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This page is for sorting Paramount Home Entertainment's worldwide releases by catalog number. The "-" symbol indicates the title was canceled or otherwise unreleased. Most, if not all, of Paramount's theatrical films on video used the film's original box office exhibitor code as the catalog number, which would explain the heavier gap rate of them in the numbering block than other studios.

1000 to 2000 (Contemporary Releases - Late 70s to Late 80s)[edit]

On CIC Video releases in territories that used the Paramount Home Video and MCA Home Video numbering schemes (such as Australia), the digit "7" is used as a prefix for these numbers.

Catalog number Title Library
1108 Grease Paramount Pictures
1109 Heaven Can Wait Paramount Pictures
1113 Saturday Night Fever Paramount Pictures
1114 The Bad News Bears Go to Japan Paramount Pictures
1116 Foul Play Paramount Pictures
1118 Some Kind of Hero Paramount Pictures
1122 The Warriors Paramount Pictures
1133 Goin' South Paramount Pictures
1134 Beverly Hills Cop Paramount Pictures
1139 48 Hours Paramount Pictures
1157 Hurricane Paramount Pictures
1158 Bon Voyage, Charlie Brown (And Don't Come Back!) Paramount Pictures
1170 Bloodline Paramount Pictures
1171 Popeye Paramount Pictures
1178 Oliver's Story Paramount Pictures
1180 Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan Paramount Pictures
1182 Prophecy Paramount Pictures
1191 Serial Paramount Pictures
1192 The Hunter Paramount Pictures
1193 Grease 2 Paramount Pictures
1213 Rough Cut Paramount Pictures
1221 An Almost Perfect Affair Paramount Pictures
1230 Players Paramount Pictures
1235 French Postcards Paramount Pictures
1239 Starting Over Paramount Pictures
1256 Escape from Alcatraz Paramount Pictures
1263 Mommie Dearest Paramount Pictures
1273 Nijinsky Paramount Pictures
1284 King David Paramount Pictures
1285 Urban Cowboy Paramount Pictures
1287 Real Life Paramount Pictures
1295 I'm Dancing As Fast As I Can Paramount Pictures
1301 Little Darlings Paramount Pictures
1302 Staying Alive Paramount Pictures
1305 Airplane! Paramount Pictures
1307 Saturday Night Fever (Edited) Paramount Pictures
1318 Sunburn Paramount Pictures
1324 Meatballs Paramount Pictures
1326 Jekyll & Hyde... Together Again Paramount Pictures
1342 Coast to Coast Paramount Pictures
1347 The Elephant Man Paramount Pictures
1367 Dragonslayer Paramount Pictures
1376 Raiders of the Lost Ark Paramount Pictures
1383 Phobia Paramount Pictures
1392 Breaking Glass Paramount Pictures
1395 Friday the 13th Paramount Pictures
1398 Going Ape! Paramount Pictures
1401 Paternity Paramount Pictures
1407 Terms of Endearment Paramount Pictures
1408 First Monday in October Paramount Pictures
1421 It Came From Hollywood Paramount Pictures
1423 Shogun Paramount Pictures
1433 The Lords of Discipline Paramount Pictures
1446 Partners Paramount Pictures
1454 Flashdance Paramount Pictures
1457 Friday the 13th Part 2 Paramount Pictures
1460 Atlantic City Paramount Pictures
1467 An Officer and a Gentleman Paramount Pictures
1469 The Fan Paramount Pictures
1476 Student Bodies Paramount Pictures
1477 My Bloody Valentine Paramount Pictures
1486 Ragtime Paramount Pictures
1489 Airplane II: The Sequel Paramount Pictures
1504 Gallipoli Paramount Pictures
1515 Fighting Back Paramount Pictures
1537 The Sender Paramount Pictures
1538 Baby It's You Paramount Pictures
1539 Friday the 13th Part III Paramount Pictures
1549 Nate and Hayes Paramount Pictures
1551 Trading Places Paramount Pictures
1563 The Keep Paramount Pictures
1567 Top Secret! Paramount Pictures
1587 Best Defense Paramount Pictures
1589 Footloose Paramount Pictures
1613 Beyond the Limit Paramount Pictures
1617 Daniel Paramount Pictures
1621 Star Trek III: The Search for Spock Paramount Pictures
1628 Falling in Love Paramount Pictures
1638 The Man Who Wasn't There Paramount Pictures
1643 Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Paramount Pictures
1646 The Dead Zone Paramount Pictures
1649 Blue City Paramount Pictures
1657 Uncommon Valor Paramount Pictures
1660 Thief of Hearts Paramount Pictures
1668 Racing with the Moon Paramount Pictures
1670 Young Sherlock Holmes Paramount Pictures
1672 The River Rat Paramount Pictures
1676 Explorers Paramount Pictures
1677 Talent for the Game Paramount Pictures
1688 Heartburn Paramount Pictures
1692 Top Gun Paramount Pictures
1705 Lady Jane Paramount Pictures
1736 Witness Paramount Pictures
1739 Testament Paramount Pictures
1744 First Born Paramount Pictures
1751 Gung Ho Paramount Pictures
1760 The Accused Paramount Pictures
1762 Fatal Attraction Paramount Pictures
1765 Friday the 13th Part IV: The Final Chapter Paramount Pictures
1781 Rustlers' Rhapsody Paramount Pictures
1785 Summer Rental Paramount Pictures
1797 Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home Paramount Pictures
1810 D.A.R.Y.L. Paramount Pictures
1823 Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning Paramount Pictures
1827 Silver Bullet Paramount Pictures
1832 April Fool's Day Paramount Pictures
1839 Children of a Lesser God Paramount Pictures
1840 Clue Paramount Pictures
1854 The Two Jakes Paramount Pictures
1855 Distant Thunder Paramount Pictures
1858 Pretty in Pink Paramount Pictures
1860 Beverly Hills Cop II Paramount Pictures
1867 Campus Man Paramount Pictures
1879 Critical Condition Paramount Pictures
1886 The Untouchables Paramount Pictures
1890 Ferris Bueller's Day Off Paramount Pictures
1928 Compromising Positions Paramount Pictures
1930 The Golden Child Paramount Pictures
1937 Macaroni Paramount Pictures
1941 The Experts Paramount Pictures
1949 Pet Sematary Paramount Pictures
1954 That Was Then... This Is Now Paramount Pictures

2000 to 2500 (Acquired Releases)[edit]

On CIC Video releases in territories that used the Paramount Home Video and MCA Home Video numbering schemes (such as Australia), the digit "7" is used as a prefix for these numbers.

Catalog number Title Library
2247 The California Reich City Life Films
2250 Hearts and Minds BBS Productions
2305 The Jazz Singer EMI Films
2306 Apocalypse Now Zoetrope Studios
2307 The Conversation Zoetrope Studios
2308 Aerobicise: The Beautiful Workout Tantra Films
2310 Time Bandits Handmade Films
2312 Aerobicise: The Beginning Workout Tantra Films
2313 Aerobicise: The Ultimate Workout Tantra Films
2314 The Beach Girls Crown International Pictures
2315 Still Smokin' Paramount
2320 Mister Magoo's Christmas Carol UPA
2321 Godzilla vs. Mothra UPA
2322 The Wizard of Oz Alan Enterprises
2323 Eddie Murphy: Delirious Eddie Murphy Television
2324 Sounder Rainbow Group
2325 A Dog of Flanders Rainbow Group
2326 Misty Rainbow Group
2328 A Hero Ain't Nothin' but a Sandwich Rainbow Group
2329 Billy Crystal: A Comic's Line Paramount
2332 Gallagher: Stuck in the 60's Wizard of Odd
2333 Gallagher: The Maddest Wizard of Odd
2337 Hollywood Erotic Film Festival Expanded Entertainment
2338 Gallagher: The Bookkeeper Wizard of Odd
2339 Gallagher: Melon Crazy Wizard of Odd
2340 Gallagher: Over Your Head Wizard of Odd
2343 Robby the Rascal Kidpix Inc.
2344 Ninja: The Wonder Boy Kidpix Inc.
2347 Starchaser: The Legend of Orin Atlantic Releasing Corporation
2349 Stoogemania Atlantic Releasing Corporation
2350 Teen Wolf Atlantic Releasing Corporation
2351 The Magic Flute UNITEL
2368 Scream Greats Vol. 1: Tom Savini, Master of Horror Effects Starlog Video
2374 16 Days of Glory US Olympic Committee
2376 The Adventures of Mark Twain Atlantic Releasing Corporation
2378 Scream Greats Vol. 2: Satanism and Witchcraft Starlog Video
2379 Shoah New Yorker Films
2380 Water Atlantic Releasing Corporation
2382 Bob Dylan: Don't Look Back Leacock-Pennebaker
2384 Hey There, It's Yogi Bear Atlantic Releasing Corporation
2385 The Ratings Game Showtime
2390 The Garry Shandling Show 25th Anniversary Special Showtime
2391 Echo Park Atlantic Releasing Corporation

2500 to 9000 (Archive Releases)[edit]

On CIC Video releases in territories that used the Paramount Home Video and MCA Home Video numbering schemes (such as Australia), the digit "7" is used as a prefix for these numbers.

