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Former names[edit]

  • Custom Duplication Inc. (1977-1999)
  • Scope Seven (1999-2007)

List of Customers[edit]

  • Atlantic Releasing Co. (1992)
  • Barbour/Langley Productions (1996)
  • Christian Hosoi Entertainment (1988)
  • Crossfire Productions (1998)
  • Fat World Productions
  • Feature Films for Families (some copies of On Our Own and Willy the Sparrow)
  • FG Productions (1996-1999)
  • Fox Racing (1996-1998)
  • International Video Entertainment (some copies of Rented Lips)
    • Family Home Entertainment (some copies of Sparky's Magic Piano)
  • L.A. Hero (1994-1996)
    • Dark Image Entertainment
    • Ultra Action Video
    • U.S. Renditions
  • LaserLight Digital (1998-1999)
  • MSI, Inc. (1997)
  • Naylon-Barber, Inc. (1993)
  • New World Video (1989) (some copies of Elvira: Mistress of the Dark and Sins Vol. 1)
  • Penton Kids/Cowles Syndicate, Inc. (1993)
  • Pentrex (1991)
  • PM Home Video (1992)
  • Price/Stern/Sloan Video (1988, 1990-1992)
  • P Stone Productions (1999)
  • RCA/Columbia Pictures Home Video (1987) (some copies of Holiday and Blind Date)
  • Rhino Home Video (1991)
  • Sony Pictures Classics (1996) (the "For Your Consideration" screener tape of Shanghai Triad)
  • Standard Films (1994-1995)
  • Streamline Pictures (1991-1994?)
  • Sessions (some copies of Viva Sessions)
  • Transworld Skateboarding (1997)
  • Trinity Broadcasting Network (1989-1999)
  • VCI Home Video (1999)
  • Welk Home Entertainment
  • York Home Video (1991)

How to Tell[edit]

  • Beginning around 1990, one or two rows of letters and numbers were engraved above the recording tab, like this for example:



Starting around late 1998, tapes from this duplicator only had one row of letters and numbers engraved. In addition, the font was changed (e.g. T82PX1). While this happened a few times before late 1998, this is when it became permanent.

  • Tapes by this duplicator have printings on the tape guard, or sometimes the bottom middle side. It would appear like this for example:




  • A few earlier tapes instead had a sticker with similar information on it on the bottom middle side, like this for example:



Slave #V SP Pass 3

  • Some RCA/Columbia Pictures Home Video tapes duplicated by this company had a black screen test pattern with a 1133hz tone at the end.
  • Some tapes by this duplicator also had a long black screen at the end, usually lasting between three and nine minutes.
  • Tapes by this duplicator do not have anything in the vertical blanking interval.



  • Inglewood, California



  • Some executives at the company continued doing business with Custom Duplication's clients at other duplicators, such as Diligent Media Services. For example, when Rick Hively left in 1999 to form Media Management Services, he took Trinity Broadcasting's duplication contract with him.
  • Feature Films for Families also duplicated On Our Own at another duplicator with the CDI initialism, CDI Media (formerly known as Cassette Duplicators Incorporated). Tapes from both duplicators simply identified the duplicator as CDI.
  • Copies of Willy the Sparrow duplicated by this company instead mention Cassette Duplicators as the duplicator on the label.