NOTE: This page is a work-in-progress. Some roles exist yet haven't been added.

Administrator Edit

These users are tasked with laying down the law in the event of any rulebreaking.

Administrator-in-chief Edit

The manager of all the day-to-day affairs on the wiki, including role assignments, rulemaking, and researching--the three R's of administration.

Chronicler Edit

The specialists in recording home video history, both in general and specific to different companies. DucNguyen0131 is the most prominent user in this position.

Creator Edit

The creator of the wiki. Given its nature, the assignee of the role is fixed and can never be altered.

Field researcher Edit

These go out and gather information on different releases of videocassette and videodisc programs and post their findings on the appropriate pages. TheVideoLover is a noted example of a specialist of this position.

Jack of all trades Edit

Any user, administrative or otherwise, that does a decent job in multiple specialist positions. IlCattivo25, creator and current administrator-in-chief of this wiki, is one example.

Raconteur Edit

Anyone who specializes in maintaining the Fun Zone's pages.