Catalog number Title Library
2501 The Covered Wagon Paramount Pictures
2506 The Ten Commandments (1923) Paramount Pictures
2680 The Sheik Paramount Pictures
2744 Running Wild Paramount Pictures
2785 The Last Command Paramount Pictures
2786 Old Ironsides Paramount Pictures
2807 The Docks of New York Paramount Pictures
2851 Wings Paramount Pictures
4312 The Miracle of Morgan's Creek Paramount Pictures
4801 Sorry, Wrong Number Paramount Pictures
4903 My Friend Irma Paramount Pictures
4917 Riding High Paramount Pictures
4927 Sunset Boulevard Paramount Pictures
4932 Broadway Bill Paramount Pictures
5003 Copper Canyon Paramount Pictures
5006 Let's Dance Paramount Pictures
5007 Mr. Music Paramount Pictures
5009 Branded Paramount Pictures
5012 September Affair Paramount Pictures
5040 It's All True Paramount Pictures
5101 Here Comes the Groom Paramount Pictures
5106 When Worlds Collide Paramount Pictures
5120 The Atomic City Paramount Pictures
5123 Carrie Paramount Pictures
5201 Just for You Paramount Pictures
5213 Come Back, Little Sheba Paramount Pictures
5217 Pony Express Paramount Pictures
5223 Houdini Paramount Pictures
5227 Arrowhead Paramount Pictures
5303 The War of the Worlds Paramount Pictures
5309 Here Come the Girls Paramount Pictures
5312 Forever Female Paramount Pictures
5314 Red Garters Paramount Pictures
5316 Casanova's Big Night Paramount Pictures
5402 Sabrina (1954) Paramount Pictures
5407 Conquest of Space Paramount Pictures
5414 We're No Angels (1955) Paramount Pictures
5426 Strategic Air Command Paramount Pictures
5509 The Desperate Hours Paramount Pictures
5510 Artists and Models Paramount Pictures
5511 The Rose Tattoo Paramount Pictures
5512 The Court Jester Paramount Pictures
5604 Three Violent People Paramount Pictures
5606 The Rainmaker Paramount Pictures
5607 Fear Strikes Out Paramount Pictures
5608 Funny Face Paramount Pictures
5611 The Lonely Man Paramount Pictures
5613 The Delicate Delinquent Paramount Pictures
5615 Omar Khayyam Paramount Pictures
5626 War and Peace Paramount Pictures
5708 The Tin Star Paramount Pictures
5712 Desire Under the Elms Paramount Pictures
5716 Teacher's Pet Paramount Pictures
5719 Another Time, Another Place Paramount Pictures
5726 Scared Stiff Paramount Pictures
5732 Jumping Jacks Paramount Pictures
5736 The Matchmaker Paramount Pictures
5802 I Married a Monster from Outer Space Paramount Pictures
5805 When Hell Broke Loose Paramount Pictures
5806 Houseboat Paramount Pictures
5809 The Buccaneer Paramount Pictures
5812 Fire with Fire Paramount Pictures
5813 The Black Orchid Paramount Pictures
5815 A Place in the Sun Paramount Pictures
5816 Stalag 17 Paramount Pictures
5823 The Five Pennies Paramount Pictures
5903 But Not for Me Paramount Pictures
5904 The Jayhawkers Paramount Pictures
5905 The Country Girl Paramount Pictures
5906 The Bridges at Toko-Ri Paramount Pictures
5907 Career Paramount Pictures
5908 Li'l Abner Paramount Pictures
6006 A Breath of Scandal Paramount Pictures
6011 Elephant Walk Paramount Pictures
6012 The Naked Jungle Paramount Pictures
6015 The Ladies Man Paramount Pictures
6101 Blood and Roses Paramount Pictures
6104 White Christmas Paramount Pictures
6107 Summer and Smoke Paramount Pictures
6114 The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance Paramount Pictures
6116 Hell is for Heroes Paramount Pictures
6118 My Geisha Paramount Pictures
6204 Roman Holiday Paramount Pictures
6207 Who's Got the Action? Paramount Pictures
6208 Fancy Pants Paramount Pictures
6212 Papa's Delicate Condition Paramount Pictures
6218 Gunfight at the O.K. Corral Paramount Pictures
6220 Donovan's Reef Paramount Pictures
6304 A New Kind of Love Paramount Pictures
6308 To Catch a Thief Paramount Pictures
6311 Lady in a Cage Paramount Pictures
6312 Love with the Proper Stranger Paramount Pictures
6313 Seven Days in May Paramount Pictures
6314 Paris When It Sizzles Paramount Pictures
6315 The Carpetbaggers Paramount Pictures
6404 Where Love Has Gone Paramount Pictures
6418 In Harm's Way Paramount Pictures
6420 The Amorous Adventures of Moll Flanders Paramount Pictures
6423 Harlow Paramount Pictures
6505 Breakfast at Tiffany's Paramount Pictures
6507 Red Line 7000 Paramount Pictures
6508 Boeing Boeing Paramount Pictures
6509 The Spy Who Came In from the Cold Paramount Pictures
6513 The Skull Paramount Pictures
6515 The Carpetbaggers Paramount Pictures
6517 The Slender Thread Paramount Pictures
6519 Apache Uprising Paramount Pictures
6522 Shane Paramount Pictures
6524 The Ten Commandments (1956) Paramount Pictures
6525 The Naked Prey Paramount Pictures
6526 The Night of the Grizzly Paramount Pictures
6532 Nevada Smith Paramount Pictures
6533 Assault on a Queen Paramount Pictures
6534 This Property is Condemned Paramount Pictures
6535 Come Blow Your Horn Paramount Pictures
6537 One Eyed Jacks Paramount Pictures
6603 Is Paris Burning? Paramount Pictures
6604 Alfie Paramount Pictures
6608 The World of Suzie Wong Paramount Pictures
6609 Funeral in Berlin Paramount Pictures
6614 Oh Dad, Poor Dad, Mamma's Hung You in the Closet and I'm Feeling So Sad Paramount Pictures
6615 Easy Come, Easy Go Paramount Pictures
6617 The Greatest Show on Earth Paramount Pictures
6624 Chuka Paramount Pictures
6625 El Dorado Paramount Pictures
6629 Hatari! Paramount Pictures
6630 Hud Paramount Pictures
6707 Waterhole #3 Paramount Pictures
6711 The Last Safari Paramount Pictures
6712 The Nutty Professor Paramount Pictures
6715 Hostile Guns Paramount Pictures
6716 The President's Analyst Paramount Pictures
6720 Maroc 7 Paramount Pictures
