CDI Media

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Former names[edit]

  • Cassette Duplicators Incorporated (1982-1999)

List of Customers[edit]

  • Davidson and Associates
  • Feature Films for Families (some copies of Willy the Sparrow, The Little Fox, and On Our Own)
  • Groberg Communications, Inc. (1999)
  • HaleStone Distribution (2004)
  • James Dalrymple Productions (1995)
  • Live Guides (1996)
  • National Rifle Association (1994)
  • Nest Entertainment
    • Family Entertainment
    • Living History Productions
    • Rich Animation
    • The Living Scriptures
  • Tae-bo
  • Tektronics (1993-1994)
  • Two Little Hands Productions (2004)

How to Tell[edit]

  • Tapes from 1992 to early-mid 1993 had a code in the vertical blanking interval during the black screen at the beginning and end of the tape, which consisted of a date (laid out in the same manner as Video Cassette Duplicating Corp.'s print dates from 1987-1990), a clock and "CDI."
  • Starting around mid-1993, the D in "CDI" became lowercase and that part was put at the beginning of the code, the date was styled differently, an A or a P was placed at the end and it stuck out from the bottom of the vertical blanking interval.
  • Some copies of On Our Own and The Little Fox said "CDI" in the bottom right corner of the face label, while others have CDI's phone number to call in the event of any problems with the tape.
  • Several tapes from 1993-1994 had some numbers printed in dark red ink on the bottom middle side (e.g. 61112), as well as some other dark red printings on the left side, like this for example:

288/TEKTRONIX #9120




  • Orem, Utah
  • Salt Lake City, Utah
  • West Valley City, Utah



  • Unlike with Custom Duplication, Feature Films for Families identified this duplicator by its full name on some copies of tapes that were duplicated there.
  • In 1994, Jared F. Brown merged the company, Rich Animation Studios and Family Entertainment Network together to form Nest Entertainment.