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Logo from when this company's video duplication division was known as Hauppauge Video Manufacturing, Ltd.

Former names[edit]

  • Keel Manufacturing Corporation (19??-1981)
  • Hauppauge Record Manufacturing, Ltd. (1981-1989)
    • Hauppauge Tape Manufacturing, Ltd. (1983-1989)
    • Hauppauge Video Manufacturing, Ltd. (1985-1989)
  • Hauppauge Manufacturing Group, Ltd. (1989-1993)


The company was originally founded in either the 1950s or 1960s as Keel Manufacturing Corporation, a unit of Pickwick International, Inc. In August 1981, Pickwick International, Inc. sold the company and the company was renamed to Hauppauge Record Manufacturing, Ltd. The company was a vinyl record duplicator and pressed over 25,000 vinyl records per day in its early years. Eventually, the company began pressing over 100,000 vinyl records per day. In 1983, the company formed a division called Hauppauge Tape Manufacturing, Ltd. to serve the entire audio marketplace; at the time, compact audio cassettes were as popular as vinyl records. In 1985, another division was formed, called Hauppauge Video Manufacturing, Ltd. to serve the video marketplace. In June 1989, when HRM ceased pressing vinyl records, it was renamed to Hauppauge Manufacturing Group, Ltd., with the HTM and HVM divisions folded as a result. In September 1993, HMG opened an optical disc manufacturing plant, which replicated CD-Audio and CD-ROM discs. That same year, HMG became a publicly traded corporation, being renamed to HMG Digital Technologies Corporation. By 1994, HMG manufactured over 55 million cassettes for major music labels, independents and corporations. In January 1995, Allied Film and Video Services and HMG Digital Technologies merged to become Allied Digital Technologies. This merger cemented its position as the nation's leading supplier of video, audio, CD and CD-ROM duplication to the non-theatrical market, including corporate, special interest, educational, religious and children's programming.[1]

List of Home Media Customers[edit]

  • ABC Video (198?-199?)
  • A-PIX Entertainment (1994-1995)
  • A*Vision Entertainment (1990-1994)
    • KidVision (1994)
  • BMG Video
  • BMG Kidz (1993)
    • Lightyear Entertainment
  • Central Park Media (original release of Dominion Tank Police Act I, marketed by BMG Video)
  • CVM (1990) (The Best of Victor Borge, Act One and Act Two)
  • Direct Cinema Limited (1993)
  • Geffen Home Video
  • Goldstar Video/Goldstar Entertainment (1992-1994)
    • Camelot Entertainment (not to be confused with Camelot Entertainment Sales; the ad sales division of King World Entertainment)
  • Illuminated Film Company (1993)
  • Island Visual Arts (1993-1995)
  • Liberty Home Video
    • Capitol Nashville Home Video
  • Major League Baseball Home Video
  • MGM/UA Home Video (1986-1990)
  • PolyGram Video (1993-1995)
  • Private Music Video (1994) (Yanni Live at the Acropolis)
  • Saban Entertainment (1993) (X-Men: Creator's Choice 2)
  • SBK Music Video (1990)
  • Sony Music Entertainment (1993-1995)
    • Sony Wonder (1993-1995)
      • Random House Home Video (1991-1993) (tapes sold through Goldstar Video)
  • Turner Home Entertainment (1991-1993) (The Greatest Adventure Stories from the Bible videos sold through Goldstar Entertainment)

List of Audio Customers[edit]

  • Pickwick International (19??-19??)

How to Tell[edit]

  • Some tapes may have shuffling color/black-and-white bars and sometimes color static at the end. (mainly EP/SLP mode tapes, although it sometimes appeared on SP mode tapes)
  • Not a single tape from this duplicator has any form of printing on the cassette.
  • Some SP mode tapes duplicated here from 1990-1994 generally had two, three, four, five, six or seven vertical rectangles in the vertical blanking interval at the beginning of the tape.
    • A few other SP mode tapes had a number 9 in the vertical blanking interval at the beginning, sometimes with the vertical rectangles.
  • Some EP/SLP mode tapes, on the other hand, had a capital H in the vertical blanking interval at the beginning of the tape.
  • Some Goldstar Video tapes, including those from their Camelot Entertainment division, duplicated here said "HMG" on the face label.
  • Some tapes may have a silent white screen test pattern at some point at the end of the tape.



  • Hauppauge, New York