6721 Half a Sixpence Paramount Pictures
6723 Will Penny Paramount Pictures
6724 No Way to Treat a Lady Paramount Pictures
6725 Blue Paramount Pictures
6726 Samson and Delilah Paramount Pictures
6727 Danger: Diabolik Paramount Pictures
6729 The Sons of Katie Elder Paramount Pictures
6744 Arizona Bushwhackers Paramount Pictures
6748 Buckskin Paramount Pictures
6790 It Started in Naples Paramount Pictures
6809 Romeo & Juliet Paramount Pictures
6810 The Bliss of Mrs. Blossom Paramount Pictures
6812 Barbarella: Queen of the Galaxy Paramount Pictures
6813 My Side of the Mountain Paramount Pictures
6815 The Brotherhood Paramount Pictures
6819 Riot Paramount Pictures
6822 The Assassination Bureau Paramount Pictures
6824 Targets Paramount Pictures
6826 Goodbye, Columbus Paramount Pictures
6828 The Italian Job Paramount Pictures
6830 Once Upon a Time in the West Paramount Pictures
6831 Rosemary's Baby Paramount Pictures
6833 True Grit Paramount Pictures
6834 Those Daring Young Men in Their Jaunty Jalopies Paramount Pictures
6838 If.... Paramount Pictures
6904 The Sterile Cuckoo Paramount Pictures
6905 The Molly Maguires Paramount Pictures
6907 Medium Cool Paramount Pictures
6910 Downhill Racer Paramount Pictures
6912 The Adventurers Paramount Pictures
6914 The Out-of-Towners Paramount Pictures
6922 Tropic of Cancer Paramount Pictures
6923 Ace High Paramount Pictures
6924 Catch-22 Paramount Pictures
6927 On A Clear Day You Can See Forever Paramount Pictures
6932 Borsalino Paramount Pictures
6933 Paint Your Wagon Paramount Pictures
7419 The Deserter Paramount Pictures
8006 Love Story Paramount Pictures
8007 A New Leaf Paramount Pictures
8017 The Little Prince Paramount Pictures
8019 Friends Paramount Pictures
8026 The Odd Couple Paramount Pictures
8041 The Red Tent Paramount Pictures
8042 Harold and Maude Paramount Pictures
8044 Waterloo Paramount Pictures
8046 Plaza Suite Paramount Pictures
8047 Murphy's War Paramount Pictures
8049 The Godfather Paramount Pictures
8076 ZPG: Zero Population Control Paramount Pictures
8079 Black Beauty Paramount Pictures
8093 Let's Scare Jessica to Death Paramount Pictures
8094 Last of the Red Hot Lovers Paramount Pictures
8096 A Separate Peace Paramount Pictures
8098 Brother Sun, Sister Moon Paramount Pictures
8099 Charlotte's Web (Animated) Paramount Pictures
8101 Hannie Caulder Paramount Pictures
8107 Desperate Characters Paramount Pictures
8111 The Possession of Joel Delaney Paramount Pictures
8112 Play it Again, Sam Paramount Pictures
8316 Posse Paramount Pictures
8374 Lady Sings the Blues Paramount Pictures
8459 The Godfather Part II Paramount Pictures
8465 Paper Moon Paramount Pictures
8469 The Great Gatsby Paramount Pictures
8470 Phase IV Paramount Pictures
8474 Badge 373 Paramount Pictures
8476 Bad Company Paramount Pictures
8479 Save the Tiger Paramount Pictures
8484 Captain Kronos: Vampire Hunter Paramount Pictures
8485 Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell Paramount Pictures
8486 Tales that Witness Madness Paramount Pictures
8490 Hitler: The Last Ten Days Paramount Pictures
8491 Alfredo, Alfredo Paramount Pictures
8657 Ash Wednesday Paramount Pictures
8670 The Parallax View Paramount Pictures
8672 Hit! Paramount Pictures
8674 Chinatown Paramount Pictures
8676 The Tenant Paramount Pictures
8678 The Gambler Paramount Pictures
8679 The Day of the Locust Paramount Pictures
8689 Serpico Paramount Pictures
8704 Don't Look Now Paramount Pictures
8708 The Longest Yard Paramount Pictures
8715 Daisy Miller Paramount Pictures
8721 The Conformist Paramount Pictures
8722 The Klansman Paramount Pictures
8723 Jonathan Livingston Seagull Paramount Pictures
8724 The White Dawn Paramount Pictures
8732 Bang the Drum Slowly Paramount Pictures
8736 Paul & Michelle Paramount Pictures
8738 The Dove Paramount Pictures
8743 Super Fly T.N.T. Paramount Pictures
8750 Jacqueline Susan's Once is Not Enough Paramount Pictures
8770 Malicious Paramount Pictures
8771 Mandingo Paramount Pictures
8772 Bug Paramount Pictures
8773 North Dallas Forty Paramount Pictures
8774 Death Wish Paramount Pictures
8776 The Last Tycoon Paramount Pictures
8779 Framed Paramount Pictures
8782 Islands in the Stream Paramount Pictures
8785 Hustle Paramount Pictures
8789 Marathon Man Paramount Pictures
8790 Murder on the Orient Express Paramount Pictures
8791 The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz Paramount Pictures
8803 Three Days of the Condor Paramount Pictures
8804 1900 Paramount Pictures
8813 Lifeguard Paramount Pictures
8821 Nashville Paramount Pictures
8823 The Big Bus Paramount Pictures
8835 Mahogany Paramount Pictures
8850 Race for Your Life, Charlie Brown Paramount Pictures
8855 Black Sunday Paramount Pictures
8858 Star Trek: The Motion Picture Paramount Pictures
8863 The Bad News Bears Paramount Pictures
8868 King of the Gypsies Paramount Pictures
8870 First Love Paramount Pictures
8872 King Kong Paramount Pictures
8874 Looking for Mr. Goodbar Paramount Pictures
8882 Lipstick Paramount Pictures
8890 Emmanuelle: The Joys of a Woman Paramount Pictures
8898 Bugsy Malone Paramount Pictures
8904 The Shootist Paramount Pictures
8921 Citizens Band Paramount Pictures
8935 Orca: The Killer Whale Paramount Pictures
8939 Joy of Sex Paramount Pictures
8940 Pretty Baby Paramount Pictures
8942 Days of Heaven Paramount Pictures
8964 Ordinary People Paramount Pictures
8965 The Bad News Bears in Breaking Training Paramount Pictures
8966 Up in Smoke Paramount Pictures
8975 The Duellists Paramount Pictures
8989 American Gigolo Paramount Pictures
8992 The One and Only Paramount Pictures

