Celebrity Duplicating Services, Inc.

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This company was an affiliate of Celebrity Home Entertainment.

List of Customers[edit]

  • California Video Distributors (198?)
  • Celebrity Home Entertainment (1987-????)
    • Celebrity's Just for Kids Home Video (1987-????)
    • Unicon Communications (1989)
  • The Criterion Collection (later videotape printings)
  • Hollywood Movie Greats (198?)
  • Frame Work Entertainment Group, LLC (2002)
  • Imperial Entertainment Group
  • Maverick Entertainment (2000)
  • Meta Video (198?) (All Star Cartoons Video line)
  • Republic Pictures Home Video (1990) (one known copy of a screening cassette of In the Cold of Night)
  • Rhino Home Video
  • Ventura Distribution Inc. (2000) (one known copy of Killing the Badge)
  • Vidmark Entertainment (1989)
  • York Entertainment (2000)

How to Tell[edit]

  • Tapes from this duplicator had a yellow or orange sticker with information and a print date on it, like this for example:



  • There is no form of printing on the cassette aside from the sticker mentioned above.
  • Some tapes may have the static roll of death at the end.
  • Tapes by this duplicator do not have anything in the vertical blanking interval.
  • Some Just for Kids tapes, as well as some Unicon Communications tapes duplicated here said "JFK" on the tape guard and have colored cassette designs. The cassette designs, to be specific, have a red cassette shell, blue tape guard, a magenta supply reel and a yellow take-up reel.


  • Canoga Park, California