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Former names[edit]

  • VTR Productions (19??-19??)

List of Customers[edit]

  • Academy Entertainment [Canadian]
  • Alliance Releasing Home Video [Canadian] (1990-1999)
  • C/FP Video [Canadian]
  • Cineplex Odeon Video [Canadian]
  • Cyanogen Productions Inc. (1997)
  • HBO Video [Canadian]
  • Kids Motion International (1999-2000) (some Barney tapes)
  • Live Entertainment [Canadian]
    • Vestron Video [Canadian]
  • MCA Home Video Canada/Universal Studios Home Video Canada (198?-1999)
  • MGM/UA Home Video [Canadian]
  • New Horizons [Canadian]
  • Norstar Home Video
  • Orion Home Video [Canadian] (1994, 1998)
  • Paramount Home Video [Canadian] (198?-1999)
  • Prism Entertainment [Canadian]
  • Telegenic Entertainment Inc. (1997)
  • Trimark Home Video [Canadian] (tapes distributed by Behaviour Distribution)
  • Vidmark Entertainment [Canadian]

How to Tell[edit]

  • On the right side of the tape, there is an engraving that reads "VTR." Sometimes, the printing on the bottom spine or above the record tab also say "VTR" on them. Such printings may be shifted to the left or right, possibly almost extending to the left side of the tape.
    • Some tapes duplicated here, at least those from HBO Video, may eschew the VTR engraving, and instead say VTR in printing, along with some other printings on the left side of the tape.
    • In the 80s, there would be a tape nominal length above the record tab. The VTR logo in this era was also stylized. This stylized logo may or may not be on the right side of the tape. It can also be printed.
    • Around the mid-90s, the printings can be a different string of two or three letters. The second set of printings are also different as well.
  • Like several duplicators, some EP/SLP mode tapes duplicated here may have a couple of seconds of black screen at the tail end following the static.



  • Don Mills, Ontario (19??-19??)
  • Toronto, Ontario (19??-19??)