12000 to 13000 (Miscellaneous Releases - Late 80s to Early 90s)[edit]

Catalog number Title Library
12511 Extremities Atlantic Releasing Corporation
12512 The Men's Club Atlantic Releasing Corporation
12531 Nomads Atlantic Releasing Corporation
12538 Best of Spike Jones Vol. 1 Independent
12539 Best of Spike Jones Vol. 2 Independent
12543 Monty Python's Flying Circus Vol. 1 Devilier-Donegan Enterprises
12544 Monty Python's Flying Circus Vol. 2 Devilier-Donegan Enterprises
12545 Monty Python's Flying Circus Vol. 3 Devilier-Donegan Enterprises
12549 Love with a Perfect Stranger Harlequin Romance
12553 Francesca da Rimini The Metropolitan Opera
12555 Mr. Bill's Real Life Adventures Showtime
12560 Monty Python's Flying Circus Vol. 4 Devilier-Donegan Enterprises
12565 The Good Wife Atlantic Releasing Corporation
12569 Hamlet Rank Organisation
12570 Henry V Rank Organisation
12571 Oliver Twist Rank Organisation
12572 The Red Shoes Rank Organisation
12574 The Importance of Being Earnest Rank Organisation
12575 Odd Man Out Rank Organisation
12579 The Captain's Table Rank Organisation
12584 Heat The Vista Organization
12592 Wild Thing Atlantic Releasing Corporation
12594 Summer Heat Atlantic Releasing Corporation
12597 GatorBait II: Cajun Justice Sebastian International Pictures
12598 Running Cool Sebastian International Pictures
12599 Steele Justice Atlantic Releasing Corporation
12601 Monty Python's Flying Circus Vol. 13 Devilier-Donegan Enterprises
12605 The Night Train to Kathmandu Golden Tiger Pictures
12606 Sweet Lorraine Angelika Films
12611 Elektra The Metropolitan Opera
12612 (The Boy Scout Advancement Program Series) Tenderfoot Cinema Visuals Entertainment
12613 (The Boy Scout Advancement Program Series) Second Class Scout Cinema Visuals Entertainment
12614 (The Boy Scout Advancement Program Series) First Class Scout Cinema Visuals Entertainment
12615 (The Olympiad Series) Great Moments at the Winter Games US Olympic Committee
12616 (The Olympiad Series) The Immortals US Olympic Committee
12620 Flesh Mystic Fire
12621 Trash Mystic Fire
12622 A Tiger's Tale Atlantic Releasing Corporation
12623 The Garbage Pail Kids Movie Atlantic Releasing Corporation
12630 Teen Wolf Too Atlantic Releasing Corporation
12640 (The Olympiad Series) Jesse Owens Returns to Berlin US Olympic Committee
12651 My Life as a Dog Skouras Pictures
12652 Monty Python's Flying Circus Vol. 5 Devilier-Donegan Enterprises
12653 Monty Python's Flying Circus Vol. 6 Devilier-Donegan Enterprises
12654 Monty Python's Flying Circus Vol. 7 Devilier-Donegan Enterprises
12659 Cop Atlantic Releasing Corporation
12663 Tropical Snow MNR Inc.
12669 Jack's Back Palisades Entertainment Group
12670 White of the Eye Palisades Entertainment Group
12673 Someone to Love International Rainbow Pictures
12674 Stormy Monday Atlantic Releasing Corporation
12678 Swan Lake Lincoln Center Video
12679 James Galway Plays Mostly Mozart Lincoln Center Video
12683 Greg Norman: The Complete Golfer Part 1 Independent
12685 Greg Norman: The Complete Golfer Part 2 Independent
12696 Godzilla vs. Monster Zero UPA
12697 Godzilla vs. Mothra UPA
12698 Terror of Mechagodzilla UPA
12699 Hawks Producer Representatives Organization
12701 Manon Lincoln Center Video
12702 Giselle Lincoln Center Video
12703 Isaac Stern's 60th Birthday Celebration Lincoln Center Video
12704 An Evening with Danny Kaye Lincoln Center Video
12705 Zubin Mehta and Leontyne Price Lincoln Center Video
12707 The Barber of Seville Lincoln Center Video
12708 Andre Watts in Concert Lincoln Center Video
12722 Dr. Alien! Empire International Pictures
12723 Intruder Empire International Pictures
12731 Never on Tuesday Palisades Entertainment Group
12732 Souvenir Geoff Reeve Pictures
12733 Puppet Master Full Moon
12736 Monty Python's Flying Circus Vol. 8 Devilier-Donegan Enterprises
12737 Monty Python's Flying Circus Vol. 9 Devilier-Donegan Enterprises
12738 Monty Python's Flying Circus Vol. 10 Devilier-Donegan Enterprises
12739 Monty Python's Flying Circus Vol. 11 Devilier-Donegan Enterprises
12740 Monty Python's Flying Circus Vol. 12 Devilier-Donegan Enterprises
12741 The Best of Eddie Murphy: Saturday Night Live Broadway Video
12742 Lee Trevino's Putt for Dough Independent
12743 The American Angels: Baptism of Blood Sebastian International Pictures
12746 (All Star Golf) Tips From Pros Independent
12747 (All Star Golf) Fantastic Approaches Independent
12748 (All Star Golf) Imagine All Eagles Independent
12749 (All Star Golf) Fabulous Putting Independent
12750 (All Star Golf) 25 Great Second Shots Independent
12751 Crash and Burn Full Moon
12752 Shadowzone Full Moon
12758 Tracks International Rainbow Pictures
12760 3rd Degree Burn HBO Pictures
12764 Can She Bake a Cherry Pie? International Rainbow Pictures
12771 Roe vs. Wade NBC
12772 Meridian: Kiss of the Beast Full Moon
12780 New Year's Day International Rainbow Pictures
12788 The Mr. Magoo Show Vol. 1 UPA
12814 The Animated Adventures of Dick Tracy Vol. 1 UPA
12858 Godzilla's Revenge UPA
12859 War of the Gargantuas UPA
12860 Evil of Dracula UPA
12862 Last Days of Planet Earth UPA
12863 ESpy UPA
12864 Godzilla, King of the Monsters UPA
12865 Rodan UPA
12866 Parasite Empire International Pictures
12867 Tourist Trap Empire International Pictures
12871 Monty Python's Life of Brian Handmade Films
12872 Monty Python Live at the Hollywood Bowl Handmade Films
12873 Satan's Princess Sun Heat Pictures
12880 Celebrity Guide to Wine Independent
12881 Fatal Attraction (Director's Series) Paramount
12882 Paper Moon (Director's Series) Paramount
12883 Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (Director's Series) Paramount
12888 Puppet Master II Full Moon
12893 The Pit and the Pendulum Full Moon
12894 The Making of Days of Thunder ESPN
12895 Subspecies Full Moon
12897 Hired to Kill Omega Entertainment
12899 Diving In Skouras Pictures
12900 The Comfort of Strangers Skouras Pictures
12901 The End of Innocence Skouras Pictures
12902 In Too Deep Skouras Pictures
12903 Life of Python Tiger Aspect
12904 Monty Python's Parrot Sketch Not Included Tiger Aspect
12905 Bloodsucking Pharaohs in Pittsburgh Saratoga Films
12908 Snake Eater II: The Drug Buster C/FP Video
12933 Trancers II: The Return of Jack Deth Full Moon
12935 Arcade Full Moon
12936 Bad Channels Full Moon
12937 Demonic Toys Full Moon
12938 Dollman Full Moon
12940 Netherworld Full Moon
12944 The Godfather Family: A Look Inside Paramount
12946 Scissors DDM Film Corporation
12952 Twenty Dollar Star Triangle
12954 Star Trek: The Movies (Limited Edition LaserDisc Box Set) Paramount
12956 Prisoners of the Sun Skouras Pictures
12957 Puppet Master III: Toulon's Revenge Full Moon
12959 The Godfather (Collector's Edition LaserDisc Box Set) Paramount
12971 The Ten Commandments (35th Anniversary LaserDisc) Paramount
12974 Killer Image Malofilm
12975 Seedpeople Full Moon
12985 Doctor Mordrid: Master of the Unknown Full Moon
12987 Intimate Stranger South Gate Entertainment
12988 Vincent Guthrie Theatre
12991 Hunting Skouras Pictures
12993 Original Intent Skouras Pictures
12992 I Don't Buy Kisses Anymore Skouras Pictures
12995 Trancers III: Deth Lives Full Moon
12997 Privates on Parade Handmade Films

15000 to 16000 (Miscellaneous Releases - Early to Mid 90s)[edit]

Catalog number Title Library
15100 The Missionary Handmade Films
15101 Highway 61 Skouras Pictures
15102 Robot Wars Full Moon Features
15104 Mandroid Full Moon Features
15105 Puppet Master 4 Full Moon Features
15106 Invisible: The Chronicles of Benjamin Knight Full Moon Features
15110 Hear My Song Miramax Films
15111 The Efficiency Expert Miramax Films
15113 Rampage Miramax Films
15114 Enchanted April Miramax Films
15115 Johnny Suede Miramax Films
15116 Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth Miramax Films
15117 Dust Devil Miramax Films
15119 Children of the Corn II: The Final Sacrifice Miramax Films
15120 Benefit of the Doubt Miramax Films
15122 The Double Life of Veronique Miramax Films
15124 Kafka Miramax Films
15128 Antonia & Jane Miramax Films
15141 Snake Eater III: His Law C/FP Distribution
15142 MindWalk Triton Pictures
15147 The Godfather Trilogy: 1901-1980 (LaserDisc Box Set) Paramount Pictures
15148 Delicatessen Miramax Films
15160 Arrivederci, Baby! Paramount Pictures
15162 Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth (Unrated) Miramax Films
15167 The Concert for Bangladesh Handmade Films
15180 Lorna Doone Miramax Films
15181 Close to Eden Miramax Films
15184 1492: Conquest of Paradise Gaumont
15195 Knights Tigertail Video
15212 Full Moon Fantasy (Promo Reel) Full Moon Features
15218 Jailbait Skouras Pictures
15239 The Silver Stallion: King of the Wild Brumbies Skouras Pictures
15247 Breakfast at Tiffany's (Collector's Edition LaserDisc) Paramount Pictures
15268 Breakfast at Tiffany's (Widescreen LaserDisc) Paramount Pictures
15289 The Jack Ryan Collection (LaserDisc Box Set) Paramount Pictures
15294 A Boy Called Hate Skouras Pictures
15303 The Brady Bunch Vol. 1 Paramount Television
15320 Star Trek: Generations Paramount Pictures
15321 The Crude Oasis Miramax Films
15340 Star Trek: The Captain's Collection (LaserDisc Box Set) Paramount Pictures
15341 (Star Trek: The Next Generation) Q Continuum (LaserDisc) Paramount Pictures
15343 (Star Trek: The Next Generation) Borg Collective (LaserDisc) Paramount Pictures
15350 Braveheart (Widescreen) Paramount Pictures
15352 Romeo and Juliet (Widescreen) Paramount Pictures
15353 Congo (Widescreen) Paramount Pictures
15354 Clear and Present Danger (Widescreen) Paramount Pictures
15355 Patriot Games (Widescreen) Paramount Pictures
15356 The Hunt for Red October (Widescreen) Paramount Pictures
15368 It's the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown United Feature Syndicate
15369 Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown United Feature Syndicate
15370 It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown United Feature Syndicate
15371 A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving United Feature Syndicate
15372 A Charlie Brown Christmas United Feature Syndicate
15373 Happy New Year, Charlie Brown United Feature Syndicate
15374 Race for Your Life, Charlie Brown (Clamshell) United Feature Syndicate
15375 Bon Voyage, Charlie Brown (And Don't Come Back!) (Clamshell) United Feature Syndicate
15376 Lassie (Clamshell) Paramount Pictures
15377 Andre (Clamshell) Paramount Pictures
15378 Charlotte's Web (Clamshell) Paramount Pictures
15389 Playback Paramount Pictures
15393 Star Trek: The Seven Screen Voyages Paramount Pictures
15395 Forrest Gump (Widescreen) Paramount Pictures
15396 Top Gun (Widescreen) Paramount Pictures

