
8663 The Diary of Anne Frank Fox
8664 Young People (Colorized) Fox
8666 The O.J. Simpson Story Fox
8669 Woman's World Fox
8670 The House on 92nd Street Fox
8671 Roxie Heart Fox
8673 Star Wars (Laserdisc) Fox
8674 The Scout Fox
8677 Alien Nation: Dark Horizon Fox
8689 Miracle on 34th Street (1994) Fox
8690 Trapped in Paradise Fox
8691 The Big Trail (Selections) Fox
8692 Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (Selections) Fox
8693 Jesse James (Selections) Fox
8694 Pony Soldier (Selections) Fox
8695 All That Jazz (Selections) Fox
8696 Can-Can (Selections) Fox
8698 The Big Noise (Selections) Fox
8699 Jumpin' Jack Flash (Selections) Fox
8700 The Man with One Red Shoe (Selections) Fox
8703 Bobby's World: Fish Tales and Generics Under Construction Fox Kids
8705 Eekstravaganza: Catsanova & Hawaii-Eek 5-0 Fox Kids
8706 Only the Lonely (Selections) Fox
8708 Hand Gun (PAL) Workin' Man Films
8709 Lipstick Camera (PAL) Workin' Man Films
8710 Big (Selections) Fox
8711 Four Jills in a Jeep (Selections) Fox
8714 Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego?: A Date With Carmen Fox Kids
8715 Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego?: Dinosaur Delirium / By a Whisker Fox Kids
8716 The Tick: The Idea Men / Chairface Chippendale Fox Kids
8718 Die Hard Triple Pack Fox
8721 Father Was a Fullback (Selections) Fox
8729 Star Wars Trilogy Fox and Lucasfilm
8730 Far from Home: The Adventures of Yellow Dog Fox
8735 The Simpsons Collection: Mr. Lisa Goes to Washington / Separate Vacations (PAL) Fox
8737 Nell Fox
8738 The Day the Earth Stood Still: Special Collector's Edition (LaserDisc) Fox
8739 The Day the Earth Stood Still: Limited Autographed Edition (LaserDisc) Fox
8740 Madonna: Innocence Lost (PAL) Fox
8742 Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego?: The Good Old Bad Old Days / The Stolen Smile Fox Kids
8743 Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego?: Moondreams / Split Up Fox Kids
8751 Bye Bye Love Fox
8759 All About Eve Fox
8760 Alien (LaserDisc) Fox
8761 Aliens (LaserDisc) Fox
8782 Kiss of Death Fox
8823 French Kiss Fox
8839 Cutthroat Island (PAL) Carolco
8844 Asterix Conquers America (PAL) Fox
8858 Die Hard with a Vengeance Fox
8871 Dr. Seuss Collection (LaserDisc) CBS
8877 Star Wars Trilogy: The Widescreen Edition Fox and Lucasfilm
8878 The Sound of Music (Widescreen) (PAL) Fox
8879 Star Wars (Widescreen) Fox
8880 Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back (Widescreen) Lucasfilm
8881 Star Wars: Return of the Jedi (Widescreen) Lucasfilm
8896 The X-Files: Secrets of the X-Files Fox
8898 Bushwhacked Fox
8900 A Walk in the Clouds Fox
8901 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie Fox
8902 The X-Files, File 2: Tooms (PAL) Fox
8903 The X-Files, File 4: Colony (PAL) Fox
8904 The Sound of Music (Widescreen) (PAL) Fox
8905 Die Hard (Laserdisc) Fox
8906 Die Hard 2 (Laserdisc) Fox
8907 Johnny Mnemonic (PAL) Fox
8908 Braveheart (PAL) Fox
8911 The X-Files, File 1: The Unanswered File (PAL) Fox
8923 The X-Files, File 3: Abduction (PAL) Fox
8924 Nine Months Fox
8926 Sun Valley Serenade / Orchestra Wives (LaserDisc) Fox
8934 The Brothers McMullen Fox
8935 Tales of Manhattan Fox
8936 (X-Files) Pilot / Deep Throat Fox
8937 (X-Files) Fallen Angel / Eve Fox
8938 (X-Files) Conduit / Ice Fox
8939 Strange Days Fox
8941 Hello, Dolly! (Widescreen) Fox
8943 Doctor Who: Mystery of the Daleks BBC
8946 Waiting to Exhale Fox
8961 The Haunted Heart (PAL) Kings Road Entertainment
8962 Dunston Checks In Fox
8963 Broken Arrow Fox
8964 The King and I: 40th Anniversary Edition (LaserDisc) Fox
8965 The Last of the Mohicans (LaserDisc) Fox
8966 The Grapes of Wrath (LaserDisc) Fox
8967 Speed (LaserDisc) Fox
8968 The Abyss: Extended Version (LaserDisc) Fox
8970 Alien Nation: Millennium Fox
8972 The Sound of Music (LaserDisc) Fox
8973 My Fair Lady (LaserDisc) Fox
8976 Omen Trilogy Box Set (PAL) Fox
8979 Down Periscope Fox
8980 Captain from Castille Fox
8982 Siegfried and Roy: Masters of the Impossible Fox Kids
8983 Girl 6 Fox
8988 Playback (PAL) Playboy
8989 To Die For (PAL) Rank
8991 (X-Files) Squeeze / Tooms Fox
8992 (X-Files) Beyond the Sea / EBE Fox
8993 (X-Files) Darkness Falls / The Erlenmeyer Flask Fox
8994 The Great White Hype Fox
8995 The Truth About Cats & Dogs Fox

9000 to 10000[edit]

Released by ITC Entertainment Group and independent companies. Remaining titles released by Fox / others later.