31000+ (1988-2014)[edit]

Catalog number Title Library
31859 Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Paramount
31899 Mission: Impossible Paramount
31978 The Presidio Paramount
31979 Some Kind of Wonderful Paramount
31980 Back to the Beach Paramount
31982 Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives Paramount
32004 Ghost Paramount
32020 The Hunt for Red October Paramount
32027 She's Having A Baby Paramount
32029 Crocodile Dundee Paramount
32036 Planes, Trains and Automobiles Paramount
32037 Eddie Murphy: Raw Paramount
32039 Permanent Record Paramount
32044 Star Trek V: The Final Frontier Paramount
32054 Scrooged Paramount
32057 Dead Again Paramount
32076 Big Top Pee-Wee Paramount
32082 Hot Pursuit Paramount
32085 Funny About Love Paramount
32100 The Naked Gun Paramount
32109 Flight of the Intruder Paramount
32110 Flashback Paramount
32118 Plain Clothes Paramount
32123 Days of Thunder Paramount
32127 True Colors Paramount
32144 Tucker: The Man and His Dream Paramount
32147 Crocodile Dundee II Paramount
32148 The Blue Iguana Paramount
32154 We're No Angels Paramount
32157 Coming to America Paramount
32160 A New Life Paramount
32181 Cousins Paramount
32200 Let it Ride Paramount
32209 Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood Paramount
32219 Beverly Hills Cop III Paramount
32220 Black Rain Paramount
32222 Frankie & Johnny Paramount
32228 U2: Rattle and Hum Paramount
32236 Brain Donors Paramount
32242 Intersection Paramount
32245 Internal Affairs Paramount
32248 Shirley Valentine Paramount
32252 Fat Man and Little Boy Paramount
32270 Major League Paramount
32290 School Ties Paramount
32298 Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan Paramount
32299 Crazy People Paramount
32301 Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country Paramount
32312 The Butcher's Wife Paramount
32316 Harlem Nights Paramount
32318 The Godfather Part III Paramount
32343 He Said, She Said Paramount
32350 The Ghost and the Darkness Paramount
32356 Cool World Paramount
32357 A Show of Force Paramount
32360 Tales from the Darkside: The Movie Paramount
32365 The Naked Gun 2 1/2: The Smell of Fear Paramount
32384 Runaway Bride Paramount
32386 Another 48 Hrs. Paramount
32403 Regarding Henry Paramount
32445 Soapdish Paramount
32453 Indecent Proposal Paramount
32454 Stepping Out Paramount
32457 Almost an Angel Paramount
32463 Clear and Present Danger Paramount
32489 Welcome Home, Roxy Carmichael Paramount
32495 Jennifer 8 Paramount
32512 Graveyard Shift Paramount
32518 Body Parts Paramount
32519 The Perfect Weapon Paramount
32523 The Firm Paramount
32530 Patriot Games Paramount
32533 Wuthering Heights Paramount
32536 The Saint Paramount
32558 Dear God Paramount
32583 Forrest Gump Paramount
32597 Necessary Roughness Paramount
32612 The First Wives Club Paramount
32673 Searching for Bobby Fischer Paramount
32678 I.Q. Paramount
32680 There Goes the Neighborhood Paramount
32688 All I Want For Christmas Paramount
32689 The Addams Family Paramount
32706 Wayne's World Paramount
32717 Boomerang Paramount
32722 Sliver Paramount
32734 Drop Zone Paramount
32736 Ladybugs Paramount
32741 Blue Chips Paramount
32742 1492: Conquest of Paradise Paramount
32745 Bebe's Kids Paramount
32747 Pet Sematary Two Paramount
32756 Whispers in the Dark Paramount
32757 Harriet the Spy Paramount
32758 Juice Paramount
32785 Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult Paramount
32792 Leap of Faith Paramount
32793 The Temp Paramount
32796 Bless the Child Paramount
32806 Addams Family Values Paramount
32827 Fire in the Sky Paramount
32828 K2: The Ultimate High Paramount
32832 Primal Fear Paramount
32836 Losing Isaiah Paramount
32843 The Thing Called Love Paramount
32845 Wayne's World 2 Paramount
32850 The Phantom Paramount
32874 Coneheads Paramount
32881 The Browning Version Paramount
32885 Bopha! Paramount
32895 The Gift Paramount
32899 Flesh and Bone Paramount
32902 The Evening Star Paramount
32903 The General's Daughter Paramount
32941 Nobody's Fool Paramount
32952 The Brady Bunch Movie Paramount
32955 What's Eating Gilbert Grape Paramount
32960 Pontiac Moon Paramount
32962 Sleepy Hollow Paramount
32973 Milk Money Paramount
32982 Vampire in Brooklyn Paramount
32986 Jade Paramount
32987 In & Out Paramount
32988 Star Trek: Generations Paramount
33030 Shooter Paramount
33034 Lassie Paramount
33038 Congo Paramount
33041 Nick of Time Paramount
33043 Sabrina Paramount
33047 The Italian Job Paramount
33048 Jimmy Hollywood Paramount
33055 Face/Off Paramount
33065 Stuart Saves His Family Paramount
33079 Hardball Paramount
33082 Deep Impact Paramount
33090 Marci X Paramount
33091 Eye for an Eye Paramount
33112 The Truman Show Paramount
33118 Braveheart Paramount
33120 Switchback Paramount
33131 Tommy Boy Paramount
33138 Andre Paramount
33142 The Talented Mr. Ripley Paramount
33144 Virtuosity Paramount
33148 Kids in the Hall: Brain Candy Paramount
33154 The Relic Paramount
33174 Dead Man on Campus Paramount
33188 Kiss the Girls Paramount
33204 FairyTale: A True Story Paramount
33213 Hard Rain Paramount
33215 Clueless Paramount
33217 Rules of Engagement Paramount
33224 Clockstoppers Paramount
33242 Black Sheep Paramount
33243 Star Trek: First Contact Paramount
33244 A Very Brady Sequel Paramount
33247 Mother Paramount
33248 'Til There Was You Paramount
33249 Escape from L.A. Paramount
33250 Beavis and Butt-Head Do America Paramount
33251 Private Parts Paramount
33261 Wonder Boys Paramount
33315 Double Jeopardy Paramount
33372 The Curious Case of Benjamin Button Paramount
33373 Æon Flux Paramount
33376 A Simple Plan Paramount
33399 The Rugrats Movie Paramount
33400 The Beautician and the Beast Paramount
33403 Election Paramount
33422 The Next Best Thing Paramount
33430 Changing Lanes Paramount
33431 Asylum Paramount
33448 The Out of Towners Paramount
33454 Breakdown Paramount
33455 Save the Last Dance Paramount
33459 Last Holiday Paramount
33467 The Core Paramount
33475 A Smile Like Yours Paramount
33481 Titanic Paramount
33482 Event Horizon Paramount
33487 Mission: Impossible 2 Paramount
33492 Against the Ropes Paramount
33493 200 Cigarettes Paramount
33494 The Real Blonde Paramount
33495 Twilight Paramount
33503 The Rainmaker Paramount
33541 Snake Eyes Paramount
33552 Good Burger Paramount
33564 Bringing Out the Dead Paramount
33572 Kiss Me, Guido Paramount
33576 Sliding Doors Paramount
33578 The Odd Couple II Paramount
33588 Star Trek: Insurrection Paramount
33592 Orange County Paramount
33594 A Night at the Roxbury Paramount
33607 Angela's Ashes Paramount
33614 The Education of Little Tree Paramount
33619 Shaft Paramount
33632 Payback Paramount
33643 Varsity Blues Paramount
33651 Along Came a Spider Paramount
33664 Snow Day Paramount
33672 Rugrats in Paris: The Movie Paramount
33675 Lara Croft: Tomb Raider Paramount
33677 Trekkies Paramount
33682 South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut Paramount
33683 The Perfect Score Paramount
33684 Rat Race Paramount
33689 The Manchurian Candidate Paramount
33695 Lucky Numbers Paramount
33696 How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days Paramount
33699 The Wood Paramount
33712 Superstar Paramount
33722 The Sum of All Fears Paramount
33723 The Four Feathers Paramount
33737 Zoolander Paramount
33744 Passion of Mind Paramount
33746 Get Real Paramount
33747 The Adventures of Sebastian Cole Paramount
33754 Cabaret Balkan Paramount
33764 The Ladies Man Paramount
33772 Domestic Disturbance Paramount
33778 Down to Earth Paramount
33781 The Fighting Temptations Paramount
33788 Train of Life Paramount
33792 Hot Rod Paramount
33797 Company Man Paramount
33801 The Stepford Wives Paramount
33803 Paycheck Paramount
33805 Abandon Paramount
33817 The Virgin Suicides Paramount
33818 Deterrence Paramount
33826 Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius Paramount
33838 What Women Want Paramount
33851 School of Rock Paramount
33854 Girl on the Bridge Paramount
33860 Where's Marlowe? Paramount
33862 Enemy at the Gates Paramount
33868 Timeline Paramount
33880 Sunshine Paramount
33891 My First Mister Paramount
33894 You Can Count on Me Paramount
33899 Star Trek: Nemesis Paramount
33921 The Score Paramount
33922 Pootie Tang Paramount
33924 The Original Kings of Comedy Paramount
33932 Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles Paramount
33936 Vanilla Sky Paramount
33944 An American Rhapsody Paramount
33945 Sidewalks of New York Paramount
33946 Bride of the Wind Paramount
33958 Without a Paddle Paramount
33965 Hey Arnold!: The Movie Paramount
33972 The Hunted Paramount
33976 The Wild Thornberrys Movie Paramount
33977 Lucky Break Paramount
33979 Our Lady of the Assassins Paramount
33987 Mission: Impossible III Paramount
33990 The Hours Paramount
33991 Serving Sara Paramount
33992 Beyond Borders Paramount
34002 We Were Soldiers Paramount
34018 Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging Paramount
34021 K-19: The Widowmaker Paramount
34034 Focus Paramount
34039 Mean Machine Paramount
34052 Rugrats Go Wild Paramount
34059 Crossroads Paramount
34071 Just a Kiss Paramount
34072 Lara Croft: Tomb Raider–The Cradle of Life Paramount
34076 Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events Paramount
34079 The Triumph of Love Paramount
34080 Mostly Martha Paramount
34081 The Emperor's New Clothes Paramount
34087 The Reckoning Paramount
34090 The Singing Detective Paramount
34095 Extreme Ops Paramount
34111 Who is Cletis Tout? Paramount
34112 Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star Paramount
34114 Pain & Gain Paramount
34116 Festival in Cannes Paramount
34126 Coach Carter Paramount
34129 Bloody Sunday Paramount
34130 Till Human Voices Wake Us Paramount
34138 Twisted Paramount
34146 The Honeymooners Paramount
34153 And Now . . . Ladies and Gentlemen Paramount
34160 Mean Girls Paramount
34164 Jackass: The Movie Paramount
34165 I'll Sleep When I'm Dead Paramount
34175 Alfie Paramount
34181 Sahara Paramount
34183 Narc Paramount
34187 The Way Home Paramount
34191 Martin Lawrence Live: Runteldat Paramount
34195 Suspect Zero Paramount
34199 Northfork Paramount
34209 The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie Paramount
34230 Yours, Mine & Ours Paramount
34232 The Man on the Train Paramount
34233 House of Fools Paramount
34237 Team America: World Police Paramount
34238 The Prince & Me Paramount
34271 The United States of Leland Paramount
34275 Charlotte's Web (2006) Paramount
34285 Better Luck Tomorrow Paramount
34312 Barnyard: The Original Party Animals Paramount
34328 The Spiderwick Chronicles Paramount
34331 Love Me If You Dare Paramount
34332 Intimate Strangers Paramount
34336 Elizabethtown Paramount
34337 Tupac: Resurrection Paramount
34341 Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow Paramount
34346 Schultze Gets the Blues Paramount
34349 The Longest Yard Paramount
34365 The Weather Man Paramount
34392 G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra Paramount
34406 Drillbit Taylor Paramount
34407 Four Brothers Paramount
34414 The Machinist Paramount
34415 Enduring Love Paramount
34417 Ask the Dust Paramount
34433 Mean Creek Paramount
34454 Bad News Bears Paramount
34466 Winter Solstice Paramount
34491 Failure to Launch Paramount
34503 Get Rich or Die Tryin' Paramount
34512 Fade to Black Paramount
34543 After You Paramount
34551 Beneath Paramount
34552 Transformers Paramount
34555 Mad Hot Ballroom Paramount
34562 Nacho Libre Paramount
34565 Hustle & Flow Paramount
34574 Nebraska Paramount
34594 The Fighter Paramount
34598 Babel Paramount
34601 Zodiac Paramount
34602 Save The Last Dance 2 Paramount
34619 Black Snake Moan Paramount
34643 Last Kiss Paramount
34650 Freedom Writers Paramount
34668 World Trade Center Paramount
34669 Neil Young: Band of Gold Paramount
34712 Broken Bridges Paramount
34713 Arctic Wolf Paramount
34730 Beowulf Paramount
34731 Case 39 Paramount
34756 Stardust Paramount
34765 Stop-Loss Paramount
34782 Dreamgirls Paramount
34789 Jackass Number Two Paramount
34792 There Will Be Blood Paramount
34796 Year of the Dog Paramount
34797 Margot at the Wedding Paramount
34808 An Inconvenient Truth Paramount
34812 Into the Wild Paramount
34821 Carriers Paramount
34834 Disturbia Paramount
34835 Norbit Paramount
34850 Star Trek Paramount
34881 A Thousand Words Paramount
34923 Dinner for Schmucks Paramount
34926 Eagle Eye Paramount
34936 Ghost Town Paramount
34944 The Soloist Paramount
34948 Hotel for Dogs Paramount
34994 The Ruins Paramount
35006 Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street Paramount
35007 Uninvited Paramount
35009 Things We Lost in the Fire Paramount
35010 The Adventures of Tintin Paramount
35015 Tropic Thunder Paramount
35031 Up in the Air Paramount
35040 World War Z Paramount
35052 A Mighty Heart Paramount
35056 She's Out of My League Paramount
35065 Iron Man Paramount
35070 The Love Guru Paramount
35110 Foot Fist Way Paramount
35166 Next Paramount
35175 The Mark Pease Experience Paramount
35185 Son of Rambow Paramount
35186 How She Move Paramount
35187 Shine a Light Paramount
35188 Strange Wilderness Paramount
35189 The Last Airbender Paramount
35192 I Love You, Man Paramount
35195 No Strings Attached Paramount
35206 Cloverfield Paramount
35218 Revolutionary Road Paramount
35221 Morning Glory Paramount
35233 The Goods: Live Free, Sell Hard Paramount
35242 Lovely Bones Paramount
35260 Dance Flick Paramount
35264 Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit Paramount
35272 Defiance Paramount
35303 Footloose Paramount
35319 The Duchess Paramount
35321 Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Paramount
35328 True Grit Paramount
35341 Shutter Island Paramount
35358 American Teen Paramount
35373 Without a Paddle: Nature's Calling Paramount
35465 National Lampoon's Van Wilder: Freshman Year Paramount
35483 Rango Paramount
35504 Pretty Bird Paramount
35528 Super 8 Paramount
35550 Star Trek: Into Darkness Paramount
35588 Mission: Impossible: Ghost Protocol Paramount
35595 Jackass 3 Paramount
35604 Transformers: Dark of the Moon Paramount
35630 Paranormal Activity 2: Director's Cut Paramount
35637 Middle Men Paramount
35641 G.I. Joe: Retaliation Paramount
35650 Waiting for Superman Paramount
35657 Jeff, Who Lives at Home Paramount
35693 The Dictator Paramount
35711 Fun Size Paramount
35715 Justin Bieber: Never Say Never Paramount
35739 Young Adult Paramount
35785 Like Crazy Paramount
35795 The Devil Inside Paramount
35802 Paranormal Activity 3 Paramount
35813 Paranormal Activity 4: Director's Cut Paramount
35814 Hugo Paramount
35855 Loved Ones Paramount
35883 Transformers: Age of Extinction Paramount
35903 Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones Paramount
35905 Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa Paramount
35911 Katy Perry: Part of Me Paramount
35929 Labor Day Paramount
35930 Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues Paramount
36001 The Wolf of Wall Street Paramount
36025 Hercules Paramount
36077 Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa .5 Paramount