Catalog number Title Library
9001 The Muppet Movie ITC
9002 The Boys From Brazil ITC
9003 Jesus of Nazareth ITC
9004 Saturn 3 ITC
9005 The Cassandra Crossing ITC
9006 The Eagle Has Landed ITC
9007 Capricorn One ITC
9008 The Domino Principle ITC
9009 Voyage of the Damned ITC
9010 The Tamarind Seed ITC
9011 Inside Moves ITC
9012 Man Friday ITC
9013 H.M.S. Pinafore ITC
9014 The Yeoman of the Guard ITC
9015 Giselle ITC
9016 The Dancing Princesses ITC
9017 The Dancing Years ITC
9018 Love and Bullets ITC
9019 Escape to Athena ITC
9020 Movie Movie ITC
9021 Autumn Sonata ITC
9022 Farewell, My Lovely ITC
9023 Raise the Titanic ITC
9024 The Medusa Touch ITC
9025 Brief Encounter ITC
9026 Madame Sin ITC
9027 The Big Sleep ITC
9028 March or Die ITC
9029 All Quiet on the Western Front ITC
9030 Hard Country ITC
9031 The Return of the Pink Panther ITC
9032 Sanctuary of Fear ITC
9033 Baffled ITC
9034 The Legend of the Lone Ranger ITC
9035 The Great Muppet Caper ITC
9036 Sudden Terror ITC
9037 On Golden Pond ITC
9038 Green Ice ITC
9039 The Elephant Man ITC
9040 To Russia... With Elton ITC
9041 Firepower ITC
9044 The Man in the Iron Mask ITC
9045 Russian Roulette ITC
9046 The Count of Monte Cristo ITC
9047 Moses ITC
9048 Barbarosa ITC
9049 Borderline ITC
9050 Blood Feud ITC
9054 The Last Unicorn ITC
9056 Destination Moonbase Alpha ITC
9057 Killer Fish ITC
9059 Les Miserables ITC
9061 92 in the Shade ITC
9074 Friendly Fire ITC
9075 The Salamander ITC
9076 Sophie's Choice ITC
9077 Cousin Bette Fox
9105 Behind the Scenes: Home Alone 2 Fox
9183 A Fish Called Wanda (screener) MGM/UA
9186 CBS/Fox Video Sports Preview ABC Sports
9198 Say Anything (screener) Fox
9219 The Making of The Abyss (Free Rental Cassette) Fox
9263 The Making of The War of the Roses Fox
9302 Behind the Scenes: Die Hard 2, Young Guns II, and Ford Fairlane (Free Rental Cassette) Fox
9309 Young Guns II (Spoiled Preview) Morgan Creek
9319 Rental Turner Fox
9322 Behind the Scenes: Pacific Heights, Marked for Death, and Predator 2 (Free Rental Cassette) Fox
9566 The Great White Hype (screener) Fox
9604 The Last of the Mohicans (with bonus soundtrack cassette) Fox

10000 to 20000[edit]

In 1999, Fox instituted a new five-digit catalog numbering system for its titles. Although it was used worldwide for the first year of its existence, Fox soon reserved the system exclusively for international releases, instituting a seven-digit system (visible only on the cassette shell and on the DVD disc) for domestic releases.

Catalog number Title Library
14245 Simply Irrestible Fox
14247 Entrapment Fox
14255 The Thin Red Line Fox
14434 Wing Commander Fox

Post-2000 catalog numbers[edit]

Catalog number Title Library
1424830 Pushing Tin (Premiere Series) Fox
2000009 Lake Placid Fox
2000092 Star Wars: The Phantom Menace Lucasfilm
2000378 Anywhere But Here Fox
2000467 Anna and the King Fox
2000657 American Women Fox
2000726 Where the Heart Is (Premiere Series) Fox
2000760 Fight Club Fox
2001579 Bedazzled Fox
2001605 Bootmen Fox
2001836 Bright Eyes Fox
2001837 Dimples Fox
2001838 The Little Colonel Fox
2002274 Batman: The Movie Fox
2002443 Cast Away (Special Edition) Fox
2002456 Heidi Fox
2002457 Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm Fox
2002458 Curly Top Fox
2002512 Willow Fox
2002966 Baby Take a Bow Fox
2002995 Twelve O'Clock High Fox War Classics
2003070 Planet of the Apes Fox
2003358 Planet of the Apes (Special Edition) Fox
2003361 Little Miss Broadway Fox
2003362 Stowaway Fox
2003363 Wee Willie Winkie Fox
2003378 The Littlest Rebel Fox
2003431 Don't Say a Word Regency Enterprises
2003467 William Shakespeare's Romeo+Juliet (DVD) Fox
2003471 A Glimpse of Hell Fox
2004599 The Little Princess Fox
2004600 The Poor Little Rich Girl Fox
2004601 Susannah of the Mounties Fox
2004660 Ice Age Fox
2005977 Gentleman's Agreement Fox
2006140 Captain January Fox
2006141 Just Around the Corner Fox
2006142 Stand Up and Cheer! Fox
2006143 Young People Fox
2006503 Our Little Girl Fox
2006852 The Day the Earth Stood Still Fox
2007141 The Ghost and Mrs. Muir Fox
2007763 Titanic Fox
2007785 Daredevil Fox
2007899 Just Married Fox
2007929 24: Season Two Fox
2009100 Down with Love Fox
2221734 Daredevil: Director's Cut (DVD) Fox
2223165 The Passion of the Christ Fox
2223889 The Day After Tomorrow Fox
2247714 Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes: The Complete First Season Marvel
2228871 Hide and Seek Fox
2229912 Millions Fox
2239585 Fantastic Four (Blu-ray) Fox
2247104 Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer (Blu-ray) Fox
2229603 Fantastic Four Fox