40270 (Star Trek: The Next Generation)[edit]

The catalog listings for Star Trek: The Next Generation's video releases can be viewed at Comprehensive catalog of Paramount Home Media Distribution Star Trek releases.

40510 (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine)[edit]

The catalog listings for Star Trek: Deep Space Nine's video releases can be viewed at Comprehensive catalog of Paramount Home Media Distribution Star Trek releases.

51000 to 52000 (Prism Entertainment Releases)[edit]

Catalog number Title Library
51001 Riverbend TBD
51006 Out of Sight, Out of (Her) Mind TBD
51045 Blood Hook TBD
51090 Deep Cover TBD
51353 Waterfront TBD
51430 The 13th Floor TBD
51431 Lauderdale TBD
51432 False Identity TBD
51436 Demon Wind TBD
51446 The Serpent of Death TBD
51449 The Willies TBD

60040 (Star Trek - Original Series)[edit]

The catalog listings for the original Star Trek series' video releases can be viewed at Comprehensive catalog of Paramount Home Media Distribution Star Trek releases.

80000 to 86000 (Wilshire Court & Miscellaneous Releases)[edit]

Catalog number Title Library
80197 Dark Side of Genius Skouras Pictures
80202 Parallel Lives Showtime Networks
80204 Through the Eyes of Forrest Gump Paramount Pictures
81108 Tim Allen: Men Are Pigs / Rewires America (Scrapped LaserDisc) Independent
81109 Brett Butler: The Child Ain't Right / Sold Out (Scrapped LaserDisc) Independent
82045 From Here to Infinity: The Ultimate Voyage Independent
83081 Hearts of Darkness: A Filmmaker's Apocalypse Paramount Pictures
83088 Toto the Hero Cineplex Odeon
83092 Prehysteria! Moonbeam
83094 Remote Moonbeam
83095 Pet Shop Moonbeam
83096 Lurking Fear Full Moon
83097 Hostage Skouras Pictures
83099 The Hairdresser's Husband Lambart Productions
83101 Eating International Rainbow Pictures
83107 Bloodstone: Subspecies II Full Moon
83116 Golf and All Its Glory Vol. 5 Bridge Television
83117 Golf and All Its Glory Vol. 3 Bridge Television
83118 Golf and All Its Glory Vol. 4 Bridge Television
83119 Golf and All Its Glory Vol. 2 Bridge Television
83120 Golf and All Its Glory Vol. 1 Bridge Television
83121 Golf and All Its Glory Vol. 6 Bridge Television
83126 Watch It Skouras Pictures
83127 Joey Breaker Skouras Pictures
83130 Shrunken Heads Full Moon
83132 Dragonworld Moonbeam
83136 Sweet Killing Skouras Pictures
83161 Prehysteria! 2 Moonbeam
83162 Prehysteria! 3 Moonbeam
83163 Beanstalk Moonbeam
83164 Magic Island Moonbeam
83166 Leapin' Leprechauns! Moonbeam
83168 Cold Sweat Skouras Pictures
83184 Sleeping with Strangers Skouras Pictures
83198 Josh Kirby: Time Warrior #2 - Human Pets Moonbeam
83199 Josh Kirby: Time Warrior #1 - Planet of the Dino-Knights Moonbeam
83300 Josh Kirby: Time Warrior #3 - Trapped on Toyworld Moonbeam
83302 Josh Kirby: Time Warrior #4 - Eggs from 70 Million B.C. Moonbeam
83315 Digger Skouras Pictures
83338 Galaxies are Colliding Covert Productions
83339 (Rugrats) Tales from the Crib Nickelodeon
83340 (Rugrats) The Santa Experience Nickelodeon
83357 (Rugrats) Chuckie the Brave Nickelodeon
83358 (Rugrats) Angelica the Divine Nickelodeon
83369 (Rugrats) A Baby's Gotta Do What a Baby's Gotta Do Nickelodeon
83394 (Rocko's Modern Life) With Friends Like These... Nickelodeon
83401 The Forgotten Wilshire Court
83402 The Haunting of Sarah Hardy Wilshire Court
83403 Spy Wilshire Court
83404 Final Notice Wilshire Court
83405 Fire and Rain Wilshire Court
83406 Dangerous Pursuit Wilshire Court
83407 Sorry, Wrong Number Wilshire Court
83408 Personals Wilshire Court
83409 Kissing Place Wilshire Court
83410 Wheels of Terror Wilshire Court
83411 After the Shock Wilshire Court
83412 Snow Kill Wilshire Court
83413 Hitler's Daughter Wilshire Court
83414 Nightmare on the 13th Floor Wilshire Court
83415 Web of Deceit Wilshire Court
83416 Deadly Desire Wilshire Court
83417 Murderous Vision Wilshire Court
83418 The Ten Million Dollar Getaway Wilshire Court
83419 Fatal Exposure Wilshire Court
83420 Child of Darkness, Child of Light Wilshire Court
83421 Deadly Game Wilshire Court
83422 The Lightning Incident Wilshire Court
83423 Writer's Block Wilshire Court
83425 Blackmail Wilshire Court
83426 Love Kills Wilshire Court
83428 Blind Man's Bluff Wilshire Court
83429 Are You Lonesome Tonight? Wilshire Court
83430 Duplicates Wilshire Court
83431 Treacherous Crossing Wilshire Court
83432 Chrome Soldiers Wilshire Court
83433 The Secret Passion of Robert Clayton Wilshire Court
83434 Body Language Wilshire Court
83435 Dirty Work Wilshire Court
83436 Homewrecker Wilshire Court
83437 Sunstroke Wilshire Court
83439 Perfect Family Wilshire Court
83440 Through the Eyes of a Killer Wilshire Court
83441 Tainted Blood Wilshire Court
83442 Fade to Black Wilshire Court
83443 Rubdown Wilshire Court
83444 Dying to Remember Wilshire Court
83445 Praying Mantis Wilshire Court
83447 The Substitute Wilshire Court
83448 Linda Wilshire Court
83449 The Cover Girl Murders Wilshire Court
83450 Official Denial Wilshire Court
83451 Dead Husbands Wilshire Court
83452 Jericho Fever Wilshire Court
83453 Incidental Meeting Wilshire Court
83454 Dancing with Danger Wilshire Court
83455 Spider and the Fly Wilshire Court
83456 Trapped in Space Wilshire Court
83457 Bitter Vengeance Wilshire Court
83458 Seduced by Evil Wilshire Court
83459 My Antonia Wilshire Court
83460 A Vow to Kill Wilshire Court
83461 As Good As Dead Wilshire Court
83462 Tall, Dark and Deadly Wilshire Court
83463 Circumstances Wilshire Court
83464 When the Dark Man Calls Wilshire Court
83465 The Sister-in-Law Wilshire Court
83467 Down, Out and Dangerous Wilshire Court
83468 The Road to Galveston Wilshire Court
83469 Tails You Live, Head You're Dead Wilshire Court
83470 Maternal Instincts Wilshire Court
83471 Where's the Money, Noreen? Wilshire Court
83473 Bloodhounds Wilshire Court
83474 Dead Ahead Wilshire Court
83476 Trilogy of Terror II Wilshire Court
83477 Bloodhounds 2 Wilshire Court
83479 Prayer in the Dark Wilshire Court
83480 Contagious Wilshire Court
83481 Perfect Crime Wilshire Court
83482 The Ticket Wilshire Court
83483 The Stepsister Wilshire Court
83484 Ms. Scrooge Wilshire Court
83485 Melanie Darow Wilshire Court
83486 The Con Wilshire Court
83487 The Hunted Wilshire Court
83489 Atomic Dog Wilshire Court
83490 His Bodyguard Wilshire Court
83491 Meteorites Wilshire Court
83492 Dirty Little Secret Wilshire Court
83493 The Fury Within Wilshire Court
83494 Chameleon Wilshire Court
83495 Face to Kill For Wilshire Court
83496 Alien Cargo Wilshire Court
83498 Sweetwater: A True Rock Story Wilshire Court
83619 Dark Angel: The Ascent Full Moon
83625 Wavelength Paramount
83629 Solitaire for 2 Paramount
83670 Little Bear: Meet Little Bear Nick Jr.
83678 Bob and Margaret: The Tale of Two Dentists Nelvana
83683 (Rugrats) Phil and Lil: Double Trouble Nickelodeon
83684 Allegra's Window: Allegra's Christmas Nick Jr.
83685 (Rugrats) Tommy Troubles Nickelodeon
83688 Jeff Foxworthy: You Might Be a Redneck Showtime Networks
83689 Jeff Foxworthy: Check Your Neck Showtime Networks
83690 A Rugrats Passover Nickelodeon
83691 Allegra's Window: Storytime Sing-Along Nick Jr.
83692 The Oz Kids Collection: Who Stole Santa? Hyperion Entertainment
83694 The Oz Kids Collection: Virtual Oz Hyperion Entertainment
83695 The Oz Kids Collection: Underground Adventure Hyperion Entertainment
83696 The Oz Kids Collection: The Return of Mombi Hyperion Entertainment
83697 The Oz Kids Collection: The Nome Prince and the Magic Belt Hyperion Entertainment
83698 The Oz Kids Collection: The Monkey Prince Hyperion Entertainment
83699 The Oz Kids Collection: Christmas in Oz Hyperion Entertainment
83700 Snoopy Double Feature: Volume 1 United Feature Syndicate
83701 Snoopy Double Feature: Volume 3 United Feature Syndicate
83702 Snoopy Double Feature: Volume 6 United Feature Syndicate
83703 The Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show: Volume 1 United Feature Syndicate
83704 The Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show: Volume 2 United Feature Syndicate
83705 The Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show: Volume 3 United Feature Syndicate
83706 This is America, Charlie Brown: Volume 2 United Feature Syndicate
83707 This is America, Charlie Brown: Volume 5 United Feature Syndicate
83708 This is America, Charlie Brown: Volume 3 United Feature Syndicate
83709 This is America, Charlie Brown: Volume 1 United Feature Syndicate
83710 This is America, Charlie Brown: Volume 7 United Feature Syndicate
83711 This is America, Charlie Brown: Volume 8 United Feature Syndicate
83712 This is America, Charlie Brown: Volume 4 United Feature Syndicate
83713 This is America, Charlie Brown: Volume 6 United Feature Syndicate
83714 A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving (Slipcover) United Feature Syndicate
83715 Happy New Year, Charlie Brown (Slipcover) United Feature Syndicate
83716 A Charlie Brown Christmas (Slipcover) United Feature Syndicate
83717 Why, Charlie Brown, Why? United Feature Syndicate
83718 It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown (Slipcover) United Feature Syndicate
83719 The Big Stuffed Dog United Feature Syndicate
83720 The Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show: Volume 4 United Feature Syndicate
83721 The Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show: Volume 5 United Feature Syndicate
83722 The Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show: Volume 6 United Feature Syndicate
83723 The Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show: Volume 7 United Feature Syndicate
83724 The Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show: Volume 8 United Feature Syndicate
83725 The Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show: Volume 9 United Feature Syndicate
83726 Snoopy: The Musical United Feature Syndicate
83727 Snoopy Double Feature: Volume 8 United Feature Syndicate
83728 A Charlie Brown Celebration United Feature Syndicate
83729 It's an Adventure, Charlie Brown United Feature Syndicate
83730 You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown United Feature Syndicate
83731 It's the Girl in the Red Truck, Charlie Brown United Feature Syndicate
83733 Snoopy Double Feature: Volume 4 United Feature Syndicate
83734 You're a Good Sport, Charlie Brown United Feature Syndicate
83735 What Have We Learned, Charlie Brown? United Feature Syndicate
83736 Snoopy Double Feature: Volume 9 United Feature Syndicate
83737 Snoopy Double Feature: Volume 5 United Feature Syndicate
83738 Snoopy Double Feature: Volume 2 United Feature Syndicate
83739 Snoopy Double Feature: Volume 7 United Feature Syndicate
83740 It's Arbor Day, Charlie Brown United Feature Syndicate
83741 It's the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown (Slipcover) United Feature Syndicate
83742 Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown (Slipcover) United Feature Syndicate
83743 It Was My Best Birthday Ever, Charlie Brown (Slipcover) United Feature Syndicate
83748 Little Bear: Winter Tales Nick Jr.
83749 The Right Connections Paramount
83750 Where Truth Lies Paramount
83771 Rocko's Modern Life: Modern Love Nickelodeon
83773 (Rugrats) Diapered Duo Nickelodeon
83774 Best of Latino Laugh Festival Paramount
83777 Hey Arnold!: Urban Adventures Nickelodeon
83778 Little Bear: Family Tales Nick Jr.
83779 (Rugrats) A Rugrats Vacation Nickelodeon
83782 Gullah Gullah Island: Christmas Nick Jr.
83783 Allegra's Window: Play Along with Allegra and Friends Nick Jr.
83784 Hey Arnold!: Helga Stories Nickelodeon
83785 Hey Arnold!: Arnold's Christmas Nickelodeon
83786 Rugrats: Return of Reptar Nickelodeon
83787 Gullah Gullah Island: Sing Along with Binyah Binyah Nick Jr.
83788 (Rugrats) Grandpa's Favorite Stories Nickelodeon
83792 Little Ghost Paramount
83793 The Midas Touch Paramount
83794 Shadow of the Knight Paramount
83795 The Incredible Genie Paramount
83796 Johnny Mysto: Boy Wizard Paramount
83798 The Oz Kids Collection: Journey Beneath the Sea Hyperion Entertainment
83799 The Oz Kids Collection: Toto Lost in New York Hyperion Entertainment
83802 Alice to Nowhere Paramount
83807 (Aaahh! Real Monsters) Monsters' Night Out Nickelodeon
83819 (Gullah Gullah Island) Play Along with Binyah and Friends Nick Jr.
83820 (Eureeka's Castle) Wide Awake at Eureeka's Castle Nick Jr.
83832 A Rugrats Chanukah Nickelodeon
83833 (Rugrats) A Rugrats Thanksgiving Nickelodeon
83840 (Rugrats) Bedtime Bash Nickelodeon
83877 (Rugrats) Mommy Mania Nickelodeon
83901 (Rugrats) Dr. Tommy Pickles Nickelodeon
83917 (Rugrats) Angelica Knows Best Nickelodeon
85037 Strong Kids, Safe Kids Paramount
85039 Solid Gold 5 Day Workout Paramount
85070 Time Out: The Truth About HIV, AIDS and You Paramount


  • On many releases post-Q2 1996, the catalog number may end with one of the following suffix numbers, depending on the North American country the release was distributed in and/or the language it is presented in.
    • 0 - US and Canada (Spanish)
    • 3 - US and Canada (English), US (English)
    • 6 - Canada (English)
    • 8 - same as 6
    • 9 - Canada (French)